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VAN LANSCHOT TRIPLES PROFIT ZUIDAS - Van Lanschot bank booked net profit of ¤33.7m in the first six months of this year, compared with ¤10.5m in last year’s period. ‘This result was largely attributable to higher securities commission and a 7% fall in operating expenses,’ chairman Karl Guha said in a statement. Efforts to reduce costs announced in May are making ‘good progress’, Guha said. The bank said in spring next year it will be cutting 250 more jobs and planned to lower its cost base from ¤409m to ¤340m.

BIG LAW FIRMS CONTINUE TO SHRINK ZUIDAS - Zuidas law firm De Blauw Blackstone


Westbroek booked a 10% increase in revenue in 2012,

ZUIDAS - Nationalised bank and Zuidas mainstay ABN

bucking a downward trend which saw the sector’s

Amro will be ready to be privatised again by next

combined revenue fall by 1%. Pressure on prices is

summer, chief executive Gerrit Zalm said in an interview

the main reason for the decline in earnings, as major

with the Financial Times. Zalm said he wanted to be

customers call for lower fees for legal services.

ready for the state to start selling its 100% stake in

‘The days that every contract automatically went to

the bank in a year’s time. ABN Amro was nationalised

the house law firm are over,’ says De Brauw’s manager

in a ¤30bn deal, following its abortive takeover by a

Marc Ynzonides. ‘And fixed prices agreements are also

combination of Royal Bank of Scotland, Fortis and

increasing.’ Big law firms also see an increase in the

Santander. In the interview Zalm also criticised finance

introduction of differentiated charges for different clients

minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem’s plans to curb banking

and working more often with junior lawyers who are

bonuses. This, he said, would undermine Dutch banks in

cheaper. Other law firms which have performed well in

their global operations. Dijsselbloem plans to restrict

terms of revenue developments are Benthem & Keulen in

bonuses to 20% of salary, which goes much further than

Utrecht with a rise of 7% and Zuidas/Eindhoven group

the EU-proposed limits of 100% of salary for those

Deterink, with an increase of 5.2%.

earning over ¤500,000.

Photography: Veronika Bačová


Hello Zuidas #9  

Hello Zuidas September/Oktober 2013

Hello Zuidas #9  

Hello Zuidas September/Oktober 2013