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Anja Wanningen & Kasper Spaan

WATER TALLY Regional water system management has long been a principal

doesn’t come cheap. This makes alternative means of

task of the country’s regional water boards. The shared

improving the area’s water-storing capacity all the more

implementing body of the water board for Amstel, Gooi and

attractive. A case in point, says Anja, is the polder roof

Vecht and the municipality of Amsterdam is Waternet.

at Old School, which is a creative hotspot. ‘This is a small-

As a consultant for Waternet, Kasper Spaan helps the

scale but workable example of how water in the city can be

Zuidas Development Office to tackle the problem of local

temporarily stored. The more green rooftops, the better.’

water management. ‘The municipality and water board have

Anja and Kasper have also been pushing for an underground

agreed that the total drained area has to be compensated

water storage facility beneath Gustav Mahlerplein, to be built

elsewhere in Zuidas. Additionally, 15% of every square metre

in tandem with the new underground bicycle parking facility,

of paved area has to be turned into water-retaining surface.

in order to accommodate the additional discharge during heavy

We keep a precise tally in our water storage accounts.’

downpours. ‘We have to seize every opportunity to combine functions and to maximize urban space. The identification and


utilization of smart solutions such

‘Water policy shouldn’t get in the way of Zuidas’ development,’

as these is the focus of Amsterdam

stresses project manager Anja Wanningen. ‘To be on the safe

Rainproof: our joint initiative to

side, we make sure we keep on the positive side of the ledger.’

make Amsterdam more resistant to

As part of the construction of Zuidasdok, water will soon have

increasingly frequent downpours.’

to be drained along either side of the A10 motorway. ‘In 2017 we’ll be filling up Spoorslagsloot along the southern ring road.’ Waterways will also be disappearing along the northern ring road around Beatrixpark. ‘To compensate, water surfaces south

The aim of the Zuidasdok project is to maximize car and public

of the park have been expanded.’ Where De Boelelaan was once

transport access to Zuidas and the northern Randstad area.

shadowed by a narrow ditch, there is now a wide waterway

Sections of the A10 motorway will be widened and moved

running alongside, to offset plans for Zuidasdok. In addition,

underground and Amsterdam Zuid station will be upgraded to

a new water channel was created along Amstelveenseweg

serve as a future-proof public transport hub for train, tram, bus and

around VUmc for the same reason.

metro services. Zuidasdok feeds into the continued development

of Zuidas as a prime residential, working and recreational location.


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Although well-designed water features are sure to boost the area’s appeal, space is on short supply in Zuidas, and land

Text Eric Burgers | Photography Wouter van Ierssel & Marc Dorleijn


Hello Zuidas #16  

Hello Zuidas #16

Hello Zuidas #16  

Hello Zuidas #16