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magazine #5. january/february 2013

Ann Goldstein, Stedelijk Museum

“2013 should be the year of ambitions realized” Terry Verheij, partner at Voxius

“Discretion and trust are highly valued at our company.”

Kirsten van den hul “Time to bring some of that kindness to Zuidas!”

Sustainable Real Estate Special Project management has taken an active role in realising buildings that are sustainable and flexible

Harry Wien & Marc Claassen New rules for Bicycle Parking at Zuidas

range rover evoque


more than just a pretty face With Terrain Response® and Adaptive Dynamics, the Range Rover Evoque has Land Rover at its heart.

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citizenM says:

we spent our hotel cliché budget on free movies and WIFI

Romy Lange Editor-in-chief Hello Zuidas

What were your Highlights? At the end of the year you always have some

reopened St. Nicolaaslyceum. The architects at DP6

highlights: a deal closed at the last moment,

have created something truly phenomenal, and the

a Christmas bonus, or the cosy Year End dinner

Beatrixpark next to it is also being redesigned.

you have with all your colleagues.The editorial staff at Hello Zuidas also experienced some of

We are extremely pleased that Ann Goldstein,

these highlights.

creative director of the Stedelijk Museum is on our cover this month. A very talented woman with more

To begin with, we are very happy that the ‘borrel’ on

than enough inspiring ideas. Read the extensive

Business Monday of the Masters of LXRYwas a big

interview with her in this edition. I am also proud of the

success for our participants.There was a lot of

sustainable real estate special we were able to create.

mingling in the Gallery, and some guests took the

Together with such parties as Arcadis, Global Housing

liberty to explore all the nice things to see at the fair

and PropertyNL, we have made a nice whole of it

after the borrel was over. The Sinterklaas edition of

and I hope that your interest will be awakened.

the Zuidasborrel at citizenM is also worth mentioning:

citizenM Hotels: Amsterdam Zuid & Schiphol Airport to become a FRIEND contact

affordable luxury for the people

pugilist Sinterklaases, presents and poems.

I hope you enjoy reading this fresh, new edition of

The organisation deserves kudos for creating a

Hello Zuidas. After having read all 60 pages, you will


relaxed atmosphere and for the hilarious acts too!

be completely up to date again on what’s going on in

The next issue

the area!

of Hello Zuidas

Whoever has the time to cross the street at the

is scheduled for

Beethovenstraat should check out the recently

March 5th.

This month Hello Zuidas is celebrating its first anniversary. With the support of our many Hello Zuidas participants we have reached a great deal in our first year. The coming year we expect many new challenges. We invite you to become part of our plans. To this end Hello Zuidas is organising a half-yearly meeting at Novotel on January 18th, closed off with our New Year’s reception. If you work at one of our 123 participants, we would like to welcome you there. You can sign up through: Olivier Otten, managing director Hello Zuidas

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Index 08. Ann Goldstein, artistic director Stedelijk Museum “2013 should be the year of ambitions realized” 12. Property 14. Trending Topics 15. Column : Kirsten van den Hul Random acts of kindness 17. A Part of the Beatrixpark in a New Jacket “The most beautiful park in Amsterdam” 18. Finance 20. Food, Fashion & Fabulous 22. Hello Zuidas – Sustainability Sustainability on the map at Zuidas 24. Hello You 34. Zuidas Christmas A first step in creating a Christmas atmosphere in Zuidas 28. Agenda Hello Zuidas 32. Like & Win

33. Servicepoint Hello Zuidas A clean public space is a precondition for a prime location like Zuidas 34. Terry Verheij, Voxius Follow your Feelings 36. Sustainable Real Estate Special: - 38. Zuidas goes for Sustainability - 39. World Trade Center Amsterdam - 40. The Office Operators - 42 Arcadis - 44 Regus - 46 Global Housing 49. VU Connected – André Veneman & Mitchell Esajas “Work useful to society is never a sacrifice” 52. Recruitment 54. Hello Zuidas – Mobility 56. Column : Veronika Bačová The importance of staying crazy 57. Memo Board

With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, the Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to the Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions.,,,



“2013 should be the year of ambitions realized” Ann Goldstein has been director of the Stedelijk Museum since January 2010. As of January 1st, Goldstein is artistic director and forms the board together with general director Karin van Gilst. The building was reopened on September 22nd 2012, after having been closed for 9 years because of a rigorous renovation and expansion. Goldstein, the first foreign director of the Stedelijk Museum as well as being the first woman to ever hold the position, sees many opportunities to put the renovated institution back on the map and she is brimming with positivity: “It’s so wonderful to live in a museum that is open and alive! We’re welcoming all of these different types of public for the first time in all these years – in this beautifully renovated and expanded building.”

What do you see as the main contribution

sticking its neck out, exhibiting the latest art,

of the Stedelijk Museum for its hometown

experimenting and taking risks: exactly the things


that a contemporary art museum should be doing.

The Stedelijk Museum, as the most important

I hope that this museum will become a real

contemporary art museum in this country, is a

magnet for its public and a beacon that puts

remarkable institution with a remarkable history

a spotlight on the extraordinarily art-minded

and it is a source of great pride. It has long inspired

community of this city.

many people, from the artistically inclined to the greater public in general. From the moment you

To what extent do you want large

pass through its doors, you feel its soul. When I

corporations to be involved in sponsorship

became director 3 years ago, everybody was

for the museum?

complaining about how closed it felt and how

What so impressed me when I came here, was

uncertain the moment of reopening was. I found

how much support there was from the corporate

it incredibly touching that when we opened our

world towards the Stedelijk Museum. The city

doors to the public 2 months ago, everybody just

has so many major corporations and it’s fantastic

came right in.

that we can connect with them. For us it’s really important to reach out to the business world,

What was it like to be the first woman in

as a part of our history with our great Business

charge of this museum?

Club. Since I think fundraising is a long-term goal,

I couldn’t tell you because I wouldn’t know what

we find a good relationship with all the involved

it’s like to be the first man. I think that I probably

companies important. I hope that despite the

am a lot of firsts in this position, being a woman,

regrettable cuts in the cultural world, we will find

a foreigner and an American. I have admired this

opportunities to adapt towards a long-term

museum for so long; it has always been seen as

strategy in building our own resources for support

an international institution here in Amsterdam.

within the community as a whole. We will keep

A museum that really puts art first and absolutely

trying to collect even more long-lasting relation-

has an extraordinary, fantastic collection. The

ships in this way.

Stedelijk Museum has always been very risqué,


Ann Goldstein

Please turn over.

Text: Romy Lange & Olivier Otten • Photography: Wouter van Ierssel & Stedelijk Museum


How do you see the relationship between

work can speak to them at different levels. You

the museum and Zuidas?

just walk in and from the first moment it will

I’ve been there several times and I think it’s a

captivate you.

really interesting area. It actually reminds me of

Planning a business function or

the area of the museum I worked in LA, because

Can you give us a glimpse of what to

that was also a part of a private/public/corporate

expect in 2013?

partnership. When I go to the WTC here, I think

It will be the first full year that the Stedelijk is

about the area that was developed around my

open and we have some very serious challenges.

museum in LA, even more than about Manhattan,

We’re driven by a mission to serve the art, our

for instance. And I think that there is an incredible

artists and the public. We want to be a flexible

relationship between the south and this area.

institution that is nimble, that is able to adapt to

We’re in the same part of the city (Stadsdeel Zuid)

the changing circumstances and yet stay close to

so I feel we’re very connected. It has the combina-

our mission goals. We have a lot to look forward to

tion of a residential area and a business district.

next year, with a wide range of exhibitions coming

I hope there will be many ways through which

up. It’s our responsibility to be there for the people

we can welcome the community.

who want the museum in their lives, and to

Stedelijk Museum

Dinner for two or drinks for 250? We will make your event a memorable one! Oliver's is also available for private events on select dates

Banana Man Costume by Mike Kelley

Why should people come and see your new

push ourselves as far as we can, given the

Mike Kelley exhibition?

circumstances. We should always be ambitious,

They should come and see it, because he is one

and 2013 should be the year that these ambitions

of the most highly acclaimed artists in the last 25

become realized.

years. His work speaks about the experiences one


staff party?

can have within our culture. In some ways it can

Ann Goldstein (1957) is as artistic director,

be seen as a critique, sometimes paired with great

together with managing director Karin van Gilst

humour, of the different levels of contemporary

(1964), responsible for the management of

culture: from mainstream to counter cultures,

Stedelijk Museum. Van Tuyl had held the position

to music, to history and art itself. He gives us

since 2005. Before Goldstein accepted this position

the tools to reconsider our own relationships.

she was connected to the Museum of Contem-

He worked with every possible medium one can

porary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles. She was

think of: painting, photography, drawing, sculpture,

senior curator there and was widely respected for

video, and so on. His work can be enjoyed by

her expertise in the area of minimal and concep-

people who possibly have never had any previous

tual art from the sixties and seventies, as well as

experience with contemporary art, because his

for her contributions in the area of modern art.

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Property Source:

Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features the latest Zuidas-related property news. Send your property news to

King Tutankhamen at Zuidas ZUIDAS – Amsterdam Expo BV as signed a temporary lease for ca. 2600 m2 of exposition space is the Amsterdam Expo building, located at Gustav Mahlerlaan 24, Amsterdam. The area will be used towards the international blockbuster exhibition: “Tutankhamen, his Tomb and his Treasures”. This exhibition has been visited by millions over the last few years in cities such as

Verweij Holding will realize 820 units temporary student housing at Zuidas

Amsterdam Zuidas get its own high-end department store

Paris, Zurich, Brussels and Seoul. This travelling exposi-

ZUIDAS - Dienst Zuidas of the City of Amsterdam

ZUIDAS - Bart de Groot, director of project development

Gool Elburg Vastgoedspecialisten did all the negotiating

City Council approves ZuidasDok

intends to build temporary student housing on the lot

agency Buro Beehive, wants a high-end department store

on behalf of the renter, Amsterdam Expo BV.

ZUIDAS - The city council of Amsterdam has unanimous-

at the intersection of De Boelelaan and the Antonio

opened at the George Gershwin Square at Zuidas.

ly agreed to plans for the project ZuidasDok. This allows

Holding was selected as developer for the realisation of

Buro Beehive is a project development agency that

Caransa purchases on Scheldeplein Amsterdam

820 student apartments, designed by OeverZaaijer.

gives empty office space a new creative destination.

ZUIDAS - Opposite the RAI in Amsterdam, M. Caransa

ZuidasDok involves the expansion of Station Amsterdam

The complex will be built by modular builder Jan Snel.

The 300 m2 warehouse will count three floors. For the

BV purchased the property at Scheldeplein 1-5.

Zuid, the expansion and putting underground the

internal furnishings, Beehive has designated a budget

The property covers approximately 6,300 m2, including

A10-South motorway, the arranging of public space and

Initiators Johan Verweij and Roy Mungra of Verweij

of € 15,000 - € 20,000. From this, the walls will be

four homes and a garage on the first floor which offers

the integration of urban and regional public transport.

Holding are a new party on the market for student

painted, facilities such as toilets will be built, and

parking for about 60 cars.

housing. The complex in Ravel is an innovative and

so-called mini-shops that will look like flight cases

representative student complex, which consists of

on wheels will be developed. Brands and entrepreneurs

The commercial premises consist of an ABN Amro

Dok project will cost € 1,385 million. The state takes

independent student housing with facilities including a

can rent shop space for € 11,000 euro per year and

branch, an Albert Heijn supermarket, and on the

€ 979 million on his behalf, Amsterdam € 201 million,

supermarket, a grand café, a work agency, a bicycle

furnish the mini-shops to their own liking. “You should be

entire second floor, locally famous Knijn Bowling.

the Amsterdam City Region € 130 million, and the

repairman and a launderette. All units, upwards from

able to buy high-end leisure and business clothing here,

This acquisition fits in the vision of Caransa to acquire

Province of Noord-Holland € 75 million. Amounts are

approximately 18.5 m2, are equipped with a kitchen

but also a good bottle of wine, a nice watch or gifts,”

high prominence locations in Amsterdam. Caransa is

expressed in 2011 prices and are indexed. In this amount

and a bathroom. The complex comprises 5 floors with a

explains de Groot. At this time, Beehive is in negotiation

planning on renovating the building and, where possible,

is already a risk provision of € 295 million.

rooftop basketball court and space for city farming.

with interested companies.

to make it sustainable.

Vivaldistraat, Zuidas area “Ravel”. After a pitch, Verweij


tion can be viewed until May 5, 2013 in Amsterdam. Van

Zuidas in the coming decades to develop into a new centre for residence, working and shopping. The project

According to the Amsterdam VVD fraction, the Zuidas-

Photography: Veronika Bačová


Trending topics

Random acts of kindness It’s that time of the year again! New Year, new

once wrote “Practice random kindness and

Edgar Verburg @edgarverburg Heavy #snow at #Amsterdam #Zuidas Paul Engelbertink @P_Engelbertink de doornsee papierduwer

resolutions. In 2012, mine was keeping my desk

senseless acts of beauty” on a placemat in a

draagt een pak, of mantelpakje, een hippe net iets te dure jas en een blackberry. #zuidas TopFem @info_TopFem TopFem doet onder-

clean and organised. Not quite original apparently.

restaurant. Years later, the International Random

zoek op de #Zuidas en in de #TweedeKamernaar “de topvrouw in 2013”. Karlien Lodewijk @karlienlodewijk Writing a report to intro-

According to a study by the Journal of Clinical

Acts of Kindness Day came into being, which is

duce a new #app for more interaction between business people. Targeting for the #Zuidas #Amsterdam. Erik de Boer @ErikdBoer Lof

Psychology, last year’s top three resolutions were to:

celebrated in New Zealand, the United States and

voor Maarsen Groep die met MAD architects in zee is gegaan. Ma Yansong’s ontwerp zal #Zuidas  eindelijk spectaculair

1. lose weight

the United Kingdom. Time to bring some of that

maken.#Volkskrant Louise van der Veen @LouisevdVeen Zat ik toch bijna op het verkeerde spoor! Hier op Amsterdam Zuid. Met

2. get organised

kindness to Zuidas! Will you join me?

uitzicht op het lawyers’ paradise. #zuidas Edgar Verburg @edgarverburg Had a nice thank you dinner @Oliver’s #Zuidas #Amster-

3. spend less, and save more

Here are some ideas to get you started: • Offer to pay for a person waiting in line behind

dam thrown by one of our clients Ronald Huikeshoven @RonaldHuik “@DienstZuidas: What’s going on in Zuidas? Check out the latest

According to the same research, 75% of the

developments in Zuidas: ” Met #OPZUID voor wonen! Mila de Koning @MiladeKoning @B3nDutz zit je op de Zui-

people who make a resolution, stick with it for

das?? Anne van Leest @NiennaEldanar Daar ga ik sowieso naar toe! “1000 Toetanchamonreplica’s naar Amsterdam, Expo Zuidas” 

a week. But after six months, that percentage

Natalie Hensen @Webgrrlnl Waar ik benieuwd naar ben: wanneer wordt die roltrap op stationAmsterdam Zuid nou eens gemaakt? Nu

is down to 46%. Last year, I was definitely part of

al 3wk defect..@NS_online? Enfant Terrible @Rotkind_ Werken en vanavond afscheidsetentje bij de #BlauweEngel van een collega.

the 54% that did not last. After a promising start

• Give a stranger a compliment.

Daarna kan ik gelijk alles er weer af gaan joggen :P Claudia Leurink @mil1912 Bakkie (@ Fitch & Shui) jeffREY @J93FFREY er heerst een

(a clean desk and an organised office) clutter of all

• Pick up some trash someone else left behind.

vreemde sfeer op de ZuidAs. (@ Station AmsterdamZuid w/ 2 others) Lena  @lenaa_tweets Bij de nieuwste poepchique ah to go gewe-

sorts seemed to be materialising out of nowhere.

• Switch off a bicycle light that someone may

est. Zó hee @ StationAmsterdam Zuid Nelleke Poorthuis @Nelleke Kitty is watching me work @ Spaces Zuidas

So much for my resolution…

you at the supermarket. • Buy your secretary some flowers (and not just on Secretary Day).

have left on.

S2u_s_SkNq/ Hello Zuidas  @hellozuidas De  @Zuidasborrel  @citizenM  gisteravond, was zeer geslaagd!!!! tess bekkering @tessbekkering Mmmm.... little present received from @hellozuidas because I LIKE them :) citizenTess says; thank you

This year, I decided I am going to join the 46%

Or thank the cleaner for keeping your office tidy.

Harald vd Sluys Veer @sluysveer One of the most #remarkable #Dutch office towers by@ErickvanEgeraat at the #Zuidas in #Amster-

group. My new resolution? To do at least one

Simple as that! However, some words of warning

dam  Jongerius @Bas_Jongerius Te huur: garagebox op 200 meter van ZuidAs in Amsterdam. Inclusief verli-

random act of kindness per day: a selfless act to

are in place: kindness is contagious. So know what

chting, water, electrische deur. #parkeerplek #zuidas Cement @CementTweet Het nieuwe Sint Nicolaaslyceum op #Zuidas in A’dam is

assist, surprise or cheer up another person, who

you’re getting yourself into, because some day,

op 6 dec (naamdag Sint Nicolaas) feestelijk geopend (@ABTbv) VUConnected @VUconnected Wat is maatschappelijke relevantie v.

could very well be a total stranger. The phrase was

someone may do it to you in return...

onderwijs&onderzoek? Voormalig minister #CeesVeerman  13/12 in  #FilosofieZuidas  Redactie PropertyNL 

coined by American author Anne Herbert, who

@PropertyNL Baker & McKenzie velengt huur op Zuidas Eva Boswinkel @anneevaa Had ik al verteld dat ik de komende maanden mn avonturen op deZuidas  beleef? Ik snap ondertussen waarom daar boeken over geschreven zijn. Dienst Zuidas @DienstZuidas Artikel over de moestuin én een recept van Bollenius #Zuidas  zozuidas @ZoZuidas De perfecte wereld: De Zuidas- Jeugd van Tegenwoordig gaat met geknepen billen naar kantoor. Doet meer aan face ... http://bit. ly/11zCKK4 

Ruud Kaitjily @RuudKaitjily I’m at Spaces  Zuidas  (Amsterdam, Noord-Holland) 

DAAN@DaanSchmidt Morgen pop-up store in het WTC op de ZuidAs inrichten en donderdag etalage op de Nieuwezijds in elkaar knutselen!#terugvanweggegweest Danielle Akkerman @naadjoo Na 2 uur door de kou te hebben gelopen op de Zuidas nu weer lekker op weg naar huis om warm te worden met een kopje thee. Kirsten van den Hul speaks, writes and works on the crossroads of culture, communication and change. She works as an independent change agent for Dienst Zuidas, and writes a weekly column for Dutch daily AD. In 2011 she was appointed as UN Women’s Representative. Her motto: “Without change no butterflies”.

@hellozuidas For more information, visit or follow @thechangeagent on Twitter.


Text: Kirsten van den Hul • Photography: William Maanders


Winner of the FD Gazellen Award 2012!!

The most modern dentist is at Zuidas Register online at: or call: 020 - 66 23 071

Nomination for fastest growing company in the Netherlands

With gratitude to our clients who have made this growth possible

Gustav Mahlerplein Zuid 116 1082 MA Amsterdam

There were three important meetings the past months concerning the redevelopment of a part of the Beatrixpark. The area around the park is changing rapidly. And now the new St. Nicolaaslyceum School has opened its doors, the old building will be demolished and will make more space available for green. Many involved parties such as local residents, the bicycle union and representatives from the business world were on hand. Director Hans Van Rooyen of the St. Nicolaaslyceum gave input at this co-creation, as well as two students, Thibo (17) and Sanne (16). “They were happy that we were at the meeting. We are intensive users of the park and our ideas are actually incorporated into the new plans,” says Thibo.

dentists tandartsen op de Zuidas

Co-creation Now that the beautiful new St. Nicolaascollege has been taken into use as of last December, the old school will be demolished. During the co-creation

dentists tandartsen op de Zuidas

the new destination for the ground was discussed, amongst other things. “There was an idea about building an amphitheatre, but later everyone saw that the grounds weren’t quite suitable to this end. We did

A Part of the Beatrixpark in a New Jacket

a lot of brainstorming together and made posters and

Have your say about Zuidas?

collages. By these means a lot ideas arose, but these were just as easily dismissed,” says Thibo. Sanne continues: “Everyone agreed that a lot of green needed to return and that the existing structure of the park had to remain intact, for example by keeping the little bridges.”

Zuidas continues to evolve!

The A10 orbital motorway is due to be rerouted underground, creating space to upgrade Amsterdam Zuid station and to redesign the surrounding area. What do you regard as the most important aspects of these changes in Zuidas? Tell us what you think at

You can complete the survey until 10 January 2013.

Most beautiful park in Amsterdam Van Rooyen is looking forward to realisation of the plans. “This is the most beautiful park in Amsterdam and it is fantastic what’s going to happen here. I find the architect’s last design really good, because all parties were very pleased with it. The part of the park that will be redeveloped will match nicely with our new building.” says Thibo: “We wanted more places to sit in the park and we see that this wish has become part of the eventual plan. I think that Wi-Fi should also be available in the park, but I’m not sure if that is going to happen.” Sanne: “We probably will not be able to enjoy the park while we are still at school, but I think the future of the park is important for the next generation of students.”

Text: Romy Lange • Photography: William Maanders


Finance Source: Holland Financial Centre

Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features financial news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Send your financial news to

Shadow Banking On November 18th the Financial Stability Board (FSB)


published its progress report on the status of shadow

New app: Who is Who in Pensions

banking. The Netherlands plays an important role in this

The popular Who is Who for Retirement Management is

area, sharing a third place position with Japan. Holland

now also available through a mobile app. In this app the

Financial Centre has commissioned a study to take stock

Netherlands promotes itself as the prime location for

of the precise situation in this sector. The study will also

offering high quality retirement management services.

look at the spin-off effects of the sector on the Dutch

This application allows you to contact the relevant person

economy and at the contribution that non-bank financing

directly via email or telephone simply by pressing a

makes to the treasury. In addition to risks, the study will

button on your mobile telephone, smartphone or iPad.

also examine how much business is generated when a

In addition, the Who is Who application is always up to

holding, financing or royalty company chooses to set up

date because changes in contact information and content

shop in the Netherlands. The study will be completed in

are made immediately. To explore more possibilities go

April 2013.


Dutch Securitisation Association launch

Impact of the new Dutch Government on the Financial Sector

Successful World Pension Summit

The official launch of the Dutch Securitisation

The new Dutch government has announced its plans

platform for and by pension professionals, was held

Association, and the introduction of a standard for

for the financial sector. Brokers are angry at the govern-

in the EYE Film Instituut Nederland. This year 360

Dutch mortgage securitisations took place on November

ment’s plan to introduce a ‘financial transaction tax’.

participants from 42 countries met in Amsterdam to

20th. The launch marked the completion of a project

At the same time, plans to limit performance-related

share their knowledge and experience with one another.

which began in 2010, when it became clear that

bonuses to 20% of fixed salaries have infuriated both

Once again, the event’s organizers succeeded in drawing

improvements were needed in order to guarantee the

bank and brokerage staffs. Robin Fransman, deputy

up an impressive list of prominent speakers from the

successful bridging of the funding gap, now and in the

director of Holland Financial Centre stated: “Brokers,

international pension world, including the Italian

future. The Dutch standard is the first local standard to

managers, market-makers and stock exchange-related

Minister of Labour, Social Policies and Gender Equality,

be recognized under the terms of the European PCS

companies will leave and thousands of jobs will be lost

the Head Financial Sector Specialist at the World Bank

labelling initiative.

in the Netherlands.”

and the Vice President of Argentina.

This year the World Pension Summit, the international

Photography: William Maanders


food, fashion fabulous

Between the Amsterdam RAI and the Beatrixpark, you will find the stylish white winter world of Zuidpool! From October to March, Zuidpool is a unique venue in Amsterdam for exclusive business events, weddings, Christmas dinners and other winter festivities for groups up to 1100 guests.

Welcome to real bread! Every day the artisan bread of Simon Meijssen (founded in 1910) is made by hand in the bakery on the Albert Cuyp in the heart of Amsterdam. At this location our bread is made for more than 100 years using traditional recipes and the best ingredients.

Are you planning to organize an event during the winter of 2012? Please

For breakfast, lunch, tea- or coffee time

contact the sales team on +31 (0)20 616 86 60 or visit for

we can always add a sparkle to your day.

more information about Zuidpool and its facilities.

On the Zuidas we offer free delivery. Please send an email to

Lets have a steamin’ hot winter! or to

Zuidpool for orders

Europaplein 22

and inquiries.

1078 GZ Amsterdam

Micy’s - Made with love Micy’s (pronounced as “Mickey’s”) is a new brand for handmade jewellery: bracelets, earrings and fashion accessories. The style? Casual chic and mix & match. Micy’s Jewelz are available through several fashion stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Dubai as well as on-line via Like Micy’s on

Season Flowers Season Flowers reklame: tekst moet compleet anders: Season Flowers is a stylish flower shop at Zuidas Amsterdam. We have delivered to well-known hotels and companies for 10 years now. In our shop we sell high quality flowers, plants and beautiful lifestyle products for all budgets. Our compositions with flowers are modern and with a unique twist.

Please come and visit us. Gustav Mahlerlaan 401-403 - 1082 MK Amsterdam Phone: 020-3307571

Every Friday from 12.00: Nail touch up for € 12,50 Would you like to enter the weekend with beautiful nails? Have them filed and polished in your favourite colour, so you will have beautiful nails all weekend. Every Thursday our dermatologist is on hand to answer all your questions concerning Botox.

Sustainability on the map at Zuidas Hello Zuidasfocusses on the following four pillars: Mobility, Sustainability, Clean & Safe, and Liveliness. Wilrik Kok and Taco Nijssen were appointed last year as program managers for the pillar “sustainability”. Yearly sustainability report

everyone”. This made me decide to start up Field

According to Kok and Nijssen there are a lot of

Factors, a design and consultancy office dedicated

inconspicuous sustainable elements at Zuidas.

to innovation and sustainability in the sectors;

There is the large-scale use of aquifer thermal

Tourism, Water, and Mobility. We are literally

energy storage, and the efficient public transport

inspired by keeping our eyes open. Like Taco I

system, which makes a big contribution towards

joined Hello Zuidas last summer”.

New rules for Bicycle Parking at Zuidas “Fortunately, Amsterdam is a bicycle city. That keeps the city liveable, but all these bikes need to be parked somewhere,” Harry Wien, project manager at Dienst Zuidas points out. “Sometimes parking all these bikes leads to problems, especially at train stations. The City of Amsterdam considers the stature and accessibility of Zuidas very important. Access roads and squares should be accessible to travelers, suppliers, administrators and emergency services.” Facility Manager of the World Trade Center Amsterdam Marc Claassen agrees: “The WTC Amsterdam is experiencing an increase in the number of bicycles. This illegal parking clashes with the ambition of Zuidas to be a region with high status.” Bicycle parking in racks and in moped spots

the functioning of the Zuidas. For them a visible,

At the beginning of 2013, The City of Amsterdam

yet small scale example is the botanical gardens

will designate a zone around Station Zuid based

at VU University. Wilrik and Taco are particularly

on the Local General Ordinance (APV). In this

focused on the future: “We are now preparing the

zone you are required to park your bike in the

first Zuidas sustainability report together with the

designated racks. The maximum period for parking

Green Business Club and the Dienst Zuidas. This

is 14 days. Parking will not be allowed outside the

report will be officially presented at the beginning

racks. Bicycles that are parked for longer than 14

of April 2013 and it is our ambition to present it

days, or which were not parked in a rack will be

annually,” says Taco. Wilrik continues: “Further-

removed. Mopeds have special parking spaces on

more, we would like to start next year working on

both sides of Station Amsterdam Zuid. Incorrectly

sustainable user demands and needs amongst

parked mopeds will also be removed. Removed

(young) professionals and citizens at the Zuidas”.

bicycles and mopeds are brought to the bike depot of The City of Amsterdam, and can be retrieved


after paying the fine.

Nijssen graduated from the University of West of England in 2008, researching sustainable real

Why the enforcement?

shops on the Mahlerplein. In 2012 the municipality

estate management in the United Arab Emirates.

The area around the Station Amsterdam Zuid is

added over 1,000 racks and has considerably

“During this research I saw that there was an

used quite intensively. 65,000 commuters make

expanded the amount of moped spots.

enormous economic potential in this sector

use of the station daily. The expectation is that

and that it also helped towards a better world.

this number will grow by app. 10% per year. Many

This is why in 2011 I set up Space Inverters where

commuters and other users of the area around

Hello Zuidas and the Amsterdam Government joining forces

we are Greening the Grey. Without elements like

the station arrive by bicycle or moped. Some

Hello Zuidas plays a binding role in addressing the

create blockages by parking outside the racks,

bicycle problem. “The management consultations

resulting in hazardous situations.

organised by Hello Zuidas are a platform for

nature and culture, I believe a city cannot truly flourish. I joined Hello Zuidas last summer. Kok is an Architect, TU Delft, and Innovation Engineer, Saxion Enschede. Since 2001 he has been working for Movares, MMID and MAKA Green. His diverse background from innovation, design and engineering, makes him able to create and manage design thinking processes, improving our (urban) environment. Kok: “Sustainability is for


Taco Nijssen (left) & Wilrik Kok (right)

“We would like to take the opportunity to thank Annemarieke Annemarie van Doorn of the Green Business Club for her great effort. As the first chairperson she built up the GBC Zuidas from its moment of inception. From now on she will continue to broaden the national ambitions of the GBC. The new chairman, Timo Huisman, was appointed last November. We both are looking forward to continue the collaboration and we wish Timo lots of success”. Please connect us as

Text: Romy Lange • Photography: Floor Cornelisse

companies and representatives to discuss

Where can I leave my bike?

projects and points of concern in the areas,”

There are more than enough bicycle racks around

says Marc Claassen.

the station. For example, underneath Zuidplein there is a bicycle station. Furthermore, there are

More info on the APV: Date of implementation,

many bike racks under the Strawinskylaan viaduct,

area boundaries, costs of removal, and parking

in the Matthijs Vermeulenlaan, and beside the

facilities will follow shortly.

Text: Ewout Doorman & Harry Wien • Photography: Eric Dix


Hello Zuidas participants borrel Monday, December 10, 2012 5:30 pm – 7 pm Business Monday, Masters of LXRY @ RAI

Opening of the St. Nicolaaslyceum Thursday December 6, 2012, 3 pm St. Nicolaaslyceum

• There were more than 120 participants at hand. • Organised by ASEGA Media and Hello Zuidas. • The borrel was on Monday, the network day of Masters of LXRY. • The borrel was held in the Gallery of the RAI. • Catering was supplied by, amongst others, Sushi Time.

• The opening was done by ex-mayor Job Cohen, sportsman and ex-student Louis van Gaal, and National Poet, Ramsey Nasr. • The school’s 65th anniversary was also celebrated. • Hans van Rooijen, the school’s director, spoke of the long construction process and of the choices that were made. • The building is designed by DP6 architects.

Party, opening, reception or farewell drink @ Zuidas? Mail us:


Photography: William Maanders

Photography: Wouter van Ierssel


Zuidas Christmas

Ingrid van Veen, Crowne Plaza: “What we have achieved here is a good start for the coming years. It would be great to have more decorations with even more entrepreneurs involved here at Zuidas. It’s a good initiative to create a cosy Christmas atmosphere together with more companies here in the area. Hopefully the trees will have lights next year. But we very are happy with the results so far”

Corinne de Groot, Symphony’s: “I think it’s a good initiative by Hello Zuidas to get this organised along with several entre-

This year we have taken a first step in creating a Christmas atmosphere at Zuidas. Different initiatives were taken and combined e.g. The Singing Christmas Tree, WTC’s Christmas Market, Het Verhaal van Kerst, and decorations on Mahlerplein and Gershwinplein. Hello Zuidas would like to thank the following parties NS, WTC, Zingeving Zuidas, Crowne Plaza, Dienst Zuidas, Symphonys, Tandartsenpraktijk van de Veer, Broersma Nieuwbouw, Stadsdeel Zuid, Season Flowers and Bolenius. We are looking forward to combining even more efforts with different parties in 2013!

preneurs. The business-like atmosphere does indeed get cosier. The red and green foil looks nice and is a creative idea. Next year I would like to see a big tree with lots of lights. Personally I like that best. Just as with other shopkeeper associations, I would like to try to save some money every month with other shopkeepers here, just for this kind of project. Who knows, one day we can open a small skating rink with some concession stands around it.”

Xavier Giesen, Bolenius: “All these Christmas creations look so cosy on these cold, grey days. It’s a great idea by the foundation to arrange the decorations in this way. You always need someone to take this kind of initiative. The fun way with which light is played with, adds real atmosphere to Zuidas. I like the LED lights, and next year we will try to work even more with lighting”



Agenda Zuidas Amsterdam

JAnuary - february 2013 Next magazine will be published @5th of March. Mail us your agenda. Deadline: February 10th. Email:

January 17, 2013 Zingeving Zuidas Every third Thursday of the month Zingeving Zuidas organises a meeting with the intention of mutual inspiration between Zuidas professionals, asylum seekers, the elderly, post-psychiatric patients and young people. The big question is at these meetings: Who is helping whom? To close off, dinner will be enjoyed together. 5:30 pm till 7.30,

January and February 2013

January 10, 2013

January 14 – February 2013

Council meeting Hello Zuidas

City Dust

Tutankhamun, His Tomb and

Every Friday

Quarterly meeting between

The project “City Dust” by Jeroen

January 18, 2013

His Treasures

Cocktail happy hour @ citizen

facility managers, Stadsdeel Zuid,

Kramer is a continuous project of

Participants meeting Hello

The international exposition

Most countries, like Scotland, drink

Dienst Zuidas and police, chaired by

large-sized graphic and spatial

Zuidas (private)

“Tutankhamun, His Tomb and His

to good health. In Turkey, they drink

Hello Zuidas. On the agenda are

installations. Hallucinating collages

Through the support of its many

Treasures” will visit the Netherlands

to honour, in Costa Rica to pure life

upkeep of public areas, safety and

that come from a sketch archive

participants, Hello Zuidas will

for 5 months only. Take a look inside

and in the Bengal to joy. In China

local infrastructure. Do you have

that consists of more than 1000

celebrate its first anniversary on

the burial chamber: you will feel like an

and Japan you drink to dry the

comments or complaints or would you

drawings and graphic compositions,

the 18th of January in the Novotel with

explorer. Close enough to touch the

cup. At citizenM we drink to them

like to partake? Let us know through:

distilled from the urban landscape

a meeting and a New Years Reception.

unbelievable beauty in front of your

all and offer our intriguing menu so

3 Pm, at Beheermaatschappij WTC

and the urban life fabric. City Dust

During high tea, Hello Zuidas will

eyes. It is an adventure for all the

you can join in. citizenM says: drink

Amsterdam, Strawinksylaan 1

shows the dizzying “big bang” of

present its numbers and its plans for

senses that no visitor will ever forget.

to good health, joy, pure life or a

the city.

the upcoming period. Of course we

Daily from 9 am till 7 pm.

dry glass!

H-Toren WTC Zuidplein

are interested in your reactions.

Amsterdam EXPO, Gustav Mahler-

Every Friday 5pm till 6pm.

Novotel Amsterdam City,

laan 24, information and tickets:

citizenM Hotel,

Europaboulevard 10

Prinses Irenestraat 30

3:00 pm till 5:30 pm.

Participants meeting Hello Zuidas (private)

16 JANUARY 2013 WTC and Hans van Breukelen

January 10, 2013

WTC Amsterdam Business Club kicks

Zuidas Business Borrel

off with a New Year’s Reception from

Most people don’t know each


4 pm till 7 pm. You will hear Hans van

other. That’s too bad, because that

January 10, 2013

Breukelen tell his inspiring story of

excludes a lot of interesting contacts.

WTC lunch concert. Waltz your

leadership: falling down, getting up

The Zuidas Business Borrel wants to

way into 2013!

and then becoming the best. It will be

see this changed. You can enjoy good

The WTC wishes all WTC employees

both fun and emotional and will cover

wines, live music and make new

a prosperous new year in Vienna style.

some great football moments laced

contacts in a relaxed environment.

In Vienna it is traditional to welcome

with funny anecdotes. Afterwards

January 21 till 27, 2013

There is a borrel quarterly.

the New Year with a concert by

we will toast to a successful 2013!

Amsterdam Fashion Week

Care to join? Send an email to tina.

the Wiener Philharmoniker, which

Interested? Please mail to business-

Amsterdam Fashion Week (AFW) started in 2004 as an initiative to put Amsterdam

plays waltzes, polkas and marches

on the map as a sparkling and internationally oriented destination for fashion. The

5 pm, Café Nooon, WTC Amsterdam

from Austria.

4pm – 7pm, WTC Amsterdam,

organzation has three values which forms the pillars of the organization: Connect,

Central Hall, WTC Amsterdam, 12 pm.

Strawinskylaan 1

Grow and Celebrate. More information :


Agenda Zuidas Amsterdam

JAnuary - february 2013 Next magazine will be published @5th of March. Mail us your agenda. Deadline: February 10th. Email:

22 january 2013

29 JANUARY 2013

February 27, 2013

February 28, 2013

Corporate Executives are (Still) Overpaid

From evolution to cultural

WTC Business Club,

WTC Lunch concert, Bach alive

We are pleased to invite you to, and participate in, our Public Debate ‘Corporate


“Hidden talents” market.

BBC music magazine praises Musica

Executives are (Still) Overpaid’. Opening lecture by Professor Jesse M. Fried,

How can humans, not much more

WTC connects! Fifty ambitious

ad Rhenum: “The vanguard of a new

Harvard Law School Opponent is Camiel Selker, partner at Focus Orange and a

than naked monkeys, display such a

VU students, almost or recently

generation of musicians with great

specialist in executive remuneration.

fantastic wealth of cultural expres-

graduated, and fifty companies in

ideals as to authentic performance.”

Time: 4 pm - 6 pm

sions? The answer must be sought

Zuidas looking for new talent.

Musica ad Rhenum is the most

Venue: Duisenberg school of finance

in the structure of the brain and the

These are the most important

exhilarating and controversial Old


emergence of an ‘’inner world”, where

ingredients for a talent market on

Music ensemble at the moment. The

concepts such as empathy and strong

February 27th. Fifty tables in a

music by the genius composer JS Bach

If you would like to attend or sign up

reciprocity are central. Nico van

central hall, with two chairs on

comes alive again in the hands of this

via the website:

Straalen is Professor of Animal

opposite sides, will form the

internationally diverse ensemble, led

Ecology and teaches at the Faculty

décor for the introductory talks.

by flutist Jed Wentz.

of Earth and Life Sciences at Vrije

These may result in an apprenticeship,

Central Hall WTC, 12 noon.

Universiteit Amsterdam.

personal coaching, project participa-

8 pm – 10pm VU Boekhandel, De

tion or maybe a trial period. Every

Boelelaan 1105

company is free to determine which course it wishes to follow there and then. Organisers are WTC Amsterdam

February 7, 2013

Business Club, Page Personal and

Live Music at Manhattan

The Ambitious Network Society.

Lounge Bar

More information:

Crown Plaza Hotel South

George Gershwinlaan 101

Every Saturday Workshops

5:30 pm till 8:30 pm

January 25, 2013

It’s Sushi Time!

VU alumni meeting 2013

Ever wanted to be a fully trained sushi

The law faculty would like to invite its

chef? Participate in one of the sushi

alumni Jurisprudence, Notary and

workshops by Sushi Time and it’s a

Fiscal law to a meeting on Friday

real possibility! We organise weekly

afternoon, January 25, 2013. On this


sushi workshops where we teach you

day several interesting and actual

February 9, 2013

to make three different kinds of sushi.

courses will be offered to alumni

Valentine’s Day: You’ll have a

Our sushi workshops last three hours,

Jurisprudence and Notary law. The

date before you know it!

are a complete meal and we always

afternoon will be closed off with

Every year around February 14, young

serve unlimited drinks. It is a pro-


professionals take a senior along on a

gramme that will fill a whole afternoon

Participation is free.

date. Starting at 12 o’clock, with drinks

or evening. Check our calendar for

12.15 pm – 6 pm

afterwards in café “De Blauwe Engel”.

planned workshops at our website.

For more info:


Servicepoint Hello Zuidas A clean public space is a precondition for a prime location like Zuidas. The area looks a lot nicer when there is no litter in the verges, when bikes are placed neatly in racks in the stalls and when garbage is picked up regularly. Hello Zuidas has made arrangements with for example the NS, Dienst Zuidas and the city district Zuid, so that public space is cared for just as well as privately owned space in the area. Company facility managers, but employees and residents too, can contact our service desk in the WTC Amsterdam, visit our website at,

Fashion: from catwalk to sidewalk On the weekend of Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th of January, Amsterdam will live its first fashion weekend. With this programme open to the public, Amsterdam Fashion week will bring fashion from the catwalk to the sidewalk. Spread out over the whole weekend, 50 events will be organised. Streets such as the Beethovenstraat, Cornelis Schuytstraat, Van Baerlestraat and the PC Hooftstraat will all be fashion oriented. Amsterdam Fashion Week will organise fashion routes through the city, presentations and fashion menus as well as pop-ups. Participating shops will offer attractive discounts and other small gifts. For more information about this week, visit

mail us at or call us at 020 - 333 74 41 to report complaints or give ideas concerning cleanliness and safety. Hello Zuidas will make sure all reports are treated quickly and adequately. There is a quarterly council meeting Hello Zuidas about safety, maintenance and (road) construction in the area. The following participants are in this Hello Zuidas meeting; facility managers, city district Zuid, NS, Dienst Zuidas and the police. The next meeting will be held on January 10 at WTC management. Three times a year Hello Zuidas commissions an intensive inspection of the quality of the public space in the area. Hello Zuidas reports the findings to the different area managers and makes agreements as to increasing the quality. Point in case is the Service Level Agreement that has been signed with local governments concerning the level of maintenance at Zuidas.

Win tickets to the opening party on Friday January 18 in Club Air! Like us on and let us know why you want to go to the opening party of Amsterdam Fashion Week.



Follow your Feelings Terry Verheij, Marije Bedaux en Hielke Bruin.

The legal professionals here at Zuidas are often conservative, risk-evasive and not flexible enough.


have the time or money to experiment. That’s

“A little less would be nice,” says Terry Verheij, one of partners at Voxius. Voxius arranges the

Voxius searches daily for the right candidates for

a shame, but whenever we get the chance to

recruitment, selection for permanent (Legal Search) positions and interim (Lease a Lawyer) positions

their clients. Also, they are also approached by

do so, we will take it.” Besides recruitment and

for legal professionals in businesses, law firms and notaries public. “Due to the crisis many people

legal professionals looking for employment or new

mediation for interim legal professionals, Voxius

remain at their present positions, even if they make them completely unhappy,” says Verheij. This was

assignments. In both cases the so-called ‘Finger-

has a third business line: coaching. Marije Bedaux

not the case for him and the other partners at Voxius. A couple of years ago they chose for the feared

spitzengefühl’ is important. “We actively look for

has made this activity her own: “Career coaching is

career switch, and now look onto a thriving business where they match legal professionals with clients

the right match between legal professionals and

undergoing a favourable development within the

and help them develop their careers.

clients,” Verheij explains. “We look for candidates

legal sector. Coaching helps prevent people from

who are more experienced and already have good

getting stuck in their ways. “Within Voxius there

networks. Besides, they have to have the right

are the so-called Chinese Walls. When a legal

Escape from the lions’ den

The importance of flexibility

specialisation of course.” But the right feeling for

person goes through coaching it doesn’t mean

Voxius moved in August of this year from the

The partners are critical of legal professionals here

company culture needs to be a good fit as well.

he’s guaranteed a client, or otherwise a permanent

WTC in Amsterdam and the Groothandelsgebouw

at Zuidas. “We regularly come across legal

“A legal person with no affinity whatsoever with

position with one of our clients.”

in Rotterdam to one office in the Eurocenter in

professionals with a one track mind. They often

the banking sector should not do work for ING.”

Amsterdam. For five years the legal organisation

don’t have a clue as to what is going on in the legal

It’s all about finding the right match.

was at the centre of Zuidas, but the three partners

world outside the Zuidas, financially or culturally,”

Terry Verheij, Marije Bedaux and Hielke Bruin

Verheij explains. “We notice that legal profession-

Innovation & coaching

regularly and we drink a glass of lemonade with

decided that it was time for a new and single

als from here regularly take on an inflexible stance.

According to the partners, within the company

a sigh of relief,” Hielke Bruin laughs. “We always

location. “We were literally in the lions’ den at

They feel very little for moving to foreign countries,

there is always room for innovation. “It’s only

have cooled champagne at hand.”

WTC. There is a large concentration of legal

or even to another province for that matter.”

dependent on the client if this is possible,”

professionals here at Zuidas and the odds of

According to Verheij, legal professionals from

says Hielke Bruin, one of the three partners at

seeing one another are high,”Verheij explains.

English-speaking countries are much more open to

Voxius. “We regularly see that our clients don’t

“Discretion and trust are highly valued at Voxius.

moving. Voxius is trying to convince Zuidas people

We are head hunters; not everyone needs to know

that flexibility is very important.

with whom we speak.” At the Eurocenter it is possible for Voxius to receive its clients and legal professionals (prefer “candidates”) in all ease.


Despite the crisis, the partners are positive about the future of Voxius. “The corks are popped

Voxius Legal Search | Lease a Lawyer | Legal Services | Career Coaching | Young Voxius T: +31 85 488.00.00 E: Office: Eurocenter II | Barbara Strozzilaan 362, 4th Floor | 1083 HN Amsterdam

Text: Merel Hurkmans • Photography: Wouter van Ierssel


Sustainable Real Estate Special January/February Made possible by: • OVG Real estate • PropertyNL • Global Housing • Trinity Real Estate Company • World Trade Center Amsterdam • The Office Operators • Arcadis • Regus • G&S Vastgoed

On Monday 17 September 2012 OVG Real Estate was the first in the Netherlands to be awarded a BREEAM-NL ‘Outstanding’ design certificate for the development of the Deloitte and AKD office building on the Zuidas in Amsterdam. Jaap Gillis, chair of the Dutch Green Building Council presented the certificate in the presence of HRH the Prince of Orange during the opening congress of the annual Dutch Green Building Week to Bas van Holten. BREEAM sets the standard for best practice in sustainable building design, construction and operation and has become one of the most comprehensive and widely recognized measures of a building’s environmental performance. ‘Outstanding’ is the highest of the five standards that can be achieved. Deloitte / AKD Zuidas is the second largest building in the world (over 40,000 m2) to ever achieve an ‘Outstanding’ design certificate.



Hello A’dam Global Housing is the address for HR Managers when it comes to guiding

Zuidas goes for Sustainability PropertyNL

expats through their new habitat. As their ‘best friend in town’ we help them find their way from housing to work

Zuidas has big ambitions. In 2030 it will have positioned itself

permits, airline tickets and everything

as Amsterdam‘s great international knowledge and business

they need to feel at home in a new

centre. However, it will not only be the place to work, but also

city like Amsterdam. Welcome!

for residence and recreation. At this moment there are over 8000 homes available.

visit our website

Suite Offices: A unique chance for small businesses to find a place to work in WTC Amsterdam At World Trade Center Amsterdam, the term “New Work” is nothing new. The WTC has been working along this concept for the last 25 years, offering relatively small businesses a chance to acquire nice office space in a prominent location. “Here you are not bowled over by the big players at Zuidas. Our Suite Offices are ideal for entrepreneurs who are looking for flexibility in a qualitatively high segment of the work force,” says Christiaan Huijg, Managing Director at World Trade Center Amsterdam.

Suite Offices For small businesses it is sometimes hard to find a nice,

or send us an e-mail

With less than 10% of all commercial space vacant, Zuidas already

suitable location at Zuidas. Huijg: “Most parties do not want

distinguishes itself positively compared to the vast majority of

to obligate themselves to long-term leases, as the market is

other locations in the Netherlands. That’s why construction is

restless, and no one knows where they will be in 5 years’

continuing at a steady pace. At this rate, 40,000 m2 of office

time. Flexibility is very important to them. That’s why we

space will have been added as of the end of 2014. But most

developed “Suite Offices”, where you can rent short term

importantly, these are sustainable square meters.

as well as long term. Furthermore, office space is available ready for use, making it possible to be settled quite quickly,

New player. Great achievements.

Project management has taken an active role in realising

but just as easily left behind on short notice. All of our 23,

buildings that are sustainable and flexible. Buildings have to

approximately 20m2 units are all fully furnished and offer

be able to house different functions, such as residential and

all facilities the WTC has to offer.”

commercial activity, without having to deal with high renovation

Christiaan Huijg, Managing Director at World Trade Center Amsterdam.

costs. The buildings themselves have to comply with high

Work Independently

sustainability demands. And the market has picked up on this

Every unit has two workstations and there is also the


in a positive way. Point in case is the large offices of Deloitte

possibility to make use of the three “Breakout Rooms”,

The WTC is a very durable building and has undergone

and AKD, which have received the BREEAM-NL certification

where you can entertain guests for example. There is also a

a metamorphosis in the last 26 years, without affecting

“Outstanding”, a first. The design complied with the stringent

closed-off meeting room, available to all tenants. “We think

its basic function. Huijg: “This building is incredibly

demands of BREEAM, the most widely used system internation-

it’s important that our tenants be of an independent nature,

functional and we would like that characteristic to

ally to measure a building’s performance in terms of sustainabil-

so that costs can stay as low as possible. There is no

return in our Suite Offices. For example, because we

ity. The city of Amsterdam too, actively stimulates sustainability

permanent supervision on the work floor, so there is

offer our units fully furnished, the interior elements are

initiatives. For instance, earlier this year, Alderman Van

no one to manage the kitchen for example. If there are

reusable. We find it important to occupy ourselves with

Poelgeest handed out a sustainability cheque to people owning

technical problems, or if someone has spilled their coffee,

this sort of thing to keep ahead.”

land to build a house of their own design at the Kop van Zuidas,

a call to the WTC Servicepoint is all that is needed and

who were planning on making it sustainable.

these kinds of problems will be solved immediately.

For more information go to:

The office spaces, including shared workspace, all receive Therefore, in this edition of Hello Zuidas a special on sustain-

daily cleaning and our security team makes its rounds

ability and what relative plans can be expected at Zuidas.

every morning and evening, ensuring safety,” says Huijg.

Your partner in commercial real estate. Stadionweg 82 bg, 1077 SP Amsterdam, +31 (0)20 767 0330,

Text: Romy Lange • Photography: Wouter van Ierssel


Optimal Flexibility with

Totally Outsourced Office Core business

The office Operators are known for their innovative office concepts such

Another unique aspect of the Totally Outsourced Office is that The Office

as the Box Office, a 12 m2 moveable office. Responding to a growing

Operators will take care of the complete office management for these

demand for flexibility, the company developed the concept of the Totally

companies. That includes such matters as IT infrastructure to waste bins,

Outsourced Office. The Office Operators offer fully furnished and

from reception duty to lunches. Companies can then commit themselves

flexible office space, and take care of all possible needs the client may

wholly to their respective core businesses, and do not have to invest in

have. “Meanwhile, companies such as LinkedIn, Pepsico and USG

systems, people or furniture. Or, as Feenstra would like to point out:

Juristen, part of USG People, have chosen for our concept.”

“We are good at running an office, and we let our renters/tenants do what they are good at.”

According to Sipke Feenstra, director and co-founder of The Office Operators, the demand for flexible office space is really very logical,

Excluding risks

especially considering the uncertainty of the present economy: “If there

A Totally Outsourced Office is not only very user-friendly. It also means

is anything that is difficult for companies, it is to plan ahead long-term.

cost-cutting in most situations. “Because companies cannot anticipate

Practically every business plan will show a nice growth curve, but the

their growth they tend to rent more space than they actually need.

reality is much more tenacious. Companies grow faster, and sometimes

To be on the safe side, they often furnish workspace which for years is then

slower than projected, and create a shortage or conversely a surplus of

left unused. But just as well a company may grow faster than projected,

office space. We play into this with the Totally Outsourced Office, where

meaning they will need to find new space, often on a new location, leading

companies take precisely the space that they need.”

to a physical split-up. Quite often they are stuck with a building or a lease. These are risks we can take away with the Totally Outsourced Office.”

Sticker sheets Feenstra shows what this means in the prestigious UN Studio at Zuidas. Just as with all 13 branches in the Netherlands and Belgium, there is an The Office Operators reception desk. What immediately strikes the eye is that the different companies have their offices furnished conform their house style. Says Feenstra: “For the positioning and brand experience of these companies it is often important that they have their own logo, house style and stationary. But it doesn’t end there. We can also add sticker

“Meanwhile, companies such as LinkedIn, Pepsico and USG Juristen, part of USG People, have chosen for our concept.”

Innovative approach The Office Operators have opened 13 offices in the Netherlands and Belgium in the last three years. The Totally Outsourced Office is offered in all these locations. Feenstra: “I’ve been active in this market for the last couple of decades, and you see a clear movement where companies not only want flexible office space, but are also in a position to demand it. From the moment of our inception in 2009, we have always pursued an

sheets with their own logos to all the dividing glass panes inside the

innovative approach towards work space through continual dialogue

building. That this approach works is apparent through the companies that

with our clients. The Totally Outsourced Office is in my view a fantastic

have already chosen for the Totally Outsourced Office. Feenstra continues:

innovation that could only have come about through such an approach.”

“Meanwhile, companies such as LinkedIn, Pepsico and USG Juristen, part of USG People, have chosen for our concept.”

Another view But it isn’t only the furnishings that make the concept of the Totally Outsourced Office so interesting; it is the combination of furnishing and flexibility. “If any of our renting companies need extra space, in principle

The Office Operators

it can be realised in a weekend. All offices within the Totally Outsourced

Parnassusweg 819

Office concept are modular. In a manner of speaking, it is possible to come

1082 LZ Amsterdam

to work on Monday and have a different view from your desk,” jokes

T +31 20 700 5500

Feenstra. “Within the outside walls we can rearrange everything.”


Text: Mischa van de Woestijne • Photography: Roemer Overdiep


Economic growth limited by available space, materials and energy. A dilemma? Not for ARCADIS, to us it’s an opportunity!

sustainability aspect makes the complex unique.

able options and solutions. This knowledge

Sustainability was at the forefront right from

is not only put into practice, but also developed,

the beginning of the project. For example, the old

so that sustainable knowledge and skills

building was demolished very carefully, and the

remain relevant and can be implemented in

materials were separated, so that 98% of the

forfuture needs.

debris, glass, wood and metals could be reused. In the new building, use of sustainable materials,

Furthermore, these ambitions of our clients

energy efficiency and climate control were

are fulfilled by the Sustainability teams, using

priorities. Thanks to optimal isolation, climate

a sustainability process model. During the

ceilings, the use of green energy, city heating,

different phases of the building process, the

as well as cold and heat storage in the ground

The political and social interest in sustainable

resulting in cost reductions; parties willing to

sustainability factor is added, for example

underneath, the building has an energy perfor-

growth is substantial. The realization that

take on integral responsibility. Many clients have

through possible measures to be taken during

mance co-efficient that is 43% lower than

present and future generations will have to be

turned to us for advice on questions regarding

the design process or specific measures taken

regulatory requirements. Through all these

responsible for “people, profit and planet” is

their present portfolios. Questions that are more

in maintenance and facility management.

measures, including agile working , the building

growing. Where in recent decades the empha-

than ever focused on making real estate more

complex is, measured to size, one of the most

sis lay in developing visions and strategies,

profitable and better suited in relation to their


in the coming years it will be important to

company’s organisational targets. ARCADIS

In addition, ARCADIS has wide expertise in the

translate these ideas into concrete actions, and

offers a sustainable approach, based on an

areas of redevelopment, re-use and demolition

to incorporate them into our daily behaviour.

integral vision.

of different types of buildings, including offices,

Not only governments, but companies and

sustainable buildings in all of the Netherlands.

monuments and healthcare institutions. After

individuals too, must take their share of

ARCADIS’ approach focuses on the complete

consultation with our clients, ARCADIS has

responsibility. The Netherlands is alsochanging

life cycle of the built environment: from the

redeveloped a wide range of buildings and

constantly, as we strive for economic prosperity

preparatory work, the concept and design, right

successfully converted them for new use whilst

and a better quality of life we are pushing the

up to maintenance and facility management and,

taking into account the functionality and origin

limits of available space, materials and energy.

where relevant, re-design: from planning and

of the existing building.

A dilemma? Not for ARCADIS, we see this as an

creating assets to operating and redefining

opportunity, it’s a challenge that we love to take

assets. That is why our clients with complicated

Our approach has been successfully imple-

on. It’s what we’ve been doing since 1888.

questions have come to the right place. Innova-

mented for healthcare institutions, port areas,

tion, sustainability and the creation of added

universities, school buildings and offices.

Sustainability and real estate

value are always key in everything that we do.

To name a few: the Humanities Faculty at the

Sustainable business is actively contributing

In all projects we look for the most sustainable

University of Leiden, the port area of RDM, and

ARCADIS is a prominent, global, knowledge

towards a durable future. One of the key points

solution within the framework of the project.

the Parnassus Tower in Amsterdam. At Zuidas,

driven company. We provide consultancy,

ARCADIS is responsible for, amongst other

engineering and management services to

existing real estate to be sustainable. Compa-

Teams for sustainable building

things, the integrated design of the ZuidasDok-

companies in and outside the Netherlands.

nies are asking how to make their real estate

Meanwhile, we have built up a lot of expertise

dok, where expansion and integration of the

Our clients’ success is always at the forefront

more sustainable and how to generate a higher

in the areas of construction quality, laws and

main infrastructure, development of a city

in the way we do business. We realise projects

profit from their real estate portfolios: how to

regulations, and the durability and sustainability

centre including a train and metro station, as

and programmes from concept to completion

renovate a building in a sustainable manner, how

of buildings. LEED, BREEAM and c2c expertise is

well as the issuance of terrain for development,

as well as managing them. ARCADIS is active

to make efficient use of properties, and how to

abundant to give the right input on sustainability

all come together.

in the areas of Buildings, Environment,

add sustainable energy-efficient measures.

for large-scale, complex built asset projects,

within sustainable enterprise is developing


together to develop and apply the most sustain-

Infrastructure and Water. ARCADIS itself

or to offer independent advice to clients and

Rabobank goes sustainable

has the highest score on the Pro-rail CO2

To answer these questions, clients are increas-

customers. We often work with so-called

The new building for Rabobank in Utrecht is a

accomplishment ladder (2012), and was

ingly seeking parties who have innovative ideas

Sustainability teams, at different points of the

pleasant place to work, to meet people and to

winner of the Leaders for Nature Award in

and solutions to resolve their concerns as well as

building process these teams of experts come

relax. Not only is the architecture striking, the

2010, 2011 and in 2012.

Text: Nicolette Brinkers • Photography: Luuk Kramer


A Global Workplace at my Fingertips

you to find a place throughout the whole of the Netherlands to work, where you will be provided in all your needs. “At every location there are people on hand, and everything you may need is available, right up to and including paperclips,” says Schaepman. According to Eduard Schaepman people only need an infrastructure to be able to work. “Modern technique allows people to work everywhere and at all hours. Regus supplies a third working place for 1.7 million Dutch people (mobile workers population) who have this specific need.” Working in this manner has triggered more and more positive response from the government.

“My laptop is my office,” says Eduard Schaepman, a true flex worker. “For five years now I haven’t worked at the same spot, and I love it.” This statement expresses Schaepman’s career perfectly. He is vice president of the largest supplier of flexible workplaces in the world: Regus. With 1500 locations in 100 countries around the globe, this company is the largest of its kind since 1989. Schaepman oversees the developments within the Benelux and works daily on new innovative solutions designed to support the working man.

Innovation Regus is well represented at Zuidas. You can choose between three locations where Regus will try to satisfy the working man’s needs. For instance, should Atrium not completely be what you expected it to be, you can always choose a spot in the WTC or else near the Amsterdamse Bos (the woods, red.). But it is almost impossible to not feel comfortable thanks to one of Schaepman’s innovations: the Thinkpod. This egg-shaped chair helps you focus your attention completely on your work.

Regus Business Lounge

Eduard Schaepman

This is just a small example of the creativity within Regus. The business

“Last year different campaigns were launched to stimulate flex work,”

lounges can be found at train stations throughout the Netherlands. “Recently

says Schaepman. “It is a very sustainable way of working because it does

we experimented with creating work places and business lounges at gas

something against CO2 emissions, harmful for the environment. Besides, it

stations,” says Schaepman. “These places are not designed for working at all

also helps stress reduction, seeing people do not have to deal with seemingly

day, but cater more to those people who need to make a quick phone call or

endless rush hour traffic going to work every day.

need to prepare a call or talk. I mean, why drive into the busy Amsterdam city centre, when you can prepare your meetings in half an hour along the A10

Own concept

motorway? Work in this manner becomes a lot more efficient.” But the

Schaepman believes that this style of self-reliant labour has the future.

working man can also find a nice and quiet place to work at one of the many

Furthermore, he does not see other suppliers of flexible office space such

train stations in the Netherlands, with coffee and free Wi-Fi.

as The Office Operators or Spaces as competitors. “Our concepts are a little bit different. Besides, Regus is the only company that operates globally and

Environmentally friendly and stress-free Regus differs from other providers of flexible workplaces through their global reach and through their subscriptions. For 25 euros a month, you get a Gold 0800 - 020 2000

offers subscriptions,” explains Schaepman. “You can compare it to football leagues: Regus is part of the Champions League, where others are still in the second division.”

Card subscription where you get charged only for what you use. This allows


Text: Merel Hurkmans • Photography: Karen Steenwinkel


Fulfilling the needs of

expats and companies

More and more expats are forced to find their own way now companies

CEOs, but also for expats on a smaller budget. And we do this for the

have to cut down on personnel expenditure. “A place to live is a

employee who plans to work only for a few months in a new city, as well

basic necessity,” explains founder Daan Driessen of Global Housing.

as the manager who plans on getting settled in a new city for the next ten

“Especially for expats who do not yet know the area where they will

years. Even the expat who is not satisfied with his present housing can

be working. Global Housing can arrange everything from the plane

always turn to us.”

ticket up to that beautiful apartment in the city centre. And we also take into account such important things as schools for the children

Collaboration with companies worldwide

and which is the best internet provider.”

Driessen collaborates with many Zuidas companies. “All renowned companies are here at Zuidas, because of its international stature.

24 Hour service

And we also service beyond the Dutch borders.” Global Housing is

Global Housing orients itself on expats who seek quality housing.

active in New York, London, Brussels, Buenos Aires and five cities in

Says Driessen: “We focus especially on the wishes and needs of the

the Netherlands (Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Rotterdam and

expats and in that, we go pretty far. We are available 24/7 for the expat.

Eindhoven). “The differences per country are big. In Brussels the standard

For example, should the heating quit in the middle of the night, we will fix

is a nine-year contract. And here in Amsterdam there is the point system

it immediately. We understand that we cannot leave an expat out in the

to struggle with, and which is incomprehensible to foreigners. For that

cold. We are first contact, first friend in the city. We give advice on child

matter I prefer New York or London. There you have the free market:

day care, schools, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, utilities, and that list

if you want to live in an A1 location, you pay the price.”

goes on. That means that Global Housing does not have a standard brochure, but gives custom advice. Global Housing thinks along with

Flexible, engaged company

the expat.”

Global Housing is active world-wide, but has its own durable solution to housing itself. “We have no own offices,” Driessen explains. “We have

Global housing takes work out of HR’s hands

flex places in all cities. That means that we locate ourselves with other

“Trustworthy advice is hard to find and usually ends with realtors once

companies internally.” And in every city Global Housing has collected

the contract is signed,” continues Driessen, 38. “And the companies

a network of knowledgeable realtors, re-locators and travel agents as

where the expats are going to work simply don’t have the time to help

partners. Driessen: “In this manner we can meet the expectations of

them on their way. Especially now with the economy as it is where cuts

an expat in every city.”

are made on employee costs.” Daan Driessen is founder of Global Housing. He specializes in the global Global Housing takes work out of HR’s hands by guiding them right from

housing market and is a real service provider for the business market.

the beginning towards the places where they will work and live. “The ideal situation for us is when the HR manager contacts Global Housing at the

Daan Driessen

moment the labour contract is signed with the new employee,” the

Global Housing

founder of Global Housing explains. “After that, we take it from there.

We will arrange everything from flight tickets to work permit, housing and everything else that comes with moving to a new city. We do this for


Text: Inge de Brouwer • Photography: Erik Smits



Young, Ambitious and University Graduate “Work useful to society is never a sacrifice” Amsterdam’s VU University is bursting with talent. New human capital, ideal for all those companies that are always looking for top talent.

Veneman is an advocate of AkzoNobel’s “Shared value”

Understanding that maintaining balance in the city of Amsterdam sometimes means adding and sometimes means removing Continuous development, always in motion Our new projects and initiatives will again help bring balance to the city

Mitchell Esajas, a student of Business administration and

concept. Financial capital must generate social and environ-

Anthropology, now following an internship at KPMG, had a

mental capital nowadays. Says Veneman: “You don’t need

talk with André Veneman, corporate director Sustainability at

managers at Zuidas these days, but leaders who see that

AkzoNobel on December 7th. Mitchell is winner of the 2012

society is changing. Business has become sustainability and

ECHO Award: he founded a new student union, “New Urban

sustainability has become business and that will grow on the

Collective” through which he helps train elementary school

Dow Jones Sustainability Indices.”

children from Amsterdam Zuid Oost with their CITO tests, amongst other things.

Mitchell is especially interested when that decision, the tipping point, is reached within a company to become

Naturally, Mitchell is going to seek employment at a company

sustainable. “It begins with a vision at the top, but a bottom-

that works towards a sustainable society. His ambition is to

up process is also necessary, particularly through the whole

take sustainability to a new strategic level, so that both the

supply chain, from HR to research. A company that occupies

company and society may benefit. But what such a position

itself with a sustainable future, has a future. It also offers

is called, and how to get there is still the question. Veneman:

challenges to young, decisive people.”

“I never made plans as to what my career should look like.

The Amsterdam Developer

I always worked where I found it had a certain value to me.

To Veneman it is clear: “For young people who can operate

And work that is useful to society is never a sacrifice.”

on the crossroads of private companies, NGO’s and politics, and in this way add their share towards a sustainable society, there will always be work.”

Hidden Talent Market On February 27 a first meeting between 50 talented students and companies based on the Zuidas will take place, organised by VUconnected, New Urban Collective, TANS and Business Club WTC Amsterdam. For registration: VU Connected is the civic network of Amsterdam’s Vrije Universiteiit (VU), VUmc and VU Windesheim.

Mahler4 is a development of G&S Vastgoed

Text: Joanneke Lootsma • Photography: Wouter van Ierssel




00 ,

Conditions: · Valid through January and February 2013 · Only valid at BURGER KING in Amsterdam Zuid station · Not valid in combination with other promotions or any other bonuses or discounts. Recommended retail price ®

BK12-1519-NL-AMST-ZUID-CB-ANZ-3.indd 1

04.12.12 09:31

Station Amsterdam Zuid/WTC

Pistolet Filet Americain

€ 3,50 now

€ 2,50

Conditions: • Only valid at De Broodzaak at Amsterdam Zuid WTC • Only valid after handing in this coupon • Not valid in combination with other offers • Valid from Jan. 1 through Mar. 1, 2013

Come together. Over coffee. Buy an espresso based beverage and get the second one on us.

Smoked sausage sandwich + soft drink

Starbucks Amsterdam Zuid

3.75 now 2.50

Conditions: • This offer is valid from Jan. 1 through Feb.28, 2013. Only at HEMA Amsterdam Zuid, Spoorslag 11.

2 028844 599991

Terms and Conditions: When purchasing an espresso based beverage from 1st January till 28th February 2013 you will receive a complementary Tall (354ml) espresso based beverage of your choice. Only valid at Starbucks Amsterdam Zuid. Cannot be combined with any other reductions/promotions. No cash alternative. © 2012 Starbucks Coffee Company. All rights reserved.


Recruitment Claude Debussylaan 9 (Tower Som 2) 1082 MC Amsterdam,The Netherlands

Recruitment consultants Due to our continued growth we are looking for Recruitment Consultants. This fast paced and exciting sales role is varied: client development, candidate attraction, negotiation... We offer an opportunity to work in a fast paced environment with exciting financial and  life-changing   career opportunities. Interested? Please contact Marco Achterberg,

Recruitment intern At SThree we want to invest in future talent and are happy to offer opportunities to students. We are looking for interns to help us strengthen our candidate sourcing. You will be qualifying candidates for our clients The SThree group is a world leader in the recruitment industry, boasting

and working with our young and dynamic teams. Each intern will have the

a unique portfolio of renowned recruitment brands. We achieved a listing

opportunity to work on a project that fits their interests and studies areas.

on the FTSE London Stock Exchange through our successful focus on

Interested? Please contact Quirine de Lanoy Meijer,

professionals in high-end, specialist roles. Our brands place professionals

across tightly defined sectors. These include: IT, Pharma & Biotech, Banking & Finance, Energy and Engineering. Our group is boasting a unique portfolio of renowned recruitment


brands . Our specialised  brands place professionals across tightly

Social Media intern

defined sectors:

At SThree we are keen to hear what’s newest on the market in terms of

Computer Futures: IT

communication and marketing and believe that fresh views on our business

Progressive: IT, Energy and Engineering

will help make it stronger. We are currently looking for an intern to help us

Real: Pharma & Biotech

analyse our current use of social medias, define a strategy and implement

Huxley Associates: IT, Banking & Finance

it. This social media strategy should also cover our employer branding.

JP Gray Professionals: junior professionals

Interested? Please contact Quirine de Lanoy Meijer,

Please check our internal open positions:


Road construction at Zuidas demands some clever measures

Car and Bike Sharing Great Success at Zuidas How important is accessibility at Zuidas? “In the area of accessibility at and around Zuidas there are a lot of things about to happen. Think of the construction work around the rail project OV SAAL, where train transport between Schiphol, Amsterdam, Almere and Lelystad is being expanded. Or else the plans for Zuidasdok and the widening of the A10 motorway, and what an impact that will have on accessibility. Given the number of employees that will be confronted with it, you can imagine that accessibility is at top of the agenda.” What role does an accessibility broker play? “We advise companies on smart accessibility measures they can take to reduce the inconvenience from all this road construction. We do that at Zuidas together with Hello Zuidas, the Green Business Club, the Dienst Zuidas and of course the companies , ORAM, road authorities, transporters and other providers of mobility services. At Hello Zuidas we are active as project leader “accessibility and mobility”. The car and bike sharing project we started in 2012 together with Hello Zuidas and

Car and bike sharing is alive at Zuidas. That was evident by the large turnout Friday November 9, when during a joint meeting of the Mobility Lab of the Green Business Club and Hello Zuidas, the results were presented of the first survey round. What became particularly evident in the discussion was that a combination of electric and normal cars should be offered. This in combination with public transport was desirable. Notable was that almost all participants found the look and feel of the car and bicycle to be very important. In the meantime there have been follow-up meetings with the suppliers who made a pitch. The project will begin in 2013. “The great interest of companies accentuates the demand for alternative means of transport as to commuter and business travel,” according to Annelinda van Dijk van Eck, board member at Green Business Club and CSR manager by Vesteda.

the attention to mobility and accessibility remains. Verkeer Advies and Hello Zuidas will continue to support employers.

Subsidies for MKB entrepreneurs extended In the last edition of Hello Zuidas in the interview with Mark Hufken of Triple Ace there was mention of the MKB mobility voucher. This arrangement was to stop as from December 31st of 2012. However, due to the fact that more and more entrepreneurs are making use of the vouchers, the term has been extended to October 15, 2013! Check for more info at: programmas-regelingen/mobiliteitsvouchers

Green Business Club, will continue in 2012 and we will keep working closely with Dienst Zuidas and

Verkeer Advies (Traffic Advice) is accessibility broker and gives advice on sustainable accessibility measures. To this end, it focusses in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region on those areas where the larger employers are housed, where the most people work, and where the most important known traffic jams and bottlenecks are situated. Zuidas is a perfect example of such an area. “Approximately 30,000 employees will be confronted with major road construction in this area,” says Ingeborg Baltussen, director of Verkeer Advies.


Programme Taskforce Ontspits reaches its Target During a conference held by the group Ontspits

How do you deal with mobility yourself?

(De-rush hour) on Monday November 26, 2012

“We are smart travellers! We take public trans-

the Ontspits report was presented. The taskforce

port, or bicycle, but we also work from home or on

looks back in this report on the important develop-

location. As a result of this “new work” we need

ments and achievements in the past four years by

less office space. We moved into the sustainable

companies towards improving accessibility in the

Zuidparkcomplex in Duivendrecht. The interior

Amsterdam metropolitan region. The study shows

and facilities in this building fit well with

that the number of kilometers in the rush has

our ambition, just like at Zuidas, to deliver a

decreased by as much as 6.9% in the last four

sustainable manner towards accessibility in

years. This is well above the target set by the

the Metropolitan Region.”

Taskforce Ontspits of 5%. A Success indeed! Verkeer Advies supplied the data for the study. This study also included the companies at Zuidas and the measures that they have taken. Even though Taskforce Ontspits will cease its activities,


Text: Charita Plet • Photography: Jeffey Teeuwen

Text: Charita Plet • Photography: Jeffey Teeuwen


The importance of staying crazy Boredom slays more of existence than war. - Norman Mailer

Memo board Het Financieele Dagblad announced that has won the

“Zuidas is for Amsterdam what Manhattan is

No, now I don’t think I could possibly get bored out

for New York,” have I heard before I set my foot in

of my skull around here. No one should. You don’t

Zuidas. “Jet-set, all the successful and important

have two crazy guys in the neighboring office to

people, all the business is centered here. You’ll

remind you that even though doing serious work,

see, it’s a place to be!” I was unsure whether it

you’re still a creative human being? Then help

sounded intriguing to me. My idea of business

yourself. Create a new challenge – and it should

folk was that of a rather uninspired mass of

be something more original than counting the

Buildings on the Zuidas are rapidly provided

“Stages in Zuid” is a local project to support

people whose lifetime is divided into stage of

airplanes heading for Schiphol. Make your work a

with a fibre backbone for quick and easy access

MBO-students in Amsterdam Zuid to do an

getting enough money to buy a Porsche and stage

game. Skip rather than walk. Read about things

to broadband/High Speed Internet. After the

internship. The project is initiated by city district

of showing off with their Porsche. I couldn’t see

you like. Go wild and sing at the top of your lungs,

WTC NDI ICT Solutions has recently provided

Amsterdam Zuid.

a way how to survive this – supposedly lethal

if you must. Whatever floats your boat.

the Ito, SOM (1 and 2), Viñoly, New Amsterdam

FD Gazellen Award 2012. FD Gazellen is a competition between fast growing companies in The Netherlands. experiences solid growth in selling more airline tickets online.

and FOZ buildings with a backbone. Companies

We are looking for socially responsible

Now I see that the “business folk” is, in fact,

in these buildings are being connected at a high

companies who are willing to offer internships

Little did I know, that Dutch businessman is a

just of my kind. And as long as we won’t get


for Mbo students in the field of marketing,

whole lot different from – you know – general

in our own way by taking ourselves too seriously;

kind of businessman, available in other countries,

as long as the guy in the other office keeps

including mine. First of all, there was this man at

spinning on his chair until he gets dizzy and then

Please contact Annemie Wortelboer,

one of the borrels – his shirt was sticking out of

hopelessly tries to click the right icon, then we

06 15 534 500 or

his trousers. His feet, though tucked in nice leather

don’t need to be afraid of losing our true nature.

shoes, were missing socks. Stylish? No way.

And the Porsche? Yes, I’ve seen one the other

Socially acceptable? Probably not. Making a

day – it was completely orange. Orange Porsche.

statement? Definitely! Sockless man was my

What a good, crazy joke!

boredom of a concrete jungle.

financial, secretarial or legal assistance .

hero, rebel without a cause, one that found the courage to step out of the mass of blue shirts and grey suits. And yet there was more to come. After I had a proper plunge into the office world of Zuidas, to my pleasant surprise I discovered that those skyscrapers are full of sockless man (figuratively speaking)! I raised my sight from the screen of my office computer and I saw a middleaged, well-dressed man, throwing crumpled paper balls after his colleague, who was crouching under his working desk, laughing like mad. For the rest of

College-Club offers inspiring evening courses to highly educated young professionals to increase the general knowledge and to extend the network. These series consist of a maximum of five independent courses and take place once a month at special locations in the centre of Amsterdam. The courses are taught by professors, teachers, journalists, researchers and well-known people. These meetings are not only interesting, but also challenging and fun. So, now we are talking!

the day, I couldn’t get rid of the amicable grin they put on my face. Not that I was trying to.

Veronika Bačová recently graduated in journalism in Slovakia, her homeland. She moved to the Netherlands seeking new challenges and changes. Turning from a puzzled little foreigner

Facebook Like & Win November/December The winner of two airline tickets to Prague will be announced at the beginning of January!

to a daring entrepreneur, she’s currently founding ShapeShifters, a company with the mission to make Dutch handmade design be seen and worn.


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Participants Hello Zuidas – January 2013 If your company isn’t on this list, please contact 1. ABN Amro 2. Accendium​ 3. Accenture 4. Akzo Nobel​ 5. Alvarez & Marsal Benelux 6. Amsterdam EXPO 7. Amsterdam in Business​ 8. Amsterdam RAI​ 9. APG 10. Arcadis 11. ASEGA Media 12. AVIS Autoverhuur 13. Bagels & Beans 14. Baker & McKenzie 15. Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi 16. Beheer Brouwershoff 17. Beheermaatschappij WTC Amsterdam​ 18. Bereikbaarheidsmakelaar Verkeer advies 19. BLUSH Beauty & Skin Clinic 20. Boekel De Nerée 21. Bolenius​ 22. Breevast 23. CBRE B.V.​ 24. citizenM 25. Cofely 26. College-Club 27. Crowne Plaza Amsterdam South​ 28. De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek 29. Dienst Zuidas Amsterdam 30. DTZ Zadelhoff, Agency Amsterdam 31. Duisenberg School of Finance 32. Eefje Voogd Makelaardij 33. Eetwinkel Zwaan 34. Ernst & Young Accountants LLP 35. Expatcenter Amsterdam 36. Fortron B.V. 37. G&S Vastgoed 38. Galerie Modern​ 39. Gerrit Rietveld Academie 40. Greenberg Nielsen​​ 41. Green Business Club Zuidas 42. Gustavino B.V.​ 43. HAB International Accountants & Consultants 44. HB Hairstylers 45. Hello Sushi 46. Hestia Kinderopvang 47. Het Amsterdamse Bos​ 48. Holiday Inn Amsterdam 49. Holland Financial Centre 50. Holland Interplan B.V.​ 51. Houthoff Buruma​ 52. ILFC Aviation Services (Europe)​ 53. IMC Financial Markets Amsterdam 54. ING Rayon Amsterdam Zuid West 55. JCDecaux Nederland B.V. 56. Kardan​ 57. Kempen & Co​ 58. Koetjes en Kalfjes 59. Linklaters 60. Loyens & Loeff 61. Maarsen Groep Beheer B.V. 62. Markit 63. MBO College Zuid


64. Mech Make & Take 65. Miles Building​ 66. Mood for Real Estate 67. MultiCopy Nederland B.V. 68. My Best Team Ever​ 69. NDI ICT Solutions​ 70. NEWNRG 71. Nick & Delano 72. NL Real Estate 73. Novotel Amsterdam City 74. NS Station Zuid​ 75. Oliver’s 76. Ontspits 77. Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam 78. ORAM 79. Pathé 80. Phisage Beauty & Wellness 81. Property NL B.V. 82. Puramis Consultancy 83. Qbic Hotels 84. Q-Park Nederland 85. Rabobank Amsterdam Markt Zuid 86. Regus 87. RGA International Reinsurance Company 88. RSM Amsterdam Office 89. Russell Reynolds Associates 90. SANTOS LUXURY 91. Schiphol Real Estate 92. Season-Flowers 93. Securitas 94. Singaz 95. SLFMD Tailoring 96. Spaces 97. Stadsdeel Zuid 98. Stibbe 99. Sushi Time 100. Symphony’s 101. Tandartsenpraktijk Van De Veer 102. TAXI-E 103. The Bank of New York Mellon 104. The Royal Bank of Scotland 105. TPEX 106. The Change Agent 107. The Office Operators 108. Transcore Management 109. TREC 110. Triple Ace 111. Vimpelcom 112. Voxius 113. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 114. VU Connected 115. VU Medisch Centrum 116. Wagamama 117. World Trade Center Amsterdam 118. WTC Amsterdam Business Club 119. WTCafé De Blauwe Engel 120. Your Assistant 121. Zingeving Zuidas 122. 123. Zuidschans

Colophon Foundation Hello Zuidas Strawinskylaan 61 - 1077 XW - Amsterdam, NL + 31 (0)20 333 7441 - Our goal: With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, the Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to the Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions.

Keep doing what we do best.

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Hello Zuidas #5  

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