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“My name is Kevin. I have been playing with circus props for 24years. It started one afternoon, when a friend had a devilstick and I had a play. I found that I understood it and after years of struggling with dyslexia, I suddenly found something that I could do really well. I did not truly understand then that I had found something that would cement my love of the juggling world. After a few months of travelling and juggling, I discovered Spitz run by Ewan. After a couple of years attending, the opportunity to take over came up. A couple of years into running Spitz and due to refurbishment we became homeless. A group that used to number 120 dropped to about 10 and I nearly lost hope until Chris came back from travelling and found The Rag Factory. On our first night there we had 40 people and it re affirmed that there is a desire for this group and people wanted and needed it. The name spinning@ was created to allow us to relocate and Retain our identity. Over the years I have met people, found friends, love, overcome fears, grow and feel a sense of belonging. This applies to me as well as many others. I also find that juggling shows you that anything is possible. It just involves time and practice. I want this group to continue and I want it to grow, it is always changing and like London most people move on eventually which is the hardest part for me.�


Experimentation for Uni Project

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