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Sketchbook: Visual Notetaking Directions: Make artful notes/sketches in your sketchbook that reflect your experience with the exhibition, “All Things Round: Galaxies, Eyeballs, and Karma” at the American Visionary Art Museum. Include your responses to all 6 of the questions about the exhibition, as well as an artful title. NOTE: It may be helpful to take notes separately first, then arrange them in the spread once you have gathered your information. You are encouraged to include additional drawings, writing, and/or reflection about the show to strengthen your sketchbook page(s) and/or your understanding of the exhibit. 2=Sort of


Criteria: Created 1+ pages of visual notes that includes the responses to all 6 questions about the exhibition on the reverse side of this rubric Comment: Arranged the notes and drawings in a strong composition that uses the space well and is visually interesting Comment: Designed an interesting & hand-lettered title for your notes that helps unify and introduce the ideas in your responses Comment: Each study is at least ¼-page, carefully drawn with attention to detail, and labeled clearly with artist/title of the work Comment: Embellished your notes with creative details, mixed media, illustrations, hand-lettering, and/or other ways to add visual interest Comment: Carefully crafted your sketchbook page(s), avoiding smudges, wrinkles/dog-eared pages, or sloppy pencil work Comment:






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Exploring “All Things Round” at AVAM Directions: The following questions should be answered based on your exploration of the American Visionary Art Museumʼs current exhibition. Please be thorough in your responses, and incorporate them into your visual notes in your sketchbook about the exhibition. IMPORTANT: In the museum, you may not take pictures (even with your cell phone) or draw with ink pens or markers. 1. Find 3 different ways (hint: being shaped like a circle is only 1 way) that the artworks in the exhibition relate to the theme of “All Things Round.” Explain the connection between each of the 3 artworks you select and the theme of the exhibition.

2. Find an artwork made from an unexpected/non-art material (NOTE: there are several artworks made of peculiar materials in the exhibition: be sure to explore your options before making your choice). Create an approximately ¼-page study of the artwork in your sketchbook, labeled with artist/title. a. What material did the artist use to create this artwork? How was the material manipulated in order to create the work? b. Do you think this material was a good choice for the artwork? Brainstorm a different non-art material that the artist could have used to create a similar work of art.

3. Read the “13 Fascinating Facts about the Maya.” a. What important event is the circular Mayan calendar thought to predict? On what date is this event scheduled to occur? Do you agree or disagree with this myth? Explain your response. b. Record one other fact from the list that you find interesting.

4. Locate Shawn Wareʼs dreamcatcher. Read the description of its purpose, according to the artist, and touch it gently (as he requests). Write a dream you remember, a dream you have for your future, or a dream you have for someone close to you.

5. Read “Time: Cyclical, Linear, or All-at-Once.” Why does time seem to speed up faster and faster the older you get?

6. Choose an artist in the exhibition whose work is inspiring to you. Create an approximately ¼-page study of one of the works by this artist, then answer the questions below based on the description about the artist and your own ideas/opinions. a. Describe the kind of artwork this artist makes. b. How did they become an artist? c. What is one interesting fact you learned about this artist? d. Why is this artist inspiring to you?

all things round  
all things round  

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