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Charcoal Self-Portrait

Directions: Create an observational self-portrait in a mirror using black and white charcoal on toned paper. Your composition should be interesting and strong and include a meaningful background. Create an accurate likeness from a ¾, bugʼs eye, or birdʼs eye point of view using your knowledge of facial proportions and foreshortening. Complete this rubric including thoughtful comments on your work and submit with your work by the due date.

RATINGS: 0=Not at all 1=Barely 2=Sort of 3=Mostly 4=Definitely Criteria: Student Teacher 1. Created a 12x18-inch black and white charcoal drawing of a selfportrait observed in a mirror from a ¾, birdʼs eye, or bugʼs eye POV Comment: 2. Thoughtfully planned a strong and visually interesting composition that is balanced and draws attention to your face Comment: 3. Features are drawn with great detail, including appropriate proportions and the unique characteristics of your likeness Comment: 4. Point of view is clearly evident with accurate foreshortening, size relationships, and featuresʼ placement on the face I chose to draw my portrait from a ___________________ POV 5. Includes a full range of 10+ distinct values that show roundness & three-dimensional form in the head, body, and background Comment: 6. Placement of light and dark values is consistent and helps communicate a clear light source Comment: 7. A sense of depth has been created by using high contrast in the features closest to the viewer, and low contrast in the background Comment: 8. Background is unified with foreground, including a consistent point of view, sense of space, and relevant imagery Comment: 9. Drawing is carefully crafted with close attention to details, edge control, and neat application of charcoal (no muddy greys) Comment: GT accommodations (if applicable): TOTAL: 36 Comments (teacher):


charcoal self-portrait  
charcoal self-portrait  

rubric for self-portrait drawing