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ASE Secondary Publications Bringing science teaching to life

Key publications for science in secondary schools ASE Guide to Secondary Science Education see page 1

ASE Science Practice Series: see page 3

Safeguards in the School Laboratory Language of Measurement Analysing Practical Science Activities

Teaching Assistants’ Box of Tricks Science Newswise 2 Safe and Exciting Science

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see page 5 see page 4 see page 8 ASE Guide to Research in Education

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8 - 14

AKSIS Investigations A series of publications, developed by the AKSIS Project (ASE King’s Science Investigations in Schools) for pupils age 8 to 14. This is a prestigious cross-phase collaboration between teachers, ASE, and researchers at King’s College London. Teachers are enthusiastic about the impact of the ideas and activities in these books for their professional development and tutors also find them very useful for initial education courses.

Getting to Grips with Graphs Anne Goldsworthy, Rod Watson and Valerie Wood-Robinson

A comprehensive book and CD-ROM pack that presents imaginative activities to support the teaching of graphs in science investigations



Informed by studies of pupils’ misconceptions with graphs this book and CD-ROM pack provides a host of resources including copiable pages of pupil activities, ICT activities, learning objectives and teaching strategies These materials have been shown to help pupils construct and use graphs.

ASE Members price: £30.00 Non-Members price: £36.00 ISBN: 978 0 86357 302 6

This pack delivers systematic support for anyone teaching about graphs in science, from bar charts to lines of best fit and offers a variety of stimulating activities for pupils, each with clear learning objectives and teachers’ notes. The pack contains many novel ideas linking numeracy and science, including useful ICT activities.

Making an Impact INSET Anne Goldsworthy

Provides a model for management of CPD in scientific investigation and enquiry, relevant to any curriculum for pupils aged 7 to 11 The strategy is to analyse samples of pupil work in detail, identify strengths and weaknesses, tailor a CPD course, deliver the CPD in school introducing appropriate AKSIS material and other resources, and analyse subsequent samples of pupil work. The pack provides examples of pupils’ work in scientific investigations with a commentary.

ASE Members price: £15.00 Non-Members price: £21.00 ISBN: 978 0 86357 339 2

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11 - 19

ASE Guide to Secondary Science Education Editor: Martin Hollins

Essential reading for everyone concerned with the practice of secondary science education This completely new edition of the highly regarded ASE Guide to Secondary Science Education covers, in its 26 concise chapters, a wide range of topics about learning and teaching science in the secondary school. This book, edited by Martin Hollins, and with contributions from a wide range of science educators, has five sections.

ASE Members price: £19.50 Non-Members price: £26.50


The contexts for science education, a series of overviews that sets the scene for the more practically focused chapters of the following sections.


Learning science The content of this section ranges from the evidence from neuroscience, to the role of teachers in developing independence in learners.


Teaching science, has the learner in mind, but the focus is on the teacher. Each chapter takes particular aspects of science that are important to teach – for example, promoting a culture of creativity, ensuring scientific activities are authentic to students, how values have a place in science, and making use of the media attention paid to science.


Assessment and attainment, includes a review of the considerable extent of research and practice in incorporating assessment for learning into the classroom; how attainment is measured and reported; how examination systems work; and a comparative look at the performance of England’s pupils in recent international studies.


Management and development, looks beyond the classroom, to consider all the other aspects of working in science education beginning with an overview of the role of the subject leader. Further chapters cover Health and safety concerns in science; the role of technicians and Higher Level Teaching Assistants; the provision and organisation of resources and the final chapter aims to ‘accompany teachers on that professional development journey’ by providing information and support ideas.

ISBN: 978 0 86357 428 3

Download the full contents list, Introduction and sample pages from the ASE website

‘It is an ideal reference book for new entrants to the profession and one that should nestle in every science department.’ School Science Review

ASE Guide to Research in Science Education Editor: John Oversby

For professionals who want to understand the research that informs the development of science teaching This completely new book complements the new edition of the ASE Guide to Secondary Science Education and gives easy access to research that has informed classroom practice and provides support for those wishing to conduct their own research. The writers of this book firstly review robust and reliable research evidence, topic by topic, that informs the development of science teaching and which will help teachers make decisions about the learning experience they offer to their students.

ASE Members price: £21.50 Non-Members price: £27.50 ISBN: 978 0 86357 429 0

The second part of the book focuses on how teachers can set about doing their own research, on topics pertinent to their classrooms. These chapters provide practical guidance on the stages of a research project and will help teachers ensure that their research is rigorous and reliable, and that it will be valuable to them and to the research community.

‘In-service and pre-service science teachers, new researchers in science education and those already experienced in this area now have a very accessible book showing the value and impact of science education research on the learning community.’ Education in Chemistry, November 2012

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11 - 19

ASE Science Practice Practical guides to teaching biology, chemistry, physics and How Science Works to 11- to 16-year-olds Series Editor: David Sang

ISBN: 978 1 44412 431 6

Teaching Secondary Biology Editor: Michael Reiss Teaching Secondary Chemistry Editor: Keith Taber Teaching Secondary Physics Editor: David Sang Essential reading for the specialist and non-specialist alike who want to keep at the forefront of their subject This new edition of the series is an invaluable resource for newly-qualified teachers, experienced teachers looking to extend the range of strategies and approaches they use, or non-specialists looking for support.

ISBN: 978 1 44412 432 3

The chapters include l an outline teaching sequence showing how concepts can be developed throughout the 11–16 phase l an indication of the topics students may have covered in their primary science lessons l activities to cover the basic curriculum l information about likely student misconceptions l helpful information about practical work and apparatus l opportunities for investigative work and other aspects of ‘how science works’ l enhancement ideas that relate science to everyday contexts l extension material The series has been written by a team of authors who between them have a wide range of experience in teaching science, supporting and developing science teaching and undertaking research into teaching and learning in science topics.

ISBN: 978 1 44412 430 9

A partnership publication from the Association for Science Education and Hodder Education

ASE Members price: £18.00 Non-Members price: £19.99 (Price per book)

Teaching Secondary How Science Works Vanessa Kind and Per Morten Kind; Series Editor: David Sang

This resource is designed to help those looking for a handbook full of ideas and advice on How Science Works may be presented in the classroom to students l l l



provides a wide range of examples from history and modern day activities and offers suggestions about how to use the material with students offers activities, stories to supplement teaching of conceptual topics, and strategies appropriate for teaching How Science Works most of the activities have associated worksheets in PDF format on the accompanying CDROM to provide you with further support in the classroom

Non-Members price: £21.99

‘How science works’ is not a minor, optional add-on to the science curriculum but a major development in the way we educate young people. Teaching Secondary How Science Works provides a valuable resource from which to develop expertise in this area.’

ISBN: 978 9 34094 139 3

Education in Chemistry

ASE Members price: £20.00

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11 - 19

Science Newswise 2 Ruth Jarman and Billy McClune

Exploring ‘science in the news’ will enliven and enrich your teaching News articles provide engaging openers to lessons, help students to understand what scientists do and provide a starting point for debate on current issues. The authors of Science Newswise 2 discuss how the news can support key aims in the science curriculum, and provide teachers with a wealth of practical advice on how best to use news in the classroom. The book is in seven sections and has exemplar lessons and resources to illustrate and support the ideas presented.

ASE Members price: £25.50 Non-Members price: £35.50 ISBN: 978 0 86357 430 6

The sections are: 1 ‘Science in the news’ a resource and focus for teaching and learning 2 Using news to teach science content 3 Using news to teach How Science Works 4 Using news to teach about science and society 5 How science is presented in the news media 6 Teaching about how science is presented in the news media 7 Teaming up with other teachers to embed science in the news in the school curriculum Exploring ‘science in the news’ will enliven and enrich your teaching. And by equipping all young people to engage critically with science in the news you will prepare them for living and learning in a media saturated world.

‘I would recommend this resource to teachers looking for ideas or wanting to bring more science in the news into their teaching.’ School Science Review

BIOLOGY Ideas and Experiments Science Notes from School Science Review

Biology: Ideas and Experiments Science Notes from School Science Review Editors: Helen Darlington and J Wendy Bell

This collection of ideas and experiments provides ideas on how to develop practice towards a more interactive and investigative classroom

Edited by Helen Darlington and J Wendy Bell

School biology is not just about content, it is also about practical skills and scientific enquiry. This collection of ‘Biology Notes’ and ‘Science Notes’ is from past issues of ASE’s journal School Science Review. Association Science Education

The for


ASE Members price: £28.50 Non-Members price: £36.50 ISBN: 978 0 86357 419 1

The aims of this resource are to n bring together pertinent teaching activities that may have been lost from the classroom and showcase activities that are all relatively easy to set up and require few additional resources n sow the seeds of inspiration for teachers to develop and adapt activities for their own teaching styles

The book is highly illustrated with a range of activities, ideas for games and tasks designed to help students gain a deeper understanding of a topic by actively engaging with it through practical work, discussion, synthesis and application of knowledge. The activities will motivate and enthuse students to leave the classroom still asking questions and seeking answers, and to move them along the path to becoming more independent learners.

‘This book is highly recommended and should be on the shelf of all science department libraries. Experienced teachers, NQTs and trainees will all find something useful here.’ School Science Review

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11 - 19

The Language of Measurement Terminology used in school science investigations Designed to help teachers become confident about the special terminology associated with practical investigations, when it should be used, and what specific terms mean


The aim of this booklet is to enable teachers, publishers, awarding bodies and others to achieve a common understanding of important terms that arise from practical work in secondary science, consistent with the terminology used by professional scientists. The Language of Measurement is also applicable to evaluating aspects of scientific claims made in the public domain.

ASE Members price: £8.50 Non-Members price: £13.50 ISBN: 978 0 86357 424 5

The booklet is in three parts: an introduction giving a rationale for the approach taken; a glossary of key terms; investigations illustrating the use of the terms in context. A joint project of the Nuffield Foundation and the Association for Science Education

Analysing Practical Science Activities to Assess and Improve Their Effectiveness Robin Millar


Analyse practical activities to evaluate their effectiveness This booklet presents a method for analysing practical activities to provide a clear description of their principal features. This analysis provides a basis for considering the effectiveness of a practical activity, and for thinking about how it might be modified to improve it. l

ASE Members price: £8.50 Non-Members price: £13.50

the booklet contains n a discussion of the effectiveness of practical teaching n ways to analyse practical activities n checklists for analysing and evaluating a single practical activity, and for analysing and comparing up to ten practical activities

ISBN 978 0 86357 425 2

Teaching Assistants’ Box of Tricks Successful and Engaging Strategies for Science Teaching Assistants Jo Foster with Sarah Van Baalen

Designed to help teaching assistants support pupils in science lessons



This is a book for teaching assistants and for teachers; it is full of ideas and strategies that can be freely shared between both to become part of the everyday support available to learners in the classroom. The book provides a discussion of the situations that face teaching assistants daily and provides a wealth of practical strategies that work to move learners on. l

the strategies are supported by information on n the role of teaching assistants n organisation and planning of classroom support n a briefing on progression n ideas for sharing good practice n levelness and gradeness n becoming a higher level teaching assistant


the accompanying CD-ROM contains a wealth of additional material including PowerPoint presentations, an Essay Organiser template and a range of other resources in Word and PDF format that support the activities described in the book

ASE Members price: £24.00 Non-Members price: £35.00 ISBN: 978 0 86357 421 4

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11 - 19

Science Skills: age 11–14


Teresa Burrell

Help your pupils develop confidence in the skills that underpin good science learning and expression of ideas


This innovative and comprehensive photocopiable resource will support you every day in developing your pupils’ learning and understanding of the nature of practical work, graph building, concept mapping and reading for information. l l

ASE Members price: £25.00


Non-Members price: £40.00 l

ISBN: 978 0 86357 418 4

provides 125 worksheets to photocopy; or, you can edit them in Word format to suit your pupils and print them from the accompanying CD-ROM ideal for starter or plenary activities and provides opportunities for assessment for learning covers five skill areas: concept mapping; reading for information; working with line graphs; practical work – planning, carrying out and reporting; working with compounds and formulae encourages pupils to build a portfolio of their work, which provides an excellent reference tool when they move into Key Stage 4 (14–16 years)

Nature in a Changing Climate: Phenology Uncovered


Nicky Souter and Kate Lewthwaite

Uncovers phenology – the study of natural seasonal events ASE Members price: £12.00

‘This book contains a wonderful range of thought-provoking and challenging activities for pupils of all ages, a must for every school.’

Non-Members price: £16.00

Michael Reiss, Professor of Science Education, Institute of Education, London

ISBN: 978 0 86357 415 3

A joint publication from the Association for Science Education and the Woodland Trust.

School Chemistry Experiments Ralph Farley

A collection of tried and tested chemistry experiments to be used in school laboratories ASE Members price: £18.00 Non-Members price: £25.00

ISBN: 978 0 86357 326 2

Science Crosswords Randal Henly

A constructive and enjoyable way to re-visit syllabus material! ASE Members price: £10.00 Non-Members price: £16.00

ISBN: 978 0 86357 403 0

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11 - 19

From Phlogiston to Oxygen Uses a classic story as a fascinating case study to demonstrate the interplay of theoretical ideas and experimental evidence in the establishment of scientific knowledge ASE Members price: £12.00 Non-Members price: £16.00

ISBN: 978 0 86357 317 0

Signs, Symbols and Systematics THE authoritative handbook for science teachers, examiners, and all those involved in science education ASE Members price: £10.00 Non-Members price: £31.00

ISBN: 978 0 86357 312 5

Science: Interpreting Excellence Editors: Bob Kibble, Carolyn Yates and Jeanette Kean

Activity ideas, rationale and conceptual challenges to assist planning lessons and lesson sequences ASE Members price: £10.00 Non-Members price: £12.00

ISBN: 978 0 95596 651 4

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Safeguards in the School Laboratory 11th Edition A concise account of the best advice available on health and safety in science for secondary schools


This well-established resource, now in its 11th edition, reflects the changes in health, safety and environmental legislation that have taken place in recent years.

ASE Members price: £15.00


essential reading for every teacher, from the newly-qualified to the experienced head of department, and for every technician


all trainee teachers should read this before they go in to the laboratory with a class


information on what every teacher needs to know and what every head of department and technician needs to watch out for


this edition aims to encourage a resurgence in exciting practical work and helps teachers not to be frightened off by an over-reaction to health and safety fears

Non-Members price: £21.00 ISBN: 978 0 86357 408 5

Safe and Exciting Science 2nd Edition Provides resources for school-based in-service health and safety training in a helpful and easy to use book and CD-ROM format The aim of this resource is to train science department staff to carry out practical science activities with the risks suitably controlled. This includes carrying out some of the more memorable teacher demonstrations – the aim is not to stop exciting science, but to promote it!

ASE Members price: £24.00 Non-Members price: £35.00


contains nine units of training activities on health and safety for science departments in secondary schools, colleges and for teacher education


units include n raising awareness and removing complacency n healthy and safe laboratory practice n emergency procedures n risk assessment n specialist training n procedures and policies n induction and spotting problems


the activities are intended for technicians and teaching assistants as well as teachers


featured activities include true/false quizzes, role play, discussions and suggestions for hands-on training


the CD-ROM contains supporting resources in Word, and PDF documents plus PowerPoint slides to help you deliver training activities


intended as a resource into which schools can dip to provide ongoing training over a period of time – some units are also appropriate for stand-alone use

ISBN: 978 0 86357 423 8

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Safety Reprints A valuable collection of safety articles and notes A wide and varied selection of practical activities, that gives the reader access to advice based on many years of experience. l

articles and notes are from past issues of the School Science Review and Education in Science journals, clustered together in groups of related subjects


fully indexed and referenced by both title and key words


prepared by the Safeguards in Science Committee of ASE

ASE Members price: £13.00 Non-Members price: £21.00 ISBN: 978 0 86357 409 2

The Prep Room Organiser An important resource and guide for technicians working in education l

brings together much of the information normally acquired by technicians over a period of time in the job into one convenient reference


written BY technicians FOR technicians it draws on many years of experience


easy to use and in a loose-leaf A4 format, allowing insertion of extra pages specific to the user’s own place of work

ASE Members price: £8.50 Non-Members price: £13.00 ISBN: 978 0 86357 416 0

Technicians’ Guides Helps technicians develop skills in key areas Build your own handbook of operating procedures with these ready punched loose-leaf packs. l

each guide provides a set of procedures useful to experienced technicians to remind them of good practice, and for new technicians as a means of increasing their experience and expertise


useful information relevant to you and your workplace can be added


shrink-wrapped and ready punched packs that you can place in your own A4 ring binder

ASE Members price: £8.50 Non-Members price: £13.00 (price per book)

Preparing Solutions ISBN: 978 0 86357 414 6

Working with Glass ISBN: 978 0 86357 342 2

Preparation of Gases ISBN: 978 0 86357 343 9

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The first fifty years of the Association for Science Education (Paperback) The remarkable story of ASE and its members is presented in this book to mark the Association's 50th birthday. The book is written by some of those most closely involved with various aspects of the Association's work over many years and tells the story of ASE from 1963 to 2013. ASEMembers price: £20.00 Non-Members price:£25.00 ISBN: 978 0 86357 4337

ADVANCING SCIENCE EDUCATION The first fifty years of the Association for Science Education


The remarkable story of ASE and its members is presented in this book to mark the Association's 50th birthday.

The book is written by some of those most closely involved with various aspects of the Association's work over many years and tells the story of ASE from 1963 to 2013. ASE Members price: £60.00 Non-Members price:£60.00 ISBN: 978 086357 4351

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왘 11 ASE’s Online Bookshop has selected titles from major publishers chosen by ASE reviewers as books that support excellence in science teaching and learning. Remember ASE members get these books at a discount and P&P to a UK address is free! This is the current selection of books. Go to the ASE website for further details and to view new books during the year.

The Little Book of Scientific Principles, Theories & Things Surendra Verma An invaluable guide for enquiring minds on the science behind our every-day lives

New Holland Publishers ISBN: 978 184537 5 270

The Little Book of Unscientific Propositions, Theories & Things Surendra Verma A must-have book for anyone wanting to know more about the world we live in, and the stranger one we make for ourselves

Orient Paperbacks ISBN: 978 174257 0 778

Performing Science: Teaching chemistry, physics and biology through drama Editors: Ian Abrahams and Martin Braund Provides busy teachers with ready-made lesson plans for teaching the most dry and abstract scientific principles in a fun and novel way

Continuum ISBN: 978 144116 0 713

Science Inside the Black Box Paul Black and Christine Harrison This book builds on the influential review, ‘Inside the Black Box’, and exemplifies how assessment for learning works in science classrooms

GL Assessment ISBN: 978 0 70871 444 7

Big Questions DVD Investigate the life, works and enduring influence of five scientists: Faraday, Darwin, Mendel, Mendeleev and Hubble

Unilever Educational Booklets: Advanced Series Water, Carbohydrates and Proteins These books are written primarily for students taking advanced courses in the sciences


THE NEW RESOURCEFUL PHYSICS TEACHER Keith Gibbs This Superb teaching resource contains over 700 fun and informative ideas and experiments for teachers and pupils in physics. Many of the ideas are unique to this book and will not be found in standard text books or teachers guides.

Schoolphysics Publishing ISBN: 978 0 95692 3103

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