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Alexandra Seager Environmental Studies 1 Fall 2011

The "Talk to Me" exhibit, at the Museum of Modern Art, demonstrates the connections we make with technology. This communication can be emotional, sensual, or intellectual. I agree with this, but have to point out that any emotion that one gains from a machine was originally made by a human photos, movies, songs, graphics, etc. These images or works of art wouldn't exist without the creative human mind. Even the iPad or other savvy technologies had to be invented by an industrial designer. I think these developing connections, which we are beginning to explore, will be a significant part of and valuable tool for the future of design. We must not forget though, that the creative human mind will always be an important part of this development. As designers and artists, we will always make a connection with our clients or audience in a way that a machine will never be able to. An understanding of emotional communication, and then the execution process, can never be fabricated to a point where it is equal to the creative human mind.

talk to me