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October 2010

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Diamond Founders Retreat

Sun & Sand Escape

Cancun: Off to an Incredible Start!

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Maintaining the Integrity of the ASEA Compensation Plan

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Executive Message October 2010

An ASEA Life Is a Rewarding Life Within weeks of our incredible Breakthrough Convention, Verdis and I found ourselves in Hawaii with our wonderful Diamond Founders. The trip to the Grand Hyatt Kaua’i was meant as a reward for our top Associates, and it certainly was an amazing reward. But it also got me thinking about how every aspect of life with ASEA is rewarding. It starts with the product. Simply drinking ASEA brings a remarkable reward: enhanced health. When you think about it, this is the greatest reward of all. ASEA helps your body take care of itself, and what could be more rewarding than that? But it does the same thing for others, as well, which means that as you share ASEA with friends and neighbors, you get the reward of making a real difference in the lives of those around you. If improving your own health is the greatest reward, helping to improve the health of others certainly ranks right up there close. Perhaps helping others is the most satisfying reward. And side-by-side with the health aspects of ASEA are the financial rewards. What a product we have! ASEA allows you and those you enroll to improve your financial standing while sharing an astoundingly effective product with those you care about. The financial rewards of ASEA are not only wide in scope, but virtually limitless. There really is no limit to what you can achieve with ASEA! Finally, ASEA is extremely rewarding with our…well, rewards! Just three weeks after our official company launch, we took our Diamond Founders to one of the most beautiful spots on earth, and treated them like royalty for days on end. Coming up in February we’ll take another group of active business builders to a top resort in Cancun, Mexico. Then it’s another trip to Hawaii in April, and a fabulous Global Base Camp to Banff, Canada in June! Is this a company that knows how to reward its people, or what? Any way you look at it, life with ASEA is rewarding. Here’s to many, many rewards in your future! Sincerely,

James Pack President, ASEA

Associate Leader Insight October 2010

Finding Her Place Again As a stay-at-home mom of seven children, Jan Doolin says that the nineto-five was never for her. She’s had to do it at times, but has always preferred to make her own schedule. She’s been a network marketer for decades. “I have always been attracted to being home when my children are home,” she asserts. “And I always liked being able to teach, train, and then leverage my time.” But Jan was recently at the point where she thought she’d have to go back to the corporate world. “I had gotten disillusioned; I’d been disappointed by other companies after working hard,” she says, “and I really didn’t see a company out there that interested me.” So when Karl Roller mentioned ASEA to her (and when she realized he was leaving a large income to be a part of it), he had her attention. Jan flew to Salt Lake City to take a look for herself. “From the minute I got there, I could look them in the eye and hear their heart,” Jan remembers. “They had me at hello—I could tell in the first five minutes that ASEA was completely different from anybody else out there.” Since joining the ASEA family last January, Jan has built a group of nearly a thousand people. “I do three-way calls all day,” she smiles. “We’re always on the phone, literally crying and laughing together, because people have life-changing results.” Jan has found a new level of success with ASEA that she had not experienced in the past. “I was successful before, but had always tried to reinvent the wheel. Now I’ve learned to follow the leader,” she explains. “The systems are in place, they’re duplicable, and I’m doing what my leaders tell me to do. That’s where the success comes.” Change has also come to Jan’s personal life. ASEA has freed up her finances more than ever before, allowing her to focus on her family. “I never miss my girls’ volleyball games,” she beams. “You know, a lot of people make their children their excuse. Mine are my reason why.” Jan Doolin is a Gold Executive working her business from her home in Lakeland, Florida.

Associate Leader Insight October 2010

Planting Seeds of Greatness Every morning at nine, and every afternoon at five, Kevin Porter is on the phone. Actually, he’s on the phone all day—sometimes until two in the morning—but these two particular calls are special. They’re the time he spends with anyone on his team who wants to break through a barrier. Kevin, who has enjoyed the freedom of network marketing for the last 40 years, explains: “Everyone who joins has an aspiration of being at the top. But the numbers tell us that only five in 100 make a livable amount of money, and one gets to the top. “What happens? Same as in real life: people start thinking in limiting terms.” So Kevin has set out to help people overcome limiting beliefs. “That’s the way I live, and I’m recognizing that other people want to, too.” Kevin has excelled in four different companies, and was living life at the top when the economy went down. The product he represented was expensive, and his business was suffering. But even when he found ASEA, he had no intention of joining. “But my friend said the magic thing,” Kevin grins. “He said, ‘I’ve got something you’ve never seen before.’ I had to go and see.” Kevin flew to Salt Lake City on October 22 of last year and took it all in. “I found a message with ASEA that’s so powerful,” he says. As Kevin listened to Verdis and read his background, he couldn’t help asking himself, “What is this guy doing in network marketing?” Then the answer came. “It’s a story he was called to tell,” Kevin says. “ASEA’s purpose is deeper than the product, it’s bigger than company, it’s bigger than me. We’re here to serve one another, to recognize what’s important in everybody else.” Kevin couldn’t pass it up. “The story resonates with a lot of people,” he says. “Not because of me; it’s because of what it is and why we’re bringing it to market.” Kevin works on building his business (and, of course, on building people) from the cabin he shares with his wife, daughter, and grandson, in the redwoods of Santa Cruz, California. And, thanks to phone and Internet, he’s helping people find joy in growing and becoming…right there from the spot he calls his sanctuary. Kevin Porter is a Triple Diamond living in Santa Cruz, California.

Associate Leader Insight October 2010

Putting Down Roots How did a 40-year networker who has been all over the word, building teams of 80,000-plus people end up with ASEA? He couldn’t deny what he saw. Hal Culbertson was at Diamond level in another company when he met Verdis Norton. “He’s the sharpest guy I’ve met in a long, long time,” Hal says. When he saw the vision and mission of ASEA and the corporate talent that’s there, he knew he had a winner. Hal explains, “Everything rises and falls on leadership. And here we have a new company that has the talent of a 20- to 30-year-old company. I was very impressed with that.” In Hal’s view, his previous company just didn’t have the same leadership. “I couldn’t see them becoming a billiondollar company,” he says. “And it was almost like I was thinking, ‘Just give me one more company that I can make a few million with, because then I know I'm really making a difference in people's lives.’ “I was looking for a home where I could retire—when you get around 60, you don’t want another three-to-five year thing. I was looking to put roots down and stay.” And so he has. Two months ago, Hal shook hands with Verdis and said, “I’m going to do this.” Since then, he’s been feeling better than ever (he says he’s a walking billboard for ASEA) and he’s been working toward his goal of impacting as many lives as he can. “I want to help 100 people become millionaires in ASEA,” he says. Hal is one who thinks globally, and he’s ready for any international market ASEA opens in the future. “As soon as they say the word, I’ll be in the first group going to whatever market it is,” he gushes. “What drives me is knowing that the sun will never set on our income or influence,” Hal explains. “When I have a global organization, I can go to bed, knowing that there are people helping new people.” In the meantime, Hal is hard at work building his business at home—literally. He lives on a lake, with mountains beyond, and he says there’s nothing better than sitting on his deck, making phone calls. “The whole time I’m working, I’m thinking, ‘Is this the life, or what?’” Hal Culbertson is a Gold Executive living and working in Atlanta, Georgia.

Diamond Founders Retreat October 2010

Diamond Founders Retreat

What could be better than spending three-plus days with some of ASEA’s top Associate leaders? How about spending that time with those leaders on the incredibly lush island of Kaua’i? That’s just what Verdis Norton and James Pack did at the end of September! Sixteen awesome Diamond Founders and their guests joined Verdis, Jim, and the ASEA executive team at the fabulous Grand Hyatt Kaua’i on the sunny south shore of Hawaii’s Garden Isle. The setting was perfect: 50+ lush acres on the beach, with tropical foliage, swimming pools, a one-acre saltwater lagoon, and some of the finest restaurants to be found anywhere. The event began with a torch-lit welcome reception just a few steps away from the rolling surf. Superb food, Hawaiian music, and plenty of wonderful conversation. The next morning, after an extraordinary breakfast of made-to-order omelets and heavenly bread pudding, the entire group was treated to StrategicLink training by Tyler Norton. Thursday afternoon was dedicated to seeing the island of Kaua’i from a new and majestic perspective: by helicopter. Soaring over some of the steepest and most dramatic landscape on the islands, our Diamond Founders enjoyed breathtaking views, from Waimea Canyon to the Na Pali coast.

Diamond Founders Retreat October 2010 The first full day was capped off by an authentic Hawaiian luau, complete with imu-roasted kalua pig and island entertainment. Our Diamond Founders went to bed with visions of swaying coconut palms, the low sound of the nearby surf, and the sweet fragrance of plumeria in the air. Friday was dedicated to adventure. Each Diamond Founder got to choose their own excursion, so while some donned scuba gear, others paddled their way up the Wailua River in kayaks. One popular excursion saw a dozen Associates and guests sail their way from Poipu to the Na Pali coast, stopping occasionally to watch pods of spinner dolphins leap into the air. This group also paused over a coral reef and snorkeled around for an hour, getting up close with a number of huge green sea turtles. While the sail-and-snorkel crowd was spending the day off-island, another group of Diamond Founders was hiking the interior in search of the ultimate rush: zip-lining their way through the jungle canopy. These adventurous Associates found themselves leaping out over canyons, gullies, and waterfalls, hurtling downward along hundreds of feet of cable. Naturally, when the entire group got back together for dinner, the conversation centered around the day’s activities. Whose was the most adventurous? The most serene? The most exhilarating? The most memorable? The table-talk went on deep into the evening, as everyone dined at Tidepools, an open-air, thatched-roof restaurant sitting on stilts in the middle of a vast koi pond.

Diamond Founders Retreat October 2010

Saturday morning brought additional StratLink training from Tyler, followed by a leisurely afternoon of spa treatments and golf. The 46,000-square-foot Amara Spa was the height of luxury, an escape within an escape. Diamond Founders were pampered for hours in the best of all tropical settings. Those who wanted a bit more action chose to hit 18 holes at the Kiahuna Golf Club. Plenty of sunshine and fun, and hey…it’s golfing in Hawaii! What could be better? The day—and the entire event—wrapped up with a special recognition dinner. Serenaded by a local Hawaiian group, our Diamond Founders enjoyed a sumptuous meal before being individually recognized with a custom lead-crystal award. As the party began to break up, with the music still providing background to the laughter and conversation, everyone agreed that this was one incredible event.

And one incredible company.

Sun & Sand Escape October 2010

Cancun: Off to an Incredible Start!

With still three months to go in the qualification period for the Sun & Sand Escape trip to Cancun, Mexico, one industrious ASEA Associate has already fully qualified! And 13 others have partially qualified! Take a look:

Steven Moon


Foster & Terri Malmed R & B Taylor Emery Sobony James & Lorraine Moore Patricia Hicks Juya Cho Nereida Munoz Martha Jimenez Lane K Fujii Corp. Carsie Green Heather Pinard


Craig Twentyman Maria J LaTorre 50%

ASEA Sun&Sand Escape 2011 Destination: Cancun, Mexico Date: February 16 – 20, 2011 Qualification Period: September 5, 2010 – January 8, 2011 Qualifications: To receive an all expenses-paid trip for two, just accrue 80 enrollment cases through your personal sponsorships. Earn & Pay: But don’t worry if you don’t accrue all 80 cases. You can still have ASEA pay for a large portion of the trip for you! • Accrue 60 – 79 enrollment cases and ASEA pays 75% of your trip; you pay $750 • Accrue 40 – 59 enrollment cases and ASEA pays 50% of your trip; you pay $1,500 • Accrue 20 – 39 enrollment cases and ASEA pays 25% of your trip; you pay $2,250 Additional Qualifications: To be eligible for this trip, you must accrue a minimum of 20 cases and must remain active during the qualification period. Reward: Trip for two to the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun, Mexico, all expenses paid Fine Print: • You must remain active to earn the trip (100 PV per month). • The trip for two is for one ASEA Associate and one adult guest (18+ years). Only one trip for two per Associateship. • A guest is defined as a spouse, significant other, or family member. Associates who do not earn the trip and do not qualify according to this definition are not considered guests. • You and your guest must have valid passports at the time of registration (January 10, 2011). Passports and any other travel documents are the sole responsibility of the traveler. • Air travel will be arranged and paid for by the company. Travel details, such as airports, airliners, and departure times, are determined at the sole discretion of the company. • Expenses related to missed flights, alternate travel plans, and upgrades in travel or lodging are the responsibility of the traveler. • We will be guests in a foreign country. All local laws must be observed. • ASEA reserves the right to dismiss anyone from corporate functions for inappropriate behavior.

FAQs Q: What do you mean by “all expenses paid?” A: For each qualifying Associate and guest, ASEA will pay round-trip airfare from a nearby major airport, ground transportation transfers in Mexico, resort fees, meals, and select excursions. Q: I want to take advantage of Earn & Pay. Do the Pay amounts cover one person or two? A: Two. If you, for instance, accrue 63 enrollment cases, ASEA will pay 75% of the trip for you, you would pay a single fee of $750 and for that amount you and a guest will travel to the Moon Palace Resort, all expenses paid. Q: What if one of my enrollees changes their mind and returns product? A: All returns will be subtracted from your enrollment case total. This includes returns after the qualification period is over, so in that event, you may be subject to paying an additional amount for your trip. Q: I want to work right up to the end of the qualification period to get as many enrollment cases as possible. If I use the Earn & Pay method, what is the last day I can register for this trip? A: The hard deadline for registration is 5 p.m. Mountain Time, Monday, January 10, 2011. After this date, you cannot register. Our travel company will have extra staff available on January 10 to handle the expected rush in registrations. Q: My husband and I would like to bring our children. Is that possible? A: The Moon Palace is a family-friendly resort, and ASEA welcomes children at this event. However, please keep these rules in mind: • The Associate traveler is responsible for all travel expenses for children. • Children ages 3 and under may stay at the resort free of charge. • Children ages 4 – 17 will incur a resort charge of $297 per child. • Children ages 18 and above must be paid for as adults, and the charge depends on room occupancy. Please contact Stoney at Destinations Travel (800.748.4777) for actual charges. • Since children will be paid for, they are welcome to all resort-supplied functions, such as meals, excursions, and the welcome reception. Out of courtesy for the other Associates, children should not attend ASEA training meetings. Q: If I earn the trip and am unable to attend the scheduled event, can I attend another time? Can I simply take the value of the trip in cash? A: No. This is a “use it or lose it” trip. Q: If I pay for a portion of the trip and then can’t make it, can I get a refund? A: Unfortunately, no. Our contract with the resort requires non-refundable payment. Please be absolutely certain of your personal schedule before registering for this event.

Building Your Business October 2010

Maintaining the Integrity of the ASEA Compensation Plan In order maintain the integrity of the ASEA Compensation Plan, and keep an equal and fair playing field for all of our associates, ASEA’s Policies and Procedures prohibit Associates from having a beneficial interest in multiple accounts. No individual, entity, partnership, or members of the same household may have, operate, or receive compensation from more than one ASEA business. 3.23- One ASEA Business Per Associate and Per Household

An Associate may operate or have an ownership interest, legal or equitable, as a sole proprietorship, partner, shareholder, trustee, or beneficiary, in only one ASEA business. No individual may have, operate or receive compensation from more than one ASEA business. 3.23.1 Normally we deem all persons residing in your household a Beneficial Interest in your Associateship. However, if you can provide adequate proof that another adult who is not a spouse is operating an Associateship separately from yours, we will waive this rule until circumstances change. 3.23.2 If you marry another Associate, no effect will be given to the provisions of this section and the two of you may maintain your Associateships separately and independently. 3.23.3 If you are an Associate and receive the rights to another’s Associateship upon death, we will waive this policy, subject to the succession rules herein. Enrolling yourself more than once or enrolling your spouse or your family pet is considered “stacking.” Stacking is a practice that any and all legitimate MLM companies prohibit. Stacking practices do not focus on legitimate sales and recruitment efforts, and are therefore regulated and governed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, more commonly referred to as the SEC. Please refrain from engaging in such activities as this activity is highly detrimental to the long-term stability and success of ASEA.

Recruiter Pack October 2010

Special Recruiting Pack Promotion ASEA has announced a special Recruiting Pack promotion for the final quarter of 2010 (October – December). For three months, Autoship Associates will have access to a limited number of Recruiting Packs, perfect for those prospects you really want to impress. Each Recruiting Pack contains: • A personalized letter to the recipient • A 32-ounce bottle of ASEA • The ASEA Story booklet • The ASEA Advantage DVD • Boxed beautifully in an ASEA branded case • Shipped to anywhere in the U.S. or Canada Associates need only to supply the prospect’s name and address; ASEA does the rest, including shipping! All this for the extremely attractive price of $20 for shipping to the U.S., $27 for shipping to Canada. Here’s how it works: • Associates on single-case Autoship may purchase and send up to two Recruiting Packs per month. • Associates on two-case Autoship may purchase and send up to five Recruiting Packs per month. This is a limited-time promotion, running from October 1 through the end of the year. Associates on Autoship will receive an email when their monthly order is shipped, letting them know how many Recruiting Packs they’ve qualified for and providing a link for ordering. Of course, since this is a prospecting and recruiting tool, there will be no volume associated with the bottle of ASEA. What a terrific and affordable way to impress your prospects! They’ll be begging to know more once this extraordinary package shows up on their doorstep!

Breaking Through October 2010

New Lifetime Ranks achieved in September Triple Diamond


Kevin Porter

Advanced Cellular Health Inc Chris Thomas Elizabeth Moore Bunny & Robert Oates

Double Diamond New Concept Marketing Solutions LLC Live Well, Inc.

Platinum Executive Breakthrough Health Rocky Mountain

Gold Executive Rising Sun, Adam Moore, R & B Taylor, Harry (Chip) Bartley, William Ray, Hal Culbertson, Kerry Alexander, Thomas Williams, Team Global, Laura Brown, James & Lorraine Moore, American Film Studios, Atomic Wellness LLC

Silver Executive Jennifer Jones, Jimmie Gates, Money At Home Club, Inc., Dynamic Ed-Ventures, Atomic Wellness LLC, Pamela Presser, Gerizim Acupuncture Clinic, Patty Blonda, Joe Locke, Melisa Pearce, Sacred Mountain Services, Anna Gallman, Wes Sims

Bronze Executive Joan Tynen, 9-1-1 Investments LLC, Ian Clark, Dr. Richard Young, Marlon Luna, Kitty Greer, Targeted Resources LLC , Shelley Chase, Donovan & Carla Kerr, Preston Reeder, Ben Mayberry, Marcia Thurmond, Robert Lovell, Health Millenium, Iris Molina, Janeen Agosto, Ely Mauricio Chinchilla, Miguel Evora, Zane Enterprises Inc., Lizette Lacoursiere, David King, CRJ Services, Bette Jean Jones, Barry & Amanda Futch, Pamela Shurilla, Diane Smith, Advanced Holistic Alternatives, Cynthia Grow, Greg Mckenzie, New Home New Life LLC, Brenda Jenkins, James & Lorraine Moore, Dr. Dennis & Julie Downey, Gloria & Fernando Martinez, Dr. Robert Fluskey, Deborah Douglas, Consuelo Munoz, Eduardo Hernandez, Daryl Rummens, Schayes Enterprises LLC, Wes Sims, Wanda Copier, Merle Rowe, Kalani Vale, Tammy D’Antonio, Alberto Zavala, Rand Hoyt, Foster & Terri Malmed, Wendy Hammack-Smith, Haas Enterprises, William Britt, Amy Mayhew, Sheryl Rizzo, William Sudekum, American Film Studios , Alex Martinez, Carol Larson, Joe Abel, Christine Schumann, Cellwise, Margaret A. Coats, Linda Curnutte

Breaking Through October 2010

New Lifetime Ranks achieved in September Director 700 Dorothy Knauss, Tyler Wood, Dawn Wilcox, Joan Vincent, Gwen Thomas, Duo-Force, Sue Minor, Albertha Tavares, Jim Ashmore, Dr. Jim Deboer, Barb Thomason, Annette Siver, Lea Glover, Martin Pytela, Nora Zane, Jeff Young, Betty Nakashima, Nahua Mahoe, Waliyyuddin Sabir, Natasha Fagasa, Ronald Scoon, Page Hughes, Paul Mallatt, Divine Health Inc., Margaret Gold, Karen Mcmillin, Dr. Woody Bobb, Hannah Vandersteen, Irma Salgado, Gerizim Acupuncture Clinic, Fausto Oscanoa, Steven Hamje, R. T. Carman, Tod Thompson, Dorothy Long, Cassandra Burnett, Pamela Ferarese, Apex Pain Management, Inc, Dierra Morrow, Alex Martinez, Eduardo Jose Hernandez Cruz, Miguel A. Rodriguez Graniela, Nancy Voss, Nathan Copier, Ashley Oates, Carolyn Gates, Jim Burton, Farris Ray, Krista Inochovsky, Justin Ford, Stephanie Esteen, Erika Webb, Jimmy Freeman, Willie J Butler, Greg Kraus, Margo Swena, Jason Alexander, Principal Equity Solutions, Hope Is Mine Foundation, Denise Hentze, Enlightened Wellness LLC, Glenda Ray, Katrina Smith, Ralph Brower, Sue Adams, Anita Flynn, Michele Thomas, William Mayhew, Donald Sims, Cory Johnson, Dave & Patti Katka, Tilden Lazaro, Jimmy Sudekum, Mary Ann Sudekum, Diamond Quest, Maureen Candland, Into Life Inc., Viking Consulting LLC., Donna Kimberly Johnson, Lucia Alvarez, Ramphis Diaz, Scott Davalos, Ana R. Santiago-Gotay, Lillian Leong, Phillip Langston Sr., Craig Twentyman, Ginny Holliday, Lowell & Jodi Williams, Candace Ringo, Synergyplus, Brett Watson, Danette Duboise, Dean Martin, Ellen Adams, George T. Gamble, Ricky Cannon, Steven Moon, Cynthia Kauka, Theresa Onuora, Robert & Marian Hartung, Doug Hutcherson, Jackie L Martin, Gregory Lawson, Moya Bey, Jonathan Gillardi, Jacqueline Phillips, Rebecca Everett, Martha Jimenez, Jennie Thomas, Anthony Catalano, Judy Soper, Elizabeth Ng, Marty Tierney, Neal Salyers, William Pike, Tami Harris, William Smith, Chin Lin, Lorenzo & Sherlauna Griffeth, David Borden, Vivian Macallister, Lynn N Nimmo, Jacob A. Puig, Mike Davis, Richard Eaton, Lonnie Mullins

Director 300 Falcon Marketing Group, Inc., Simone Stoby, Bar Capital LLC, Celebrity Boutique/Smith Plaza, Vichele Tavares, Crystal Lilly, Nick Huntington, Lorette Cooper, Mokihana Jensen, Bill Bergquist, John D. Jones, Lamma Enterprise LLC, Jim Horn, Bill Stevenson, Melinda Brown, Traci Weston, Jeff Hott, Ron Fralick, Salvador Orellana, Leonardo Ortiz, Gandulfo Contreras, Amy Vesper, Susan Salsido, Kristen Grunewald, Scott Yoshiki, Gary Fergerstrom, Phyllis Dekok, Emily Levy, Accelerated Academy, Mike Mccombs, K. Shivaun Boyd, Shelton Mccord, John Abner, Martin Y Olga Franco, Judy Cheung, Albert Tapia, David Borden, Amitpatel, Ken Sonntag, Jacobgibson, Gayle Slaughter, Mercedes Villatoro, Jason Johnson, Karen Landon, Gayle North, Araceli Diaz, Eileen Aranyos, Suzanne Coy, Saul Enterprises, LLC, Richard Ward, Emery Sobony, Dr Gregory Blackman, Brenda Graham, Lynn N Nimmo, Leroy Kemp, Reggie Hilton, Suzy Karasik, Moya Bey, Terry Thomas, Coby Hansen, Don Wilkinson, Lewis Herms, Thomas Mattingly, Trisha Kamakawiwoole, Susana Armenta, Amanda Clayton, Deborah Wetzler, Lucia Alvarez, Shari Noldge, Jeff Bloch, Debbie Scalise, Keaven Neely, Financial Source Inc., Cash Flow Marketing Concepts, LLC, Business Systems Consulting, Hector A. Alvarado, John Miller, Ventura Bike Depot, Inc., Divine Body Treatment Center, Dr. Walid Abubaker, Frank Vergara, Tani Stone, Emily Williams, Judi Royer, Charloette Meadows, Blue Sky Care, Paula Zeich, Melanie Mckenzie, Lloyd Powell, Arnold Morgan, Redox $$ LLC, Fernando

Breaking Through October 2010

New Lifetime Ranks achieved in September Director 300 Martinez, LTB Balance, Molly Campbell, Marque Jenkins, Eilleen White , Mark Rizzo, Dino Rizzo, Tony Haas, Breanna Graham, Jennie Thomas, Janet Berman, Will Britt, Tina Dibona, Stephan Desjardins, Blake Richardson, Tylor Brenchley, Steve Obrien Productions, LLC, Amy Miller, Aldo Vesco, Michael Kaneda, Keith Hampton, LV Renegade Marketing, Luigi Fontana, Eleanor Becher, VkS ENTERprises, David Chung, Linda Curnutte, Guillermo Garcia, Abner Nieves, Sally Trautner, Manuel Lizardo, Bartholomew & Assoc. Inc., Eric Prouty, Angie Goen, Robert Smith, Barbara Sawyer, Gary Hinkle, Nikki L’Heureux, Carol Wilcock, Michelle Pina, Lisa Clines, Atsuko Hale, Jan Cole, Claire Tanoue, Wilf Ducharme, Donald Baird, Jacob A. Puig, Linda Lee, James Uyehara, Freedom House Ministries Inc, Brett Watson Ministries, Inc., Ricardo Fontillas, MD, Roberta Purcell, James Yon, Corporate Connections LLC, Martha Jimenez, Carla Elliott, Randall Young, Sheldon Uyetake, Randy Owens, Eric Holtan, Rocio Chavez, Edgar Delgado, Efaraima Aumavae, Joahan Tiogangco, Dr. Rhema Adejola, Booker Wesley, Ressonyia Andersen, Frank Prevatt, Anderson Bennett, David Lemons, Maria Wood, Paul Jankauskas, Heather Pinard, Hydra Inc., Wendell Wild, Peter Mallary, Lynne Carr, David Lucas, Fluke Productions, Inc., David Randazzo, Jody Jackson, Anti Aging Associates, Connie Neal, Andrew Kauai, Oksana Tsarenko, Roshanak Akbarpour, ME Marketing, Isabel Puig, Wanda Drake, Alan Singer, Ronnie J. &Phyllis Wesley, Shanti Parakh, Rebecca Riffle, Programming Confidence Inc, Sharon B-Schechtman, Aida Esparza Martinez, Donny Browning, Juya Cho

Director Lynne Carr, Jeff Mckinnery, Lorena Lopez, Robert Kauffman, Wally Langley, Cheryl Harvey, Chris Griffin, Lorenzo & Sherlauna Griffeth, Seungock Son, Melvin Viloria, Janine Moris, Michael Schools, Kim Viloria, Joseph Fitzgerald, Tim Young, Ida Romero, Michael Hynous, Nancy Bridgeford, Timeless Health & Beauty, Nancy Griffith, Mission Possible Group, Bryan White, Marco Antonio Villamarin, Anderson Bennett, Margaret Beauford, Sonia Perez, Richard Stevens, Ricardo Fontillas, MD, Susan Harbina, James Yon, Ronnie J. &Phyllis Wesley, Success Encouragement Team, LLC, Connie B. Wesley, Patricia CoffmanWood, Flor M. Muniz Yordan, Joaquin Garcia, Sharon James, Programming Confidence Inc, Ana Bertha Zavala, Wilbert Culpepper, Soprano Business Inc., Malama Pono, Elena Jimerson, Lanette Richards, Dr James Dail, Dolche Gropo Inc, Nicole Sullivan, Jose R. Murati, Ruben D. Chevres, Steve Ruggiero, Elenas Botanica, Peggy Macarthur, Susan Barkshire, Shelly Crystal, Cindy Mcgeorge, Anita Zafra, Marcia Taylor, Betty Baldwin, Lloyd Austin, Sheldon Uyetake, Daniel Paquette, Michelle Pina, Joahan Tiogangco, Hector Velazquez, Nacira Torres, Cosimo Tremigliozzi, Liana Smith, David Byrd, Steve Griffith, Lori Dudler, Austin Griffith, Randy Sandknop, Nancy Knagge, Marina Calderon, JkY ENTERprises, Don & Patti Stowell, Renee Starnes, Jeremy Tiesman, Diana Maldonado, Roberta Purcell, Centro De Nutricion Nuevo Amanecer, Trini’s Health Foods, Carlos Rentas, Craig Klawuhn, Diane Halenda, Mary Bond, Diane Giesy, Martha Jimenez, Gerado Cartajena Gonzalez, Yvonne Burton, Tisha Martinez, Justin Bryant, Jeremy Farrell, Circle Of Life Wellness, Dave Garrison, Mwi Holdings LLC, Betty Granger, Victor Thomas, Hazel Branham, Shirley Campbell, Isabel Puig, Young Kim, George Friesen, Rick Sobi, Mark Magadia, Vernell Mccullough, Wanda Drake, Diana Nakamura, Robert Rudelic, Brian Kornoelje, Hugh V Anderson, Sue Drennon, Reynolds

Breaking Through October 2010

New Lifetime Ranks achieved in September Director Kamakawiwoole, Nereida Munoz, Leslie M. Hernandez Colon, Colleen Mcmurtry, Cassia Jantz, Daniel Sanchez, Great Products, Ella Washington, Jesus M. Pizarro Velilla, Nexstep Trainings, Tori Gutierrez, Andree Thrush, Jorge Ortiz, Lisa Adams, Madeline Macgeorge, Jonathon Lemler, Dean Patapis, Ryan Adams, Patricia Hicks, Angels Foundation, Northstar Continental Group Inc., Jeff Husby, Candy Morgan, Grandma’S Farm, Yong Chong, Kyla Holt, Transformations, Stephanie Ohigashi , Janaka Abeyaratna, Clover Watson, Bernardo Moreno, Bruce Wong, Chin Lin, Shelby Jean Manning, Anna Lagundija, John Cooper, Mia Logan, Admas Atlas, LLC, John Puig, Gary Howard, Osvaldo Fuentes, Bruce James, Gary Kirschbaum, Leryn Higa, Bookkeeping & Tax Help, LLC, Gwynne Curry, Tom & Cecilia Mouilso, Ricardo & Laura Cardenas, Susan Guttman, Sharon Lozano, Kathleen Oka, Lake Country Resort & Travel Inc, Marina Preciado, Sea Sales, Ermalyn Valenzuela, Cheryl Yakuse, Fred Harms, Janet Fellhauer, Curtis Cornelius, Sharon B-Schechtman, Edie Hanohano, Meridian Grace, Marcella Durand, Catherine Hammond, Brian Johnson, Betsy Dudgeon, Teresa Forsberg, Josefina Alonzo, Ada I. Arroyo, Clayton D. Nichols, Carolyn Medeiros, Caroline Wong, Maryann Elison, Tw Kinney Foundation, Deborah Rivera, Jonathan Ries, Terry Frick , Robert Dickman, Donohue Fujii, Arlene Hopkins, Kyle Higuchi, Marta M. Torres, Troy Brazell, Nelson Lindsey, Jennifer Bell, Rae Hirigoyen, Harmony Group LLC, Willard Taylor, Bruce Williams, Helen Prescott, Nancy Ruberto-Beachler, MAC, Brooke Milburn, Sam Shafer Jr, Ken Bradford, Nilsa Alonso, Amparo Navarrete, Phillip Highley, Rosalina Albino, Charles Evenson, Kathy Hong, Javier Moncivais, Scott Jackson, Bobbie J. Combs, Dan Coleman, Scott Henneforth, Beth Healey, Mark Weber, Jennifer Tobler, Sharon Herrera, Lisa Gorenc, Mary Beth Johnson, Ricardo Betancourt, Donna Selinger, David & Mary Hamby, Geronimo Torres Zarzuela, Lynette Lee, Global Achievements, Inc., Paul King, K C Trust Management., Jason Mitchell, George & Carolyn Wardlaw, Stephannie Barnes, Sophia Jackson, David Foster, Tina Hamlett, Daniel Caswell, Alfred Cicchese

Your ASEA Calendar October 2010

Upcoming Events ASEA In Touch Conference Call First Monday each month, 6 p.m. PDT Dial in: 605.475.4376 Access code: 86531#

ASEA Sun & Sand Escape Cancun, Mexico February 16 – 20, 2011

Qualification Period: September 5, 2010 – January 8, 2011 Qualification: Full trip for two: Accrue 80 enrollment cases Earn & Pay: Accrue 60 – 79 enrollment cases & pay $750 Accrue 40 – 59 enrollment cases & pay $1,500 Accrue 20 – 39 enrollment cases & pay $2,250

Additional Requirements: Remain active during the qualification period

Check the calendar in your back office for upcoming local events.

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