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May 2010

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Executive Message May 2010

The Science Makes It Possible What we have in our hands is different, not just because the science behind ASEA has never been done before. Although that’s an amazing thing—the thing that makes ASEA stand out from a product perspective—there’s something about that very point that may be easy to miss. ASEA’s entire business model is different. The reason we’re here, doing what we’re doing, is because of the science. Unlike many other companies who see the network marketing business model and search for a product they can market, ASEA began with science in search of a distribution method. Many of those who have become ASEA’s top leaders got into this business for the same reason Jim and I did: because of the science. They knew that people needed this technology. They knew it was so cutting edge that it really would change the way we look at the body and its functions. We have seen ASEA increase the quality of life for thousands of people, even people with serious challenges. Our obligation is to make ASEA available to everyone who needs it. I can hardly express the gratitude I feel to be able to be a part of this. The individual stories I hear from people who are overcoming challenges are the reason I’m here. Our purpose remains as it was in the beginning. We want to make a mark. What we have in ASEA is much bigger than any one of us. Let’s keep moving forward together, helping as many people as we can.

Verdis Norton CEO, ASEA

Associate Leader Insight May 2010

Expect the Unexpected The Moores had closed up shop. They were finished with network marketing. “It’s not that we didn’t believe in the promise of network marketing,” Lynn explains. “It’s just that we’d never found a company that fulfilled that promise.” About four years ago, Lynn had sworn it off—Liz was about a decade and a half ahead of him. The emotional investment of getting involved again was just too great. “You bring in your friends and your church associates,” Lynn says, “and you put your good name and reputation out there, then all of a sudden, things go south and emotionally it’s really hard.” So Lynn and Liz settled for enjoying good products when they came along, and didn’t mind paying for them. Then they heard about ASEA. Lynn admits that his initial thought, when hearing about its benefits, was, “Yeah, I’ll bet.” But he was willing to try it. “We really weren’t expecting anything,” he says. But to their surprise, they found something. Their daughter-in-law, who is a runner, started raving about the results. So did a friend who had some health concerns. Their own energy levels improved. “And we were mixed up on the recommended amount. We were only taking two ounces a day,” Lynn chuckles. Then came the moment of truth. Lynn was invited to a meeting at the ASEA offices. “I was only interested in the science,” he insists. “I wanted to know what was making it so effective for everyone we were giving it to.” He agreed to attend. Liz, on the other hand, had no intention of going with Lynn to the meeting. But at the last minute, she changed her mind. “I decided I’d better go along to make sure he didn’t join!” she laughs. Both were in for something unexpected. About an hour into the meeting, Liz turned to Lynn and said, “We’ve got to drop everything we’re doing and do this full time.” He replied, “I was hoping you were thinking the same thing I was.” They made Gold in just five weeks, and they have no hesitation about putting their good name on the line for ASEA. “We are giving the opportunity to the same people we’ve talked to before,” Liz smiles. “How can we not? We can’t have them come back to us and say, ‘You gave us all these stinky ones and then the real one came and you didn’t open it up to us!’” Lynn and Liz Moore have been married for 38 years. They have four children, six grandchildren. The Moores live in Riverton, Utah.

Associate Leader Insight May 2010

Teamwork that Reaches Around the World It’s a good thing that Sophie Chung trusts her husband Hee Chan more than anyone in the world. She otherwise might not have been able to roll with the abrupt change he put before her when he joined ASEA. Hee Chan had flown to Utah as a prospective key leader with another company. “There were 12 of us at the meeting,” Hee Chan says, “and four of us were also invited to meet with Verdis before we returned home.” At Verdis’s office, they heard all about ASEA. “We were very impressed with the office, and we sampled the product,” Hee Chan remembers. “I looked at the ingredients list: water and sodium chloride. I said, ‘Is that salt?’ Verdis said, ‘Yes.’ I said, ‘What else is in it?’ He said, ‘Electricity.’” Hee Chan then got some one-on-one time with Verdis and even spent some time with him and his wife in their home. “I didn’t know any other way to get a feel for what kind of a person Verdis was,” Hee Chan explains. “His office looked perfect; the product, pristine. I couldn’t decide based on that, and I only had a few hours.” A seasoned networker who knows what to look for in a network marketing company, Hee Chan put Verdis to the test. “I asked all the hard questions,” he says, “and when I sensed his sincerity, I decided that if his product does what he said it does, I had to help him get it out to people.” So Hee Chan returned home and told Sophie what he had found. They were not necessarily looking for a business—Hee Chan had even told Sophie that he didn’t know if ASEA was going to be a great opportunity. “We just had a moral obligation to bring this to the world,” he asserts. When Sophie tried ASEA, she didn’t like the taste, which actually made her glad. “They gave it to us as-is, in its pure, most beneficial form.” The more people Sophie shared ASEA with, the more phone calls she got. “They wanted to do the business more than I did. I almost didn’t have a choice!” she laughs. That’s how Hee Chan and Sophie’s organization went from just two people to an organization of more than 3,300 in the two short months they’ve been spreading the word. Both agree that it’s their passion for the product that attracts people. Sophie says, “You move people’s hearts by your own heart.” Hee Chan and Sophie work their business from their home in Suwanee, Georgia.

Associate Leader Insight May 2010

The Network Marketing Oasis When Trish Schwenkler commits, she commits. She was with her previous company for 15 years, the last seven of which were hard. “The company had started making mistakes,” she explains, “but I stayed because I loved the product and loved the people.” Ultimately she cut her ties with that company—a difficult and painful decision. “It was my first love,” she says. Trish then wandered around what she calls the network marketing desert for a year and a half. Every company she looked into, she found something that concerned her. “Maybe it was the upline, or that there was a copycat of the product in stores, or that the company didn’t treat like you want them to,” she says. So when she was introduced to ASEA, Trish was cautious. “I was on the phone with my future upline for hours before I decided to fly in. I couldn’t afford to make a mistake or to have my credibility damaged. I don’t want to be a company jumper.” Trish and her husband Bob went to Salt Lake City with another couple to investigate this new opportunity. She had already tried the product and had felt a difference within 20 minutes. But that on its own was not enough. “I wasn’t going to jump in lightly,” she says. By the time Trish and Bob were walking out of the meeting, they and their friends were all convinced. “All four of us said, ‘This is it.’ And when you have four people do that, it’s a pretty good sign,” she asserts. Especially when, as Trish puts it, she had been “married” to a network marketing company before. She came into ASEA with her eyes wide open, knowing what to look for. Now she’s in and going full throttle. “Bob and I are a team,” she says. “I’m the people person; he’s the analytical person. I travel and do meetings, and he answers people’s questions and maintains our support site.” Trish loves knowing that she and Bob have a long run ahead of them with ASEA. “It’s not going to be like before, where I poured 15 years of my life into a company that fell apart,” she says. “I feel in my bones this is right.” Trish and Bob are Gold Executives building their ASEA business in Boise, Idaho.

Associate Leader Insight May 2010

A New Direction What in the world could make a 25-year veteran networker with both corporate and field experience, who has built a very lucrative business and a large organization, change direction? Is there an opportunity out there that’s all that? Karl Roller thinks so, and he’ll tell you it’s ASEA. Karl was in a position where he just wasn’t looking at any other companies, even when friends asked him to, because they were usually just trying to recruit him. But when a very good friend, who he knew could probably use some insight, asked him to look at ASEA and give him his opinion, Karl did. “I went into the meeting with a very open mind,” Karl recalls, “because this wasn’t for me. And I walked right into one of those ‘you had me at hello’ moments.” Everything Karl assessed about ASEA met his specs. “I look for the owners’ intent, their cause, how they got where they are. The culture of a company starts at the top.” Karl was impressed, even before he heard from Dr. Samuelson, whose sincerity and excitement were what Karl calls contagious. Karl suddenly had a tough decision in front of him. He was happy with his previous company. He didn’t know exactly what he was going to do; he just knew he wanted to be somehow involved with ASEA. Karl signed up with ASEA in October, and stayed under the radar through November and December. In January, he began to build, and by February, he was going all out and has been successful. “I haven’t matched my other income yet,” he admits, “but I see the potential here being much, much greater, the reach being further, and the impact on people, deeper.” Karl reached Diamond in April. He says his life has gotten more hectic. “But that’s OK,” he smiles. “Pedal to the metal in the beginning can set you free for life.” Karl Roller works his business from his home in San Marcos, California.

Product Corner May 2010

Protect. Repair. Replace. There’s a reason ASEA helps you feel better. It’s not an energy food or a comfort food. It’s not a remedy for something that ails you. It’s not an energy drink. But it can have the same effect as those things because it helps your body do what it’s built to do. ASEA runs the entire gamut, providing what you need to maintain a constant state of optimum health. More accurately, it provides your body what IT needs to keep ITSELF healthy. It does this three ways: protect, repair, and replace. ASEA begins with helping all your cells to protect themselves. It continues by helping them repair themselves when damaged. And finally, ASEA helps the body to replace a cell that experiences irreparable damage. It does this by supporting the cell’s ability to communicate, both inside and outside the cell. It’s all because of Redox Signaling molecules, incredible little molecules that are so vital to your health that your body makes its own supply. But here’s the great thing: there are only two places to get Redox Signaling molecules: the human body and ASEA.

Events and Promotions May 2010

Diamond Founder: Now Is Your Only Chance

Join the Diamond Founders Club There’s only one Diamond Founders Club, and when you become a member, you make ASEA history. There’s recognition that comes with that; you’ll be applauded on stage at our Launch Convention. And there are rewards, too. Try Hawaii. All expenses paid. As a Diamond Founder, you and a guest will spend four days and five nights at the breathtaking Grand Hyatt Kaua’i Resort and Spa. White sand beaches, four-diamond dining, world-class golf, incredible vistas, 46,000 square feet of luxurious spa, and endless shopping. Here’s how you do it. Qualification goes now through September 4, and it’s so simple. Just attain the rank of Diamond or higher twice during any consecutive four-week period, remain active, and you’re off to Kaua’i !

Events and Promotions May 2010

Historic ASEA Launch Coming Soon Launch is Coming! The official ASEA launch is set for September 9 – 11 in Las Vegas.

This is THE launch event, and it will be monumental. If you’re with us at the fabulous Paris Hotel for this event, you will not only witness history, you will make history. We have on our hands the most unique, beneficial supplement in history. And we have tools, tips, and just the inspiration you need to take ASEA to more people than you ever thought you could. There are three ways you can make the convention experience even more rewarding: Promotion 1: Earn Your Way to Convention • • • •

Register for the convention at Monthly, for every four cases of ASEA sold during the enrollment process of personally sponsored Associates, you earn $50 in Convention Cash. Accrue as many $50 Convention Cash bonuses as possible between May 2 and September 4. At the Launch Convention, you’ll be handed all your earnings in cold, hard cash! You must be present to receive this bonus.

Promotion 2: Get Your Convention Registration FREE! For the first 500 Associateships only! • Register for the convention at • Click the Paris Hotel link and book at least three nights. You’ll receive a 30% discount; $139 instead of $199! • After convention attendance and completion of hotel stay, you’ll get an immediate rebate covering the cost of registration for one!

Events and Promotions May 2010

Historic ASEA Launch Coming Soon Promotion 3: Top Recruiters Incentive • Private limousine transportation from the Las Vegas airport to the Paris Hotel and back • Complimentary upgrade from a Paris Hotel standard room to a Lemans Suite: separate sitting area, wet bar, marble bath, double vanities, and a whirlpool tub • Private dinner with the ASEA Founders and executives

Register now at!

Events and Promotions May 2010

Cash for Case April Winners! $450 Karyn Grant $400 Young Ja Choi, Soo Chin Lee, PC Klebier Trust, Deborah Oshiro $350 Elvira M Dawis, Eric Nekoba $300 Ramon Diaz, Myong C Mah, Andrew Kang $250 Breakthrough Health, Juan Garcia, Naomi Isa, Young Mah, JPL Company $200 Kathy Clark, Heartb LLC, Rafael Rivera, Louann Savage, Lois Posner, John Warren, Steven Meek, Lifestyle Mentors, Richard Krein, PORTUSALUD, Anselmo Trevino, Robert Lovell, Irene Hamasaki, Miriam Mursu, Wholeistic, Inc, Complete Health Education Center, Ezekiel Hwang, Mark Mcnally, Annette Siver, Future Generations Health Corp. $150 Mark Porter, David Or Marlene Rawls, Mark Epley, Mary/Jonathan Hollar, Lizette Lacoursiere, Charlotte Czarlinsky, Suzanne Penton, Lisa Kepoo, Elizabeth Ng, Pedro Leroux, Kb7 Kang, Hyunjoo Hill, Charles Huffard, Kirti Kalidas, Carolyn Dangerfield, Coral Johnston, Al Avelsgard, Into Life Inc., Miguel Ramirez, Il Gwon Kim, Priscilla Zayas, Kim Hunter, John W Herrin, Rosanne Donahoe, Tasha Herrin, Daniel Johnson, JMK General Contracting, Dewey Matsumoto, Tae Kyun Kim, Elly Blize, Shelley Chase, Hye Chong Oh $100 Polaris Diversified Inc., Lane K. Fujii Corp., Biobalance International, Susan Deboer, Debbie Norenberg, Rising Sun, Jim Clark, Rouxlette Varlow, Gwen Thomas, Luisa A. Sanchez, Rocky Mountain, Kimberly Madrigal, Todd Zane, Talon International Marketing, Damon Olaso, Jack Dahlen, Shirlain Kramlich, Doc For Long Life, Vision Point Marketing, Mari Lei Kobayashi, Damian Toribio, Raquel Padilla, Country Cupboard Remedies, Sandi Cianfaglione, Penny Koehler, Reggie Audant, Jean Nakama, Jennie Lin, Zane Enterprises Inc., Carmen Coriano, Luke Coffey, Adam Moore, Cynthia Prante, Bernadette Hughes, Nora Sierra Dahl, Don Mckibben, Ron Hadley, Kyung Ok Choi, Georgette Tuck, Robert Wheeler, Carol Larson, Ji Yoo Lee, Michael Schulhof, RS Distribution Inc., Linda Harrisong, God’s Heartlight Ministry, Chung Bae Chon, Sun Ahmed, Evelyn Diaz Chico, Warren Matsumoto, Herb Veasey, Miriam Grullon, Organa, Sven Schroder, Gold + Silver Wings Aviation, David Gurr, Christina Hazen, Rochelle Frizzell, Luz E. Diaz, Audrey Song, Jason Johnson, Enrique Coradin, N D’s Kang, Elizabeth Cho, Jackie Kaohu, Gregory Poulos, Soo Yeon Lee, Hyun Ho Lee, Seung Hee Lee, Jeff Young, William Penhart, Valerie Thornburg, Trina Cote, Infinite Freedom, Big Heart, Time Less, Ak Vallet, Rainbow, Forever, Michelle J Kim,

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Cash for Case April Winners! $100 James & Marie Isom, LT Sport Nutrition, Maureen Candland, Shirley Herrin, Brian And Meredith Feddes, Family Affair Enterprises, John Williams, Ae Kang, Luis I Hernandez, Brian Demattos, Kris Gurr, Rebecca Heesch, Carlin Laviolet, Rhonda Davis, TLC Katy, Robert Gent, Adelle Klungland, Autumn Johnson, Trisha Garana, Pathway Health, Linda Brown, Madelin Merced Colon, Carol Pacheco, Debra Briley, Viking Consulting LLC., Burnettorg, Inc., Betsy Masaschi $50 Advanced Cellular Health Inc, Michael Bills, Britta Slinger, Patricia Gilliss, KW And Associates, INC, Richard Gilliss, Gerardo Reyes, Johnson Mukaida, Abraham Garcia, Targeted Resources LLC, ION Life LLC, In Harmony W Feng Shui, Paula Zirdung, Danette Duboise, Dee Laderer, Craig Lindner, Cecilia De La Cerda, Joan Vincent, Johnnie Clark, Claire McEachern, Lazarus Creek Trust, Marvin Heileson, Bridget Abell, Furmaceman Music, Raquel Ozaeta, JKL Marketing, Terry Balser, William Boles, M C F Enterprises LLC, R.J. Nusz, Celestino Medina, Debra Foley, Linda Lee Smith, Wendell Wild, Ted Bartley, Christine Elwood, Jorge Rustrian, Jim Heckman, Center For The Healing Arts, PC, Bernard (Bernie) Reese, Project REACH, LLC, Nan Warren, Mildred Palmer, Max Health Center, National Marketing Services, Elizabeth Moore, Jack Furst, Melissa Banks, Jerome Dixon, Michael Carreno, Healthpro, LLC, Kevin Lee, Knowlton Enterprises, Tim Long, Wildsage, Willie Paige, Gary Salazar, Lydia Graham, Robert Elsinga C/O Brandi Jones, Spirit Line, Laura Vazquez, Sandy Sands, Sung Hochhausler, Debra Koszka, Chikung.Com, Steve Tubbs, Sue Ballard, Arnetha Johnson-Omeze, Celsa P Rocha, Jane Barton, Janeen Agosto, Stottco, Health Treasures, Leonardo Torres, Clinical Solutions Of Illinois, Waldo Falcon, Cindy Lampe, Drink To Your Health, Inc, Wilma Hogan, Bitterroot Chiropractic, Chun Rai Kim, Maria J Latorre, Christopher Kim, Indalecio L. Jimenez, Mark Lewis, Als Professional Services, Inc., Vichele Tavares, Susan Patterson, Jayne Wright, Robert C. Porter, Transformations, Jerome Jones, Valerie Schendel, Exact One Enterprises, Inc., Cril Chesley, Bluegrass Wellness, Melanie Lynn, Jim Ashmore, Sharon Hogan, Jan Sorg, Dr. Carol Rosen, Kurt Kaminaka, Robert Koehler, To Your Health!, Sandra Davis, Rylen Stratford, Brianna Lynn, Michaelle Theodore, Sigifredo Hernandez, Delbert Chadwick, William Thompson, Investor Resource LLC, Jennifer Jones, Nick Huntington, Maria Barker, Mary Marshall, Wesliann Cardin-Bryan, VSB Solutions LLC, Jennifer Brown, Wendy Dinkins, Alice Schmitt, Erika Clare, Theresa Plympton, Valerie Drake, Sue Dachs, Allen Langford, Kent & Linda Hart, Dr. Jim deBoer, Dawn Krantz, Victoria Pierre, Carla Renak, Bill Jacques, Annette Mason, Holistic Services And Product Inc, Frances Waltjen, Scott N. Bradley, Vitalink, St Michael Store, Cindy Riesen, Krista Noschka, Julie Williams, Blanca Cardenas, Midwest Global, Phillip B Schindler, Carol Arnold, Brett Armstrong, Deborah Kirley, Thomas Bliss, Joshua Manliguis, Dino Viena, Befree Int’l Inc., Bob New, William David Morris, Jeannette Mccoy, Dorothy Pollock, David Nagle, Shawn Fraser, Brock Clermont, Mic, David Duimovich, John Tolisano, Susan Gibbs, Rosa Yris Fernandez, Mary Williamson, Tony Larsen, Tsilya Hoffman, Kathy Kahla, Guillermo Bencosme, Rene Rivera, Shane Sereday, Aligned Resources LLC, Vicki Westover, Joy Vibratioins LLC, Marene Ellsworth, Mayra Castro, Avcor Enterprises Inc, Home Based Institute, Lourdes Garcia, Fred Davis, Denise Curtis, Jill Birdwell, Carlene Curtis, Isaac Medina, Val’s, Mary Jane Aboud, Cleo Crowther, Delton Horst, Mallyah Legrande, Ismael Flores, Lora Williams, Steven Porter, Ani Kaspar, Travis Porter, Maclovio Yanez, Virginia Martinez, Carsie Green, Chun Hye Kim, Jay Un Pavy, Elaine Ikenaga, Jose A. Marquez, Joshua Olson, Hermelinda Carillo, Oscar L. Ortiz, Philip Shaner, Justin L Judkins, Janaka Abeyaratna, Hyun Chung Chon, Tinna Sato, Isabel Bejarano, Betzaida Vazquez, Rosie Schoenenberger, Eva Rodriguez, Allison Wilson, Jose Galeana, Mike Reid, Soo Kyung Park,

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New Lifetime Ranks achieved in April Director Donald W. Bailey, Jr Juan Jose Alvarez Moya Stacy Jensen Kerma Greaves Luisa A. Sanchez Conrad & Laura Fuller Elizabeth Elliott Kimberly Madrigal Mary Symmes Robert Mals Todd Zane Jonathan Freeman Bernard (Bernie) Reese Roy Wharton Maydeen Haidar Glenda Marrero & Julio C. Romero Air Doctorx Heating & AC Tim Long Guy Hurst John W Herrin Andrea Demita Dan Carrigan Suzane Weaver Jane Barton Maxen Media Susan Williams Gerry Gorman Lisa Brown Barda Allen Country Cupboard Remedies Jessie Powell Steven Bullock Il Gwon Kim Reggie Audant Laurie Bagley Als Professional Services, Inc. Susan Patterson Zane Enterprises Inc.

Jana Nelson Cherry Lewis Naomi Isa Live Well International Suzanne Boully Leading Edge Technology, LLC Robert Coffey Patricia Conlee James Blackburn Jennifer Moore Florence Sullivan Carrie Williams Cynthia Prante Ruben Garcia Don Mckibben Carey Jenks Ricardo R Rivera Barral Charlotte Czarlinsky William Thompson Guy N. Fukushima Jude Hogan David G Speer Nick Huntington Sarah Escaro John Warren Kathy Allen Maria Barker Dr. Robert Linton Joy Hiraoka Norma Peitz Georgette Tuck Dawnn Naatjes Brian Demattos Linda Brown Carmen Guzman Burnettorg, Inc. Lynn Dohrmann Carol Larson Doris Franck Frances Waltjen

Scott N. Bradley Eric Kolesar Vitalink Suzanne Penton Keith Ridd Frank C. Schissel Sr. Steve Finch St Michael Store Miriam Mursu Ji Yoo Lee Cindy Riesen Krista Noschka Charlotte Larsen Blanca Cardenas Phillip B Schindler Charles Brown Marion Corbin Mayer Thomas Bliss Nikki L’Heureux RS Distribution Inc. Waldemar Sanchez Mountain Maidens Alternative Solutions Elizabeth Ng Farah Hosman Wholeistic, Inc Donaline Egipciaco Gain Good Health Inc. Reina Lujan Complete Health Education Center Carlin Laviolet Donna Mcmillin Dale Campbell Ingrid Davies Jeannette Mccoy Rosemarie Bishop Jorge Acevedo Jun Rang Lu Lamar Nielson Kathy Graham

Breaking Through May 2010

New Lifetime Ranks achieved in April Director Wayne Houghton Kb7 Kang Chung Bae Chon Charles Lum Hector Quintana Virgen A. Silva Vilmarie Rodriguez Betty Lugo Sol W. Sanchez David Nagle John Safarik Anselmo Trevino Betsy Masaschi Renaissance Group Of Companies, Inc. Luis Caraballo-Figueroa Simon Padron-Garay Carmen L. Silva Raymond A Cepeda Garcia Organa Enhancing Lives Michael Garispe Lorene Jordan Carlene Roberts Brian Dinelli Judy Kairath David Satossky Sven Schroder Elizabeth Allen Donald Russell Mary Williamson Annette Siver Hye Chong Oh Mary Ann Holda

Charles Huffard Vilma Perez Raquel H. Collazo Tsilya Hoffman Gloria Johnson John Wright Healthy Balance Mike Meadows Bobby Annis Yendy Gil Future Generations Health Corp Rosaly Domenden Gold + Silver Wings Aviation Christina Hazen Elly Blize Mary Stevenson Courtney Lawrence Luis A Torres Yary Rodriguez Altagracia M Guzman Thomas Gerber Lourdes Garcia Roberto Ruiz Luis R Ruiz Efrain Sanchez Dianne Feliciano Omar Marrero Pam Jackson Melissa J Feliciano Randy Owens Target Excellence Fernando L Soto Audrey Song Wandhelyn Quezada-Santiago

Mildred Rios Ibis Garcia Tommy Oh Ismael Flores Robert Gent Pablo Moraza N D’s Kang The Vasquez Group Myong C Mah Jeff Parker Lewis Pitzele Young Mah Luis A. Ortiz Coral Johnston Carol Wilcock Max Perlowin Jackie Kaohu Ramon A Segarra Lance Laury Reed Baker Susan Christensen Teodoro Escobar Juan Carlos Belacon Janice Raquel Ayala Mike Reid Olga Aponte William Penhart Sandra L Segarra Rachael Fujii Kenui Watson Angela Somerville Trina Cote Ronald Schaefer

Breaking Through May 2010

New Lifetime Ranks achieved in April Director 300 Spencer Poch Melissa Beglinger Welles Kellie Chvosta Adam Ardenfriend Mae Zane Tom Williams George Sadd Jacque Jennings Carter R.J. Nusz Synergy Diagnostic & Therapy, LLC Becky Day HPW International LLC Kathleen Squires David or Marlene Rawls Melinda Hutchinson Javier Luis Diaz De Leon Sophia Kim Evaristo Lopez Gail Tichy Reeves & Assoc Herbal Works Scott Thornton Leaseonlife Tobin & Sarah Capp Spirit Line Melvin Terry Wing Blair Nichols John Williams Vince Marinaccio Pilar Garcia Stottco Into Life Inc.

Daniel Johnson Raquel Padilla Chiropractic Center of Lakeland Jose Gil Bitterroot Chiropractic Garrick Mizuno Lynn Ponder Il Gwon Kim Denise Crosby Sonya Lee C & L Enterprises Jean Nakama Loretta Richardson Fred and Betty Maw III Priscilla Zayas Ellsworth Demattos Live Well International Jerome Jones Robert & Sherry Sa Bluegrass Wellness Irene Hamasaki Heith And Michelle Stidham Kenneth Grimes Viking Consulting LLC. Dawn Kuhn Ruby Ramos Ark Health Jennifer Brown Luis I Hernandez Mark Shaner Dr. Robert Linton Young Ja Choi Mark Catron P-Ac Carmen Guzman

Burnettorg, Inc. Allen Langford Deborah Oshiro JMK General Contracting Peter La Barrie Scott N. Bradley Andrew Kang Keith Ridd Clint & Sandy Akers Miriam Mursu Jody Bargerstock Andrew Porter Lifestyle Mentors Charlotte Larsen Richard Krein Innovative Health Technology Inc. Donaline Egipciaco Complete Health Education Center Richard Roberts Baudilio Oyola Pedro Leroux Janice Darby Sun Ahmed Portusalud Lorene Jordan Mark McNally Rochelle Frizzell Ramon Diaz Support Systems Ezekiel Hwang Soo Chin Lee Kim Hunter Liomarie Oyola Ana Peralta

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New Lifetime Ranks achieved in April Director 700 Carol Coleman Richard Hilliard Nancy Shaw Danny Crowell Allan Sachey Andrew Gilbert Kerma Greaves Mark Porter Richard Bishop Ronald Lindner Jessie Smith Jacquline Watanabe Eric Nekoba David or Marlene Rawls Michelle Marshal Rafael Quezada- Polanco Mitchel O. Morales Juan Hernandez Al Avelsgard Alona Roach Raul Cruz Be Well Misty Wintz Herb Depot & Organic Market Melanie Ferebee Martha Albrecht Scott and Patti Spraycar Rich Williams Brian And Meredith Feddes Bill Mcintosh Doc for Long Life Emerson Pooser Kevin Lee Lora Coulter Lydia Graham Carl Marinaccio Frank Marinaccio Damian Toribio Johnny Urraca

Virginia Cannon Francisco B. Guell Jose Gil L&R Consulting Jee-Hyun Dixon Ann Richardson Brandon Coffey Carmen Sierra Joy C. Willett Jackie Lindsey William Rivera Victoria Rodriguez Paul Van Ballegooie Adam Moore Sarah Taumoli Kathleen Jacques Ricardo R. Rivera Barral Turners Linda Andersen Richard Callarman Emily Mariano Karyn Grant Steven Meek Andrew Kang Oil In My Lamp LLC Lifestyle Mentors Farah Hosman Tae Kyun Kim Esther Alcantara Kirti Kalidas Miguel Angel Rivera Rosalisse Torres

Bronze Executive Charles Penner ION Life LLC HeartB LLC Stephanie Nepon Ronald Johnson Rafael Rivera

Juan Garcia B N J International Inc. Next Level Ventures Ae Kang Mayra E Perez Rivera

Silver Executive PC Klebier Trust Rocky Mountain Kelly and Connie Jerome Kenneth Reeves

Gold Executive JPL Company International Business Associates Lane K. Fujii Corp. The Health Connection Breakthrough Health Craig Lindner Laura & Larry Morris Mark Porter Rafael Rivera Juan O. Rodriguez Juan Leon Wilfredo Rivera Shun Ming Lu Rocky Mountain Vickie Johnston Dale Wright Project REACH, LLC Elizabeth Moore Artie Oyola Karl Roller

Diamond Karl Roller

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Upcoming Events ASEA Now! Conference Call Every Tuesday, 7 p.m. MDT Dial in: 605.475.4376 Access code: 86531#

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ASEA Opportunity Meetings Tuesday, April 6, 7 p.m. Stirling Club at Turnberry 2827 Paradise Road Las Vegas, NV 89109 David Reeder, Paul Taira, Chance Wilson

Every Wednesday, 7:30 p.m. Country Inn & Suites 10499 S Jordan Gateway South Jordan, UT 84095 801.533.1151

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ASEA Connect - May 2010  

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