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March 2010

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The Right Direction: Sue Brenchley Criteria Met: Michael Stern Total Belief: Dr. Paul Klebs

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Independent Lab: ASEA is free of banned substances

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Time to indulge: Elite Executive Retreat Cash in! Cash for Cases ends April 30 Double down on your Director’s Bonus Business is Cruisin’ Kim Marie Larsen, Events Manager

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Executive Message March 2010

Vision, passion and the future Just over a year ago, ASEA was introduced to the world. This revolutionary product has been changing lives from the start. That‘s always been my vision for this company; that is my passion. It is my hope that through this newsletter, I can share that vision and that passion with you so that we can continue to accomplish great things together. With my background, I can tell you that experience is important. But just as important is passion. How can you put your heart and soul into something you’re not passionate about? We’ve shown you our passion. I know you have it too. From day one we’ve talked about vision. It will be an incredible task this year to top what we have already accomplished together. But as I look into 2010, I see amazing things ahead. I want you to share my vision of the future. I believe this newsletter will be a way for us to do that. I am excited about this new channel of communication. Our product is extraordinary. The research will continue, and more findings will only solidify what we already know: that ASEA is a true scientific breakthrough. No other product offers these incredible Redox Signaling reactive molecules. No other product does what ASEA does for the body. We are positioned for hyper-growth. The excitement is electric, and is rippling through every town where ASEA has touched a life. There are new stories of lives changed every single day. We have done so much, and this is only the beginning. Let’s see what we can achieve together.

Verdis Norton Founder and CEO ASEA

Associate Leader Insight March 2010

The right direction Changing her path mid-career to start a business with ASEA was not a decision Sue Brenchley took lightly. At the same time, it was a no-brainer. This veteran networker had built successful businesses with other network marketing companies in the past, and was in a pretty good place. “Owning my own business allowed me to be a work-from-home mom and make more than I could have in corporate America,” she said. She left her regular job 20 years ago, and has been enjoying a full-time income from her network marketing business ever since. So when Sue met Verdis and James for the first time, she wasn’t in a position where she needed an opportunity. But their 20-minute meeting turned into hours. Then, when Verdis asked her what she thought, Sue said, “I think I just went on a blind date and fell in love.” The trick was convincing her husband, who thought she was a little insane for starting all over. But Sue’s pretty savvy about what it takes to make it, and how to keep her family onboard with this time-proven industry. So she convinced him, and in the short year since she started her ASEA business, Sue has proven that she made the right choice. “I’m making four times my maximum ever in this industry,” she divulged. That says as much about Sue as it does the ASEA opportunity. “I always had the vision and the dream about the possibilities—the perfect company, the perfect opportunity,” she shared. “But I’d start working, and somewhere along the line, it would become a struggle. But with ASEA, it’s different. There’s no struggle.” Sue goes on to say that ASEA is not some “magical company that’s going to solve everybody’s problems.” But for her, it is the perfect fit. “I have finally found the company that fits all the parameters for me. All the pieces are here.” That combination means Sue can give ASEA her all. For her, it all comes down to what the product is doing for people. “It’s knowing that there’s going to be a new story today,” she smiles, “and I can’t wait to watch it unfold.”

Sue Brenchley is a Triple Diamond from Ogden, Utah

Associate Leader Insight March 2010

Criteria met Last fall, Michael Stern was on the hunt for the perfect opportunity and had been for two years. In his 30 years of experience in network marketing, he had worked the distributor angle, consulted, advised, and been in executive management. “Then I decided that it was a lot more fun to be a distributor than to manage,” he laughed, “so I started to look.” But Michael was a tough customer. He had specific criteria in mind. His standards were high. It couldn’t just be a great product with a great comp plan. The company ownership had to have integrity. “I’ve seen that become the downfall of some companies,” Michael expounded. “And to be a distributor and be in denial, hoping people will change, is painful. You can get your horse shot out from under you.” After two years of searching, Michael was starting to doubt. “I had started to think maybe it was a utopian idea; maybe there was no such company,” he recalled. Even though he didn’t want to settle for the best of the worst, Michael was starting to change his expectations. That’s when he was introduced to ASEA, and the criteria stacked up. With a background in both building network marketing businesses and in the health aspects (he’d been researching the same science that’s behind ASEA for seven years), Michael knew he was onto something. “I wanted ASEA in my life,” he stated. As for the business aspect, Michael has been going full throttle since he became an Associate in late September. For him, it’s different from the other opportunities he tested the waters with over the last few years. “I was never able to give it my all; I held back a little,” he admitted. “I just didn’t have complete confidence in all aspects of those companies.” Now, nothing holds Michael back. ASEA meets all the criteria of that utopian company he always imagined. “Finding ethics and character is unfortunately a hard thing to find in this industry,” he says. Then he brightens. “But I’ll tell you, if I weren’t an Associate, I would still use the product. The science behind ASEA is something many scientists think is impossible to do, yet we have it.”

Michael Stern is a Triple Diamond from Scottsdale, Arizona.

Associate Leader Insight March 2010

Total belief For Dr. Paul Klebs, his ASEA business is all about the product. A thirdgeneration herbalist, Dr. Klebs has committed his life to looking for ways to help people get their health back. He has a degree in naturopathic medicine, although he admits that sometimes he wishes he would have remained a “commoner,” because, as he puts it, “You don’t have to have a degree to get good results.” People from all over the world come to Dr. Klebs’ clinic, so he was already successfully helping people live healthy lives when he was introduced to ASEA. “I didn’t need more money,” he explains. “I didn’t need a network marketing opportunity—and I certainly wasn’t going to promote a product that I only half-believed in.” Still, he didn’t decline the invitation to come to Salt Lake City and meet with Verdis and James and hear what they had to tell him about ASEA. That was all it took. Dr. Klebs is amazed at what ASEA can do for his patients, and he’s happier with his own health now than he was before. “We get pretty panicky if it looks like we’re going to run out before our Autoship comes,” he grins. He’s just as enthusiastic on behalf of others. “It’s such a good product that you almost feel like you’re denying a friend—or even a stranger—a chance at having their life back,” he asserts. “The fact that I get paid for doing something this easy, well, that’s a bonus.” Dr. Klebs’ passion for helping people be healthy has brought him far, fast. At the time of this interview, he was just stepping off of a cruise ship after a week in the Caribbean…all paid for by ASEA. That’s right. We’re talking about a guy who started his ASEA business just before Thanksgiving. “It’s easy to be committed to ASEA,” Dr. Klebs concludes, “because of those phone calls from someone who’s so excited because they’ve overcome something they thought they were going to have to live with the rest of their life.”

Dr. Paul Klebs is a Director 700 from Long Lake, South Dakota. He was ASEA’s top recruiter in November & December 2009.

Product Corner March 2010

Independent Lab: ASEA is free of banned substances Every health product worth its salt wants what ASEA has just received: clean certificates of analyses required by the World Anti-Doping Agency. This 11-year-old organization, more simply known as WADA, promotes, coordinates, and monitors doping in sport, in all its forms. It is funded by both the sport movement and various governments, with key focus on scientific research, education, development of anti-doping capacities, and monitoring of the World Anti Doping Code—the document harmonizing anti-doping policies in all sports and all countries. ASEA has been thoroughly screened by an independent lab and has been found free of banned substances, including steroids, beta blockers, diuretics, opiates, and stimulants. The certificates arrived just last month, and they substantiate what we already know about ASEA: that while this product has components that are native to the body, increases the effectiveness of the body’s antioxidants, and supports the immune system, it contains absolutely no banned substances. What do these certificates mean to you? That you don’t have to hold back, no matter who you’re sharing ASEA with. It’s fit to boost the health of even the healthiest world-class athlete, and it contains nothing questionable. Every human being can enjoy total peace of mind about what ASEA can do for the body.

Events and Promotions March 2010

Time to indulge: Elite Executive Retreat Come and experience all the warmth and hospitality of ASEA at one of the most sought-after vacation destinations. The Elite Executive Retreat is May 20 – 23, 2010, at the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Resort, in San Diego. This coastal-chic resort just received a stunning $65 million transformation, and you and your guest will get to take it all in, expenses paid by ASEA!

Along with all the fun and fine dining, you’ll get in-depth personal development and extraordinary business training that will help you take your ASEA business to exciting new levels. Ready to pamper yourself? Here’s how: Become a Gold Executive or higher and remain active between now and May 1, 2010. See you in San Diego!

Events and Promotions March 2010

Cash in! Cash for Cases ends April 30 We did it during the holidays, and it was a huge success. So in case you missed it the first time (or if you just want to cash in again), Cash for Cases is back! For every four cases of ASEA you sell when enrolling a personally sponsored Associate, ASEA will pay you an extra $50! Those four cases can come any time during the month, so sell them all in one swoop, or accumulate them one by one. A few scenarios: you can sponsor one person at the four-case level, two people at the two-case level, or four people at the one-case level. Any one of those combinations gets you that extra $50 bonus. (Or if you simply can’t choose, do them all and pocket $150.) There is no limit to the number of $50 bonuses you can earn. Whatever you rack up during the month, you’ll see on the first commission check of the following month.

Double down on your Director’s Bonus It’s really not a gamble. You’re in total control of doubling your Director’s Bonus. Just sponsor an Associate who makes it to Director within 10 days of joining ASEA, and your Director’s Bonus goes from $50 to $100. It’s all about helping you jumpstart your organization. You see, more Directors in your organization means higher commissions for you. So why not get there faster? Oh, and another reason to hurry: the Double Director’s bonus ends April 30!

Events and Promotions March 2010

Business is Cruisin’ I can’t think of a better way to end February than to find myself on a cruise in the Caribbean! It was my privilege to join the winners of our recent cruise promotion on the Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Sea for a week of pampering, entertainment, and adventures in Cozumel and Belize. Not only did this week allow for some rest and relaxation, but many of the ASEA Associates were able to share stories and experiences with each other about their success with the product. I believe friendships were formed and memories were built which each Associate will be able to look back on with fondness for many years. We started our trip in Miami Sunday evening, where James Pack joined us for a Bon Voyage dinner on the pool terrace; a perfect place to begin new friendships. Monday morning we went from our hotel in a stretch limo to the port of Miami where we boarded our beautiful ship. Each person had a fabulous balcony room, which allowed them to enjoy the spectacular views from the ship at all times. We left Miami as a storm was blowing in, but fortunately it only lasted the first night and we had smooth sailing for most of the trip. Even though we didn’t have the sun every day the temperature was warm and we enjoyed every minute! The ship was packed with activities, shows, classes, and food to enjoy. There were dances, sports competitions, shopping, jazz bands, and the great entertainment. Every evening we enjoyed our dinner together in the formal dining room where we could share the day’s experiences. It was fun to see everyone dressed up and being pampered by our wonderful waiters, and the food was absolutely delicious! We had our dinner at sunset and could watch the sun slip below the water. We even enjoyed watching the dolphins jump through the waves, swimming along our ship as we dined. Port days were filled with exciting shore excursions: snorkeling, Mayan Ruins, island tours, the zoo in Belize, and of course plenty of shopping! It was definitely a week to remember, and the first of many, many fun and exciting ASEA incentive trips to come! Kim Marie Larsen, Events Manager

Breaking Through March 2010

New Lifetime Ranks achieved in February Director 300 Joachim Fayani Richard Hilliard Robin Blanc Mascari Linda Sherwood Mark Patterson Michelle Cummings Andrew Scott Eric Nekoba Ronald Johnson Felix Cancio Debra Foley Caren Bagley Andy Wurz Martin Flores Michelle Marshal Ana R. Santiago-Gotay Lucia Espinal Dr. David Miller Mas Wealth Group Inc Joel Carmichael Douglas McPhie William Rodriguez Rolando Aguilar Ted Bartley Jack Dahlen Vickie Johnston Kenneth Reeves Doug Lovell Patricia Ward B. Gene Peterson Juan Garcia Kevin Yeaman Peter MacInnes Lorena E Gualtieri

Lori Sipling Don Beaver Rich Williams Phyllis Lamping Delton Willett Julio Velazquez Ortiz Toy L. Hightower Il Yun Jang Marilyn Barling Gary Fink Kevin Lee Dori Powell Rick Roby Dale & Joanie Mowery Robert Dixon Carl Marinaccio Rhonda Jones Janeen Agosto Jung Ja Kim Hyun Soo Choi Julie Chin Dr. Fred Conlee Brandon Coffey Karl Grigg

Director 700 Fernando Delgado Mark Mays Britta Slinger Amy Plump Alfred Gauert Charles Penner Kevin Tolar Amelia Alvarado Ken Hightower

Marlon Luna Shelley Chase Joel Carmichael Laura Morris Stephanie Nepon James & Marie Isom Robert Shutt Russ von Allmen Robbie Fowle Terry Balser William Boles Rafael Rivera Ben Mayberry Blaine Ferguson Juan Leon Wilfredo Rivera Katherine Saunders Marcia Thurmond Dr. David Miller Maria I. Collazo Lavonne Vaughan Jim Heckman Vickie Johnston Kirk Bartch Dale Wright Soon Kim Kelly and Connie Jerome Patricia Ward Juan Garcia Delton Willett Regan Edens Betty O’Brian Kimberly Hilton Tamia Colon Betty Kim

Breaking Through March 2010

New Lifetime Ranks achieved in February Bronze Executive


JPL Company Gerardo Reyes Simply Health, LLP Live Well, Inc. Juan O. Rodriguez Talon International Marketing Jan Doolin Jim Heckman

Eben Stone, LLC. Health and Wealth

Silver Executive Mi Young Chung Kevin Porter Simply Health, LLP Live Well, Inc. Jose Hiram Santiago-Santiago Talon International Marketing

Double Diamond Eben Stone, LLC. Health and Wealth

Triple Diamond Health and Wealth Polaris Diversified Inc. Eben Stone, LLC

Gold Executive Karl Roller

Platinum Executive Momentum International Health and Wealth

Your ASEA Calendar March 2010

Upcoming Events Saturday, March 13 Orlando Regional Meeting Crown Plaza Orlando Airport 5555 Hazeltine National Drive Orlando, FL 32812

Saturday, March 20 Salt Lake City Regional Meeting Marriott University Park 480 Wakara Way Salt Lake City, Utah

Saturday, April 10 Honolulu Regional Meeting Location to be announced

May 20–23 Elite Gold Executive Retreat Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Resort San Diego, California

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