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June 2010

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Executive Message June 2010

The Science Makes It Possible Let’s talk about what makes ASEA different. It’s almost a “where do I start?” conversation, but today I want to focus on just a few of the things that put ASEA at the forefront. One, we’re first to market. Two, ASEA is cutting edge (but on an entirely new blade). And finally, ASEA is “The Un-Juice.” These things, if we take them at face value, are all understatements. ASEA is first to market, and that’s the only place it can hold because it’s in a category all its own. It’s first to market because it’s the only product of its kind that’s even on the market! And its patents ensure that it will have no competition. ASEA is the only Redox Signaling product, period. ASEA is cutting edge because it has created an entirely new edge. It’s not even cutting with the same blade. ASEA is a new concept, in a category all its own. It’s not just more nutritious—it’s not some product that we packed more of this and more of that into so that it can beat its competitors. ASEA has no competitors! It’s a stand-alone scientific breakthrough that addresses human health from its own angle: Redox Signaling molecules. This brings me to my final point. We’re not in the “juice wars” because ASEA is not a juice. It’s a scientifically proven source of native Redox Signaling molecules. ASEA boosts the body’s ability to heal itself. That’s an advantage that no other supplement can offer. You are armed with the product that can do the most good for the most people. You are part of a business that is redefining supplementation and changing the way people look at nutrition. This makes you a part of something truly amazing and truly significant.

James G. Pack President, ASEA

Associate Leader Insight June 2010

Making a Positive Impact After nearly 25 years in the network marketing industry, David and Debbie Reeder had it all. They’d lived in nice homes, driven the cars they wanted, and they’d been able to spend time with their kids. In fact, when their kids were young, and a neighbor asked their four-yearold what his dad did for a living, he replied, “Nothing. He just stays home.” That’s the way the Reeders had wanted it. As newlyweds, they were in the fast-food business, working all the time, and not making money. Debbie remembers, “I wanted to be a stay-home mom, and all we needed was an extra thousand a month. So that was enough for me to turn away my negativity about network marketing.” You could say the rest is history. Almost. The Reeders made six figures that first year and continued on a successful path, recruiting tens of thousands during their career and helping them turn their lives around. So why in the world would such successful people leave what they were doing and come to ASEA? It all came down to the product. “A friend of ours had given us some ASEA in the late fall of last year. We read the list of ingredients and laughed. Salt water? Really?” David smiles. Then they tried it. Another laugh. “Salty pool water.” David and Debbie set their ASEA aside. It wasn’t until Debbie picked it up again and started getting results that they started to pay attention. David recalls, “I thought, ‘If this is for real, it’s going to be huge.’” So the Reeders did their due diligence. They researched the product, the compensation plan, the company, the management, and the market. Determined not to get “blinded” by their excitement about the product, they took their time—three months in total. All of their criteria checked out. Still, they had one big hurdle. “We were making six figures in our other company,” Debbie explains. What they had already built—and what they were earning—were hard to walk away from. But the science behind ASEA and the results they had seen were hard to deny. “We had almost given up any hope of finding something like this—that there would be a product to do what ASEA does,” David says. “Even some scientists thought it was impossible.” Debbie adds, “You can make all the money in the world, but if you’re not affecting people in a positive way, it’s not the same. We just couldn’t not do ASEA.” Although starting over was a sacrifice, the Reeders wouldn’t trade their experience. “This is what a network marketer lives for,” Debbie says “—getting goose-bumps every time you hear another story.” David and Debbie Reeder work their ASEA business from their home in Naples, Florida.

Associate Leader Insight June 2010

The Greatest Good Just as Amy and Leo Grant’s ASEA business was getting off the ground, Leo was diagnosed with cancer and was given only a few months to live. That was in January. “I was just laying the foundation that comes before the momentum,” Amy recalls. But it is because of their ASEA business that Amy is able to be Leo’s full-time caregiver as he battles for his life. In any other field of work, she would not have the flexibility to put her focus where it needs to be. She was actually ready to put her business on hold and devote full time to his care, but Leo said, “Amy, keep going Diamond. Then if anything happens to me, I know you’ll be taken care of.” So part of her care-giving is continuing to build her ASEA business. “It’s for his peace of mind and my security,” she says. Though she’s a seasoned networker, Amy has plenty of experience working for corporations. More than 30 years ago, while Leo was finishing his masters degree, Amy was in management at a large department store. “We had three little boys at home, and I was torn with working long hours and wanting to be with my kids,” Amy remembers. So when she was introduced to network marketing, Amy jumped in and started to build. But when her boss found out, he said. “Mrs. Grant, we will have no executives moonlighting. I’ll give you 30 minutes to decide if you’re going to continue your promising career here or build your little business.” Though stunned, Amy was undaunted. “I decided that a glimmer of hope and a pinprick of light were worth any price,” she remembers. Her boss didn’t press her again, and within a few months she had matched her executive salary and was able to quit. Up until a few years ago, Amy remained an avid networker but ultimately left the industry because she felt that the situation she was in was preventing her from helping people to the extent she wanted to. So she went corporate again, and when the company she worked for closed its doors, she had a decision to make. “I had to decide if I would remain corporate or go to network marketing and help tens of thousands of people,” Amy recalls. “I decided to start looking for an opportunity.” Amy did her homework. She interviewed CEOs and distributor leaders of several companies. “I had to make sure I selected the right company—I’m 67 years old; I couldn’t start over ever again!” she laughs. Then she sat down with Verdis Norton and Jim Pack, and they met all her criteria. “I know that it takes exceptional management to have an exceptional company,” she explains. She says it’s a dream come true to have such high caliber people and an exclusive product that’s a breakthrough in science. Amy and Leo have been with ASEA now for 10 months and have yet to find any challenges with the company or the product. “That’s huge for such a dissector like me,” she smiles. Amy insists that ASEA is not just a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It’s once in history. “I have a mission to get out and spread the word. That’s what I’ve been doing.” Her goal is to take ASEA all over the world, to people she hasn’t even met yet. Amy admits it stretches her to continue to build her ASEA business with such pressing responsibilities at home. But she calls both jobs an opportunity to help others. “I’m grateful for this once-ever opportunity,” she concludes. Amy Grant is a Gold Executive from Lindon, Utah.

Associate Leader Insight June 2010

A Mother at Heart What attracted Tamia Colon to network marketing was the freedom to be who she was: a mother. What brought her to ASEA was a product that helped her child more than anything else she had ever tried. Twenty-two years ago, Tamia was a school teacher. She had to be there early, and she worked every evening grading papers and reading book reports. By the time she had her second child, a son who had health challenges, she knew she had to leave the classroom behind. “When he needed my attention, I had to ask permission,” Tamia recalls. “Sometimes the answer was yes; sometimes it was no. I got tired of getting permission to be who I was, which was a mother.” So Tamia stepped out on faith, and told the school she wouldn’t be returning the following year. “I didn’t know if I was going to have to go back with my tail between my legs, so I got serious in network marketing and did very well,” she says. “I have a saying, that a human being is like a tea bag. They’re at full strength when their behind is in hot water. You either make tea or get out of the cup, so I made tea.” Tamia has been a successful networker over the last two decades (she’s put her daughter through college with no loans). She was still a top leader at another company when she was introduced to ASEA. At first, she just started using the product and giving it to her son. But when he started getting positive results, it got Tamia’s attention. Her family has been taking ASEA consistently for three months now, and she’s starting to focus on the business. “I’m a Gold Executive, but I haven’t done anything yet, trust me,” she laughs. “Everybody will know when I get going!” Her motivation is to spread the word about the product. “I have to tell people about this company that helped my son,” she asserts. “My heart is in it. Unless you have a child like I do, it’s hard to understand. ASEA came at a time I was desperately looking for help. It’s only fair I tell people.” Tamia is excited to devote her efforts to her ASEA business, knowing that she’s creating security for her children. “I’m building a legacy, and I can close my eyes with a smile,” she says. That legacy extends to everyone she meets. “Every night before I go to sleep I know who I’m going to see the next day. I want to help them accomplish their goals. I’m always asking myself, ‘Who can I help get what they want?’” And Tamia knows that as she helps people, the residual income will build for her and her family. Tamia Colon works her ASEA business from her home in Smithtown, New York.

Product Corner June 2010

Have you seen the latest edition of Road Bike Action magazine? Technical editor Richard Cunningham has been putting ASEA through the paces for about 90 days, and his article in the July issue of Road Bike Action gives a glowing endorsement of our product’s effectiveness in aiding in athletic endurance, performance, and recovery. Some excerpts: “ASEA...discovered that athletes, on average, could push 10 percent longer at their maximum thresholds with high results in the 30-percent range and lows around 7 percent. After testing the stuff for three months, I’d have to agree with them. We could pedal harder longer and recover from repeated, 100-percent efforts in ridiculously short intervals.” “ASEA quietly powers up the muscles, dramatically reducing recovery times after over-the-top efforts, and it enables you to push precariously close to the anaerobic threshold for prolonged periods of time.... Typically, ASEA users can go hard over and over again and count on a full recovery within a few minutes. In addition, it is possible to push harder on the pedals for extended periods without going anaerobic.” “Most people simply feel fresher and more energetic when using the stuff. Residual muscle pain and soreness is considerably reduced during a hard ride, so it encourages riders to push even harder.” “Hi-Torque [the company that publishes Road Bike Action] has a long-standing policy of not recommending any supplement or drug for cycling, partly for liability reasons, and also because we lack the resources to do double-blind scientific evaluations of every compound that claims to enhance performance. We can say, however, that our three-month trial use of ASEA substantiated Dr. Samuelson’s laboratory results.” The word is spreading. ASEA offers substantial advantages to athletes, and now more and more people are hearing about it. There’s a buzz out there in the athletic community, an excitement that cannot be stopped. The secret is out: ASEA provides profound results in performance, endurance, and recovery.

Events and Promotions June 2010

First Gold Retreat a Huge Success “In my 17 years in network marketing, I’ve been to a ton of events,” says Gold Executive Trish Schwenkler. “But I’ve honestly never been to a better event than this!” Pretty powerful statement, and one that was echoed by virtually all the attendees at May’s Elite Gold Retreat in San Diego. What made this event so memorable, so effective, and so powerful? “I think we’re approaching the perfect blend of substantial training and sheer fun,” says Bruce Call, ASEA’s vice president of marketing & sales development. And the schedule sure indicates that: two major sessions of extraordinary professional development training punctuated by poolside barbecues, behind-the-scenes tours of Sea World, jet-skiing, and fine dining. What could be better? The retreat began with a Thursday night welcome reception in the cabana courtyard at the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Resort. The surroundings were magnificent, the tropical flora and soft music providing the perfect background for dozens of conversations that seemed to glide from one side of the lawn to the other. Even the constant thrum of conversation was a backdrop to the essence of the evening: a genuine and open feeling of camaraderie and shared purpose. The group then traveled to the museum at the world famous Scripps Institute of Oceanography, perched on the cliffs of La Jolla Shores, where they enjoyed a catered sunset meal before retiring for the night. Friday morning saw the inaugural session of ASEA Development Training, powered by StrategicLink. Our Gold Executives became the first network marketing group in history to participate in Fortune 500-level business training, led by Tyler Norton. This training is the result of ASEA CEO Verdis Norton’s

Events and Promotions June 2010 vast experience in strategic planning and execution during his years at Kraft, combined with field-tested refinements by son Tyler. To try to describe the fundamental power of this training is impossible, because it is unlike anything network marketing has ever seen. But understand: this was no fluffy motivational session. “I work off a basic principle,” says Tyler Norton. “To motivate me and not to train me… is to frustrate me.” No one left this event frustrated. Friday afternoon was dedicated to serious fun, with attendees heading to the beach for jet skiing, sailing, kayaking, volleyball, and to be honest, a whole lot of lounging around. Say what you want to about the exhilaration of speeding through the surf with sea spray kicking up behind you, but sometimes nothing beats a pleasant conversation among friends in beach chairs. The volleyball court saw plenty of action, though, with the losing side always declaring, “We’ll see you at the rematch in Hawaii!” The day came to a close with a poolside barbecue featuring heavenly ribs and chicken, the soft glow of the setting sun, and ice cream. Does that sound like a perfect combination, or what? Saturday brought another round of extraordinary training, with attendees using Friday’s Ethos Core exercises as a foundation for identifying critical issues based on internal and external assessments. What? Don’t know we’re talking about? Guess we’ll see you at the next ASEA Development Training in Park City this August! But even if you don’t understand the terminology now, just know this: every Gold Executive left San Diego with the tools and training they need to articulate their individual values, mission, and vision, and to identify the challenges they face and express them in a way that allows them to overcome those hurdles and succeed like never before.

Events and Promotions June 2010 Saturday afternoon was spent with the local wildlife. Sea World, to be exact. Private tours were arranged so that every Gold Executive could feed the flamingoes with Flamingo Chow and the sea lions with slick, slimy mackerel. They even got to tickle leopard sharks! Nearly every Associate agreed: they’d never washed their hands so many times in one afternoon! The guides were knowledgeable and fun, the seating at the shows was ideal, and the whole backstage experience gave the Associates a unique perspective on our ocean friends. The day—and the event—wrapped up with a spectacular dinner cruise through the harbor. Drinks and hors d’ oeuvres on the top deck, the fresh breeze coming in off the Pacific, and the same sense of camaraderie as the first night, only intensified by the shared experience of the industry’s most remarkable personal and professional development training. Seated for dinner on the interior main deck, everyone enjoyed a delicious meal while viewing the night skyline of San Diego on the east and Coronado Island on the west. After the meal, company founders Verdis Norton and James Pack presented each retreat qualifier with a crystalline trophy commemorating the event. There will never be another first Elite Gold Retreat. But if this was just the first, imagine what will come! The next opportunity for this industry-revolutionizing, barrier-breaking training is the August Elevation in Park City, Utah. To qualify, you must attain Gold or higher just once between May 2 and July 31, and of course, you must remain qualified and active. We had 46 Associateships qualify for the San Diego trip. How many will make it to Park City? Will you be one of them?

Events and Promotions June 2010

Historic ASEA Launch Coming Soon

September 9 – 11 in Las Vegas

This is THE launch event, and it will be monumental. If you’re with us at the fabulous Paris Hotel for this event, you will not only witness history, you will make history. We have on our hands the most unique, beneficial supplement in history. And we have tools, tips, and just the inspiration you need to take ASEA to more people than you ever thought you could. There are four ways you can make the convention experience even more rewarding: Promotion 1: Earn Your Way to Convention • • • •

Register for the convention at Monthly, for every four cases of ASEA sold during the enrollment process of personally sponsored Associates, you earn $50 in Convention Cash. Accrue as many $50 Convention Cash bonuses as possible between May 2 and September 4. At the Launch Convention, you’ll be handed all your earnings in cold, hard cash! You must be present to receive this bonus.

Events and Promotions June 2010

Historic ASEA Launch Coming Soon Promotion 2: Get Your Convention Registration FREE! For the first 500 Associateships only! • • •

Register for the convention at Click the Paris Hotel link and book at least three nights. You’ll receive a 30% discount; $139 instead of $199! After convention attendance and completion of hotel stay, you’ll get an immediate rebate covering the cost of registration for one!

Promotion 3: Top Recruiters Incentive • • •

Private limousine transportation from the Las Vegas airport to the Paris Hotel and back Complimentary upgrade from a Paris Hotel standard room to a Lemans Suite: separate sitting area, wet bar, marble bath, double vanities, and a whirlpool tub Private dinner with the ASEA Founders and executives

Register now at!

Promotion 4: Founders Club • • • • •

Attain Bronze Executive or higher between May 2 and September 4 Special recognition during the convention Private lunch with company founders at convention Registration fee is rebated Everlasting fame! This is the only time to qualify; membership in the Founders Club will be closed after September 4!

Events and Promotions June 2010

Convention Cash Winners Congratulations to nearly 350 Associates who have already earned a collective $27,000 in Convention Cash! When these outstanding individuals attend our Launch Convention in September, they’ll get their earnings in cold, hard cash…some of them right on the stage! Want to be part of the fun? Here’s how it works: For every four cases of ASEA sold during the enrollment process, you’ll rack up $50 in Convention Cash. The bonuses are figured monthly, and the period runs from May 2 to September 4. To receive Convention Cash, of course, you must register for and attend the convention.

$650 McKenzie Enterprises $350 Young Duk Yamane $300 Dwight Matsuyama James Ontai Pedro Leroux $250 Debi McMurray Lora Williams Minsuk An Kurt Kaminaka Chong Seo Chon Edythe Collier $200 Ramon Diaz Merle Lam Phoebe Gardner Ray Collier Maria Lemus Jose Gil Gary Uyeda Richard Renn

$150 Lane K. Fujii Corp. Marlon Luna Debra Briley Holistic Services & Products Inc Kirti Kalidas Janet Hall Min Hye Lee Jan Nishioka Rose Barrows Kyungsook Kim Hyun Joo Chon Michael Kaneda Wayne Tokujo M C F Enterprises LLC Miguel Ramirez Henrietta Parker Ibeth J Cuevas Rivera Coral Johnston $100 William Finn PC Klebier Trust Simply Health, LLP Tracy Yamaguchi Robert Shutt Eric Nekoba David & Marlene Rawls

Events and Promotions June 2010

Convention Cash Winners $100 Yosenny Avelsgard Patty & Sinjin Smith Alan Clark Mark Epley Juan Garcia Scott Adams Into Life Inc. Jee-Hyun Dixon Robert Coffey Bluegrass Wellness Young Wee Wade Yokoyama Deborah Oshiro Carol Larson Jin So Yi Mokihana Jensen Deric Ishihara Steven Meek Eric Kolesar Rafael Rodriguez Kathy Howell Steven Berendes Annette Siver TLC Katy Ginger Davis Kevin & Marilyn Farmer Luz E. Diaz Hedy Llibre Tom Kroupa Debra Nauyokas Marta Martinez Karen Mizushima Alex Fernandez Hector Veras Sanchez Delia V. De Pena Jennie Thomas Jennifer Goldstein Laureano Luz Yuwon Park Yume’ International

Chong Sup Hwang Mary Ruth Swope Jadelin Chun Gerald & Elizabeth Phillips Maria Caridad Jimenez New Home New Life LLC Perry Coblentz Eun Suk Lim Chong Chu Chong C Bae Chon Calen Meza Kairos Advantage, LLC Damian Toribio Karyn Grant Sun Ahmed Mary Stevenson Mary Jane Aboud Dennis Boyd Carolyn & Keith Dangerfield Tinna Sato Robert Von Sarbacher Chungsoo Choi Anibal Candelaria Teresita Diga Scot Inouye Project Reach, LLC Pat Allen John Williams Jody Bargerstock Ezekiel Hwang Revis Gowan Jay Tyler Lovey Scott Cain Chun Dynamic Ed~Ventures Louis Muise John Oblenes $50 Sue Brenchley JPL Company

Dale Lunt Charles Penner Danny Crowell James Stephens Robert Smith Craig Lindner Tyson Price Rising Sun Del Ball Brian Sklar #320 Laura & Larry Morris Lazarus Creek Trust Aaron Frazier Holly Milne Mary Milner Maria M. Harrison Luisa A. Sanchez Randy Panado Maureen Candland Alona Roach Kimberly Madrigal Katherine Bernhardt Vickie Johnston Sophia Kim Shirley Herrin Advance Learning & Development Institute Myron Manliguis Glenda Marrero & Julio C.Romero Healthpro, LLC Tim Long Sung Hochhausler Carl Marinaccio Rosanne Donahoe Pilar Garcia Susan Williams Stottco Brandon Smith Daniel Johnson Utah Valley Wellness

Events and Promotions June 2010

Convention Cash Winners $50 Sharon Nelson Learta Moulton Drink To Your Health, Inc Wilma Hogan Maria N. Avelar Maria J Latorre Yeong Chang Park Indalecio L. Jimenez Edgar Smiley, Jr. Jennie Lin Back In Balance Tammy Ross Lynn Wallace Jerry Neal Amara Konteh @aboy Inc Paul Van Ballegooie Stacie Reeves To Your Health! Howard Wilson Clayton Holmes Dustin Judd Karen Garza Shari Salisbury Glenda Swanson Marilyn Silcox Cesar Sanchez Scott N. Bradley Steve Finch Richard Krein Farah Hosman Diane Smith Tae Kyun Kim Melinda Brown John McDonald Shawn Fraser Warren Matsumoto Lorene Jordan Mary Williamson Thelma Morris

Bobby Annis Future Generations Health Corp Juan Lugo Fred Davis Kendra Baker Mericol Corp Elma Martin Dave Anderson Jhun Mariano Carol Pacheco Joe Gouaiana Martin Pytela Debbie McQuarrie Dave Teves Rev. Ligia Allaire Ellen Tadd Nancy Won Maui Family Chiropractic Jim Rabb Carole Graham Jess Smith William Penhart Shari Measles Frank and Sheryl Fluckiger American Film Studios Trina Cote David Colon Virginia Hart Ronnie Walton Rigoberto Bustamante Sandra Stewart Elsa Johnson Greg Poulos 3 Harry Poulos Omar Rocha Lottie Jennings Tricia Julian Jeong Won Kim Eduardo Munoz Poorworld Mission Kiryeklou Rachael S. Shin-Loo

George Paavola David & Jani Dangerfield Stacey Mckay Cyndy and Larry Rubic Julio C. Leroux Kevin Bethel George Aboud Mike Wieferich Aina Kalanui Mary Brown Chong Cha Salic Organic Bug Inc Rafael Ortiz Sun Hu Chong Revelation 7 Consulting, Inc Angel Trust Jamey Harrison Carolyn Bates Clara Hernandez Lupe Gamez Gks Ohana Marilyn Robertson Chai’s Beauty and Health Inc Valiere Way Joe Willhite Sandy Evangelista Salud Universal 2010 Chong Hae Kim Brett Adams MRCI Rick Shimabuku Alex Feliciano Korena Matsumoto George T. Gamble Lindco Jane Parker Mark Portugue Re Wilson and Associates Group Clare Apana Onmuk Cabral Kwang Ja Chon

Events and Promotions June 2010

Convention Cash Winners Nahua Mahoe Elohim Inc Ivan1 Christina Orozco Gui Sook Kim Heather Bean Bryan Vitug Yeon Sook Kim Connie Boucher Brent Hone Naomi Muramoto Ana Rodriguez Linda Sherwood Tracy Razo James & Marie Isom Carol Christmas Joshua and Nikki Jerome Anna Gallman Nan Warren Elizabeth Moore

Path to Health Dale & Joanie Mowery Celsa P Rocha Maxen Media Virginia Cannon Louann Savage Carl Christensen Caroline Ferreira Charlotte Czarlinsky Marion Corbin Mayer Janice Darby Shane Sereday Pam Jackson David Chuah Gregory Poulos Monika Zaplana Clover Watson Diana Chang Yeon Jin Kim Elba Urbaez

Efigenio Jaquez Rebecca Kauwe Lynn Kelley Matthew Atwood Amy Smith At Distributions LLC Patricia Gilliss Conrad & Laura Fuller Kathryne Spirk Anselmo Trevino Evangelina Luna Ten and Free Inc Kyle Courchane Dr. Mario Martinez Lopez Gary Pratt Bill Wellenstein New Vision Systems, Inc. 9 Star Health Robin Stroud

Breaking Through June 2010

New Lifetime Ranks achieved in May Platinum Executive

Director 700

Simply Health, LLP Kevin Porter

Joan Sitterud Joan Tynen Wellness Support Services M C F Enterprises LLC Reyna Rios Jose Evora Shirlain Kramlich Dale & Joanie Mowery Laura Vazquez Frank Blau Celsa P Rocha Tasha Herrin Stottco Jerome Jones Fe Rosas Constantine Panakos Jeannette McCoy Charles Lum Christina Hazen Heart 2 Heart of America Inc. Brent Harper Kathy Clark Winning Solutions LLC Miguel Evora Karl Grigg Konnie Wilson Dewey Matsumoto Donaline Egipciaco Shane Sereday Mary Jane Aboud Toy L. Hightower Vision Point Marketing Dr. Fred Conlee Jean Nakama Irene Hamasaki Burnettorg, Inc. Bette Jean Jones Herb Veasey

Gold Executive Pamela Wilson Patricia Gilliss Eckerson Equipment Inc. PC Klebier Trust HeartB LLC Ruben Rivera Jan Doolin Jim & Suzanne Heckman Kirk Bartch Mary & Jonathan Hollar Tamia Colon Gerardo Reyes

Silver Executive Juan Garcia Karyn Grant

Bronze Executive Frank Marinaccio Sandi Cianfaglione Brandon and Meagan Coffey Jennifer Jones Joshua and Nikki Jerome Jody Bargerstock Eric Nekoba Ranel Erickson Maria Lemus

Support Systems Cyndy and Larry Rubic Scot Inouye Clenora Hudson-Weems Sharon B Gutierrez Priscilla Zayas Bluegrass Wellness Ultimate Power Source, LLC Sung Hochhausler Robert Coffey Ibeth J Cuevas Rivera Keith Ridd

Director 300 Richard Gilliss David & Helen Baker Maureen Candland James Monllos Greg Packard Jerry Lindsey Jose Monteagudo Air Doctorx Heating & AC Myrta Molina George Laws Sharon Nelson Ely Mauricio Chinchilla Olga M C Gonzalez Lois Posner Kathleen McGarry Bernadette Hughes Angella Spinney Ron Hadley Brian DeMattos Burmond McIntosh Cindy Riesen Thomas Bliss RS Distribution Inc. Lauren Osburn

Breaking Through June 2010

New Lifetime Ranks achieved in May Director 300 Michael Sinn Jose Martinez TLC Katy Mike Meadows Gold + Silver Wings Aviation Irma Mendoza Young Mah Coral Johnston David Riccardo Jeff Young Valerie Thornburg William Vela Pedro Martinez Judy Majeres Max Health Center Chris Brown Sol W. Sanchez Anselmo Trevino Mary Stevenson Pam Jackson Tinna Sato Ronald Schaefer Justin Waddell Tania M. Matos Cotto Anna Gallman Judy Massiah Logos Susan Williams Maria N. Avelar Indalecio L. Jimenez Tammy Ross Afton Westwood Waldemar Sanchez Cate Allen Betsy Masaschi Annette Siver Jan Nishioka Rachael Fujii Lindsey Rubic

Richard Bobis Antonieta Barnes Pat Allen Zane Enterprises Inc. Dr. Jim deBoer Dino Viena Diane Smith Carlene Roberts Thelma Morris Myong C Mah Henrietta Parker Ananda Oneal Daniel Zaplana Dale Lunt Frances F. Shimotsu Maria M. Harrison Jonathan Freeman Carol Larson Mary Williamson Armida Gamez Lupe Gamez

Director Jim Clark Marvin Heileson David Mauss Wendell Wild Kairos Advantage, LLC. Lillian Bristol Luke Coffey Dustin Judd Robert Wheeler Lisa Kepoo God’s Heartlight Ministry Rhonda Davis Miriam Grullon Thomas Mahood Jonathan Manning Sumner Aligned Resources LLC

Maureen Peterson Ronald Barr Sonia Rubiano Carol Pacheco Enrique Coradin Carolyn & Keith Dangerfield Kevin Gimenez Ministries Janice Cowherd Adelle Klungland Gregory Poulos Betzaida Vazquez Edythe Collier Glorisel Lugo Miguel A. Escobar Carole Graham Jim Mason Keith Johnson Raul Ortiz Randy Johnson Simon Padron Santiago Infinite Freedom Big Heart Time Less Ak Vallet Rainbow Forever Kevin Rivera Kyle Courchane Sharon Castro Feliciano Loera Michelle J Kim Elva Holmes Rolando Calderon Asenath Lawton Reuel Erickson Raphael Erickson Jennie Thomas Kyungsook Kim Grace Chae Beverly Nichols

Breaking Through June 2010

New Lifetime Ranks achieved in May Director Orlando Santiago-Otano Julie Arora Doo S Kim Edgar Smiley Jr Jennie Lin Erika Amaro Debi McMurray Debra Briley Kurt Kaminaka @aBoy inc Kevin or Auralee Koch Kathryne Spirk Carol A. Stalteri Andre Richardson Linda Harrisong Rafael Rodriguez Brock Clermont Adele Manera Juan Lugo Mayra Castro Hedy Llibre Elizabeth Ramirez Julio M Rivera Evelyn Barral Joe Gouaiana Lora Williams Philip Shaner James Ontai Allison Wilson Monika Zaplana Anela Rosa Javiel Gonzalez Rose Barrows David Colon Dr. Bob Burdette Elba Urbaez Revis Gowan Lottie Jennings Robert von Sarbacher

Young Duk Yamane Chong Seo Chon Yahoko Funakoshi Anita Harrison Money at Home Club, Inc. Jerry Tipton Dynamic Ed~Ventures Lovey Scott Mary Ruth Swope Dee Laderer Scott Adams Tim and Dusti Ozburn Susan Jackson Brian Van Patten Warren Matsumoto Madelin Merced Colon Liliana Arbe Ginger Davis Janet Hall Robin Stroud Elaine Ikenaga Jeannie Johnston David Lucas Phoebe Gardner Ana G. Gracia Kelvin J. Marte Ouisha McKinney Ten and Free Inc Brandy Stephens Richard Renn Dr. Mario Martinez Lopez Cecelia Kim Eric Holtan Gypsy I. Cordova Yuwon Park Carlos J. Torres Mary Brown Gerald and Elizabeth Phillips Clara Hernandez McKenzie Enterprises

Lynn Kelley Luis A. Lopez-Suarez Ana Antonia Alberto-Taveras Nado, LLC Anibal Candelaria Victor Lopez Carol Christmas Drink To Your Health, Inc Penny Koehler Karen M Clark Chris Essmyer Fred Davis Luz E. Diaz Elma Martin Evangelina Luna Estela C Valdivia Eileen Villafane Min Hye Lee Keenan Young American Film Studios Hector Veras Sanchez Richard Conklin Jene Pamela Burgos-Martinez Constance Ross Magdalena Espinoza Linda Nickerson Tatiana Erickson Glorimar Aristud Orobitg Donna Kimberly Johnson Kaer Erickson Salvador Orellana Cecilia Miranda Chungsoo Choi Bill Wellenstein Hyun Joo Chon Amy Vesper Minsuk An Benjamin Bliler Michael Kaneda Royal Marketing Group, LLC

Breaking Through June 2010

New Lifetime Ranks achieved in May Director MRCI Anthony Sanneh New Home New Life LLC Hector Serrano Matos Chong Chu Chong Teresa Luna Tracy Razo Path To Health, LLP Steve Tubbs Sandra Jarvis Karen Garza Deric Ishihara Manuel C Cisneros Dennis Boyd Remy Boots Tom Kroupa Marta Martinez Catherine R. Corwin

David Chuah Karen Mizushima Dina Mino Salem A Sargi Sandra Sinclair Kay Ward Delia V. De Pena Jerry McAdams Omar Rocha Lourdes Calderon Renaun Erickson Sylvette Merie Padron-Santiago Hiram Nazario Rex Bush Louis Muise Teresa Romero Gary Pratt Jose Gabriel Acevedo Angie Worley Ada Milagro Cana

Matthew Atwood Maria Caridad Jimenez New Vision Systems, Inc. Shirley Colon Cruz Bruce S. Williams Francisco Ramirez Amy Smith Sonia Acevedo Arturo Palacios Teresita Diga Wayne Tokujo John OBlenes Ray Collier AT Distributions LLC CCRNJBMJ, LLC Eun Suk Lim Gary Uyeda C Bae Chon

Your ASEA Calendar June 2010

Upcoming Events ASEA In Touch Conference Call

ASEA Momentum Meeting

First Monday each month, 6 p.m. PDT

Wednesday, June 16, 6:30 p.m.

Dial in: 605.475.4376 Access code: 86531#

Hotel Caribe Hilton 1 San Geronimo Street San Juan, PR

ASEA Now! Conference Call Every Tuesday, 6 p.m. PDT Dial in: 605.475.4376 Access code: 86531#

ASEA Opportunity Meeting Every Wednesday, 7:30 p.m. MDT Country Inn & Suites 10499 S Jordan Gateway South Jordan, UT 84095 801.533.1151

Associate Business Training Saturday, June 10, 6:30 p.m. 170 Wiwoole Street (Next to Blaine’s Drive Inn) Hilo, HI 808.936.5497

ASEA Momentum Meeting Friday, June 11, 6:30 p.m. Doubletree Alana Waikiki 1956 Ala Moana Blvd. Honolulu, HI 808.941.7275

ASEA Momentum Meeting Thursday, June 17, 7:30 p.m. LegacyFit 77 NE 24th Street (Off NE 2nd Ave.) Miami, FL 305.799.0850

ASEA Momentum Meeting Saturday, June 19, 10 a.m. Crowne Plaza Orlando Airport 5555 Hazeltine National Dr. Orlando, FL 407.856.0100

August Elevation August 19-21 Park City, Utah

Diamond Founders Retreat September 29 – October 3 Grand Hyatt Kaua’i Kaua’i, Hawaii

ASEA Momentum Meeting (Korean) Saturday, June 12, 11 a.m. Ala Moana Hotel 410 Atkinson Dr. Honolulu, HI 808.944.4333

ASEA Connect - June 2010  

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