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August 2010

IN THE NEWS Executive Message ASEA…poised for greatness…experiencing growth, and it’s because of you! Corporate Updates Associate Support: Karen Reilley, Director, Associate Support Building Your Business: Elise Lane, Compliance Manager Athlete Spotlight James Lawrence

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Executive Message August 2010

ASEA…poised for greatness…experiencing growth, and it’s because of you! ASEA is truly poised for greatness. We’re experiencing new growth every quarter, and it’s because of you. You are doing great things, and that’s where greatness comes from— people accomplishing great things. What you’re creating is not a fad. It’s not temporary excitement. You are causing the growth we’re experiencing, and you are ensuring long-term success and vitality. We’re gaining momentum because ASEA works and because you work. Verdis and I recognize this and want to thank you for your tireless efforts. This is a phenomenal time to be at ASEA.

James G. Pack President, ASEA

Corporate Updates August 2010 When you look for exceptional service, what or who do you look for? When I look for exceptional service, I don’t have to look very far. I see it every day. At ASEA, we believe there is opportunity for exceptional service every day, with every contact. Whether it be helping you to the car with your will-call order or taking extra time on a phone call to ensure your questions are answered accurately and clearly, we will do whatever it takes to make your experience, and the experience of your customers, exceptional. We start by looking for the right people to make this happen; people who are passionate about how they can serve others every day. Once we find the right people, we give them the training and attention they need to be empowered for success. Associate Support recognizes the awesome responsibility to provide an elevated level of service. And that level of service includes supporting each Associate and their individual needs, goals, and dreams. We respect the challenges and triumphs of your efforts by delivering the best experience possible at every opportunity. I thank you for giving Associate Support the opportunity to applaud your accomplishments and provide encouragement to you during those inevitable challenges. ASEA Associates distinguish themselves in part because of their spirit, their integrity, and their commitment to the betterment of all those they serve, and we will always honor that distinction. Every day I hear miraculous stories of selflessness through the generous efforts of our Associates, and it is truly humbling to be serving you in our capacity. We recognize that every contact with you is an occasion for us to be the voice of Verdis Norton and James Pack. It is an awesome task to represent such incredible individuals, and we accept the challenge every day to earn and keep your trust and confidence that we will always do the right thing, for the right reason. Karen Reilley, Director, Associate Support

Building Your Business August 2010

Protect Your Success Although ASEA is a young company, we are not inexperienced. The ASEA executive team alone brings nearly 60 years of direct selling experience and expertise to the benefit of the company. Critical to our success has been our understanding of the importance of Associates, employees, and even third-party vendors making appropriate product and income claims relating to ASEA. ASEA is committed to consistently reinforcing the importance of representing ASEA products and the opportunity in an appropriate manner. Our corporate experience, combined with our Associates’ willingness to operate within the established protocol, has thus far allowed ASEA to avoid the government attention and inquiries that some other companies have been subject to. Thank you so much for helping us keep a spotless record! It never hurts to review our policy regarding claims, so here it is: As an independent ASEA Associate, you may not make any claims that are not in compliance with applicable legislation and the Associate Contract. You may not make any claims respecting the independent business opportunity or ASEA brand products that are not found in company literature or Web materials. This includes claims made in—but not limited to—websites, presentations, video and audio files, sales tools, testimonials, or any meetings. ASEA is a dietary supplement and is not intended to prevent, treat, or cure any disease or medical condition. Those are the legal words, and they’re very important. But really, here’s what it means: Every single one of us—executives, Associates, and employees—has an obligation to bring the benefits of ASEA to the world. And accomplishing that mission requires that our company remain in good, positive standing with government and regulatory agencies.

Compliance is more than rules—it’s smart business. Thank you for being so good at knowing, understanding, and following the guidelines. It benefits all of us! ASEA Compliance

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Athlete Spotlight August 2010

James Lawrence When triathlete James Lawrence first tried ASEA, it was a true test—he was already in great physical shape. “It’s a little different going into it in peak condition. Of course, an unhealthy person is going to feel a change. But for me, it’s hard to tell slight differences,” James says. In fact, at first James didn’t believe a word of what he was being told about ASEA. So he didn’t just rely on waiting to feel a difference. He went over to the local university to do a VO2 Max test. Then he used ASEA for six weeks and went back. “I went at a steeper incline and a faster pace, and did it with a lower heart rate,” he marvels. It was just the kind of benefit that appealed to James. He’s not your average triathlete who trains for one event and accomplishes it. James is going for a world record: completing more Ironman 70.3 competitions in one calendar year than anyone in history, and he’s doing it to raise awareness and funds to build water retention dams in Kenya. Right now, the world record stands at 20, and James is closing in on it. Guinness is tracking him; he’s already completed 12 this year. “I’ll break the record at the world championships in November,” he states. His total for 2010 will be 22. Breaking that world record is something James has been told time and again that he can’t do. “I’m taking on the hardest endurance discipline, and doing it over and over again,” he explains. “I’ve been told I can’t, that I won’t recover, that I’ll get injured.”

But in July, after James had just completed his tenth event of the year with ASEA a part of his regimen, he observed, “I posted my fastest time, 10 events into my season. Explain to me how that happened.

Something is there.”

Now he doesn’t dare stop taking ASEA. “It’s definitely worth it,” he says. “I don’t want to chance going off it.”

Associate Leader Insight August 2010

Tell Your Story

No doubt you love to tell people about your experience with ASEA. Well, don’t leave us out! We want to know what the product has done for you, how the opportunity has changed your life…anything that’s happened that you’d like to share. We might even feature your story on our website! So get sharing, and send your story to

Passionate Again When Colleen Murray was first introduced to ASEA, it was because her friend Sue Brenchley wanted her to try the product—even if she wasn’t ready for the business. Colleen had lost her 25-year-old son earlier that year and was taking that first year to regroup. But Sue insisted that Colleen take the product to keep her body healthy. So Colleen agreed. And even though she had an amazing personal experience with ASEA, she kept it to herself. “I didn’t call Sue because I wasn’t ready to work,” she smiles. “I didn’t know if I could be passionate again.” She still had a few months left in that year she was taking off, but she needed more ASEA. “I’ve had dozens of other products sent to me,” Colleen explains, “but none were like ASEA. So I called Sue.” Before Colleen knew it, she had committed to fly to Salt Lake City and learn about the company, which she did in January 2010. More than 20 years earlier, Colleen had fallen in love with network marketing because it allowed her to be a stay-at-home mom, and because the only way to succeed was by helping people. “You reach out,” she explains, “and some want your help, while some are going to stay where they are, and that’s okay.” Fast-forward to January 4 of this year, and Colleen was listening to a presentation on the highest-impact product she’d ever seen. “I realized with the science, that there’s no competition. At that moment, I went from flat-lined to having passion back in my life,” she beams. “It felt good to realize that I could.” A month later, Colleen had 20 leaders of her own flown to Salt Lake to see what ASEA was all about. She’s becoming more and more focused, and she loves knowing that she can still impact people’s lives. Although there are still hard days, Colleen says that she honestly has passion again. “I have a purpose,” she says, “a mission to go for.” She maintains that she’s never seen anything as powerful as this product and this company. “Nobody could pay me to stop delivering the message of ASEA. Such a high-impact product, the biggest thing this industry is going to see!” Colleen Murray is a Gold Executive basing her business out of her home in Orlando, Florida.

Associate Leader Insight August 2010

Sold on the Science Even before he’d ever heard of ASEA, Gary Uyeda’s passion was to empower people to be the best they can be. Up until three months ago, he had done that through his physical therapy practice. Now he does it through ASEA as well. It started with a phone call from a childhood friend who had experienced good results with the product. So Gary looked into it. He researched the claims, digging into the data. “I fell in love with the science,” he recalls. And he saw the possibilities. “ASEA has such a broad-based application,” Gary explains, “that it can get at the root of a health concern.” That was a huge realization for Gary, who has always maintained that preventive health is each person’s individual responsibility. He explains, “In our society we consider early detection as preventive care. No it’s not. That’s just detecting pathology that’s present, but it’s not preventing the pathology. ASEA is truly preventive care, not just early detection.” Gary became an ASEA Associate on his birthday last May. It was his first network marketing undertaking. “I had always understood the powerful leverage of network marketing, but never found a product I could get involved with,” he says. “I’m not a salesman. If I know there’s something equivalent that’s cheaper, I can’t sell it.” But ASEA was different. There is no equivalent. A true breakthrough. Gary also saw the business possibilities in that aspect of ASEA—not just for himself, but for those people he helps empower. “ASEA is synergistic with helping people use whatever gifts and talents they have. Nothing replaces our health. ASEA helps that, and it can also help any person change their life financially.” Gary still practices physical therapy, but as he sees it, he now has more tools to help people in other areas of their lives. Gary Uyeda is a Bronze Executive living on the island of Oahu. He currently leads the company in the Convention Cash promotion.

Associate Leader Insight August 2010

Truly Motivated Six years ago, soon after motivational speaker and real estate guru Gerardo Reyes and his wife Mary wed, he promised her: “No more MLM.” Gerardo had been “burned” by another company that had gone under when he was at the top, and he just wasn’t going to risk it again. So he stuck to filling conference rooms with excited crowds, and he focused on selling houses. Until his friend called him. “He had no credibility, really,” Gerardo laughs. “He calls me all the time with a new opportunity to look at.” But this friend knew that Gerardo is a romantic at heart, and when he offered him a romantic date with his wife just for doing a fly-in meeting at ASEA, Gerardo couldn’t resist. “This is where the miracle happened,” Gerardo remembers. “When you’re in the motivation business, you know how to read people. We were only an hour into the presentation, and they hadn’t even talked about the product or money, but I’d never heard a speech that was so from the heart.” Gerardo looked at Mary and said, “Are you in?” And just like that, they were back in network marketing. The remaining few hours of the presentation confirmed their decision, and for the last three months, Gerardo has been “going like crazy.” He told his upline, Rose Mary Skinner, that he would get out of real estate when he was making half his current income with ASEA. “That happened last week,” he smiles. Gerardo is so passionate because he loves changing people’s lives. “People say, ‘Gracias,’” Gerardo marvels. “But anyone can do this. It doesn’t require school or training—all you need to do is share.” Now he and Mary are building a legacy for their son. “Everyone comes into the world with a mission,” Gerardo explains. “Unfortunately, some can’t exercise that mission because they lack the funding. I want my son to be able to do what he was meant to do.” So Gerardo holds three ASEA meetings every day, and he plans to have five Diamonds on his team by December. “I want to be part of something,” he asserts. “We’ll change the world; not just the country, but the world. I want to be a pioneer in this.”

Gerardo ia a Gold Executive working his ASEA business from his home in LasVegas, NV.

Events and Promotions August 2010

Historic ASEA Launch

September 9 – 11 in Las Vegas

This is THE launch event, and it will be monumental. If you’re with us at the fabulous Paris Hotel for this event, you will not only witness history, you will make history. We have on our hands the most unique, beneficial supplement in history. And we have tools, tips, and just the inspiration you need to take ASEA to more people than you ever thought you could. There are four ways you can make the convention experience even more rewarding: Promotion 1: Earn Your Way to Convention • • • •

Register for the convention at Monthly, for every four cases of ASEA sold during the enrollment process of personally sponsored Associates, you earn $50 in Convention Cash. Accrue as many $50 Convention Cash bonuses as possible between May 2 and September 4. At the Launch Convention, you’ll be handed all your earnings in cold, hard cash! You must be present to receive this bonus.

Events and Promotions August 2010

Historic ASEA Launch Promotion 2: Get Your Convention Registration FREE! For the first 500 Associateships only! • • •

Register for the convention at Click the Paris Hotel link and book at least three nights. You’ll receive a 30% discount; $139 instead of $199! After convention attendance and completion of hotel stay, you’ll get an immediate rebate covering the cost of registration for one!

Promotion 3: Top Recruiters Incentive • • • •

Private limousine transportation from the Las Vegas airport to the Paris Hotel and back Complimentary upgrade from a Paris Hotel standard room to a Lemans Suite: separate sitting area, wet bar, marble bath, double vanities, and a whirlpool tub Private dinner with the ASEA Founders and executives See qualifications in this newsletter

Register now at!

Promotion 4: Founders Club • • • • •

Attain Bronze Executive or higher between May 2 and September 4 Special recognition during the convention Private lunch with company founders at convention Registration fee is rebated Everlasting fame! This is the only time to qualify; membership in the Founders Club will be closed after September 4!

Events and Promotions August 2010

Founders Club Want to be an inaugural member of the ASEA Founders Club? All you need to do is reach the level of Bronze Executive between May 2 and September 4. Do that, and you’ll receive special recognition and a private lunch with the Founders at the Breakthrough Convention!

Current Qualified Members of the ASEA Founders Club Terry Balser, Jody Bargerstock, Talon International Marketing, Halcyon Group, Mi Young Chung, Brandon and Meagan Coffey, Jack Dahlen, Uranio Delos Santos, Jan Doolin, Eckerson Equipment Inc., Mark Epley, Lane K. Fujii Corp., Anna Gallman, Juan Garcia, Patricia Gilliss, International Business Associates, Karyn Grant, The Health Connection, Simply Health LLP, Toy Hightower, Scot Inouye, Momentum International, James and Marie Isom, Kelly and Connie Jerome, Joshua and Nikki Jerome, Coral Johnston, Jennifer Jones, Ruby Juarez, Ask the Coach, Inc., PC Klebier Trust, PEP LV, Dynamic Ed Ventures, Maria Lemus, HDL LLC, Craig Lindner, HeartB LLC, Property Shapers Inc., Dewey Matsumoto, Breakthrough Health, Elizabeth Moore, Laura and Larry Morris, Rocky Mountain, Johsnon Mukaida, Eric Nekoba, Stephanie Nepon Juan Nolazco, Jon Norton, Charles Penner, Mark Porter, Kevin Porter, New Concept Marketing Solutions LLC, Gerardo Reyes, Ann Richardson, Rafael Rivera, Wilfredo Rivera, William Rivera, Celsa P Rocha, Karl Roller, JPL Company, Jose Hiram Santiago-Santiago, Live Well Inc., Health and Wealth, Polaris Diversified Inc., TangoVision Inc., Chris Thomas, Eben Stone LLC, Damian Toribio, Cache Valley AutoSpa Inc., Gary Uyeda, Lavonne Vaughan, Project Reach LLC, Bluegrass Wellness

Events and Promotions August 2010

Top Recruiters Incentive You know that our Top 10 recruiters will get the royal treatment in Las Vegas—private limo, upgraded suite, special private dinner with the Founders. So who’s in contention? Here’s the list of the current Top 30. Caution: This list is in alphabetical order…who knows who’s in the lead? And who knows who will come from nowhere to take a spot in the Top 10?

Accelerated Academy Bob & Sara Michael Chad Mizunaka Coral Johnston Debi McMurray Dennis & Julie Downey Dwight Matsuyama Edythe & Ray Collier Eric Nekoba Gary McKenzie

Gary Uyeda Ginny Holliday Ibeth J Cuevas Rivera James & Marie Isom James Ontai Juan Garcia Kurt Kaminaka Kyungsook Kim Kyungsook Kim Lane K. Fujii Corp.

Louis Muise Merle Lam Minsuk An Pedro Leroux Penelope Taylor Phillip Langston Sr. Property Shapers Inc Ramon Diaz Shawn Mashino Young Duk Yamane

Events and Promotions August 2010

Convention Cash Winners Congratulations to all the Associates who have already earned Convention Cash! When these outstanding individuals attend our Launch Convention in September, they’ll get their earnings in cold, hard cash…some of them right on the stage! Want to be part of the fun? Here’s how it works: For every four cases of ASEA sold during the enrollment process, you’ll rack up $50 in Convention Cash. The bonuses are figured monthly, and the period runs from May 2 to September 4. To receive Convention Cash, of course, you must register for and attend the convention. $1,050 Gary Uyeda $850 Dwight Matsuyama $750 Merle Lam $700 Young Duk Yamane $650 James Ontai $600 Edythe & Ray Collier Lane K. Fujii Corp. Ramon Diaz $550 Eric Nekoba, Minsuk An $500 Debi McMurray Property Shapers Inc

$400 Kyungsook Kim, Penelope Taylor, Shawn Mashino $350 Chad Mizunaka Ginny Holliday Kurt Kaminaka Louis Muise Pedro Leroux $300 Accelerated Academy Charles Penner Coral Johnston Gloria & Fernando Martinez Holistic Services & Products Inc Ibeth J Cuevas Rivera James & Marie Isom, Juan Garcia, Kyungsook Kim, Lora Williams, M C F Enterprises LLC, New Vision Systems, Inc., Pc Klebier Trust, Phillip Langston Sr., Wade Kochi

$450 Bob & Sara Michael Dennis & Julie Downey

Events and Promotions August 2010

Convention Cash Winners $200 A Second Chance, Americo Ramirez, Antonio Salazar, Bluegrass Wellness, Bryan Vitug, Calen Meza, Caralyn Olson, Carol Larson, Chandy, Inc., Deborah Oshiro, Deirdre Thornton, Dewey Matsumoto, Dynamic Ed~ventures, Frances F. Shimotsu, Gary Fergerstrom, HDL LLC, Ilona Sebesi, Jose Gil, Jpl Company, Karen Mizushima, Kirti Kalidas, Leimomi Kealoha, Lovey Scott, Marcel Wolfe, Mark & Crystal Catron Pa-C, RN, Pamela Presser, Patys Cleaning Service, Phoebe Gardner, Polaris Diversified Inc., Richard Renn, Ricky Albrecht, Robert Coffey, Robert Von Sarbacher, Rose Barrows, Royal Marketing Group, LLC, Sharon Ruff, Susan Shima, Ten And Free Inc, Teresita Diga, Tim Long, To Your Health!, Vernise Madsen, Viking Consulting LLC., Wayne Ohta, Wayne Tokujo, Wilfredo Rivera, William Smith $150 Advanced Cellular Health Inc, Ana Rodriguez, Anibal Candelaria, Anthony Luckey, Argelia Leiva, Arron Matsuyama, Ask The Coach, Inc, At Distributions LLC, Atomic Wellness LLC, Bill Wellenstein, Brent Earl, Carole Graham, Cellwise, Clinton Ray Miller, Consuelo Muñoz, Danny Crowell, Darryl Soliven, David Colón, Denise Rivera, Don W. Merrill, Donald Glenn, Ducarmel Hyacinthe, Eric Kolesar, Eun Suk Lim, God’s Heartlight Ministry, Heart 2 Heart Of America Inc., Henrietta Parker, Horacio Edward Lagrave, Hyun Joo Chon, Jadelin Chun, Jan Nishioka, Jenn Swatzke, Jose A. Rosado, Justin Takaki, Kristin Sunderhaft, Lea Glover, Leading Edge Technology, LLC, Learta Moulton, Lizette Lacoursiere, Lorene Jordan, Lorenzo Gama, Manuel Eicher, Maria Caridad Jimenez, Maritime Clinic Of Natural Healing, Mark White, Marlon Luna, Mary Jane Aboud, Min Hye Lee, Momentum International, New Home New Life LLC, Pamela Shurilla, Park & Susan Brownell, Patty Blonda, Paula Stevens, Perry Coblentz, Project Reach, LLC, Rafael Ortíz, Rafael Rodríguez, Rebecca Kauwe, Rodney Yap, Scot Inouye, Stanley K Nakasone, Steve Latronic, Supreme Love Trust - Ministry, Tinna Sato, Tracy Razo, Trina Cote, Ursuline Joseph, Vital Living LLC., Young Wee $100 Alan Clark, Alan Kessler, Alex Fernandez, Alexander Kanamu, Alexander Zelner, Allis Lindsey, Ana Bourdier, Ann Richardson, Anna Gallman, Anselmo Trevino, Anthony Benabese, Anti Aging Associates, Apruel Thongchine, Barb McGee, Benjamin Adams, Best Water For You, Bicoy Investments LLC, Brenda Cochran, Brent Miesse, Bruce S. Williams, Cain Chun, Carla Elliott, Carmelo Vazquez, Carol Christmas, Carsie Green, Catherine Schober, Catherine Shaffer, Celsa P Rocha, Chong Chu Chong, Chong Hae Kim, Chong Sup Hwang, Chris Essmyer, Chungsoo Choi, Commodore Entertainment Ltd., Craig Lindner, Craig Twentyman Phd, Curt Tokunaga, Cynthia Carreiro, Damian Toribio, Dave Anderson, David Chuah, David Or Marlene Rawls, Daysha Hoshida, Debra Koszka, Debra Nauyokas, Delia V. De Peña, Dennis Boyd, Deric Ishihara, Dionisio Rosales, Dixie Davis, Donna Kimberly Johnson, Donna Matts, Dr Robert Rothan, Dr. Bernardo Majalca, Dr. Robert Fluskey, Duffpack Marketing Alliances Inc, Edward Adams, Eliezer Baez-Hernandez, Elizabeth Ng, Emiliesca Chong, Enrique Coradin, Enrique Lopez Colon, Ernesto &cecilia Solorio, Evelyn Marshall, Evelyn O’Reilly, Fe Rosas, Francisca Suarez, Francisco Ramirez, Gabriella Bejo, Gail Stevens, Gary Downum, George Sadd, George T. Gamble, Gerald & Elizabeth Phillips, Ginger Davis, Grant & Tina Richards, Gregory Poulos, Gui Sook Kim, Harry B Bartley, Harry Kamataris, Health Millenium, Healthy Habits, Hector Veras Sanchez, Hedy Llibre, Ignacio Salazar, Into Life Inc., Jack & Pam Nielson, Jack Dahlen, Jacque Jennings Carter, Jan Doolin, Jane McIntosh, Janet Hall, Janice Darby, Jason Johnson, Jay Tyler, Jeannie Johnston, Jee-Hyun Dixon, Jeffrey Okumura, Jennie Thomas, Jennifer Goldstein, Jerry Buchman,

Events and Promotions August 2010

Convention Cash Winners $100 Jess Smith, Jimmie Gates, Jin So Yi, Jody Bargerstock, Joe Gouaiana, John I Schwartz, John O Blenes, John Williams, Jolene Jacobson, Jonathan Buff, Jose & Zenaida Mota, Julene Price, Kairos Advantage, LLC., Karen Charbonneau, Karyn Grant, Kenneth Takaki, Kevin & Marilyn Farmer, Kiani Kaina, Kimberly Demars, Kitty Greer, Konnie Wilson, Laureano Luz, Linda Rivera, Lisa Romine, Lisa Y Shigemura, Lois Park, Lorena Villamil, Lorie Ingram, Louann Savage, Lucila Aguilar, Luis I Hernandez, Lynn Wallace, Manuel Henriquez, Margaret A. Coats, Margarita Ramos, Margarita S Garcia, Maria J Latorre, Maria V. Garcia-Martinez, Marilyn Willis, Marion Corbin Mayer, Mark Epley, Mark Porter, Marlene Kadow, Marta Martinez, Mary Brewster, Mary Ruth Swope, Mary Stevenson, Mary Williamson, Matthew Atwood, Melanie Raffaelli, Melvin Yoder, Michael Crum, Michael Miura, Mjs Health Systems, Mokihana Jensen, Money At Home Club, Inc., Morgan Hanohano, Myonghui Horning, Nahua Mahoe, Naomi Isa, Nelfa Ortíz, Norita Heideman, Oralia Gutierrez, Paige McElroy, Pat Allen, Patty & Sinjin Smith, Penny Neu, Phoebe Lambeth, Pilar Garcia, Preston Reeder, R.j. Nusz, Rachael S. Shin-Loo, Radiant Health, Ralph & Pat Schneider, Randall Young, Re Wilson & Associates Group, Restorative Therapy, Revis Gowan, Rick McKean, Robbie Lavoie, Robert Lovell, Robert Mengler, Robert Shutt, Robert Wheeler, Robyn Marrich, Rocina Contreras, Rosalina Chavez, Ruth Togami, Scott Adams, Scott N. Bradley, Sharilyn Limasa, Shelley Chase, Shelton McCord, Silvia Hernandez, Simply Health, Llp, Steven Berendes, Steven Meek, Stottco, Sun Ahmed, Sunja Lee Kim, Susan Salsido, Susan Yi, Susie Detweiler, Taylor Takata, Tlc Katy, Tom Kroupa, Tracy Tucker, Tracy Yamaguchi, Valerie Thornburg, Vanessa Bodon Chamorro, Virginia Cannon, Virginia Hart, Wade Yokoyama, Warren Matsumoto, Wealth Health & Technology, Inc., Wendy Ellis, West Cowboy, William Finn, William Penhart, Yonghui Kim, Yosenny Avelsgard, Yume’ International, Yuwon Park, Zane Enterprises Inc. $50 Maria Macias, @aboy Inc, Aaa Action Fast Services, Inc., Aaron Frazier, Adela Cordova, Advanced Learning & Development Institute, Ae Kang, Agnes Chase, Aina Kalanui, Alba Vargas, Albert Carter, Albert Kahoopii Sr., Alex Feliciano, Alex Simkovich, Allen Langford, Alli Bills, Allison Wilson, Alona Roach, Always Hear Hearing Center, Amara Konteh, American Film Studios, Amy Gates, Amy Smith, Ana Isabel Gonzalez, Ana R. Santiago-Gotay, Angel Trust, Anna Ko, Anthony Sanneh, Arnaldo Carrasquillo, Arnell Delos Santos, Ashley Souza, Atsuko Hale, B N J International Inc., Back In Balance, Barbara Cramer, Barbara Seymour, Better Drinking Technology, Betty Nakashima, Bev McCready, Bitterroot Chiropractic, Bobby Annis, Bradford Leleo, Brandon & Meagan Coffey, Brandon Smith, Brandon Stimpson, Brenda Harris, Brenda Nieto, Brenda Ramsey, Brent Hone, Brett Adams, Brian Sklar, Briana Voss, Brittney Banks, Bruce & Bonnie Lower, Carl Christensen, Carl Marinaccio, Carl Minns, Carlos Maldonado, Carmen Way, Carol A. Stalteri, Carol Arnold, Carol Cloud, Carol Pacheco, Carol Wilcock, Caroline Ferreira, Caroline Wallace, Carolyn Bates, Carolyn Green, Carroll Haddock, Catherine Wilson, Cathrine Vergara, Ccrnjbmj, LLC, Cecilia Miranda, Center For Optimal Vitality, Cesar Sanchez, Chad Kunitake, Chai,s Beauty & Health Inc, Charles Lum, Charlotte Czarlinsky, Cheryl & Don Abram, Cheryl Gipson, Chong Cha Salic, Chong Hae Kim, Christina Hazen, Christina Orozco, Christine Larsen, Christine Schumann, Christopher Rogers, Cindy Thompson, Claire Turner, Clara Hernandez, Clare Apana, Clayton Holmes, Clover Watson, Connie Boucher, Conrad & Laura Fuller, Curtis & K Lyn Thomas, Cyndy & Larry Rubic, Cynthia Kauka, Daisy Rivera, Dale & Joanie Mowery, Dale Lunt, Damon Elder & Associates, Damon Olaso, Dana Black, Daniel Johnson, Daniel Schmidt, Daniel Zaplana, Dave Teves, David & Jani Dangerfield, David King, David Riccardo, Dean Takamori, Debbie Norenberg, Debbie Prado, Deborah Del-Debbio, Deborah Douglas, Deborah Nason, Del Ball, Delilah Wilkerson,

Events and Promotions August 2010

Convention Cash Winners $50 Denny Stevens, Diamond R Enterprises LLC, Diana Chang, Diane Smith, Don Emler, Dorothy Riddle, Dottie Kiefer, Doug Webb, Douglas Nielsen, Dr. Faith Schumann, Dr. Mario Martínez López, Dr. Nelson Bloom, Dr. Rhema Adejola, Dr. Woody Bobb, Drink To Your Health, Inc, Dudley Stafford, Dustin Judd, Earl Purkey, Eckerson Equipment Inc., Ed Sprague, Edgar Delgado, Edgar Smiley Jr, Efaraima Aumavae, Efigenio Jaquez, Elana Shay, Elba Urbaez, Elizabeth Moore, Ellen Tadd, Elma Martin, Elohim Inc, Elsa Johnson, Eric Kamimura, Erica L. Villalobos, Evalee Matheson, Evangelina Luna, Evelyn Diaz Chico, Family Affair Enterprises, Farah Hosman, Felipe Gaucin, Felix Ramirez, Fluke Productions, Inc., Frank & Sheryl Fluckiger, Frank Glover, Frank Ksiazek, Fred Davis, Future Generations Health Corp, Gary Depontes, Gary Pratt, Gaylee Lefforge, Genesis Sterzer, George Aboud, George Churilla, George Paavola, Gerardo Reyes, Gerardo Vargas, Gilberto Castañon, Giovanni & Susan Iacobucci, Gks Ohana, Gladys Altagracia Lopez Rodriguez, Glen Detweiler, Glenda Marrero & Julio C.romero, Glenda Swanson, Glendods & Assoc, Global Marketing Concept, Greater Than Fitness, Green Up Phoenix. LLC, Greg Poulos 3, Haege Tokusato, Haekyung Chang, Haesook Park, Haidee Hammond, Halcyon Group, LLC., Harold V. Christensen, Harry Poulos, Healthpro, LLC, Healthy Concepts, Heartb LLC, Heartlight Blessings, Heather Bean, Hector Feliciano, Helen Newell, Hilario Montoya, Hiram Nazario, Holly Milne, Howard Wilson, Hyong Wi, Ike Waldner, Indalecio L. Jimenez, Ines Herrera, Inhwa Kang, Isaias Hernandez, Isaias Suarez Jr, Ivan Mercer, Ivan1, Jack Furst, Jacob Chu, Jacobgibson, James Moore, James Randolph, James Sniechowski, James Stephens, Jamey Harrison, Jamie Mayer, Jane Citino, Jane Griffith, Jane Pamela Burgos-Martinez, Jane Parker, Janine Moris, Jaris Ishimitsu, Jean Rasmusson, Jean Ryckman, Jeffrey Palama, Jennie Lin, Jennifer Brown, Jennifer Matties, Jennifer Sandiford, Jeong Won Kim, Jerome Jones, Jerry Neal, Jerry Taylor, Jessica Browning, Jesus M. Fernandez, Jesus Marin, Jhun Mariano, Jim Ashmore, Jim Berlage, Jim Gideon, Jim Rabb, Jim Woods, Joann Gamnis, Joe Borders, Joe Willhite, John Abner, John Baird, John Bradford Brownell, John Cheung, John Hance, John McDonald, John W Herrin, Johnnie Clark, Johnson Mukaida, Jon Ayres Baseball LLC, Joo Won Il, Jose L Arroyo, Jose A. Rivera, Joshua & Nikki Jerome, Joyce Dixon, Juan A. Vagas Mendoza, Juan Lugo, Juan Perez, Julia Breitman, Julie Winkler, Julio C. Leroux, Justo Lebron, Karen Garza, Karen Landon, Karl Grigg, Katherine Bernhardt, Kathleen Mulcahy, Kathryn McRae, Kathryne Spirk, Kathy Graham, Keith-Norman Lindsey, Kelvin J. Marte, Ken Walters, Kendra Baker, Kenneth Williams, Kevin & Gloria Lee, Kevin & Gayle Karns, Kevin Bethel, Kevin Hartman, Kimberly Bloom, Kimberly Madrigal, Kjell Larson, Korena Matsumoto, Kristine Sebastian, Kwang Ja Chon, Kwiyae Conner, Kyle Courchane, L&r Consulting, Larry & Nyla Orr, Larry Arnold, Laura & Larry Morris, Laurie Bagley, Lauro & Laura Zendejas, Lavonne Vaughan, Lazarus Creek Trust, Leah Earl, Leann Wickey, Leilani Nielsen, Lenice Valencia, Leonor Mendoza, Lifestyle Resource Management, Inc., Liliana Arbe, Lillian Bristol, Lillian Leong, Lincoln Henry, Linda & Dick Mecham, Linda Brown, Linda Rose Monette, Linda Sherwood, Lindco, Lisa Kraemer, Live Well International, Lloyd Shima, Lois Posner Rn, Lmt, Loren Miller, Lorena Ruiz, Lorenzo & Sherlauna Griffeth, Lori Heu, Lorna Nishimura-Yamaguchi, Lottie Jennings, Luis A. Lopez-Suarez, Luis Monegro, Luisa A. Sanchez, Lupe Gamez, Lynn Kelley, Maggie & Steve Terrell, Malcolm Murray, Malika Crozier, Marcus Bedrosian, Margaret Gold, Maria Garcia, Maria M. Harrison, Maria N. Avelar, Marilyn Robertson, Marilyn Silcox, Marjorie Russell, Mark Derscheid, Mark Portugue, Martha Garcia, Martin Pytela, Mary Brown, Mary Milner, Mary Robins, Mary Wolfsberger, Maui Family Chiropractic, Maureen Candland, Max Bason, Max Health Center, Maxen Media, May Mathews, Medical Dynamics, LLC, Mei Au, Melinda Brown, Melissa Walburg, Melodie Valley, Melvin Viloria, Merily Pompa, Merrillyn Rapoza, Michael Krochina, Michael Lanigan, Michael St George, Midnight Motor Group LLC., Mike McGinnis, Mike McHenry, Mike Tracy, Mike Wieferich, Miriam Grullon, Miriam Mursu,

Events and Promotions August 2010

Convention Cash Winners $50 Misty Wintz, Miyuki Edwards, Mj Ames LLC, Monika Zaplana, Mrci, Myong C Mah, Myron Manliguis, N D’S Kang, Nan Warren, Nancy Sackett-Goss, Nancy Won, Naomi Mitchell, Naomi Muramoto, Neal Salyers, Netrolink.LLC, Newmigawon, Nikki L’Heureux, Nvision Systems Inc., Ofelia Y Ruben Alcocer, Oksana Tsarenko, Olga Aponte, Omar Rocha, One Wellness, Onmuk Cabral, Organic Bug Inc, Ouisha McKinney, Paco De Jesus Cuesta, Page Hughes, Pam Jackson, Path To Health, Llp, Pathway Health, Patricia Dobernic, Patricia Gilliss, Patricia Zubarik, Paul Daniel, Paul Van Ballegooie, Perry Stutzman, Philip Agee, Philip Mann, Poorw0rld .mission Kiryeklou, Power & Puff, Pro-Found, Rachel Koszka, Rae House Creative Marketing, Rafael Millan, Randy Malak, Randy Panado, Rebecca Gilmer, Rebecca Showler, Rein Bonsma, Resa Bason, Rev. Ligia Allaire, Revelation 7 Consulting, Inc, Reynaldo Garcia, Rhelda Nye, Rhonda Davis, Ricardo Gonzalez, Ricardo Pina, Richard Krein, Richard Roberts, Richard Schuttler, Richard Williams, Rick Roby, Rick Shimabuku, Rigoberto Bustamante, Rising Sun, Robert Dixon, Robert Parker, Robert Smith, Robert Wigginton, Robin Braunagal, Robin Dickerson, Robin Stroud, Rocio Beltran, Rocio Chavez, Rocky Mountain, Roderick Evens, Ronald Okada, Ronnie Walton, Rosa E. Rodriguez, Rosa Flores, Rosben Ogbac, Rose De Oliveira, Rosie Gonzalez, Rosie Schoenenberger, Rosmarie Henson, Rwc, Ryan Shinmoto, Sally Castleman, Salud Universal2010, Sandi Cianfaglione, Sandra Fast, Sandra Stewart, Sandra Zediker, Sandy Evangelista, Sarah Elliston, Sarah Escaro, Scott Davis, Sergio Avelar, Seungock Son, Shane Sereday, Shari Measles, Shari Salisbury, Sharon Nelson, Shawn Fraser, Sheila Stene, Shirlain Kramlich, Shirley Herrin, Simon Padron-Garay, Something Different Inc., Sonia N. Santiago, Soonhee Kim, Sophia Kim, Stacey McKay, Stacie Reeves, Stephen Mahnken, Steve Finch, Steve Hageman, Steven Luedtke, Sue Young, Sun Hu Chong, Sung Hochhausler, Susan Askren, Susan Jackson, Susan M. Smith, Susan Williams, Suzi McKee, Suzy McLaughlin, Tae Kyun Kim, Takao Matsuzaki, Tammy Ross, Tanya Dennis, Team Vinh Le, Teresa Romero, Terry Johnson, The Hallberg Companies, Inc., Thelma Morris, Theresa Onuora, LLC, Tim & Jennifer Parker, Todd Clark, Todd Rutland, Tom Stitz, Toy L. Hightower, Traci Weston, Tricia Julian, Tyler Doo, Tyson Price, Ukcha Plke, Utah Valley Wellness, Valiere Way, Veba Townsend, Velma B Decker, Vernon Young, Vibert White, Victor I. Carrero, Vilmarie Casillas Maldonado, Vincent Salvador Jr, Vincent Strebe, Virginia Aste, Virginia Hansen, Viviana Moreno, Vks Enterprises, Wally Langley, Wayne McCormick, Wcc Services Inc., Wesley Yonamine, William Okada, Wilma Hogan, Yahoko Funakoshi, Yeon Jin Kim, Yeong Chang Park, Yvonne Caskey, Zane Salyers

Breaking Through August 2010

New Lifetime Ranks achieved in July Triple Diamond

Silver Executive

Tangovision, Inc.

Chris Thomas Scot Inouye Property Shapers Inc Ask The Coach, Inc Coral Johnston

Double Diamond Tangovision, Inc.

Diamond Craig Lindner

Platinum Executive Live Well, Inc.

Gold Executive Pep,LV, Scot Inouye Paul Van Ballegooie Sarita Rodriguez Chris Thomas James & Marie Isom Stephanie Nepon Jody Bargerstock Johnson Mukaida Uranio Delos Santos Ask The Coach, Inc Warren Kaneao

Bronze Executive Anna Gallman Danny Crowell Toy L. Hightower Marcel Wolfe Ruby Juarez Gary Uyeda Jack Dahlen Kimberly Bloom Celsa P Rocha Lavonne Vaughan Damian Toribio Dynamic Ed~ventures Terry Balser Britta Slinger KW & Associates, Inc William Rivera

Breaking Through August 2010

New Lifetime Ranks achieved in July Director 700 Gabriel Delos Santos, Lynn Wallace, Kupono Kaneao, Don Parker, Melvyn Nekoba, Uranio Delos Santos, Patty & Sinjin Smith, Weeden Enterprises, Brittney Delos Santos, Maria Laura Delos Santos, Kirstin Chickering, Christine Larsen, Maggie & Steve Terrell, Kristin Sunderhaft, Carol Cloud, Ricardo Gonzalez, Mary Stevenson, Dorothy Riddle, James Moore, Tammy Ross, Dionisio Rosales, Bernardo Ocampo Hernandez, John Lindell, Andrew Scott, John Kosora, Ted Wilson, Madelyn Ksiazek, Gary Uyeda, Catherine Wilson, Joe Gouaiana, Active At Altitude, Nan Warren, Trudy Schwenkler, Sophia Calderon, Gerizim Acupuncture Clinic, Andy Wurz, Pro-Found, Linda Rivera, Cynthia Carreiro, Carroll Haddock, Kellie Chvosta, Tani Kaneao, Marielle Castelon, Frank Ksiazek, Darla Requelman, George Delos Santos, Frances F. Shimotsu, Penny Koehler, Carmen Estevez, Ralph & Pat Schneider, Dennis & Julie Downey, Rosalina Chavez, Kurt Kaminaka, Vital Living LLC., Raul & Faustina V. Gonzalez, Patys Cleaning Service, Young Wee, Dr. Nelson Bloom, Zane Enterprises Inc., Mike Tracy, Chad Mizunaka, Peter Radu, Rafael Millan, Leading Edge Technology, LLC, Lauro & Laura Zendejas, Debi Jackson, Nancy Sackett-Goss, Bob & Sara Michael, Anselmo Trevino, Warren Kaneao, Kathleen Squires, Pamela Shurilla, Olga Aponte, Jeannie Johnston, Lillian Bristol, Dr. Bernardo Majalca, Yahoko Funakoshi, Jess Smith, Gail Connellee, American Film Studios, Mary Williamson, Dwight Matsuyama, Yume’ International, Kenneth Iwanaka, Cecilia Miranda, New Home New Life LLC, Herminia Ortega, Ronald Barr, Constance Ross, Wilkins Hernandez, Anibal Candelaria, Kenui Watson, Jimmie Gates, Rachael Fujii, New Vision Systems, Inc., Atomic Wellness LLC

Director 300 Rose Barrows, Suzanne Penton, Joan Galbasini, The Vasquez Group, Remy Boots, Anthony Benabese, Paige McElroy, Evangelina Luna, Enrique Coradin, Mary Milner, Beverly Fuller, Maui Family Chiropractic, Richard Stevens, Steve Poulsen, Albert Carter, Kjell Larson, Roberto Gonzalez, Learta Moulton, Carolyn & Keith Dangerfield, Pedro Valencia, Yeon Sook Kim, Consuelo Muñoz, Deborah Douglas, Joyce Dixon, Kevin & Marilyn Farmer, Todd Zane, Kristine Sebastian, Pauline Blake, Richard Ulrich, Tracy Razo, Wayne McCormick, Vernise Madsen, Tyler Wood, Jay Tyler, John Hance, Jimmie Gates, Maryanne Schampaert, Bill McKinney, Alvin Ishimitsu, Reggie Audant, Vladimir Curguz, Carol A. Stalteri, Gaylee Lefforge, Karen Garza, Richard Rivera, Rick Hendricks, Blanca Cardenas, Kurt Kaminaka, Dionisio Rosales, Lynn Wallace, Christine Schumann, Curt Tokunaga, Dudley Stafford, Darryl Soliven, Ralph & Pat Schneider, Michael Miura, Harry Kamataris, Gloria & Fernando Martinez, Yume’ International, Alexander Zelner, Eun Suk Lim, Wade Kochi, Ted Pack, Kainoamakua Mandaloniz, Brenda Harris, Mark Fabiano, Louis Muise, At Distributions LLC, Fran Sprague, Pat Miletich, Rebecca Kauwe, Wes Sims, Tom Gecan, Neal Salyers, Mayra Judith Cruz, Maria De Los Angeles Marin-Mendoza, Fred Hartsook, Dr Robert Rothan, Victor Lopez, Lorie Ingram, Jose & Zenaida Mota, Brent Miesse, Nado, LLC, Cellwise, Commodore Entertainment Ltd., Argelia Leiva, Richard Schuttler, Pamela Presser, Jon Ayres Baseball LLC, Paula Stevens, Steve & Michelle Barber, Robin Braunagal, Gregg Takamori, Adrienne Galloway, Waliyyuddin Sabir, Ginny Holliday, Helen Newell, Penelope Taylor, Susie Detweiler, Rosa Ybarra, Mike Tracy, Alan Kessler, Restorative Therapy, Gail Stevens, Raul & Faustina V. Gonzalez, Audrey Vasconcellos

Breaking Through August 2010

New Lifetime Ranks achieved in July Director Marsha Koller, Clinton Ray Miller, Virginia Hart, Jose A. Mercado, Jennifer Sandiford, Rosanne Cavalucci, Herbert Swift, Maria De Los Angeles Marin-Mendoza, Wade Yokoyama, Dorothy Dalton, Dottie Kiefer, Chris Burke, Valena Hernandez, Robert Mengler, Judy Carter, Ron Fralick, Team Vinh Le, Tamie Johnson, Page Hughes, Maria Ramos, Juan A. Vagas Mendoza, Donald Glenn, Ginny Holliday, Dalia Ramirez, Anamay Blanche, Scott Stansfield, Rwc, Ana Isabel Gonzalez, Lois Park, Martha Garcia, Virginia Aste, Mary Jackson, Brent Earl, Ryan Shinmoto, Horacio Edward Lagrave, Jamie Mayer, Alba Vargas, Andrew Johnston, Brent Miesse, Damon Elder & Associates, Keith Hampton, Doug Webb, Martha Bernal, Marjorie Russell, Gina Harris, Isaias Suarez Jr, Learta Moulton, Justin Takaki, Lorena Ruiz, Gilberto Castañon, Victor I. Carrero, Ducarmel Hyacinthe, Jorge Sandoval, Humberto Perez, Julene Price, Thinkforsuccess. com LLC, Anthony Luckey, Efaraima Aumavae, Adrienne Galloway, Supreme Love Trust - Ministry, Mj Ames LLC, Jkh Enterprises, Power & Puff, A Second Chance, Hector Feliciano, Tami Kalaiwaa, Catherine Schober, Katherine Martin, Park & Susan Brownell, Susan Shima, Don W. Merrill, Lisa Y Shigemura, Duffpack Marketing Alliances Inc, Brenda Ramsey, Lisa Clines, Leimomi Kealoha, James Sniechowski, Ralph & Pat Schneider, Curt Tokunaga, Oralia Gutierrez, Global Marketing Concept, Tracy Tucker, Agnes Chase, Lillian Leong, George Benitez, Edgar Delgado, Lorenzo Gama, Cynthia Kauka, John Cheung, Yonghui Kim, Vernon Young, Mary Brewster, Cheryl Gipson, Margaret A. Coats, Penelope Taylor, Francisca Suarez, Roberto Figueredo, Jane McIntosh, Sally Wright, Rodney Schleining, Donald Thornton, Dr Gregory Blackman, John I Schwartz, Melvin Yoder, Angelica Marin, Jennifer Matties, Phillip Langston Sr., Gustavo Zaldivar, Dr. Rhema Adejola, Best Water For You, Sharon Ruff, Fgh Sports Promotions LLC., Evelyn O’Reilly, Charlotte M. Moylan, Randall Young, Darryl Soliven, Todd Clark, Shelton McCord, Evelyn Marshall, Kevin & Gayle Karns, Debra Fish, Ernesto &cecilia Solorio, Antonio Salazar, Daisy Rivera, Ursuline Joseph, Nicholas Leong, Augustin & Consuelo Duran, Western Wellness, Resa Bason, Cody Jorgensen, Daysha Hoshida, Carmelo Vazquez, Malcolm Murray, Energy Resources Inc, Roberto Gonzalez, Michael St George, Dr. Robert Fluskey, Debbie Croft, Stephen Mahnken, Vanessa Bodon Chamorro, Karen Landon, Tim & Jennifer Parker, Mark White, Ruby Juarez, Jesi Sasaki, Hilario Montoya, Wesley Yonamine, Paulette Wigginton, Rick McKean, Patty Blonda, Margarita Ramos, Drucilla Faye Comley, Consuelo Muñoz, Hydra Inc, Martin Y Olga Franco, Jolene Jacobson, Willard R Yoder, Rafael Millan, Heartlight Blessings, Manuel Henriquez, John Raschiatore, Jenny Jacobs, Cledia Brito, Rytwin Lee, Daniel Schmidt, Jose A. Rosado, Albert Tapia, Araceli Mairs, Hr-C Group Partners LLC, Lori Meier, Steve Latronic, Maria Andrade, Apruel Thongchine, Harry Bartley, Vincent Salvador Jr, Isaias Hernandez, Rodney Yap, Gerardo Vargas, Oksana Tsarenko, Erica L. Villalobos, Brenda Nieto, Denise Rivera, Deirdre Thornton, Justo Lebron, Jose A. Rivera

Your ASEA Calendar August 2010

Upcoming Events ASEA In Touch Conference Call

August Elevation

First Monday each month, 6 p.m. PDT

August 19-21

Dial in: 605.475.4376 Access code: 86531#

Park City, Utah

ASEA Vision Conference Call

September 9 – 11

Every Tuesday, 6 p.m. PDT Dial in: 605.475.4376 Access code: 86531#

ASEA Breakthrough Convention Paris Hotel Las Vegas, Nevada Register at

Diamond Founders Retreat September 29 – October 3 Grand Hyatt Kaua’i Kaua’i, Hawaii Qualification: Attain the rank of Diamond or higher between May 2 and September 4; remain active & qualified Receive: All expenses-paid trip for two

ASEA Connect - August 2010  

ASEA's monthly newsletter

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