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Circle of GIVING A Profile of Jose Banchs, MD, FASE Jose Banchs, MD, FASE, is a new member of the ASE Foundation Task Force for 2013, but when it comes to soliciting money for the Foundation, he should have no problem. After all, Dr. Banchs knows first-hand the value of funding philanthropic efforts – he is both a receiver and donor of Foundation funding. In April 2013, Dr. Banchs and a courageous group of volunteers traveled to Hue, Vietnam. Dr. Banchs led the charge, submitting a formal proposal to ASE for a mission to Hue, a city that boasts a top cardiology and cardiac surgery center yet serves a population of 13 million people in an area where rheumatic heart disease is still endemic. The group’s mission was simple: help expedite cardiac care through the use of portable, handheld echocardiography. Through ASE Foundation funding earmarked for philanthropic missions, travel and accommodation support was provided for the group of volunteers. Dr. Banchs and his crew were able to scan over 200 patients in three different outreach clinics over two days in Hue. Humanitarian missions, like the one in Vietnam, are just one of the initiatives the Foundation supports through funding. It was an experience that changed Dr. Banchs both personally and professionally. “It makes you appreciate all we have and may take for granted,” says Banchs. “It is very humbling to see how other physicians do so much with so much less than we have here in the U.S. I recommend the experience to anyone.”

Contributed by Kelly Sweet, Foundation Coordinator In 2012, drawn by a sense of responsibility to give to his imaging subspecialty, Dr. Banchs became a lead investor – the highest giving level – of the ASE Foundation’s 2012 Annual Appeal. “Giving back is important to all; it’s literally making a gift appear,” says Banchs. “I can only wish that I have as much charitable outreach as others had towards me.” As an ASEF Task Force member, Dr. Banchs is now doing his part to ensure that others are aware of the importance of giving back. One of his roles on the Task Force is reaching out to ASE members to explain why individual donations are needed and the good works accomplished through those funds. “I will try hard to get them to understand giving is receiving,” says Banchs. “We already see so much being done with these funds; the Foundation has a consistent long history of funding that promotes quality research, travel grants & scholarships, guideline-based projects, and now recently echo-based medical missions. It is clear that we all should try our best to help keep all this essential work well-funded." 1/Dr. Banchs and volunteers joined by a group of Hue Central Hospital physicians. 2/A patient is screened at the clinic in Vietnam while others wait patiently. Transportation into the city for medical care is expensive making the outreach clinics extremely important. 3/After a successful mission, Dr. Banchs and volunteers stand outside one of the outreach clinics in Vietnam. 4/Dr. Banchs reads the echo performed by Liza Sanchez, RCS, FASE at the clinic. 5/Patients gather under a makeshift tent in front of the village clinic, are triaged according to predominant symptoms.

Circle of Giving

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