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My favourite sport s are basketball, badminton and cycling, but I talk about basketball. The basketball is popular in my country. I don’t practice this sport, because I haven’t got time. A team sport usually played outdoors, on a basketball, a goal, with two teams of five players. You play a game basketball or a basketball match. The basketball consists in: * You have to have a team . * You have to the ball in the basket. * You have to score points. The basketball is important to play, it is funny, you play with your friends, and you play in teams, NBA, ACB… Some the rules of this sport are: * It is played at a field of basketball. * You have got two baskets. * You have got two teams with five peoples. * You have to have a ball to play with. I like the basketball, because is funny, but I don’t like this sport, because is very large. Santiago Domínguez Rosales 1ºA.

Vocabulary Team: Equipo. Field: Campo. Outdoors: Afuera.

Score: Puntuacion. Match: Pista. Basket: Canasta.

My favourite sport is___________. It is popular in my _________. Is usually played _________. Consist in: * Have got a _____. * Put the ball in the _______. * Score ________. Rules: * It is played at a _______. * You _____ got a ball, and two ______. * Have got a team with _______ peoples.

My favourite sports  

the project of my favourite sport

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