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MY TOWN I live in Ogijares, in Granada. I live in street “Viña “. Ogijares is a town near Granada. It’s five kilometres far from Granada. My town is big. There are shops, supermarket, two churches, chemists, buses stops, libraries, but it has got a cinema and a sport centre. There are also schools and swimming pool. In summer my brother and I, we going to the swimming pool. The climate is fantastic! Is Mediterranean in summer, but I don’t like in winter, it’s cold. It’s similar to the Granada. The temperature is pleasant, in summer there is thirty degrees centigrade, and in winter there is of zero to fifteen degrees centigrade. The towns around Ogijares are: Gojar, Armilla, La Zubia... These town are also big. I come here everyday in bus. Here, the people is nice. Peoples walk runs and use the bikes in parks or square. In my opinion, I like my town. This is the Town Hall:

Santiago Dominguez Rosales 1ºA

This is a map of Ogijares:

Vocabulary: Churches: Iglesias Nice: Amable Chemist: Farmacia . Pleasant: Agradable. Far: Lejos. Square: Plaza. Town Hall: Ayuntamiento.

Exercise: * * * * *

I live in ________. It’s five kilometres far from ________. The climate is _________. The temperature is ________. People are ______. Santiago Dominguez Rosales 1ºA.

Wher e do Ogi jar es? Pl aces.

Cl i mates and Temper atur a.

M y T own……

The towns ar ound.

Peopl e and my opi ni ón .

Santiago Domínguez Rosales 1ºA

my town  

The project of my town