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Feed Your Ferret Cat Food But With Caution - Purina Kitten Chow ______________________________________________ By Gideon James - Ferrets are delicate animals and have their own likes and dislikes. They are very picky about food. This is where ferret owners have to be careful, since it is very difficult to change their eating habits once formed. Feeding your ferret cat food is not completely prohibited. On the other hand it has some advantages. But as all things related to ferrets, owners must take care of certain things when they are feeding their ferrets with cat food.

If You Want To Learn More About Purina Kitten Chow Kitten food is an excellent diet supplement for ferrets. Crunchy dry kitten nibble of high quality is sometimes even better than proper ferret food, because of its higher protein content. Purina kitten chow, for example has excellent nutritive values and some owners prefer it over the usual 8 in 1 ferret food. Kitten food is even better than actual cat food which is usually harder and has lower content of proteins and higher content of fibers which is not advisable for ferrets.

This kitten food is good for the ferrets because it has high amount of protein, the right content of fat and taurine. It also has antioxidants which are not usually present in conventional ferret food. It is usually cheaper and easier to find than quality ferret food which is quite an advantage. Ferret food is usually not available easily and even if it is, it does not contain the right nutrients because of the low awareness about ferret diet. Most ferrets do just fine when fed with cat food except that one must be conscious of the

content of the cat food. Quality nutrition is highly important for ferrets and having meat based proteins in their diet is a must.

Feeding your ferret cat food also has an economical edge to it. Besides being cheaper, cat food, being dry and crunchy can be stored for longer periods of time and do not get spoilt easily. Ferret diet, in all circumstances should have more than 33% proteins and at least 15% fat. It should contain less than 3% fiber at all costs to ensure the ferret is in good health and has the energy to play around as well.

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