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Actiontec USB Bluetooth Adapter - USB Bluetooth _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Roland Scott - With almost every device in the market being equipped with bluetooth technology your computer even though bought just 2 years back feel ancient and unconnected from the outside world but this can be fixed with a adapter. Learn More About USB Bluetooth

The adapter is a small and powerful device that adds the ability of bluetooth to your computer or laptop. About the size of a thumb the Actiontec USB adapter is very useful, once installed the USB can be used to transfer files, paired with a wireless device using bluetooth. The Actiontec adapter also comes with a handy extension cable which if you don't already have is very useful indeed and can be used to adjust the position of the adapter for better signal. Rated with a data transfer rate of 732 kilo bytes per second and a bandwidth of 2.4 Giga hertz the specs on the Actiontec USB are pretty impressive. Though don't be so quick to judge because the process of installation is a real brain cell killer and if you are not so fond of lengthy setup process that can go wrong easily you might want to go for a different bluetooth adapter because you might not the USB adapter. The Actiontec team is currently working on the issues with the installation. No user guide or manual has been provided along with the Actiontec USB as well to guide through the installation which is a dire requirement for a process as messy as this.

For its price tag the Actiontec bluetooth adapter is quite functional but you should stay away from it if you are not ready to tackle some issues.

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Usb bluetooth  

Usb bluetooth

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