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The Best Toddlers Scooter - What To Look For In A Mini Micro Scooter - Toddler Scooter _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Martin Philip - Two wheels at the front - The two wheels at the front model provide extra stability as the child propels forward. This extra stability not only increases confidence in the beginning rider, but also really is a lot of fun! Learn More About Toddler Scooter

Can join in with other kids quickly - The 3 wheel model such as the Micro Mini Scooter or the Radio Flyer My First Scooter are just so extremely stable that the beginners won't get left behind or feel left out. With this model they can be up and riding in minutes. Safety first - Parents can feel safe and secure on the 3 wheelers as the kids or toddlers fall of a lot less. Also as they have the 3 wheels at the front so the scooter stays vertical at all times, even when it is motionless. New Style wheels - The modern versions over the last few years have opted out for the pump up wheels and now come in with strong polyurethane rubber that not only looks great, but is extremely tough and not prone to punctures!

Add-ons for your new toy! In the beginning you may want to consider adding a bike bell to the scooter handlebars for extra safety. Yes, they just love ringing them too!

Purchase Pads and Helmet - Also, you can purchase helmet, elbow and knee pads in packs can be found online and in most retail outlets. These pads and helmets not only look great, but will keep your kids safe too! Helmets and pads come in a variety of sizes and styles. You will need to look for one that fits well though, as a loose helmet does not provide much protection. Also, the kids like to take them off if they are not comfortable.

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Toddler scooter  

Is your toddler tired of being pushed around — in a stroller, that is? Then she just might be ready for a scooter, ride-on toy, or trike.

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