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Use Solar Mobile Phone Charger - Solar Mobile Phone Charger _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Luke Mark - The renewable source of energy, the solar energy can be used for charging your cell phones. All of us are conditioned to use cell phones throughout day and night. The charging of your phones is also an important task when it comes to long distance travel. What Is Solar Mobile Phone Charger

You will not always get the provision to charge the cell phone, there this new method to charge your phone without electricity comes into role. This device is a compact one made with solar panels. For charging it initially you need to keep it in sunlight continuously for about seven hours. This traps the solar energy and converts it into electricity. This is harnessed so that you can charge your mobile phones when it is needed. The number of hours that this charger will keep you mobile alive depend on the type of charger. There are solar chargers that can charge your mobile phones for long hours. You can charge this device with the help of sunlight irrespective of the location. Don't think this as a shortcoming. Technology has made it a better choice by enabling it to be charged using a USB from your computer if it is not a sunny day.

Some of them have a LCD screen to display the charge it has and the capacity of the battery. They are made water-resistant and have a rubberized case to store it. It is made free from short-circuit, over charging and discharging problems.

The device is made very compact and it is easily portable and light weighted. There are also solar chargers for your iPods, mp3 players and game consoles. There are about a billion people using mobile phones. Just think about the amount of electricity saved if each of them is using a solar charger to charge their cell phones. By using this solar phone charger your phone can have a long standby time of about ninety-six hour.

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