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How My Cuisinart Electric Kettle Convinced Me To Buy Other Cuisinart Products - Electric Kettle _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Jackson Baksin -

For years I was ignorant about quality kitchen stuff, I would purchase pans and coffee makers that needed to be replaced every few years until I purchased a Cuisinart electric kettle.I have an electric stove in my house and both my husband and I drink gallons of tea and coffee every week. Putting a kettle on an electric stove is possibly the most inefficient way to boil water and we decided that it was time to become more fuel efficient so to speak, so we decided to purchase a Cuisinart electric kettle. I had heard how great Cuisinart products were, so this was my chance to try one on for size.

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There is not just one type of Cuisinart electric kettle out there, they have a vast selection of high quality electric kettles, all designed to look exactly right in any kitchen. There are Cuisinart kettles that are cordless, some look rather old fashioned, capacities vary, and some have a white finish while others have a highly polished stainless steel finish.

I decided to go with the Cuisinart electric kettle that looks like a jug because it has a handy measure on the side. I often need a measured amount of boiling water when I am cooking, and having to dispense the water into a separate measuring jug which means that the water has already decreased in temperature by the time you get it to whatever it is you are making, so the measure on the side appealed to me. This kettle also looks good with my more modern kitchen, but doubtless they are all made well, as Cuisinart is famous for its high quality kitchen stuff, which includes pans and larger appliances such as coffee makers and electric kettles.

I was very pleased with my Cuisinart electric kettle and also started looking at other things they made. Tired of replacing a cheap coffee maker every year, the next thing we purchased after our Cuisinart kettle was a fantastic Cuisinart coffee maker. It makes better coffee than anything we have ever owned and it does not need those annoying paper filters that used to drive me so crazy, it has a mesh basket instead for holding the coffee. So now I have a Cuisinart electric kettle and coffee maker and I am slowly replacing all my pans with copper bottomed, high quality Cuisinart products. They are an investment and good pans actually help you to cook better, the heat is distributed more evenly and the copper bottomed pans retain the heat better, so you can actually turn your pan off sooner, knowing the food will continue to cook a little longer, and stay warm when turned off completely.

Who would have thought that I would progress from one simple Cuisinart electric kettle to having an entire kitchen full of Cuisinart products? I wish I had discovered Cuisinart products years ago; I could have saved money over those years by not buying cheap and inferior cooking equipment. Purchasing good quality kitchen stuff is an investment and I know my Cuisinart electric kettle will be brewing water for many years to come for all those cups of tea.

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