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SYMPTOMS A low mood or anxiety that won’t go away, to the point where it afects everyday life. STATISTICS Men are particularly bad at acknowledging mental health problems. Just one in 10 men asks for help with depression, according to government statistics*. HOW TO CHECK ‘Look for signs such as cutting yourself of from friends, not doing things you usually

enjoy – or just not able to function in the usual way,’ says Sam Challis of mental health charity Mind. ‘Men are also likely to feel angry and aggressive when depressed.’ WHAT TO DO Taking this problem to your GP can seem a big step. But there’s a range of treatments on ofer, from counselling to medication, so there’ll be something to suit you. A confdential helpline like Mind’s may also help – visit



SYMPTOMS Any unusual changes in the skin – but especially changes to moles or freckles. This could be a sign of melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer. STATISTICS Every year, around 6,200 men in the UK are diagnosed with melanoma**. HOW TO CHECK Men are more likely to develop melanoma on their chest and back (for women, it’s more often arms and legs), so a partner can be useful in spotting anything. Try the ‘ABCDE’ mole check list. Look for: Asymmetry (is one half diferent from the other?), Border (are the edges irregular?), Colour (is it more than one shade?), Diameter (is it bigger than 6mm?) and Enlargement (has it got bigger?). If your mole fts any of these, go to your GP. WHAT TO DO It’s important to get treatment as soon as possible. Although both sexes are equally likely to develop melanoma, men are more likely to die from it, possibly because they report it later**. Of course, it’s best to prevent it in the frst place. The main cause is over-exposure to sunlight, so cover up and use high-factor sunscreen. Go to for details.




of men say they are happy to see a doctor if they need to†

1 in 3

men would ignore chest pains rather than see their GP†


ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION Not many men like to talk about it... but erectile dysfunction (as it’s technically known) is far from uncommon, with GPs seeing up to four patients a month with this problem††. There’s no one cause – it can be a symptom of anything from depression to diabetes; stress to the side efects of medication. But whatever the reason, there’s a wealth of help out there. Your local Asda Pharmacist can ofer free and confdential advice – ask for a chat in the private consultation room. Remember, there’s absolutely no reason to sufer in silence. Look for more information at

And for more advice...

If you’ve any health issues on your mind, your local Asda Pharmacist is an easy source of information and reassurance. And as all Asda Pharmacies have private consultation rooms, you’ll know that you can talk about any worries in total confdence. Plus they ofer a range of useful checks, from cholesterol to blood pressure levels. Speak to your Asda Pharmacist for more details.

Asda Magazine - June 2014  

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Asda Magazine - June 2014  

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