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Spring Issue 2015

District Six Newsletter




Co-Editor Neena Baghaie sheds light on what it has meant to finish her first year at Case Western and leap into involvement at the District level.

How does she do it? Newly appointed District 6 Trustee and ASDA Wonderwoman Lydia Lancaster tells us how.




Newly appointed PreDental Chair Zehra Zaid, from Detroit Mercy, shares her enthusiasm with the District’s plan to amp up our PreDental Advisory Committee, along with her personal goals as Chairwoman to inspire and educate our future students!

Case took home the coveted ASDA Gold Crown Award this spring as a chapter overall, here from Zara on what made CWRU a success!

Starting off her role of Associate Legislative Liaison with a bang, OSU D2 Lindsey Butterfield reflects on her trip to the National Dental Student Lobby Day in D.C. this spring.

Keep up with the District and how ASDA is serving your neck of the woods by checking out our calendar!


D1 year certainly flew by faster than I’m sure any of us expected! It’s strange, no? Nine months ago, there we were: fresh-faced, eager, and excited to learn about the dental profession. Nine months later, I believe I may have replaced the freshness with bags under my eyes, but with my excitement for dentistry stronger than ever. I entered dental school with a single goal, and that was to always remain curious about everything. I have found that curiosity is the key component to achieving success, be it in dental school, or in life.

It was through that curiosity that I was able to become involved with ASDA, first at the university level, and eventually at the district level. It has truly been a pleasure meeting and working with dental students across our District. This year has been a great one for District 6. We said farewell to our wonderful trustee Dr. Graham Greenland (Detroit Mercy), and welcomed the charismatic Lydia Lancaster (Ohio State) to the team. Best wishes to Graham as he begins his specialty training at the Mayo Clinic. We’re very confident in our new leadership,

and hope to foster good vibes and teamwork for District 6 in the upcoming term. Please feel free to email me with any suggestions or any topics that you would enjoy reading about. I look forward to working with everyone in the future, and hope that you all (or, “y’all, as they say in North Carolina, where my flight is currently headed) have a wonderful summer season, and enjoy reading what we’ve been up to so far. Stay curious! Best Wishes,

Neena Baghaie, Case ’18 Co-Editor

ASDA District Six Newsletter SPRING EDITION


A large organization like ASDA is difficult to conceptualize. With 22,000 members, three different levels exist within ASDA to ensure efficient progress is accomplished: local, district, and national. As a healthy amount of members lack awareness that the district level of ASDA even exists, much less the purpose the district serves, a simple airplane analogy provides perspective for how the American Student Dental Association functions. Most of our daily life happens at the ground level. We go to school and return home with our feet planted on Earth. Just like everyday life, ASDA has a ground level, which is our 65 nationwide chapters. From the ground, we observe details closely, and similarly, chapters are accomplishing detailed, specified tasks. Grassroot advocating occurs here, and all of the many other events our chapters host. The chapter level is the foundation of the association,

where our members are most directly experiencing ASDA daily. However, a groundonly view limits perspective, and thus an aerial, “30,000 feet” view is needed to maintain a unified, efficient association. Providing that big-picture scope is the national level of ASDA. This level includes the Executive Council (EC), the Board of Trustees, ASDA’s central staff, councils, and work groups. As trustee, my responsibility is to serve on the Board of Trustees, the entity that governs ASDA nationally. Also, I am assigned to the Governance Work Group, which oversees governance document maintenance. Each part of the national level holds specific and diverse responsibilities,

but all positions require the aerial view of the association. This sky-level view is essential to maintaining unity among chapters and ensuring our members maintain a common voice and ideals. The district level is our connector in ASDA, our airplane that brings us from the ground to the sky, vice versa. This is my primary responsibility as trustee, to ensure that District 6’s five chapters receive the information from nationals, and vice versa. The district facilitates camaraderie and collaboration upon neighboring chapters, in hopes to strengthen each individual chapter. The district’s crucial role of bridging the aerial and ground level views of ASDA maintains connectedness and completes the tripartite. -Lydia Lancaster, OSU ’16, District 6 Trustee


We quickly became the modern day 300; we marched over 300 strong on Capitol, pad-folio in hand, fire in our hearts, ready to defend our beloved profession. Attending National Student Lobby Day in Washington D.C. was a remarkable experience. From the eager students and entertaining speakers, to conversing in a Congressman/woman’s office about REAL issues that REALLY matter, you could feel the impact. We began on Monday by a welcome from our ever charismatic ASDA President, Christian Piers. He was followed by the honest and hilarious J.P. Paluskiewicz, deputy chief of staff, Congressman Michael Burgess (R-TX) who presented ‘Congress 101’. The day was jam packed with remarks from various organization; ADA, Patterson Dental Academy of General Dentistry, Medical Protective and ASDA Engage. We received detailed training on how to Lobby the two issues, H.R. 539, Action for Dental Health Act and H.R. 649, Student Loan Refinancing Act. To build confidence, each chapter had a breakout session to rehearse our talking Those that came before us… points. I was filled with suspense, awaiting the moment to witness our fought to emphasize the recent Gold Crown winning Legislative chapter in action. As the new Associate Legislative Liaison, this was my first true ASDA experience importance of dental care to with our legislative team and it was nothing short of inspiring. It was those less fortunate… by evident our students had ‘bought in’ to the issues at hand and were ready for Tuesday. The day ended with strong messages from attending… we were a part of Representative Brian Babin (R-TX) and Representative Paul Gosar this battle. (R-AZ), who each received standing ovations. Dental students and professionals share a common bond; an obsession with teeth and oral structures. We are fortunate that others care about oral health and its link to overall health, thus finding our industry vital to the health of the population. We also share the desire of creating an impressive and rewarding life that successful dentistry offers. This is possible due to those that came before us. These men and women fought to emphasize the importance of dental care to those less fortunate, to ensure our industry’s autonomy, to continually protect those in practice, and to provide aid to students and dentists nationwide. By attending the 2015 National Student Lobby day, WE were a part of this battle. Specifically, these students fought for refinancing of federal student loans to combat the problematic student loan debt. Also to allow local, nonprofit organizations to qualify for oral health grants administered by the Center for Disease Control, which they were not previously able to apply. This would enable organizations to provide dental services to underserved populations. Hundreds of students presenting two issues to Representatives and Senators sends a powerful message. I believe it was received. -Lindsey Butterfield, Ohio State ’18, Associate Legislative Liaison

At the annual University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry ASDA pre-dental workshop, I was able to participate as a mentor to young undergraduate students interested in the career of dentistry. We educated them on topics ranging from proper ergonomics, local anesthesia injections, capturing impressions and the art of drilling and filling. I was especially delighted to see those who had no background knowledge on restorative dentistry create the ideal Class I preparation and later learn to restore it by manipulating dental materials. The sense of accomplishment that was clear on their faces as they polished their restoration brought a feeling of pride within me. The most gratifying part of being a bench instructor was when I shared my journey of getting into dental school with the students. I could see the students becoming more motivated and inspired to reach their goal of one day being in my position. District 6 ASDA is excited to announce that we have officially chosen our first Pre-Dental Advisory Committee of eight pre-dental students from various schools across the district. We have high hopes of greatly increasing our pre-dental membership and attendance to our ASDA meetings and conferences. One of our major initiatives is to launch a Mentor-Mentee program to aid those who have questions about the application cycle. Many times, it takes brutal honesty for some students to realize that perhaps this isn’t the career for them. Students need to have a prior understanding regarding the amount of dedication and number of sleepless nights it truly takes to add those 3 letters to their name. By implementing this program, we can bridge the gap between pre-dental and dental students. To further help pre-dental students, we are also actively working to create a Shadowing Pilot Program that would match pre-dental students with dentists throughout the District 6 regions to gain clinical experience. When I discovered District 6 ASDA Cabinet was adding a new Pre-Dent Chair position, I was ecstatic. I have always been passionate about teaching and showing motivated undergraduate students what the world of dentistry truly has to offer. Exposing pre-dent students to organized dentistry prior to matriculation, as well as guiding them towards reaching their goals, is what compelled me to run for this position. I remember being a first year dental student and having absolutely no idea what ASDA was or had to offer. I want to educate pre-dent students about the benefits ASDA and the give them the skill-set required to become a leader so that they too can understand the importance of leadership in dentistry. These students will have a prior knowledge of issues that can hinder their decision of entering the field, such as rising student debt. My goal is to have pre-dent students enter dental school with the desire and passion to become strong leaders in making immediate changes for the betterment of the profession. -Zehra Zaid, District 6 PreDent Chair


The Gold Crown Award signifies the fruition of the amazing team work of a group of dedicated leaders with a passion to work for a common goal of serving their community, excellence in leadership, and advocacy. The importance of building a great team is stressed to us early on in our dental school curriculum: Through serving ASDA at Case Western Reserve University, I realized just how powerful an awesome team can be. This year’s officers and volunteers inspired and motivated me with their strong work ethic, strive for excellence, willingness to go above and beyond what their duties called for, and their commitment to a mission.

If a local chapter can accomplish so much in one year, imagine how much we could achieve as a profession if we united ourselves through organized dentistry on a local, state, and national level. I hope more people will be encouraged to get involved with leadership in ASDA as a student and in their state’s Dental Associations once they graduate. It is a powerful medium to speak and act collectively on behalf of issues that are important to our profession and the communities that we will serve in the future as dentists. -Catherine B. Kim, Case ’16

Profile for ASDA District 6

ASDA District 6 Newsletter: Spring 2015  

Quarterly updates from District 6 of the American Student Dental Association: Spring edition!

ASDA District 6 Newsletter: Spring 2015  

Quarterly updates from District 6 of the American Student Dental Association: Spring edition!