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3 Reasons Why Micro Pave Diamond Rings Are So Popular - Micro Pave Engagement Rings __________________________________________ By Lennon David -

Few ventures are more exciting to a woman than the chance to buy a ring. In this modern world, those who are considering the purchase of a ring might want to consider the oh-so stylish and classic Micro-Pave diamond rings. With a history that takes them back as far as when antique rings were being made by hand, the pave stones continue to make pieces look wonderfully unique and timeless.

If You Want To Learn More About Micro Pave Engagement Rings Whether the craftsman uses these lovely gems to accent a larger stone, to cover the band, or to design a piece that is all pave, they are gorgeous, smooth gems that can bring forth much of the flash and brilliance you are seeking. Although there are several reasons to consider either buying a ring with micro-pave gems, one that cannot be overlooked is their ability to reduce the cost of a ring. If even 40-100 chips are used, they will rarely add up to as much as.75 carats, dramatically bringing the cost of a finished piece down compared to adding accent gems such as sapphires that might make the cost of the ring skyrocket out of the range of your budget. With paves, you have a stunning, lavish looking ring at a lower cost.

Obviously stylish and chic, you have seen these lovely creations on the hands of movie stars who adore micro-pave diamond rings. Britney Spears received a 5.5 carat princess cut diamond with 2 pave set bands when she became engaged to Keith Federline. The lavish pave gems bring life and fire to the center stone, accentuating the flash of the magnificent princess cut.

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Another good reason for the use of the stones is to cover the band. You see less metal if the band is covered in micro-pave diamonds. The smooth surface that is the result is not as irritating as some of the bulkier accent pieces that work their way around to the sides of your fingers. These tiny chips are sleek and even. They present a brilliant shine that cannot be compared to the darker accent gems.

Prongs can interfere terribly with the beauty of a design. Trying to get rid of prongs, with paves the most striking benefit is they leave sense of the intricate delicacy of lace. Although they have been placed with care, they appear to have been sprinkled across the band until it can no longer be seen. What you see is has the visual effect of soft snow. Using the gems has a alluring, but fetching appeal. If you think micro-pave diamond rings are trendy, they have certainly more than proven their ability to catch both the eye and the interest of those who recognize the classy, pleasing style they present when designed in any of the many versatile ways available to the craftsman.

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