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June 2020 Issue 10 Volume 1

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thank you from Jessica Van - ucsf Asda president '19 - '20

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june 2020 Issue 10 Volume 1

Dear Readers, I'm excited to release this issue of The Cusp, as so much has changed, I'm hoping we can spread some positivity and encouragement during this time! This newsletter is a great resource for you to see what UCSF ASDA has done this past spring quarter. Our ASDA chapter has done some pretty amazing events this past quarter, and I'm so excited to share that with you. I asked our members to write about their experiences at the Annual Session Reflections, as well as winning the Gold Crown Award for the Most Improved Chapter - we are all so proud of UCSF ASDA! I am confident that Brian, as well as the D1 who joins him in the fall will do an incredible job with the newsletter. It's been incredible serving as your senior newsletter editor, and I can't wait to see all of the amazing things you all do. Cheers, Kate Lovell UCSF ASDA Newsletter Editor

letter from the junior editor Dear Readers, Since the beginning of Spring quarter, things have changed significantly from the way we normally study and conduct ourselves in the communities. With this newsletter, we hope to share our chapter accomplishments, what activities UCSF dental students have been doing while in isolation, and what their favorite foods are. We also encourage you all to identify what you love to do and utilize this time to explore and experiment with different things that you might not have the time to do during the school year. As you head into your summer, we hope that you stay active and practice appropriate safety measures to help optimize your health as well as other people's health. Your continuous involvement and support will make our organization even stronger and more impactful even during this challenging time. If you have any ideas and suggestions for our future newsletter, please reach out to Kate or me. We would love to hear from you! I would like to thank Kate Lovell for being an awesome Senior Newsletter Editor whose advice and guidance have helped me grow personally and our newsletter flourished. Wishing you a safe and healthy break. Brian Vinh Hoang UCSF ASDA Junior Newsletter Editor





UCSF ASDA CUSP June • 2020

Thank You


- J E S S I C A

V A N -

Dear leaders of UCSF ASDA Chapter 2019-2020, This year has brought so much happiness into my life here at UCSF. I personally want to thank each of you for the unconditional support you have given to the members of this community. Through your unrelenting commitment to this chapter and toward organized dentistry, our presence has certainly made a memorable impact on our colleagues’ lives. You were able to open new doors for yourselves and for our classmates, and I do not want these efforts to go unnoticed. From our late night board meetings, to the leadership retreats you all contributed to, to the hours you spent at home planning and organizing our events, I am truly thankful to have worked with this passionate group of leaders. I encourage you all to continue on this journey and become even stronger members of your community. Take time to reflect on your leadership this past year and realize that your strength, passion, and selflessness can take you further than you could have ever imagined. It does not stop here. Thank you for the memories. Our chapter would not be where we are today without great leaders like yourself. Please keep in contact, for I look forward to hearing about your future successes. With sincere gratitude,

Jessica Van UCSF Class of 2021 UCSF ASDA 2019-2020 Chapter President







Dear fellow colleagues, With the end of the school year fast approaching, we reach a bittersweet time of the year that celebrates the induction of our new board members, yet the closure of an incredible year for our chapter. As many of you may know, UCSF was nationally recognized as the “Most Improved Chapter” this past year. This enormous achievement was only made possible by the hard work and dedication of our 2019-2020 board members. Through countless lunch and learns, vendor fairs, advocacy efforts, community outreach, and wellness opportunities, it is undeniable that these leaders have left a positive impact on our dental community at UCSF. Words cannot express my sincere gratitude to these 24 student leaders for stepping up to the plate and making UCSF a rewarding place to be. Although the new board members have huge shoes to fill, I am 100% confident that this year’s ASDA board is ready to overcome any obstacles and exceed all expectations. Their enthusiasm for ASDA is contagious. Their talents are unbelievable. I cannot wait to see the amazing things these group of leaders will accomplish. Despite the challenges that COVID-19 presents to our student life, ASDA will continue its practice of promoting the welfare of dental students through meaningful and quality events. One of our goals this year is to encourage collaboration. On campus, we would like to work closely with other Registered Student Organizations to bring forth bigger and better events. On a district level, our ASDA chapter seeks to have joint events with other District 11 chapters from University of Pacific, Western University, Loma Linda University, University of Southern California, and University of California, Los Angeles. Through collaboration, our chapter hopes to interact and share ideas that will benefit our community at large. I am honored to be serving as chapter president at UCSF, but more so, to be working along an incredible Executive Cabinet (Vice President Greg Pavlos and Treasurer Brian Kwon) and our new 28-member ASDA Board. I look forward to a remarkable year with our ASDA chapter. Sincerely,

Theresa Bui UCSF Class of 2022 UCSF ASDA 2020-2021 Chapter President


UCSF ASDA CUSP June • 2020

ANNUAL SESSION S T . L OUI S , MI S S OUR I MAR C H 4 T H- 8 T H 2 0 2 0 /06


Every year, ASDA hosts a Gold Crown Awards Ceremony to recognize outstanding accomplishments during a given year. One of the most coveted awards to receive was the Most Improved Chapter and... UCSF was honored to receive this Gold Crown Award!! /07

UCSF ASDA CUSP June • 2020

THERESA BUI '22 what was it like winning Most Improved GOld crown award?

2019 has been an impactful and unforgettable year for ASDA at UCSF. We were so honored and grateful to be recognized as this year’s “Most Improved Chapter” by national ASDA at Annual Session in St. Louis, MO. This Gold Crown award celebrates the accomplishments our chapter experienced through our efforts of building a strong community of student dentists. Growth came in many forms for our chapter. With a dedicated group of board members, ASDA was able to

u c s f A S D A P r e s i d e n t ' 2 0 - ' 2 1

offer an abundance of opportunities for personal and professional growth to our members. 33 Lunch and Learns of diverse subject matters allowed students to engage with dental professionals and vendors from around the United States.







UCSF ASDA CUSP June • 2020

To further learn about services, products, and advancing technologies in dentistry, ASDA has also organized 2 vendor fairs, Expo Day and Business Symposium, which are the largest and only vendor fairs offered to dental students at UCSF. In addition to opportunities on campus, our chapter was able to offer scholarships that subsidized the cost of out-of-state conferences for 43 attendees to the National Leadership Conference and Annual Session. This is the most that we have ever sent!

However, this past year was extra special because we sent our first IDP student to NLC and had a record number of IDP representation at District 11 Conference with 7 attendees. Our efforts of early engagement with the IDP program paid off as we witness an increase in the participation from our advancestanding colleagues. Our ASDA family has definitely grown. Not only do we promote the wellness of our students, ASDA takes huge



strides in servicing our community-atlarge. Our 13 community service projects were able to reach people that are often overlooked and underserved like those of the geriatric and special needs community. In exchange for life skills and knowledge, we hope our efforts ultimately contribute to a healthier and happier community. Another community that ASDA is committed to serve is that of pre-dental students. Through our collaboration with student organizations like SNDA and HSDA, ASDA hosts events like Day in

Dentistry to support the future of dentistry through their journey of applying to dental school. There are so many reasons for ASDA to celebrate but, rest assured, we are not done! We are so excited to continue bringing quality events to UCSF and further engage our dental students with the latest developments within ASDA. Cheers to another great school year!

Written by: Theresa Bui '22 UCSF ASDA PRESIDENT '20-'21


UCSF ASDA CUSP June • 2020


ASDA Annual session was a weekend to remember. It reinforced my belief in the importance of organized dentistry. Learning about ASDA’s stance on various topics gave me valuable insight on what dentistry is like. I’d say the most valuable part of this trip was being able to network with the different dental schools. Seeing fellow students from all walks of life and being connected by one common denominator was amazing. Although our profession emphasizes knowledge, who you know is just as important as what you know. I urge all future candidates to attend these conferences.




Annual Session was a great way to expand my own involvement in the world of ASDA. It provided an outlet for discussion and planning of ways to improve this amazing organization on a national, district, and local level. It is truly a privilege to interact with student leaders from programs around the country and exchange ideas during these conferences. I can not imagine dental school without these unbelievably rewarding experiences, and I have ASDA to thank for that. /13

UCSF ASDA CUSP June • 2020


As a conference attendee, I learned about advocacy and critical issues facing the dental profession. I also learned about the importance of networking with dental students and how that itself brings together organized dentistry and advocacy. I gained a knowledge of dentistry that has not yet been provided to me in dental school. For this reason, I will encourage other students to also take part in this organization. I also realized that ASDA provides students with opportunities to get involved in the community and I look forward to collaborating with students from district 11 to accomplish a common goal and to continue to learn with ASDA. /14


KEVIN HAHN '22 My second ASDA Annual Session did not disappoint. Each ASDA conference presents new opportunities for growth in an environment outside of the classroom and simulation lab. It was fantastic to reconnect with old friends and make new ones while comparing our dental education in the setting of St. Louis, a city I’ve never had the pleasure of exploring (barbecue here is no joke, so bomb!). It was also a chance to deepen the bonds among my own UCSF ASDA fam and attend some interesting breakout sessions on topics like “How Involvement in Organized Dentistry Advances Your Professional Career” and “Integration of Medicine & Dentistry.”


UCSF ASDA CUSP June • 2020


One of the most important lessons I learned that weekend was the value of organized dentistry, especially advocacy, to each dental student and future clinician – so awesome to see everyone’s passion for an important aspect of our careers that is not found in our dental curriculum but can have a large impact in our futures. I would recommend anyone who has not had the chance to attend an ASDA conference if the opportunity presents itself!



THERESA BUI'22 u c s f A S D A P r e s i d e n t ' 2 0 - ' 2 1

2020 ASDA Annual Session in St. Louis, Missouri was an incredible celebration of leadership and camaraderie among dental students around the United States that I was fortunate to be part of. By day, the three-day conference gave me the opportunity to participate in break-out sessions that deepened my understanding of organized dentistry and the infrastructure of ASDA leadership on a national and district level. Networking opportunities carried into the night as students, from all 66 dental schools, forged friendships from their common interest of dentistry and service to others. With a serious case of ASDA Fever, I am eager to share my enthusiasm with my fellow colleagues at UCSF and become an active advocate for the well-being of dental students and my community. /17

UCSF ASDA CUSP June • 2020


This was my first time attending ASDA’s annual session and it certainly did not disappoint. One of the biggest highlights of this event was attending the Gold Crown Award Ceremony to discover that our chapter won Most Improved Chapter Award! Additionally, I was able to learn more about how ASDA operates at the district and national levels. From sitting in on the house of delegates meeting to participating in the selection of district positions, I certainly wished I had gone to annual session when I was a first-year. I personally feel that annual session is an excellent opportunity to learn more about ASDA and get your foot in the door, especially if you are curious about pursuing any sort of professional and leadership development. With all this said, annual session was genuinely such a fun time networking and socializing with students from not only within our district, but also with students nationwide!



g n i k o o c a i r A h t i w

Written by Aria Lee '23


UCSF ASDA CUSP June • 2020

cauliflower crust pizza Here is how I make cauliflower crust pizza. I chose this recipe to share because it’s simple, healthy, and you can make it your own! You can probably find plenty of other recipes online, but this is how I do it. So if this does not work, try another (it is like a crown prep -- there is more than one way to do it, so find the one that works for you). My measurements are guesstimates. Similar to how the extent and form of cavity preps are dictated by caries, the way I cook is dictated by what I have on hand. There are general “rules” you should follow, but there is room to read the situation. In the steps, you will know when something is essential, so don’t go haywire (your preps still need that sharp and well-defined cavosurface), but you can modify this to fit what you have. Have fun with it!



Recipe Ingredients: 2-3 bags of riced cauliflower or 1 head of cauliflower 2 eggs 3/4 cup of parmesan Salt Pepper Garlic Powder Spices of your choice Oil (if you’re using a skillet, or pan) Toppings and Sauce

This makes a 10” pizza. If you want to make a larger crust, increase the amount of everything, especially cauliflower and the number of eggs.


UCSF ASDA CUSP June • 2020


Preheat your oven to 425 degrees. Grab your cauliflower head and grate it using a medium sized grater. You can also use frozen riced cauliflower, like I’m doing here. Just make sure you leave it out to thaw. Put the grated or riced cauliflower in a cheese cloth and squeeze as much water out as you can (this requires a bit of arm muscle, so if you haven’t been working out during this quarantine, your biceps might feel sore the next day). Put the now wrung out cauliflower into a bowl and add the eggs (eggs bind your crust together, so do not skip this ingredient, or your crust will fall apart upon removal, just like your composite will fall out if you forget to apply the bonding agent). Add in parmesan cheese, salt, pepper, and whatever seasoning you want. I like to add italian herbs, garlic powder, and for kicks, cayenne pepper or chilli powder. The biggest mistake most people make when cooking is UNDERSEASONING. (Seasoning is like a really nice sim lab doctor who will save your prep, even if it’s absolutely atrocious). Mix it all together until it’s cohesive. If it seems very crumbly, add another egg. I’m using a cast iron skillet, but you can also use a baking tray with parchment paper. If you’re using a skillet, or some other oven safe pan, coat it in oil. It doesn’t matter what kind, use what you have on hand. Do not skimp on this step (or else you’ll be scraping your crust out the same way you scrape out set Protemp from your typodont when you don’t put enough vaseline). Press the Cauliflower crust into the pan. Flatten it out so that it cooks evenly (You want it even like your pulpal floor). Add your toppings! Get creative. I put pesto, mozzarella cheese, rotisserie chicken, cherry tomatoes, and spinach on mine. Stick it in the oven for 15 minutes or until the edges of your crust are golden brown.




MAX FEINBERG '23 I have been doing a lot of hiking and playing lots of golf. During these unfortunate times, it has been very important to keep active and get outside while maintaining social distancing. These activities have kept me healthy, while giving me the ability to enjoy the outdoors of my scenic hometown of Arizona.


UCSF ASDA CUSP June • 2020


With the closure of gyms and everything, I have been trying to establish at least somewhat of an active routine. I have been practicing yoga every day for the past few months which has been really nice. Sometimes my mom even joins me! Being able to stretch or engage in a more active flow has been a lifesaver during shelter-in-place, especially since I am pretty static while doing schoolwork. Finding time to be still and focus on breathing has also helped me cultivate a sense of gratitude during these times of uncertainty. Besides yoga, I try to run or walk every day and do a bunch of burpees. Going outside and doing cardio definitely mitigates the stir-crazy vibes. In addition to exercise, I have been baking and cooking a whole lot more, even experimenting with new recipes I haven’t tried before. The exercise is definitely necessary to balance out all the extra eating I have been doing!

Favorite Activity Favorite Dish I am a huge fan of Hainanese chicken rice aka khao mun gai. It’s got all the parts: juicy chicken, cozy broth, and rice that has been cooked in chicken fat and said broth. Top it all off with some cucumber and cilantro and voila, you’ve got a meal that is nutritious, comforting, and wholesome. San Francisco has several eateries dedicated specifically to chicken rice: Personally, I am a fan of Rooster & Rice - their service is fast, no frills, and the food is consistently satisfying. Reasonably generous portions at a pretty economical price. Sometimes I make chicken rice at home; this is more time consuming, but it does lend a greater sense of accomplishment. Of course, the key ingredient is a really good quality whole chicken – thankfully, these are pretty easy to come by while grocery shopping in Outer Sunset. Here is a picture of some chicken rice I made with plenty of love and care. /24


JOANNE HONG '22 Baking and cooking have been my replacements to the usual lab and clinic work; they keep my hands and mind busy while producing something fun at the end. When my parents are at work, I spend the mornings looking up recipes and afternoons prepping dinner for them to enjoy upon return. We have health conditions that limit certain ingredients, so creativity and experimentation are my two familiar friends in our kitchen. Thus led to this Taiwanese sponge cake with whipped cream! Found at any birthday party or wedding in my culture, this cake requires delicate handling of beaten egg whites and cake flour to maintain its soft and bouncy texture. The hint of sweetness encourages another bite while the fresh strawberries cut through as a reminder of springtime. Since we had to cancel our visit to Taiwan, we enjoyed this homemade dessert for Mother's Day instead. This season offers the expansion of culinary techniques and reconnection with cultural roots through food. From scraping the bottom of a jar of doubanjiang (broad bean paste) to reaching behind the cupboard for the last bit of dried shiitake mushrooms, familiar ingredients will be our airplanes to transport us back to our motherland as we safely quarantine together around the kitchen table.



Cake /25

UCSF ASDA CUSP June • 2020

KRISTIN KILARSKI '23 My favorite wellness activity during this isolation period has been running outside. Honestly, I was not an avid runner before isolation began, but now I am running several days a week. I started running because it allowed me to be outside and have a chance to get fresh air (especially being stuck inside my SF apartment). Now I feel like it gives me a chance to clear my head and have an escape from everything else going on.

Favorite Activity

What is your favorite Dish This is so difficult to answer because I have so many favorites! I would say that one of the best meals I have had in SF was at the restaurant Octavia. They made their own bread which was absolutely incredible, and their oysters were some of the best I have ever had. My favorite homecooked meal is when my family cooks a surf and turf dinner with prime rib and crab legs.




Favorite Activity I feel like a lot of my wellness has been getting away from the screen or to get myself moving more. The biggest thing for me was sitting places that aren’t my bed, my mood raised so much when I decided I would leave my bed for most of the day. I have been taking care of my plants more and sitting in my yard. I go for bike rides. It’s been really fun. I will trek up a hill for a while and then go downhill most of the way home feeling the sun and wind. I go for long walks and talk to my family or listen to music. I just started doing Yoga with Adrian over zoom with a friend. It is really bad because I am not flexible, but I have been making progress though. /27

UCSF ASDA CUSP June • 2020

For me, staying sane during this isolation is all about keeping a regular schedule. I try and do some sort of physical activity, study something everyday, do something productive for the organizations I am a part of, and keep a good sleep schedule despite the lack of in-person engagements. But my favorite thing to do during quarantine is spend time working on my aquarium and attempt to replicate a small slice of nature in my own room. As a biology major in undergrad, I really appreciated my ecology classes and how they wove basic scientific knowledge regarding microbiology and cellular biology into a larger picture involving interactions between physical environmental factors and multiple organismal trophic levels. In my spare time - which I seem to have a lot of recently - I attempt to replicate these interactions found in nature in my own home aquarium. It’s a great way for me to keep up on some of the information I found really interesting in previous classes and to simply relax during a very stressful time (both during COVID-19 and dental school in general).

AUSTEN LUCENA '22 Favorite Activity

Favorite Dish I have been doing a lot more cooking since quarantine started, trying out new recipes and dedicating a larger amount of time since I have fewer in-person commitments. My absolute favorite meal to make is a chicken parmesan with fresh mozzarella over pasta with a side of garlic-sautéed broccoli. It is a meal my parents used to make for my sister and me, typically for special occasions, and that is probably for the best since it is not necessarily the healthiest option out there. The crunchy, savory fried chicken with the rich, gooey cheese pairs perfectly when served with a red sauce over pasta. Whenever I make it, it’s hard not to make four times what the normal recipe calls for since I always want more for leftovers. And even then, it never usually lasts very long in my fridge.



SHANNON WALKER '23 Favorite activity

Currently my entire focus (other than finishing the spring quarter) has been on daily exercise for stress relief! Everyday, I have found a way to enjoy a different space in my house or in the outdoors. I try not to do the same workouts or do them in the same places! It keeps me from getting complacent with my exercise and keeps me mentally stimulated.

My favorite place to eat in SF is nestled amongst the harbor of Fort Mason, a restaurant called Greens. I grew up in the bay area looking forward to trips up to the city to eat at Greens and look out over the harbor at the Golden Gate. The first time I went there was in the early 2000’s as a child after seeing the Lion King broadway show near Union Square, it made a long lasting memory. They have a constant rotating menu of incredible all vegetarian menu that appeals to both those who eat meat and don’t. Their cocktails are incredible. I most recently went there to celebrate with my family after my white coat ceremony. I suggest everyone has the chance go experience Greens! :)

Favorite restaurant /29

UCSF ASDA CUSP June • 2020

NICHOLAS CHIU '21 My favorite activities to do during this isolation period are to watch loads of television/movies and playing videogames. During this time of dryness where we are unable to go outside to stimulate our minds, I have found solutions to maintain my wellness until the end of the shelter-in-place. We may feel trapped inside our homes, but with movies and tv shows, my mind can explore what it is like to be outside again and engage in various adventures. For physical fitness, I engage in videogames to continuously workout my finger muscles so they do not atrophy. As dentists, we cannot let our handskills deteriorate, so I make it an effort to maintain my manual dexterity through intense campaigns. Wellness, to me, means to take care of our physical and mental traits. I encourage others to follow my example in invigorating their minds and their muscles so we can come out of this isolation stronger than before.






JERRY HUANG '23 Prior to the current isolation period, I did not have many experiences in cooking. Since I came home, I have been using the time on my hand to learn how to make complicated traditional dishes. This turned out to be one of the greatest decisions I have made this year. Cooking is a good way to not only enrich my list of skills but also take my mind off the overwhelming amount of course work. I followed the videos online and successfully prepared a meal for the entire family at various times. Looking at their faces with enjoyment, I felt that I was untensed both physically and mentally. In addition, I can use this new skill to greatly improve the quality of my weekly mealprep. I am very happy that I walked out of my comfort zone and gave this once overseen activity a try.


My favorite dish is steamed spareribs with rice flour. It’s a traditional dish from my hometown and, as the name suggests, is made of short spareribs covered in flavored rice flour. The flavor can be either the five spices (prickly ash, star aniseed, cinnamon, clove and fennel) or spicy (numb/pungent). I chose this dish because it was not only very scrumptious but also my grandmother’s signature dish when I was a child. She would alter the proportions of the ingredients to make the dish taste even better than the original recipe. Now that I have moved away from home, the taste of this dish has become a nostalgic symbol. The flavor always reminds me of the old memories, such as the weekly family gatherings and packing the leftovers of this dish for my school lunch and sharing them with my classmates.

Steamed Spareribs with Rice Flour /31

UCSF ASDA CUSP June • 2020


During this time in shelter-in-place, I have picked up knitting again! I have a bunch of leftover yarn at home, remnants from old projects over the years. My grandma taught me how to knit when I was much younger and sadly I haven't made much time since middle school to knit. I had been feeling pretty restless at the start of shelter-inplace and knitting seemed like the perfect activity. It gave me something to work on with materials and supplies I already had on hand. It has been a great way to keep my hands busy and I can easily listen to podcasts or watch a movie while knitting. Knitting is by no means a speedy endeavor - it has helped me to slow day, take each day at a time, and stay more present. Over the past few weeks I have made my very first knit sweater! Seeing it come together row by row, piece by piece is exciting. I have really enjoyed having a little project to work on while building a new skill. I hope that even after shelter-in-place is over, I will still incorporate knitting into my self care and wellness!




A few of my favorite activities include watching Disney movies, cooking, and working out. While in quarantine, I have been able to take full advantage of my Disney+ account, as well as have had more than enough time for my other guilty pleasures like SpongeBob and Kdramas. As for cooking, my family has of course indulged in all of the bread recipes. We have made everything from dinner rolls to mantou and cinnamon rolls. As for desserts, we have made our own ice cream, matcha mochi cookies, crème brulee, and molten chocolate cake. Moving onto the snacks/real food, we have made our own pizza, hot pot, Wing Stop fries, Korean corn dogs, and kimchi just to name a few. In regards to exercising, my sister and I have worked out EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. just so we can eat the way we do but also because there is nothing else to do. We have done everything from Chloe Ting to Pamela Reif to MrandMrsMuscle to Kayla Itsines. In short, my wellness during this isolation period has relied on Lilo & Stitch, oily food and sweets, Pamela Reif (check out her ab videos on Youtube), and my three dogs (Bam Bam, Bubble, and Boba).

Bam Bam, Bubble, and Boba My favorite homecooked meal is this one awfully odd pasta my mom always makes for me. In one pot she boils the pasta, usually penne pasta for this dish. In another pan, she puts oil and butter and adds minced garlic. Once the garlic starts to sizzle, she adds sliced chicken or whatever meat we have that day (could be shrimp or pork too) as well as some eggs. Once all of that is cooked, she adds chopped white onion, hot dogs, tomatoes, and green onion. She then adds the cooked pasta to the pan and tops it off with the special ingredients – ketchup and sriracha with a little fish sauce as well as some salt and paper. She lets that all simmer and then it is ready… MMM so yummy. My mom knows this is my favorite dish so whenever I visit home from school or if I am having a bad day, she would prepare this meal for me ❤


UCSF ASDA CUSP June • 2020


My favorite activity during quarantine has been running and exercising. For the first couple months of 2020 I was going to the gym regularly and starting to see some results, which made me happy—but when everything shut down I was worried all my progress would be lost or difficult to maintain. However, this time has shown me how simple it is to stay fit just by running a couple miles a day and using my own body weight for resistance workouts. I don’t know why I was ever NOT working out regularly, because when I do I feel great and look great, it is a win win. For me, it is the best way to burn off steam from school and everything stressful going on in the world.

Favorite Restaurant

Favorite Activity

Summer 2019 my brother-in-law took my fiancée and me to a Chinese restaurant in Oakland called Shandong. Hands down the best Chinese food I have had. I sometimes dream about it ever since going that first time, sorry if that sounds dramatic but it is true LOL. My favorite item on the menu is the spicy handmade noodles (which you can watch them make in the front which makes them taste so much better). I also love the Shandong chicken and the dumplings. Darn, writing this out makes me sad that I am sheltering in my hometown in SoCal and not the Bay Area because now I am craving it. Everyone go try it, you won’t be disappointed.



AN NGUYEN '23 I am one of the fortunate individuals who have the proper conditions to treat this period as an opportunity to spend more time with family and to explore new hobbies. My first thought when the shelter-in-place order first came out was, "Now I have more time to spend with my cousin and our puppy (attached picture)!" My cousin is like a sister to me and since dental school started, she has been complaining that I was never at home anymore to hang out with her. Now I finally have the time to redeem myself!

Simba &

I have also found more time to develop new interests. There are so many things to learn that I don't think I will ever get bored during shelter-in-place. I have finally learned to make bread! I tried so many recipes and baked so much that my parents complained they were gaining weight from my baking. I am also learning to play guitar - and a bit of violin but I think my parents and neighbors' quality of life significantly went down whenever I picked up my bow so I am mainly working on the guitar now. There are a lot of good online tutorial resources from generous mentors (aka youtube tutorials) that you can get. I learned there are music apps that can mix instruments on top of my piano and guitar recordings, which allow me to work on some small one-man band projects. I also got to finish my knitting projects that I never had time for. Workout is also a part of my daily routine now. It doesn't take much of my day and could be very simple such as a 15-minute mat workout or some pull-ups and weight lifting. Actually, this small routine part greatly contributes to my appetite and sense of well-being. To destress from studying, I like to clean up my room and kitchen. On a lazy day, I just make some favorite beverages, like a cold Thai tea, and binge watch Netflix or play video games. I think it is the balance of learning new healthy hobbies and rewarding myself that gives me a sense of fulfilling during this long shelter-in-place period. /35

UCSF ASDA CUSP June • 2020


Pizza Omelette

I have been cooking and eating a lot since I have been back home during this pandemic. I especially enjoy making omelettes a few times a week, and one thing I have discovered is you can make "a pizza omelette," which is especially a game-changer if you are gluten-free or have gluten sensitivity and want an alternative to cauliflower pizza crust. Omelettes are very filling and make for a great brunch. I basically make the egg batter with three eggs, some spices, a dash of milk, add it to a circular pan on medium heat and then add whatever cheeses and veggies I prefer on top - tomatoes, sweet peppers, red onions, spinach leaves, avocado, fresh basil, shredded or mozzarella cheeses, salt, pepper, etc. Make it however you like it, but instead of flipping the omelette, leave it on the pan for about 5 minutes on medium heat and then cut it as you would a pizza and enjoy!



MARLEAH NURSE '23 I have had three phases during this isolation period. In the initial weeks I turned to cooking, mostly baking. I left SF and went back home, which was sad and stressful, but on a bright note I finally had access again to a full kitchen! I was very excited and got carried away with cooking all the things I had been craving but couldn’t cook while in SF. Like almost everyone else, I started with banana bread! Then cakes, cookies, etc. As the isolation period got stricter and more uncertain, I turned to exercising and going on walks to keep me sane and take my mind off things. In my third phase, as our didactic curriculum is coming to a close, I have returned to one of my biggest passions of reading. I usually can’t bring myself to read outside of school due to studying and lack of time. However, now I actually have time to pick up where I left off. I am on book three of Game of Thrones and hope to finish the series this summer!


UCSF ASDA CUSP June • 2020


Summer before dental school, I spent three weeks in Asia. Of the countries I visited, I especially enjoyed my time in Thailand. I loved the culture, the architecture, and most importantly, the food. Those who know me can confirm that I cannot tolerate spicy food but the food tasted too good that I couldn’t help but continue eating despite the tears coming from my eyes. My summer trip to Thailand could be summarized as sweat, eat, drink (water), eat and drink a little more to wash down the spicy food. When I visited Chiang Mai, I saw an advertisement about learning how to cook Thai food with a local. Knowing how much of a foodie I am, I signed up without giving a second thought.

Upon finishing the cooking class, we were given a cookbook of even more Thai recipes. To unwind from school, it became a hobby of mine to replicate and to perfect my favorite meals. Just cooking these dishes brought back sentimental memories of being able to travel and explore the world. Instead of constantly hoping for the quarantine to be over, cooking these dishes brought back happy memories and momentarily transported me back to the wonderful memories I had in Thailand, devouring all the delicious food.

We started the morning visiting their traditional morning market to pick up fresh produce for our cooking. Our task for the day was to utilize all the ingredients that we bought and to make a five-course Thai meal. Some of my absolute favorites were tom kha kai, panang curry and mango sticky rice and I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to make this all from scratch! As soon as we returned to the kitchen, we started toasting different spices such as cumin, chili peppers, and cardamom in a large skillet followed by mixing different ingredients together with a mortar and a pestle to make the panang powder. We chopped galangal into small slices and prepared the chicken for cooking. The order of placing lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and other ingredients were extremely crucial in bringing out each of the beautiful flavor profiles, bringing various hints of savory, sweet and creaminess in each dish.

"Some of my absolute favorites were tom kha kai, panang curry and mango sticky rice..."




My favorite activity during this challenging period is making my handmade polymer clay earrings! It is such a therapeutic process making my own designs, seeing them in my head then actually making and physically seeing them. I love that I can use my hands with molding and shaping the polymer clay. I bought a hand-drill with different burs that I use to make a hole of the earring pieces so I can hook and connect them together. I amm happy that I can still use my hands skills in this way while not in clinic and seeing patients. I hope that I can continue to develop my manual dexterity through making my handmade earrings while we are in quarantine. I also love the business aspect of it. I am able to connect with other people on Instagram and Facebook. I like that I feel like I am in control of the business and it is in my own time, just like being a dentist!

Handmade Polymer Clay Earrings I have so many favorite foods and restaurants around SF! One of my most favorite food is fried chicken. I have been making it at home using my mom’s recipe and frying it in my airfryer so it is healthier! One of my favorite restaurants in SF that hits home is “Cracked and Battered” (close to Mission Bay/Potrero). They serve ‘American with Mediterranean’ twist brunch with mainly fried chicken and waffles, as well as eggs and fries. I love it! I have been there several times. It is where I take my friends that visit San Francisco. The food is delicious, the fried chicken is always so fresh and juicy, and the waffles are the right amount of fluffiness and sweetness. In addition, the owner is always there making sure the customers are having a good time. I love the personal aspect of it, and everyone there is so nice. Sometimes, the owner gives us free pita bread and dip too! Definitely a ‘must try’! /39

UCSF ASDA CUSP June • 2020


Since the quarantine started, I started playing electric guitar again as a creative outlet for when I am feeling too stressed or overwhelmed by the current state of our nation. Nothing cheers me up more than listening to a chaotic, high-energy rock song by one of my favorite bands, Oingo Boingo, and so the idea of being able to perform some of their songs has always been so thrilling to me. Over the break I purchased Rocksmith, which is a PC game that has been helping me learn some of my favorite songs quite quickly. I highly recommend it to those interested in improving their guitar skills! It feels extremely rewarding to keep myself busy with creative side projects in which I find myself inching closer to reaching my goals. In addition, I am delighted to see how some artists have chosen to hold live concerts online. The leadman of Oingo Boingo, Danny Elfman, recently debuted the music he wrote for a percussion quartet via livestream performance and attending this concert was so exciting for me, since this was probably one of my only chances at getting to “attend� one of his live concerts. I find solace in appreciating music and performance art during such emotionally charged times.



JOY GENG '23 Favorite Homemade Meal & Restaurant The whole America is cooking during quarantine and I am too. Since in-person instructions have changed to online live classes and lecture captures, I spent too much time staring at my laptop screens and one way to stay away is to cook in the kitchen. I get to destress, get compliment from family members, and avoid dish washing duty. Since we have all the time in the world, I tried out new recipes such as Bolognese sauce, baked short rib, tiramisu, and taro milk tea. And what is better than eating homemade food while watching the Office? I also had some minor setbacks as I have failed baking three times. That is why I decided to stay away from baking for at least one month for my mental well-being.

My favorite restaurant is Osawa in old town Pasadena. It is a Japanese home-style restaurant with delicious food and friendly service. The restaurant is always crowded, but it is not hard to get a table as long as you have made a reservation in the morning of the same day. Osawa always has fresh sushi and sashimi. When uni is in season, if you call ahead you can get live uni for dinner. My favorite items are assorted sushi, spicy green chili ramen, uni pasta, and sukiyaki don. Don't forget to try panna cotta and sweet potato ice cream for dessert! This starts to feel like an ad. Osawa if you see my post please hire me as your publicist!


UCSF ASDA CUSP June • 2020


I have been getting more into yoga to stretch out my hips and back because you spend a lot of time during the day sitting to attend zoom meetings, zoom lectures, and studying. It has been quite nice here in Florida, so I have been taking advantage of the outdoors by hiking, running, and biking with my dog, Belgium, and my partner. We have lived in Gainesville for 6 years and we have been finding all these beautiful hidden places we never knew about until now. Getting outdoors (while social distancing) has been one of our favorite things to do because we can only stay inside for so long before we go mad. This isolation period has given me the time to get out of my comfort zone and try things I would never do like starting an embroidery project or rollerblading around town. Time is definitely one thing we take for granted, now I’m trying to get the most out of it.

What is your favorite dish? This is a really hard question because I love all types of foods and different cuisines. One of my favorite dishes is sushi and dumplings but most of all the ones made by my Japanese grandmother. Every time she visits, we take one day to buy all the ingredients at different stores and one day to make everything. We make all kinds of typical sushi combinations, but the most memorable and savory creation is her fusion roll that incorporates her Japanese traditions with her Puerto Rican husband’s (my grandpa’s) cuisine. This roll imitates a Puerto Rican dish called Pastelón which is our take on lasagna but with thin slices of plantain, ground beef, cheese and a side of white rice. However, this roll has ground beef and cheese as the filling, encased by a thin layer of egg surrounded by white rice with thinly sliced plantains on top. Aside from this dish, my go-to restaurants right now are Mediterranean cuisines, especially Persian dishes, and Korean BBQ. /42



My favorite activity that helps me improve my wellness is bird watching. When I lived in Costa Rica, my dad and I would go hiking to bird watch. I picked up this hobby again when I took bird biology in college. It is a great way to get outside and practice mindfulness. This activity helps me understand and appreciate the environment, whether it is in nature or a park. I am grateful to be able to listen to bird calls and identify birds while meditating. It is a great way to destress and it has been shown that research participants who listened to bird songs become more relaxed than those who listen to a meditation app.

Bird Watching My favorite meal is Olla de Carne. It is a Costa Rican soup dish that my grandma makes for us whenever we are sick or in need of comfort. I love all of the smells of the herbs that fill up the house. My favorite is the yuca vegetable and the taste of the tangy lemon broth. It is usually served with carrots, potatoes, poached pieces of beef, sweet plantain, corn, a lemon wedge, and a small side of rice.


UCSF ASDA CUSP June • 2020

KATIE DILEO '22 Homemade Bread

During shelter-in-place, I have taken up cooking and baking for my family. I have especially enjoyed learning how to bake French bread. When I first started looking up recipes and techniques, it was a bit like opening Pandora’s Box. Each recipe book and website offered seemingly conflicting advice. I even read a bread book kindly offered to me from one of my Littles, An Nguyen! It was clear that this was going to require some trial and error, but the experiments seemed like something fun to sink my teeth into (pun intended). My first attempts resulted in the saddest pancakelike breads. I envied the fluffy, fat breads from the supermarket. I adjusted a variety of factors, including the kneading time, ingredients, where I would set the bread to rise and for how long, but none of these things seemed to do the trick. Eventually, I stumbled on a video made by an unassuming older man demonstrating the most basic, simple recipe. After all the complicated variations I have tried, it seemed unlikely that his recipe would work. Turns out, it has been my go-to recipe since! It only has flour, yeast, a little salt, and water. Being able to learn and practice a new skill has been relaxing and fulfilling during this time.




Favorite Restaurant My favorite restaurant is Fritto Misto, an Italian restaurant in Santa Monica. While in undergrad at UCLA, my friends and I enjoyed quick escapes to the nearby beach. Unfortunately, many of the dining options to enjoy at the end of the day were a bit upscale for our college budgets. When I finally stumbled on an affordable Italian restaurant, I was thrilled to try it! Fritto Misto did not disappoint. They offered unlimited fresh bread and butter before the meal (scoring MAJOR points in my book), friendly and quick service in a homey atmosphere, and a wide variety of delicious pasta options. Two of my favorites dishes are the Italian Sausage and Roasted Peppers and the Pasta Pancetta. If you can’t decide, they also have create-your-own pasta options where you can pick from a dozen pasta shapes, nearly 20 sauces, and other add-ins like veggies or proteins. If you have gotten a chance to know me, you know I am not shy about packing it in at a delicious meal. Between the bread and the entrée, I have never left the restaurant without needing to take home leftovers. Great price, portions, atmosphere and most importantly, delicious food! Check it out if you get a chance. I have yet to go since they recently moved locations in Santa Monica at the end of 2019, but I have no doubt these owners would hold up their high standards.


UCSF ASDA CUSP June • 2020



I think one of the most important persons you should spend more time with is yourself. Some of my favorite memories involve solo traveling, such as backpacking through a new country, taking a road trip through a new state, or hiking in solitude. I love waking up in a hostel and grabbing breakfast out on the balcony and watching the sunrise as I journal. Another favorite is cruising down any beautiful scenery with the windows down and music playing. There is something special about being in a new place, not knowing anyone, and exploring it alone. You have the freedom to plan out the day as you would like—do as you please. You make new friends from across the world. You gather with other backpackers and travel to the next destination together. Solo traveling has challenged me to connect with people from different backgrounds and life experiences. It is reflective, uplifting, calming, and empowering. It is one of the best ways to learn how to take care of yourself. /46


Papaya Salad Lao Style Credit: Friendship Restaurant mealtemple.la

Boiled Pork with Greens Credit: subpages.com

Foods that I can probably eat forever and will never get tired of: sushi, pizza, and Southeast Asian dishes like pho and Laostyle papaya salad. Foods that I am constantly craving are the home-cooked meals that my mom would make for me in Fresno. Hmong food is very similar to Lao/Thai food, and we eat every meal with rice. I crave my mom’s pork soup with greens. It is very simple and only seasoned with salt and pepper and sometimes ginger. We dip the meat and greens in a spicy and sour Hmong chili sauce—so good, I cannot live without it. Whenever I am at home visiting, she would also barbecue pork chops. They are savory and always have the right amount of saltiness and when dipped in the chili sauce above, absolute perfection! I think that the best kind of foods are those that bring you comfort.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam


Lake Maligne, Alberta, Canada


UCSF ASDA CUSP June • 2020

VIVIANE NGUYEN '23 My favorite wellness activity is a three-way tie between walking my dog, jump roping, and skateboarding. I really could not decide since it is important to do things you enjoy to keep up with your wellness, especially during these times. I love exploring my neighborhood with my dog even though I have lived here my whole life. I enjoy looking at the different homes and imagining what the insides are like (it helps to hone my interior design skills). Walking around is a great way for me to get some fresh air and not think about the different things on my list that I need to do. I will take my dog to a nearby park and run around with her for a bit before heading home. Jump roping is my main form of cardio during this time. There are a lot of hills in my neighborhood and I never particularly enjoyed running, so jumping with weighted ropes has been great for me to get my heart rate up and still have fun. Skateboarding is just fun for me, especially on days that have been as sunny as they have been recently. Since it is an activity that does not require me to be close to people, it is another way for me to get out of the house and enjoy the fresh air.




In these difficult times with the COVID-19 pandemic, cooking has been THE activity that keeps my spirits up. It has been a personal goal of mine to learn how to cook my favorite Vietnamese dishes. Before starting dental school, I expected to dedicate majority of my spare time to practicing in sim lab or studying at the library. All my meals were going to consist of meal preps from the weekend before, instant noodles or takeout orders. I definitely did not plan on making anything extensive or intricate, considering being on a financial budget. During this quarantine period, I have gotten a chance to return back home, and finally learn how to cook traditional, homemade dishes from my family. At home, I have more resources to cook with and more people to cook for. Among the recipes I have experimented with, Pho is the dish I have improved the most in. I underestimated the time and effort it takes to make a Beef Pho. It is so technique sensitive to prepare a clear, flavorful broth that just lightly coats your tongue. Seeing that it takes my family of four at least 2 days to finish a pot of Pho, I have made a new, small goal: I would like to perfect my own Pho recipe to share with my friends when I return to SF. I miss my UCSF friends dearly.

Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup Pháť&#x;

Mental health is so important during dental school, and I find solace in spending quality time with my friends. COVID-19 physically separated us far from each other, and it was huge setback for most of us. Recently, I have realized how amazing Zoom is. Besides using it for class lectures, it is a more interactive platform to connect with friends. Now, we are definitely closer. There is no doubt in my mind that when we reunite, we will become EVEN MORE closer.


UCSF ASDA CUSP June • 2020


No one has escaped this period without making a good number of changes to their personal lives. A number of activities have really aided in maintaining my overall wellness during this time of change and stress. First, I have begun playing tennis nearly everyday. Tennis is a rather technical sport that demands a good deal of mental and physical focus. Being able to divert some attention to learning a new sport has been fantastic! Second, I have also been visiting family more and more. The great silver lining of this unique period is the unstructured time that can now be structured around what matters most. Talking, visiting, and connecting with loved ones has been great for my wellness! Finally, continually challenging my mind to learning new things has helped stave off the boredom. Even worse than a cooped-up body is a cooped-up mind. Continually learning new things has helped keep me sane! Isolation is undoubtedly unique but is also an unprecedented opportunity to do those things we’ve always wanted to but never had time to.

Talking, visiting and connecting with loved ones My favorite meal is constantly changing. My current absolute favorite, though, is carnitas. I’m a real sucker for Mexican food, and carnitas have recently topped the list. We prepare it by first putting some cheese on the pan topped with tortilla, giving it a crispy crunch and extra dose of cheese with every bite. The pork is prepared with an assortment of spices, and we are sure to shred and crisp it before making it the center piece of the carnita. We make our own guacamole with ripe avocadoes, lime, garlic, salt, and red peppers. Other crucial ingredients include: mozzarella cheese (the more cheese the better for me), spinach, cherry tomatoes, and sour cream. The combination makes a little culinary symphony in your mouth with every bite. I think the reason I enjoy the meal such a ridiculous amount is because it has so many flavors packed into every bite. Each and every bite offers crispy, wonderfully flavored pork, crispy tortilla, tasty cheese, and fresh tasting vegetables. It’s my current food obsession, that is until another takes over! /50



Sausage, eggs, and pancakes

I have grown to enjoy cooking thoroughly. Before sheltering in place, I would cook maybe once a week. Now that I am at home, I cook breakfast daily and I cook dinner 4 nights a week. My favorite meal to cook is sausage, eggs, and pancakes and I literally cook this every day. Cooking has given me an outlet to just spend time doing something other than studying and focusing on becoming a better cook. It has been very relaxing to cook while playing music in the background dancing and singing.


UCSF ASDA CUSP June • 2020


Thank you so much to our 2019-2020 ASDA Board! Through the hard work of these board members, our ASDA chapter has pushed boundaries and have contributed so much good to our dental community. I am honored to have worked alongside these wonderful leaders and cannot express enough gratitude to their dedication to ASDA.

Theresa Bui '22

Thank you to everyone for the hard work!

Lincoln Nguyen '21

Thank you everyone! I loved being on board with you all!

May Hao '22 I want to thank the board for putting on such great events, and being role models to look up to. I have very much enjoyed my time being a part of this board and learning so much. I hope that we can do you proud and continue spreading knowledge and inspiring dental students to come.

Thank you all for making this one of the most memorable teams I have been a part of, nothing short of entertaining and jovial.

Navi Dhillon '21

Hanna Nguyen '23 Y'all were great! Gonna miss you guys. UCSF ASDA should be so proud of the work they've accomplished under the leadership of Jessica and Theresa this year!!! Thank you all for your passion, service, and advocacy! #MostImprovedChapter

Bradley Morgan '22

Nicholas Hwang '22

Working with such a driven group of colleagues was both a privilege and a great lesson in the power of teamwork. This board provided the framework for my future in ASDA, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Greg Pavlos '22 /52

UCSF ASDA CUSP June• 2020 I want to extend a bittersweet goodbye and an enormous thank you to the 2019-2020 ASDA Board. Even though I was a latecomer to the board, everyone was so kind and welcoming. I've really enjoyed my time these past few months and learned so much from seeing the dedication each board member put into everything they did for ASDA. We held some amazing events, and I'm glad I was able to be a part of it all! I'm thankful for being a part of such a vibrant community that advocates for our profession and student body, and I cannot wait to see everyone again whenever we go back to campus!

Thank you ASDA board for a great year!!

Ashley Han '23

Thanks to the board for an awesome year! Definitely one for the books and I'm going to miss all the fun events everyone put on!

Brett Watanabe '22 Tiffany La '23 Thank you to ASDA Board 2019-2020 for a fantastic year! Gained so much knowledge and so many memories from just a year working with you all. Excited to see what the next Board accomplishes!

Kevin Hahn '22

Thank you so much for all hard work and time you invested into helping make ASDA what it is today. Moving forward, I am confident the new board will build upon your successes make our chapter stand out even more!

To the Board of 2019 to 2020, you have been PHENOMENAL. Our time in dental school is short, but the memories we've made are forever. For that, I thank you.


Thank you for such an amazing year. Made some great memories with you all, that are sure to last a lifetime!

Pratishta Jain '21 Brian Kwon '22

To my sweet, supportive, & amazing board! I feel so lucky and grateful to have worked beside all of you this past year. You all inspire me to give everything I do 110% and will forever have ASDA fever b/c of you guys!

It was awesome being on the board working with everyone this year! I'm looking forward to building more amemories with ASDA!

brian vinh hoang '23

Bianca Angela Miguel '22


UCSF ASDA CUSP June • 2020




Jessica, under your leadership, UCSF ASDA has seen unprecedented growth. Your drive and passion to elevate the dental school experience to our dental community is unparalleled and admirable. As your Vice President, I was and remain inspired by your work ethic and your willingness to offer 100% of yourself to every project you take on. You were an outstanding ASDA president, a wonderful colleague, and even better friend. Thank you, Jessica, for all that you do for ASDA. Thank you to Jessica for an awesome year, you are dedicated, ambitious, and a strong leader, cant wait to see Navi Dhillon '21 the awesome accomplishments that await your career. Thank you Jessica Van for your leadership and bringing such a great board together. It has a been a good year, and you really have done so much and been an inspiration at UCSF.

Hanna Nguyen '23

Thank you for your leadership Jessica! I really appreciated the never-ending guidance and support you provided as we followed our committee visions.

May Hao '22

Theresa Bui '22

Thank you Jessica for being an amazing leader this year! You have made a huge impact on how to the organization is ran and have made Lincoln Nguyen '21 unmeasurable contributions. Jessica! From dent stay to ASDA, thank you so so much for all your help <3 You are definitely someone that I really look up to at UCSF. Thank you for being the best president ASDA could Ashley Han '23 have asked for. Wishing you all the best for your D4 year! A massive thank you to our phenomenal president, Jessica Van! Your incredible leadership has taken our chapter to the next level. It was an honor and a privilege to work with you on Exec!

Jessica, you were an amazing president whose passion for ASDA shined in every moment of her leadership. What I truly appreciated though was you support. There was never a time when I didn’t feel like I couldn’t count on you. No matter the time or day, you would make time to meet with my committee and seemingly solve all our problems. While you term has concluded, you will always be a part of UCSF ASDA. Thank you for all the support and friendship you’ve given me, Jess!

Kevin Hahn '22

Greg Pavlos '22

Thank you SO much Jessica for leading ASDA! This past year ASDA was able to do incredible things because of your leadership - you've made a huge impact on us all. It's been so inspiring working alongside you and the rest of the board! brian Vinh Hoang '23 Bianca Angela Miguel '22

Kate Lovell '22


THANK YOU Thank you for all of the hard work you put for ASDA. You were super willing to help and gave me great advice as the previous Lunch n Learn Chair. Best of luck with Nicholas Hwang '22 everything!



UCSF ASDA PRESIDENT 2019-2020 Thank you J Van for being such a phenomenal President. You’re beautiful inside and out. Much love.

To our President, Jessica Van: Thank you so much for guiding me through all things ASDA and being so patient and caring. UCSF ASDA has grown and accomplished so much during your term, and you really made it feel like a family. Thank you so much for such a wonderful year, and keep being a boss lady!

Thank you for being such a wonderful and driven President! Our chapter would not be where it is today without the dedication and care you put forth for our group. We're all going to miss you and can't wait to witness the glorious things you accomplish in the future!

Pratishta Jain '21

Tiffany La '23

Brett Watanabe '22

Jessica, you are a true superstar of a human being--smart, confident, persuasive, passionate, stylish, thoughtful, and ~cool~--and you carry yourself so effortlessly. You are everything I look for in a leader and UCSF ASDA has been so blessed by your service.

Bradley Morgan '22 Jessica, you've led us through the year with so much willpower and determination that you inspire others to do the same. You've helped those around you grow and that is a sign of an incredible leader. Thank you for everything that you've done this year. I know that you will go forth in your dental career to accomplish amazing things!

Thank you for your passionate commitment to ASDA. You provided our new board with a great foundation to work from and the new EC is so excited to reinvest the passion you instilled in us into the upcoming year! While your term may have ended, we hope to make you proud with some of the new exciting things we have planned for the upcoming year! Best of luck with D4 year and interviews! To the best president there ever was! Thank you for listening to all of our crazy ideas and making sure we had all the help and resources to help them come into fruition. We love you!

Bianca Angela Miguel '22


Brian Kwon '22

Thank you for everything that you have done for ASDA this past year! Your drive and energy inspired everyone of us! Wish you the best in everything in the future! brian vinh hoang '23


UCSF ASDA CUSP June • 2020

Why join UCSF ASDA?

ASDA is unlike any other organization in terms of scope. There are truly so many different opportunities for personal and professional growth. Whether you’re interested in serving the community, advocating for our students and profession, creating a healthy and happy community through wellness, or learning about the business aspect of dentistry, you can pursue any and all of your passions through ASDA. In addition, as a national organization, students have plenty of opportunities to attend national conferences and network with other dental students and professionals all around the country. Our own District 11 ASDA, which consists of all the California schools, is always in communication, and we’re excited for the collaborations we have planned this upcoming year.

If those reasons didn’t convince you enough, here are some more membership benefits: 1st and 4th year: Free Oral B electric toothbrush 2nd year: Free Sonicare electric toothbrush ASDA T-Shirt Disability Insurance with GreatWest Financial Access to ALL ASDA Social and Professional events during the year (includes prizes) Office Depot discounts Geico Insurance discounts Opportunities to go to national ASDA conferences all around the US Networking FUN and so much more!!

We are excited to welcome you into our UCSF ASDA family! /56




UCSF ASDA CUSP June • 2020