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T HE T HIRD GRADE F A M I L Y rch 2011 February/Ma

Seton Falls Bronx, NY

February/March 2010 Volume 5, Issue 7

Hello once again to our Third Grade  Families! Parent/Teacher Conferences are  Tuesday March 15th.  If you cannot attend,  please call the school and make an  appointment! We are gearing up for our state tests  in the next couple of months.  Make sure  that you are reading at home with your child  and helping them study their math facts! Did you know March is Women’s  History Month? Talk to your child about  famous women you know!

Themes of the Month Literacy The third grade students will continue reading biographies while learning about famous women for Women’s History Month.

Science We are working on our unit on Energy and then moving on to Force and Motion.


Announcements ~March 3rd­ PS 111 Black History Month Show 6pm ~March 13th­ Daylight Savings Time Begins  Set your clocks 1 hour ahead! ~March 15th – HALF DAY: 11:30 Dismissal Parent/Teacher Conferences 1­3pm; 5­7:30pm ~March 17th­ St. Patrick’s Day ~March 20th­ First Day of Spring!!!

Student of the Month Congratulations to all of our Students of  the Month!!! January Vanessa Castro Class 3­327 Kyalie Charles Class 3­328 Crystal Alexander Class 3­329 Jaeden Vazquez Class 3­330

The third grade will continue learning their times tables and also learn some geometry!

Social Studies We are studying landforms and bodies of water as we prepare to study countries from around the world.

February Sheon White  Class 3­327 Deborah Clayton  Class 3­328 Vielka Vasquez  Class 3­329 Katalya Haughton  Class 3­330

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What’s Happening in Our Classes??? Class3-327 Class3-327did a wonderful job writing biographies about “The First Lady” Michelle Obama. We will begin letter writing in the month of March. We will be starting our multiplication unit in math so start studying those multiplication facts. Class3-328 We are learning about different African Americans for Black History Month. We studies Barack Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham. Children were asked to do a time line, write a brief biography and draw pictures of maps. In math we are finishing up Unit 6-Geometry. Also we started multiplying by 5’s. In Social Studies we are learning about Nigeria’s history and government Pleasesign monthly progressreports and return them back to school! Class3-329 Class3-329has done a wonderful job on their Malia, Sasha and Bo Obama projects! We are quite proud of our work. We will now study The Three Little Pigs. We will read different versions of the story and compare and contrast them. We will also begin our letter writing unit. Finally, we will finish our Emotional Literacy book. Be on the lookout for information regarding our book! Class3-330 Mr. Brunelli is proud of the students in his class that wrote a reflection on Barack Obama’s early years. We all know it takes a community!

Classroom Reminders Remember our school is a uniform school and all students must wear white shirts/blouses and blue pants and skirts. Parents-please make sure your child is doing their homework every night. It is extremely important. Check their folders for notices and important information! PLEASE make sure all homework is signed daily! **CHILDREN MUST BRING IN AN ABSENT NOTE THE DAY THEY COME BACK FROM BEING ABSENT** ~Make sure your child is practicing his/her addition, subtraction and multiplication facts every night! STUDENTS WHO DO NOT WEAR UNIFORM ARE NOT PERMITTED TO ATTEND CLASS TRIPS!!!

Happy Birthday!!! Joshua Hendy Feb. 1st Rm. 327 Camillia Lindo Feb. 6th Rm. 327 th Adrian Cintron Feb. 14 Rm. 329 Zaday Smith Feb. 17th Rm. 330 Deborah Clayton Feb. 22nd Rm. 328 Hamlin Daley Feb. 22nd Rm. 329 Jahzaiha Johnson Feb. 23rd Rm. 327 Jade Felton Feb. 23rd Rm. 329 Karanja Bright Feb. 28th Rm. 328 Stephen Anderson Mar. 2nd Rm. 328 Edwin Reyes Mar. 3rd Rm. 329 Lucki Lee McNeill Mar. 7th Rm. 328 Crystal Alexander Mar. 10th Rm. 329 Michell­Lee Graham Mar. 22nd Rm. 329 Vielka Vasquez Mar. 23rd Rm. 329         

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