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Seton Falls Bronx, NY Apr il 2007 Volume 1, Issue 6

April 2007

Springtime greetings from the Third Grade!! We would like to thank all of the parents that were able to attend the Parent-Teacher Conferences on the 20th of March. If you were unable to attend, please contact your child’s teacher for his/her report card.

Themes of the Month Literacy April is Poetry month, so the entire third grade will be studying and writing different types of poems all month!

Math The students will continue working on their multiplication and division strategies. Please help your child study his/her times tables!

Social Studies Each third grade class will continue studying a country. Here is where each class is studying: 3-327- Japan 3-328- China 3-329- Italy 3-330- France 3-331- Jamaica & Santo Domingo

Science The students will be working with Ms. Scott to complete their Science Fair projects. Please work with your child on it at home this vacation. We hope to see you at the Science Fair!!

Happy Birthday!!! Tyson Lee Newman Janai Bannister Moses Myers Jontae Sheridan Morris Pitters Shanique Reid Jeremiah Young Jasmin Gonzalez

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Student of the Month March Congratulations to all of our Students of the Month!!! Marvin Inegbenebo Class 2/3-210 Tyrese Radway Class 3-227 Angelique Oakley Class 3-327 Danielle Brown Class 3-328 Liliana Abreu Class 3-329 Rebecca Cruz Class 3-330 Brianna Wynn Class 3-331

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What’s Happening in Our Classes???

Class 2/3-210 We in Class 2/3-210 are learning about Happeneing poems. We haveWhat’s learned that poems are cont. Reminders compositions that sometimes andare Santo Domingo.presented We hope in to haveClassroom our fanciful verse. celebration Poetry is marked in May. byWe language are also working on our **It is extremely important that your child is in chosen especially for its for sounds, beauty, and where we will “Children Children Project” school every day and on time. Please help us power. We alsobe learned planting that tulip notbulbs. all poems help your child succeed!** rhyme. Remember our school is a uniform school and all Class 3-327 students must wear white shirts/blouses and Class 3-327 has begun learning about blue pants and skirts. We also would like to poems. Our class will be focusing on how to thank all of our parents and guardians for write a wish poem. In Social Studies, our class sending the students in well groomed. is studying Japan. Class 3-327 has begun to learn Japanese sayings. Please ask your child *Even though the weather is getting warmer, about their Japan project. students are NOT to wear flip-flops or shoes Class 3-328 with heels!* Class 3-328 is now exploring the genre Parents-please make sure your child is doing of poetry. We will be making our very own his/her homework every night. It is extremely poetry books. We have also started our important. Check their folders for notices and thematic study on China. Ask your child what important information! he/she has learned so far. Class 3-329 *Make sure you have a dictionary at home for your child to use!* Ciao! Class 3-329 is learning all about Italy from the geography to the language to Announcements nd th ~April 2 -10 – Spring Recess the food! Ask your child about what they are learning in school! We will also be “unlocking ~April 16th-20th – Science Fair! 9am-1pm the doors of poetry.” Students will learn how ~April 18th –Fire Zone trip for Class 329 to write different types of poems “unlocking” (Ms. Scretching) all of their emotions! ~April 24th –Botanical Gardens trip for Classes 327, Class 3-330 Class 3-330 will be writing poetry for the month of April. We will be brainstorming ideas for our school science fair.

Class 3-331 Class 3-331 has entered the world of poetry. We are learning about different types of poems-haiku, limericks and narratives. We have begun our Caribbean study on Jamaica

328, & 331

~April 25th –Botanical Gardens trip for Classes 329, 330, & 210 ~April 27th - Fire Zone trip for Class 331 (Ms. Louis & Ms. Francis-McLean) ~April 30th - Fire Zone trip for Class 327 (Ms. Lourenso)

Third Grade Newsletter  

Third Grade April Newsletter

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