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MY PERSONAL PROFILE I’m Sandra Cózar Ropero and I’m 13 years old. I’m thin and tall. I have got brown small eyes and long fair hair. I study in the Zaidin neighbourhood in Alhambra Secondary school. My class is 2nd A, is a bilingual group and we study some subjects in English. I have a lot of friends in my high school, but my best friend is Maribel Vazquez de Toro. Maribel and I go to the same school but we aren’t in the same class. I live in Ogíjares with my parents Juan Alfonso and Charo. My father work is “Funcionario de Carreteras” and my mother work is “hairdresser”. I have got a brother older than me. He’s Sergio and he is 15 years old. They study in Alhambra Secondary school too. His hobbies are plays tennis, surfing the internet and goes to the street with his friends. My favourite colours are pink and white. My zodiac sign is “Capricornio”, because my birthday is the 13th January. My favourite sport is tennis. I practice tennis on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. My favourite tennis player is Rafael Nadal. I like football too and my favourite football team is Real Madrid.

By: Sandra Cózar Ropero 2ºA

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