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Presented by Dr Georges BWELLE "What a pity to have a life of wealth mingled alongside those who lack a vital minimum" Share to relieve! relieve!


Invited by Alice TATAH, ASCOVIME for the first time travel to South West region of Cameroon, to organise a free medical consultation to Baseng village situated in TOMBEL sub division. It was 11 Am, when we left Yaounde to Baseng. Before that, we bring our guest star Prince NDEDI EYANGO to discover ASCOVIME Center in bulding.

After the visit, we thoot the road directly to TOMBEL , our first for the trip.

We arrived Tombel around 21 h Pm.

After arrive at Tombel, we transfer our luggages to anothers cars adapted to rich to Baseng. We spend there more than one hour for this transfert. It was 22 h Pm when we started our difficult trip to Baseng village.

After arrange the car somewhere after Ebondji village, we continous our difficult trip to Baseng.

After 4 hours, we finally arrived to baseng. It was exactly 1 am when we arrived Baseng. You can imagine how we arrived at Baseng ? After take our diner, we run directly on the bed, because we are so tired.

Good nigth all of you and see we early tomorrow. Saturday morning after taking our breadfast, we put on our week end hospital at the catholic center hospital.

View of our hospital that week end in this village.

Installation of our hospital by those volunteers.

After this, speech with Baseng population. But before that the Priest praid for this unprecedented operation to Baseng.

The Priest ask to God to control this operation

Baseng hospital Doctor open the ball of speech and Mises Alice TATAH follow.

Dr BWELLE Georges end this steep

All under the watchful eyes of volunteers and populations

First act : Systematic deworming population

After deworming it is consultation

Box consultation

Box of academic general consultation led by Dr BWELLE Georges That day we consulted 397 patients and deworming more than 450 people present that day.

Commissioning of dentistry led by Dr. Krystelle Kalla

Raising public awareness on oral hygiene dental by Ronald our dentist

In Dentistry we recevied that day 53 patients (20 women, 30 men and 03 children) and do 35 extractions dentals.

In Nursering led by Etame our nurse

In this service, patients received analgesics in intramuscular and intravenous and nursing. We receved 214 patients (81 men, 130 women and 03 children). In Pharmacy, it is concentration for the team.

Long queue in front of the Pharmacy In Ophtalmology led by Dr Aime Bang there was many patients

That day in Ophtalmology Dr Aime Bang receved 97 patients and distributed free 35 optical glasses. The Bakossy chiefs was there to encourage their daugther Mises Alice TATAH for this wonderful action for them

Thank you Ms. Alice TATAH elan for your heart In surgery one more again the team led by Dr Georges BWELLE was professional.

In surgery 19 patients were operated free.

Sunday morning, many people came in hope that they will consult, some of them came to thank us for what we are done for them during this week end. It was so emotional.

The Priest were also there to thank and praid for us for what we are doing the Cameroonians in general and Baseng people in particular

Our figures during this this free health campaign - In general practice and specialties • Deworming of the entire population has about 450 patients • Approximately 400 patients were consulted and received their medication as pathologies diagnosed 165 men 205 women 30 children

In Dentistry • -

53 patients seen 20 women 30 men 03 children • More than 35 dental extractions In Ophtalmology • 97 patients and distributed free 35 optical glasses. In Surgery • 19 patients undergoing outpatient surgery including: • 10 men • 08 women • 01child

It was a pleasure to bringing smile to Baseng populations and areas this week end. You can see it to theses faces.

Baseng health campaign report - March 2, 2014