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ASSOCIATION DES COMPETENCES POUR UNE VIE MEILLEURE Récépissé de déclaration N°0082/RDA/J06/BAPP Contacts : BP : 30169 Yaoundé XIII Cameroun Mail :, Tél : (237) 99 74 94 85 / 76 51 50 84 Web site:


ASCOVIME is a non-profit organization which visits Cameroonian villages twice a month to help poor people. Its humanitarian activities iclude: Free health care distribution of didactic material, clothes, shoes, tooth brush and paste to teachers and pupils in primary schools in the villages distribution of birth certificates to kids of some villages in the far north These birth certificates • qualify them for the exam which permits them to pass from primary to secondary school • facilitate their lives as Cameroonian citizens This document is a brief report of: The 2012 distribution of these birth certificates in primary schools of Datcheka subdivision in the far north region of Cameroon and the distribution of didactic material Special thanks to: The sub-divisional officer of Datcheka who honoured this ceremony by: • supporting our work • distributing himself these certificates • and for the fiesta he gave to the ASCOVIME team The Mayor of Datcheka who accepted to be with us throughout that day and promised to establish 800 birth certificates before the end of January 2013 All the inspectors, head teachers and teachers of those primary schools Mr Boniface Bayaola, ASCOVIME head member, who received the team and provided transportation for the team and the staff ACAMAS who continues to support our work: this Turkish association in Cameroon offered 100 of the 400 birth certificates we distributed CLUB INTERNATIONAL LES GOURMETTES supported this humanitarian activity and helped establish 75 birth certificates ASCOVIME PARIS our French branch offered 40 birth certificates We did the rest

We decided to travel by road and our first stop was at a small primary school in the East region where we placed a sign board to indicate their presence and started the project of building the school’s toilet

And then we continued our journey to Doukoula where we met Mr Bayaola Boniface who invited ASCOVIME to his village.

Distribution of shoes to kids so they can wear to school

First stop was at a primary school in Bouza in the Doukoula sub-division whose classrooms had been destroyed by the over flow of the river beds

that caused a flood in that area. The state of these classrooms should make an impact on our minds.

Unfortunately, the government and the local population have put little or no effort to build or renovate the classrooms.

But there is still much work left to be done and this requires the active participation of each and every one.

The pupils and the staff were amazing. They patiently waited for over ten hours in calm and extreme discipline for this activity which will make them better Cameroonians

Distribution of 400 birth certificates in different schools:

All the speeches called on the parents to establish their children’s birth certificates at birth. At that point, they are free of charge.

Special thanks to the sub-divisional officer who personally distributed a multitude of birth certificates and who had drawn our attention to this delicate situation in these villages.

Special thanks to the Mayors of Doukoula and Datcheka who accepted to go with us that day from village to village.

To the � lawan� chiefs of the villages who participated in the distribution of these birth certificates, we say thank you.

Parents satisfied to see the birth certificates of their children

And what do the children have to say?

Some head teachers requested for the contacts of Mr Bayaola so as to continue to solicit his kindness and also to keep us abreast with their daily struggles

As usual, ASCOVIME presented adequate didactic material to head teachers, teachers and pupils in the presence of the Inspector of primary education.

ďƒ˜ Special thanks to the Mayors of Doukoula and Datcheka who accepted to leave their duty posts to grace this ceremony with their presence

Mr Bayaola continues these activities in these poor villages

The packages for the teachers and head teachers

Satified teachers and head teachers

These new benches are a gift from elite from the village, who presented his gift the same day as ASCOVIME This activity was a great success on every aspect but it is difficult to talk of joy and happiness when we see what is still to be done. The efforts made by the government, other NGOs and elites should be applauded but you

looking at this write-up, I believe you are thinking of what you can do at your level to bring a smile to this dynamic and courageous population My regret was the absence of members of ACAMAS and LE CLUB INTERNATIONAL DES GOURMETTES who contributed to the success of this activity as established below: Government primary school, Bouzar 100 birth certificates distributed Didactic material for: • 458 pupils • 03 teachers • 01 head teacher year Number of pupils in Number of pupils primary 6 who possess birth certificates 2008 76 14 2009 77 37 2010 78 12 2011 78 15 2012 102 35 Government primary school, Guidingding 16 birth certificates distributed Didactic material for: • 373 pupils • 02 teachers • 01 head teacher Government primary school, Soukoumkayar 61 birth certificates distributed Didactic material for: • 241 pupils • 03 teachers • 01 head teacher Government primary school, KAnkarwa 51 birth certificates distributed Didactic material for:

• 204 pupils • 02 teachers • 01 head teacher Government primary school, Going 68 birth certificates distributed Didactic material for: • 495 pupils • 08 teachers • 01 head teacher Government secondary school, Going Didactic material for: • 257 pupils • 01 head teacher Government primary school, Gangalang 104 birth certificates distributed Didactic material for: • 480 pupils • 04 teachers • 01 head teacher Join us for a better life

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