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DIESEL GENERATING SETS Telecom application Range 7-100 kVA

Typical generator with oil coole engine

Typical generator with air cooled engine

For continuous operation power (COP) or stand-by applications Choosing Ascot today means trusting an organization with a 27 years’ experience in the international market, with a brand name which is a by word for quality and reliability. Since 1986, Ascot is a Italian manufacturer company of “Tailor Made” Diesel Generators designed to work in any part of the world. Ascot is considered a recognized leader Company on telecom field as one of the most important players in the energy sector due to an active population of 34.254 generators, spread out globally in 38 countries. Choosing Ascot means not only acquiring a quality product, designed to function in different parts of the world, but also a company which is capable of meeting all customer’s needs serviced by its partners’ network and Service Centers all encouraging technological innovation. The telecommunication companies historically recognize Ascot as a leader in the telecom sector thanks to its innovative products and technologies for generators and for the family of Hybrid solutions. This is the true know-how of Ascot, made of competence, flexibility, and understanding all its customer’s needs for which designs and manufactures products order by order with a price structure, that is in proportion to the tailor made solutions offered.

The best customers choose Ascot

Ed. n°1_Rev 20 / FL TLC GENSET 7-100 09/2013


Main Applications -Off Grid Telecom Sites -Stand-by Telecom Sites

-Switching Data Centers -Internet Centers

Unique Features •

Easy to Install all in one plug & play package

Low CAPEX and low OPEX, thanks to the tailor made designed solutions

Low emission and Long Life reliability, thanks to European engine and components manufactured as per Ascot specifications

Roof top capability (optional), thanks to special springs to annul the vibration Super Silent canopy up to 48 dB(A)@7 mt

Harsh environmental conditions capabilities, thanks to the Ascot worldwide proven experience in designing & manufacturing of products to operate in any ambient conditions Minimal Installation Costs, thanks to all in one package & Integrated AMF+ATS to reduce cabling connections.

Flexibility & interchangeability units, thanks to the integrated features that operates in single or dual operation mode as standard configuration without any additional change

All Ascot products are ready to be remotely controlled, on request, with Web based management system, LAN system or GSM system or simply by free contacts for NOC

Base Package Composition: • •

Diesel Generator Sound and Weather proof Canopy at 72 dB(A) @ 7m

• •

. • •

Integrated Control Panel and ATS Single (1+0) working mode

GSM or Web base Remote Control System Fuel Water Separator Automatic Lube Oil Top Up kit Ethernet communication Automatic Dummy Load

• • • •

Dual Functionalities (1+1) Integrated fuel tank 200-600-10002000-3000 lt Ultra Sound upgrade 55 or 48 dB(A) @ 7 m Long range service interval 10002000 hrs

• • • •

Ed. n°1_Rev 20 / FL TLC GENSET 7-100 09/2013

Main Accessories & Optional

44 flayer tlc 18092013 fronte retro  
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