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A complete Hybrid Telecom Site with integrated outdoor cabinet ready to house TLC equipments and easily transportable on trailer or by van

Unique Features •

Portable TLC site ready to use everywhere

Available to create a Telecom network within a few hours

Immediate capacity to increase the Telecom Network

Immediate replacement of the existing Telecom Site


All in one, plug & play Package system Integrated outdoor cabinet Rack 19” 15U: • 2U for DC Distribution Panel • 10U for TLC equipments • 3U for DIN rail cables

Integrated Extensible Mast for antenna

Main Applications •

-Repeater for amplification Telecom signal in remote areas -Satellite communication

The best customers choose Ascot

• • •

Mass events Desert camps Refugee/Hospital Camps Ed. n°1_Rev 20 / FL H CARGO 09/2013


TECHNICAL DATA SHEET OUTPUT DATA Max Power@-48Vdc available to the load Best Range for Site Load GENERAL DATA Typical Dimensions Typical Weight Integrated Fuel Tank Soundproof canopy ENGINE Power Operating Speed Fuel Maintenance Interval DC GENERATOR Brand Type Power Nominal Output Voltage BATTERY BANK Technology Nominal Capacity Nominal Voltage Rack 19” Available Space Suggested Mast for Antenna Model Maximum Extended Lenght Maximum Load on top

H-CARGO 7/300

H_CARGO 10/600

H-CARGO 15/900


2400 0-1500

4000 0-3000

6000 0-4000

cm kg l

210 x 93 x 210 h 900

210 x 93 x 210 h 1100 1000 70 dB(A) @ 7meters

210 x 93 x 210 h 1250






11,5 Variable Diesel 500



kW Vdc

Ah Vdc

APMG7/48 7

APMG10/48 10 -48 Vdc

APMG15/48 15

Lithium 600 -48 Vdc




m kg

MAST-12L 12,5 6

MAST-20L 20 5

H-CARGO composition:

System Overview

Hybrid Power Section

The H-CARGO integrates the Ascot Hybrid Energy System with telecom devices (not included), antenna structure designed

DC Generator -48Vdc

Sound and Weather proof Canopy

Control Panel with Power Section & Protection

• •

Deep Cycle Batteries in special compartment Integrated Fuel Tank

according to customer requirements and lightweight energy

to DC Generator+ Battery Integrated System

19” Rack 15U equipped with Free Cooling

Mast for antenna according to customer requirements

0,8 kW 1,5 kW 2,5 kW

Battery DOD (%) 80 80 80

Web based remote Management System

Automatic Lube Oil top up system

8 Digital Outputs

Lightning protection for antenna


H CARGO PERFORMANCES TABLE ENGINE FUEL CONSUMPTION Running Per day Per hour Per kWh supplied [hours/day] [liters/day] [liters/hours] [liters/kWh] 7,0 6,8 7,5

Notes: Fuel consumption and engine running hours are subject to ±10% tolerance All Data are indicative and might vary at any time without notice

13,9 15,5 28,0

0,6 0,6 1,2

0,7 0,4 0,5

Ed. n°1_Rev 20 / FL H CARGO 09/2013

Accessories & Optional

Suggested H CARGO Model 7/300 10/600 15/900

It permits rapid deployment to the site with immediate telecom signal availability and guarantees continuous power @-48Vdc due

TLC Section

Typical Load


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