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Year 5 – April, 2012 – ISSUE 13

Kyoshu-Sama states that “the human being is the House of God” Page. 3

Being “number one” in life is critical for attaining happiness: this is Rev. Tetsuo Watanabe’s orientation Page. 4

The President of the Church in Africa emphasizes that only gratitude can change a person’s destiny Page. 5

A NEW WORLD IN OUR HANDS Nature Agriculture is one of the principal legacies MeishuOnly 15 years old, Maria Antónia already attested to the power of Johrei and the sincere feeling of gratitude

Sama left for Humanity and it has been a seminal tool in spreading out a lifestyle that privileges Truth, Good, and Beauty. Africans are largely responsible for this.

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A human being’s education begins in the first years of life Developing altruism and spirituality are the main objectives of CriançÁfrica, which assembled 235 children in its first 2012 event.


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Human beings are born into the physical realm with the mission of establishing an ideal world. This is God’s Plan. So, when we function in harmony with the Plan, we can live and work happily, in perfect health. This is an eternal, immutable truth. However, no individual is free from the spiritual clouds that are passed from generation to generation. In addition, due to the ignorance of Truth, people indiscriminately introduce harmful substances into their bodies. As a result, they sometimes become more susceptible to illness, contrary to expectations. However, it would be a deterrent to the furthering of God’s Plan if His workers were unable to continue to serve due to illness. It is natural, then, that He would help these individuals and restore them to health – so they need have no undue anxiety. Unfortunately, those who are unaware of the meaning of purification believe that the only thing they can rely on is medication, which merely suppresses their illness and does not offer real health since it is not in accord with the law of oneness of the spiritual and physical.



This is true for all suffering, all misery, not only physical sickness. All are purifications, which have manifested in the form most in keeping with the cause. For example, when spiritual clouds are created by wrongful practices concerning money or property (such as theft, embezzlement or other acts causing loss to others, or maintaining an extravagant lifestyle), they often appear as subsequent material losses. There are many instances in wealthy families of “prodigal children” who squander huge legacies. They do so because they are atoning for the spiritual clouds accumulated by their parents or past generations. In such a case, the spirit of an ancestor often chooses one of the descendants to perform the mission of purifying the family of its clouds so the family line may continue to prosper and not die out. It would be absolutely useless, therefore, for anyone to try to reform or change such an individual. In the case of two sons – one prodigal and unmanageable, the other well-behaved – the first brother would seem bad and a discredit to his family from the ordinary viewpoint. However, when considered from a Daijo or broader point of view the truth is just the opposite. The “bad” brother is performing the mission of purifying the family line of its spiritual clouds, so he is doing a greater work. Thus, it is not possible to determine the good or bad of anything solely from a human viewpoint. If we take other examples, such as losses due to fire, burglary, fraud, failure in business or in gambling, large expenditures for illness, and so on, we see they also are atoning for wrongs of a material or pecuniary nature. Whether or not anyone escapes being punished by human laws, no one can ever escape Divine Law, which is absolute.

I would like you to remember that rather severe purifications may come to some individuals after they have joined our organization, often in direct proportion to their dedication. This is a critical time since those whose faith is not strong and firm may waver. While God wishes to quickly reward these members for their sincerity, their spiritual clouds must first be dispelled to a certain degree, just as dirty containers must be cleaned before they can be used for wholesome food. If members endure their purifications patiently, without wavering, they will find themselves being blessed far beyond their expectations. I’ve learned about this from personal experience. For some twenty years I was burdened with a huge debt, which was so difficult for me to repay I almost gave up. At last, in 1941, I was able to repay all of it. How relieved I felt! The very next year, to my great surprise, unexpectedly large sums of money began to come to me. I was deeply moved by God’s great Love and Beneficence.

For this reason, I would say that the key to happiness lies in understanding this spiritual law of life. Meishu-Sama – December 2, 1953

Johrei News is produced by the World Messianic Church of Africa – Rua da Escola 28 de Agosto – Futungo 2 Kawelele – Luanda – Angola – P.O. Box: 1310 Registration No.: MCS - 390/B/2004

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President: Min. Claudio Cristiano Leal Pinheiro Vice-Presidents: Min. Ernestina Olinda P. Coimbra (Angola), Min. Glauro M. S. Leite Filho (Mozambique), Min. Afonso Quifuta Pereira (R. D. of the Congo), Min. Jaime Fortuna (Saint Thomas and Prince), Min. Roberto L. C. Cândido (South Africa)


A popular saying in Japan goes, “After the fire, prosperity.” It means that often a person becomes more prosperous after suffering losses through fire, with fortune taking a turn for the better upon being purified by this means. Atami City became far more prosperous after its big fire of 1950 than it had ever been before.

Of course, this can apply only to someone who has complete faith in God. Lack of faith leads to impatience, which can increase a person’s suffering or a situation’s severity until it may finally reach ruinous proportions.

he spiritual leader of the World Messianic Church (WMC), Kyoshu-Sama, always emphasizes that Paradise already exists inside every person and that it needs only to be vivified in order to expand. He adds that this is the time for this expansion (full text on page. 3). This is why, all over the world, Messianics are seeking to become the number one person in someone else’s happiness, helping more people to find a “path”, be it through Johrei, Nature Agriculture, or Beauty. On page.4, the World President, Rev. Tetsuo Watanabe, carefully explains this process. On the following pages, Min. Claudio Cristiano Leal Pinheiro, President of the WMC of Africa, gives us an example by talking about his own experience in the Messianic work and asserting that the feeling of gratitude makes all the difference. Other examples are given by members, like Maria Antónia. It was through Johrei and the materialization of this feeling that she fully recovered her health after a serious case of fainting and vomiting. See more details on page. 6. The African continent has seen much growth in the number of people who believe in Johrei and in the practice of Meishu-Sama’s Teachings. There has also been significant growth in the number of Nature Agriculture home-grown vegetable gardens (in homes, schools, hospitals, public and private institutions) and in the number of flowers distributed here and there that have already exceeded the boundaries of pure individual symbolism. There is so much going on and so many people practicing as it can be observed from the circumstantiated expressions on pages.7 and 8. For more details, or to be acquainted with other experiences and study in depth the orientations of Kyoshu-Sama, Rev. Watanabe, and Min. Claudio Pinheiro, go to .

In the same sense, clouds formed by wrong acts that cause a guilty person to avoid another’s eyes are often purified through some kind of eye trouble. Clouds caused by hurtful, cynical, or spiteful words that are painful to hear may find purification through ear or tongue trouble. Those formed by doing something to cause others headaches may bring headaches to the doer. And so on. Thus, sooner or later, a purification of the spiritual clouds is inevitable, in conformity with the law of spiritual affinity.

What is good is good, of course. But what seems to be unfortunate or even disastrous is also good, since it serves as a purifying process; and when it is over everything becomes better. So, if a person can either accept fortune or misfortune, health or illness as something good, something to be grateful for, that person will have true peace of mind.


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Kyoshu Throne

New Year’s Greetings Speech by the Leader of the World Messianic Church-WMC, Kyoshu-Sama, given on January 1st, 2012

“A human being is a temple of God” With a deep sense of awe, I acknowledge that the one and only God, who is eternal life, is giving life to everything He has created. God is the parent of our life, and according to His will, Meishu-Sama was newly born as a Messiah, a true child of God. I express my gratitude to God that He continuously nurtures our spiritual and physical bodies so that we who are connected with Messiah Meishu-Sama can also be born anew. With this gratitude in mind, I would like to offer my New Year greeting to everyone. Happy New Year. It has been 10 months since the big earthquake and natural disaster in Northeast Japan. While the restorations are proceeding, there are many people who are still facing difficulties or anxiety. In addition to the floods in Thailand, natural disasters have occurred in many other places on earth as well. In those situations, our members with faith in MeishuSama have never lost their feelings of gratitude, helping and encouraging each other while striving to move forward positively. I am deeply moved that their presence is giving peace of mind to the people surrounding them, and that they have become the light of hope for them. Meishu-Sama is always with you, protecting and supporting you. The one who knows you best is Meishu-Sama who dwells at the center of your heart, healing and encouraging you. I hope that you believe in his boundless love, receive it with your whole being, and share that love with many

other people. Meishu-Sama said that God is Light. In 1935, at the birth of Sekai Kyusei Kyo, he told us in his lecture entitled “The Construction of the World of Great Divine Light”, that the “great light,” the “spiritual sunlight,” would appear. He also said, “The person who listens to this message and opens the door obediently will be the first one to receive the light and be saved,” and taught us to “Just open the window of our heart”. Before we were born on earth, we initially existed in heaven where Great Divine Light shines, and we were serving in the work of heaven together with MeishuSama. This light still exists at the center of your consciousness and illuminates all the hidden places in your heart: the good parts, the evil parts and the dark parts like your fears, anxieties and anger. You sense all of these feelings because God graciously wishes to forgive, purify and welcome them into the world of light. Whenever and wherever you go, the light is with MeishuSama and shines inside of you. In order to be used in God’s work, now is the time for you to return to the heaven that is your original source; open the window of your heart wide, receive MeishuSama at the center of your consciousness and share the light of heaven as the light of salvation with many people by bringing them back to heaven from where the light emanates.

Within this year, the reconstruction of the Crystal Hall in Atami Zuiun-kyo and the renovation work including a tearoom addition to Shun-ju-an in Kyoto Heian-kyo will be completed. Meishu-Sama prepared these Sacred Grounds on this earth, wishing that people from all over the world could gather and direct their heart toward God and toward the invisible and genuine Sacred Grounds at heaven, existing within us. I feel that Meishu-Sama is very happy to see that you are giving service with a sincere heart in order to respond to his wish, and also, as a result of your sincere efforts, the Sacred Grounds are maintained beautifully and new construction is proceeding. Let us continue to serve in God’s work of the construction of the Sacred Grounds so that Meishu-Sama’s joy could become our joy and that it can be shared with many other people. Meishu-sama taught us that a human being is a “temple of God”. We have a temple within us where God could live. Now, at the beginning of the year, let us thank God that we, as a “temple of God”, could welcome God within us in the name of Meishu-Sama, and hope that we could be of service to God’s work of salvation, which aims to welcome back all to His heaven. To conclude, I pray in the name of Meishu-Sama that the light and blessing of God may be shared with all human beings and all things through you. Thank you very much!

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World President’s Office


Speech given by Rev. Tetsuo Watanabe, President of the World Messianic Church at Atami Sacred Grounds, Japan, on January 1st, 2012

raining “salvation pioneers” Under the protection of God and Meishu-Sama, involved by the prayers of the Third Spiritual Leader, Sandai-Sama, and graced with the orientations of our Spiritual Leader, Kyoshu-Sama, in the company of all of you, I would like to thank for the permission granted me to welcome the new year with much joy in the heart. I would also like to give thanks to all of you for the services filled with love that you offered all through the past year and, once again, to ask you to maintain the same endeavour and love in your services in this year that has just been born. At the time of the big earthquake followed by the tsunami in Japan’s north-eastern region, all Messianics gave their best in humanitarian activities, including money donations, which generated many gratitude testimonials on the part of the victims of that huge tragedy. My wish is for this effort to continue. Last year, the world underwent difficult times: Japan suffered with the great earthquake followed by a huge tsunami that culminated in the Fukushima nuclear accident; in Brazil and Thailand, the people suffered because of major floods; the Euro Zone suffered with the financial crises, and the Middle East experienced times of great tension. Everybody longs to attain the much-desired Happiness, but reality shows that humanity is living in a world where, at any moment, anyone can suffer an accident, a misfortune, or a catastrophe that, until then, was deemed unthinkable. Luckily, we Messianics are fortunate to have the Teachings that show us the importance of making an effort to raise ourselves spiritually, to increase our aura and add up merits by giving Johrei, practicing Nature Agriculture and consuming healthy food and participating in artistic activities, which enable us to considerably reduce any misfortune that may come into our lives. There is a poem by Nidai-Sama that says: “Those who love the world and help their neighbours, no matter where they go, they will always be protected by God”. Based on this, I believe that the protection that we receive from God depends largely on how much effort we put into the practice of altruistic love in our daily lives. When Meishu-Sama taught us the three ways of saving – Johrei, agriculture and natural food, and beauty – he wished the following:

“Practice this and save the a large number of people in suffering.” This was the manifestation of his great love! So, let’s embrace Meishu-Sama’s wish by participating actively in the practice of the three forms of salvation based on altruistic love, with the purpose of becoming “salvation pioneers”, so that many people who were saved by MeishuSama will appear.


About Johrei and Natural Food Ever since the Fukushima nuclear accident, problems with radioactive contamination have been getting worse. One of the strategies devised to deal with them was to teach the population about the importance of avoiding foods that have high radioactive levels and consume those with antioxidant characteristics in order to increase immunity. Another piece of information that has been disseminated is that radioactivity deforms DNA and increases the risk of cancer, particularly in pregnant women, babies, and children in their growing phase. Radioactive contamination is a serious problem for Humanity’s health and perpetuation. So, all of us need to be aware that Johrei and Nature Agriculture are the best ways of increasing immunity (natural recovery power), of such great importance for Humanity at this point in time, and spread this truth to the people around you, planting happiness.

About Nature Agriculture Nature Agriculture is growing in several countries. In Africa, for example, more than 67 thousand Messianics already practice this agricultural method. In Angola, especially, they are intent on turning the country into “Africa’s agricultural belt”, with the purpose or eradicating hunger all over the continent. The government has already made donations surpassing 2,700 hectares of land to be used for Nature Agriculture. The Messianics are treating the soil and, so far, they have already transformed the equivalent of 200 football fields into productive land. Besides, they are keen on educating individuals by welcoming interns from neighbour countries to come study and specialize in Nature Agriculture. Another Project associated with Nature Agriculture developed in Africa is the community vegetable garden that is being implemented in child-care centres, schools, hospitals, army camps, and prisons. The home-grown vegetable garden is being accepted by a lot more people and more than 36 thousand Messianic families are planting not only for their own consumption, but also to share produce with their neighbours, while taking this opportunity to give Johrei, too. As a result, a hospital devoted a special room for people to come and give Johrei, thus spreading the Teachings even more in these places. The driving force of Nature Agriculture’s expansion is the strong belief that “by planting according to the Nature Agriculture method, one will harvest happiness”. The home-grown vegetable garden practitioner, who is thankful for the gifts given by sunlight, water, and soil and who

believes that everything was created by God, succeeds in reaping high-quality products. And he/she will always be willing to share this joy with other people. When he lived in the Kaminogue district, in Tokyo, Meishu-Sama, although not a farmer, he prepared soil in a corner of his home’s backyard and there he started to develop Nature Agriculture. I would like for all of you to emulate Meishu-Sama’s attitude and to try to go through this same experience of “planting happiness” , using free spaces in your backyards or even balcony to spread joy around you.

About Art This year, the Atami Fine Arts Museum celebrates its 30th anniversary. When you come to attend services on the Sacred Grounds, visit the museum and enjoy the various works of art exhibited there. Take your time and try to capture Meishu-Sama’s feelings when he proposed the construction of the Fine Arts museum. He teaches us that when we enjoy art, without even realizing it we are also enhancing ourselves. This is one of art’s blessings! Even busy accomplishing the Divine Work, MeishuSama always found time to enjoy works of art, writing poems, practicing Ikebana, and creating landscaping and architectural projects. His attitude gives us the impression that he did things with much joy. Today, we also lead hectic lives and the busier our days, the more we should nurture in our hearts the same feeling Meishu-Sama had when he wrote the poem: “People don’t know the joy I feel when I vivify in my room a camellia that I picked from my garden”. That is, even when we are busy, we should experience beauty, trying to raise our spirit with a joyful heart. This year, we celebrate Meishu-Sama’s 130th birthday and Nidai-Sama’s 50th death anniversary. The completion of the expansion works and construction of the Shunju-an tea house, on the Kyoto’s Sacred Grounds, is expected for April. And in June we will have the completion of the refurbishing works being done at the Crystal Palace, in Atami. Meishu-Sama taught us that, during the transition from the Age of Night to the Age of Light in the Spiritual World, destruction and construction would advance simultaneously. Even if we are living through severely challenging times, I would like to unify our feelings around Kyoshu-Sama’s orientations and advance our work of building the Age of Light with much joy and satisfaction in our hearts. I conclude my New Year greetings by reaffirming this commitment with God and Meishu-Sama. Thank you very much!

Africa’s President Office Speech given by Min. Claudio Cristiano Leal Pinheiro, President of the World Messianic Church of Africa, at its Central headquarters in Luanda, Angola, on March 4, 2012

“When we feel pain, the only thing to do is to enhance the meaning of everything around us. We should give more thanks for what we have than for what we have lost.”

G ratitude Makes all the Difference I would like for all of you to look up the orientations of the current Spiritual Leader of the World Messianic Church, Kyoshu-Sama, at and study them carefully, trying to get closer and closer to his feeling. For it is from the Kyoshu throne that Meishu-Sama guides us toward the accomplishment of the Divine Work in the Material World. I thought the February orientation was very profound, especially the point on how to accept problems and deal with purifications. Meishu-Sama said: “The increase of Light accelerates purifications!” “Wherever there are impurities, which we create during the Age of Night, there will be a cleansing process.” And so, it is important not to fear problems or purifications. Even if we don’t understand them, we must accept them with the gratitude Sonen. Some days ago I heard an interesting story. A young man was very sad. When his master arrived, he asked him to get a handful of salt, put in a glass of water and drink it. Then he asked the young man about the taste and he replied that it was very bad! Immediately after that, the master took him to a very beautiful lake and told him to get another handful of salt and put it in the water. The young man obeyed and the master told him to take some water from the lake and drink it. This done, the master wanted to know what the water tasted like and the young man assured him that it was good. The master asked him if he could taste the salt in it, to which the young man gave a negative answer. The young man assured him that the taste of the water was good! So the master explained to him: “The pain in a person´s life doesn’t change, but the taste of the pain depends on where we put it!” When someone feels pain, the only thing that person can do is to amplify the meaning of everything around her. It is necessary to be thankful for what we have instead of what we have lost. It is necessary to go from being a full glass to become a lake. That is, difficulties will always be there in our lives, but the way we take them is going to decide whether we change them into opportunities to strengthen our relationship with God, through the feeling of gratitude, or whether we are going to continue to despise Him. Whenever we have a problem and we complain, whine, or look for someone to blame, we are ignoring and despising God! When there is a problem, before anything else, we must be thankful and maintain the awareness that God and Meishu-Sama are in command, and recognize that the Supreme God really only let that happen for a reason. With this Sonen of Gratitude, problems will become opportunities for spiritual growth, for evolution. Every problem is an opportunity for us to reencounter the Supreme God that is alive inside us. Those who do not share this view, every time there is a problem they become desperate, complain and get farther and farther away from the supreme God; the grateful

heart communicates with God, while the complaining and whining one connects with Satan. We create Heaven or Hell according to how we think. It is good to know that no one else creates Heaven of Hell for us. They are of our own creation. Living in Heaven or Hell depends on the way we think. This is a very important point. I think this is fundamental for the transition from the Age of Night to the Age of Light to happen inside us. When difficulties arise and we accept them with the Sonen of Gratitude, with the awareness that the Supreme God is in command of everything, we are acknowledging the existence of God, we are redeeming ourselves, with our Ancestors, from our greatest sin: that of having ignored God in the course of these thousands of years of the Age of Night. I believe that this stance is critical, particularly now that we are in the construction phase of the first stage of our Nature Agriculture School, which is actually the beginning of the construction of the future Sacred Grounds of Africa. This is why I would like to ask for everyone´s support so that together, and simultaneously, we can start the reforestation campaign of our future Sacred Grounds. It will be important for all of you to participate by offering seedlings, especially of the following species: indiano, muxixeiro, acacias, morangueiro, leucena, figueira, gajajeira, etc. I would also like to ask that every time someone visits the future Sacred Ground to bring along dry leaves from trees and plants. We are going to take them and give them to those giving service to accelerate the composting of our land. The leaves will help form a new biomass that will give rise to the agroforestry model proposed in Cucuaco. So, as of today, Messianics are prohibited to throw out leaves. Let’s keep the leaves that fall in our gardens with much love and care to take them to Cacuaco and thus take part in the recovery of our land, where we are going to establish the Agroforestry Agriculture model. In association with our future Messianic University – to be established on the same site – we are going to train specialists to take the agriculture model taught by MeishuSama to all of Africa and the rest of the world. During this period, it is also important for each individual to practice Nature Agriculture. It does not matter if we live in apartment building or a house. Wherever we are, we must have a Model Vegetable Garden and spread it to our neighbours. We must also think of creating a vegetable garden at work so that our colleagues can also learn about the Nature Agriculture principle and thus practice in their homesteads. If you know some farmers, you should lead them to our method to try its results. It is important to keep in mind that, wherever healthy food is produced, its consumers will also be healthy. This virtue must be practiced by all. Regardless of religion, anyone can practice the Nature Agriculture method. Actually, thanks to God and the

Messiah Meishu-Sama, we are getting many positive responses worldwide thanks to the orientation of the World President Rev. Tetsuo Watanabe about it being a pioneer in another person’s happiness. When I visited Mozambique, in February, I heard several outstanding experiences and thought of the circumstances in which my family heard about Meishu-Sama, about 35 years ago. We were going through a very difficult time due to my father’s illness – twenty years of chronic asthma and financial hardship – which set him apart from society. My mother was given the address of a hairdresser that worked at home. She visited this lady and they talked a lot about life and my mother told her about the problems we were having. The woman, Ms. Deominda, was one of the first Brazilian Messianics. At the time, The World Messianic Church was barely beginning in Brazil. In our town there were not too many members. Ms. Deominda talked about Meishu-Sama and Johrei and made the following invitation: “Why don’t you go to my Church, a Church from Japan!? Next Sunday there will be a TV program about it. My mother watched the program with my father and in the following week they joined the Church. Soon after, my father’s health began to improve. And so, we have been with the Messiah Meishu-Sama for 35 years. Ms. Deominda was my family’s first happiness. What is interesting is that some time later, when my mother met the friend that had told her about Ms. Deominda and thanked her, she found out that, in reality, the friend had not given her Ms. Deominda’s address, but the name of another hairdresser. To this day, my mother doesn’t know how Ms. Deominda’s address turned up in her purse, but thank God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama I am here with you today, and also thanks to her love. She is now in the Spiritual World. So, we must notice people who go by us at the worksite, at school, in the neighbourhood, in our own family. Very often, we don’t mention Johrei for shame, for selfishness. All of us have problems. Even Ms. Deominda had her own personal tribulations. But when she heard of my mother’s pain, she felt as if it was hers. This sentiment of feeling the other’s pain as if it were our own is something that we must emulate from Messiah Meishu-Sama, who from very early on in his youth felt the pain of others. We must follow Meishu-Sama’s example and be very alert about what is going on around us, if we want Him to work through us and become pioneers of someone else’s happiness. I was also moved by the experience of this lady who, after her calling to become a part of other people’s happiness, felt the Messiah more active in her life. Everybody comes to Church with their own problems, doubts and difficulties. Our life starts to change but, very often, it stops and even backslides, because we don’t wake


up to our mission. We go to Church to serve, but only to ask and ask, “…Your Kingdom come,” and nothing else. But in reality, our mission is to serve as representatives of the Messiah Meishu-Sama to extend our helping hand for the salvation of others. The light of Johrei is what mankind has been waiting for, for thousands and thousands of years, and which will be the centre of the New Civilization. Every person who already knows Johrei is a pioneer of this New Civilization. We must extend our helping hand, take this Light to Humanity. People need to know that this Light is already here. The Ancestors who have affinity with the Messiah are just waiting for us; as representatives of the Supreme God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama, let’s extend our hands to their descendants. This is why it is important to get rid of any shame and give Johrei to more and more people.

Experience of Faith


Johrei and the attitude of thanking

Thanks to God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama, the spreading of Johrei around the world is a growing reality. Recently, I was very happy to receive an experience of faith from Greece. It is a 48-year-old woman that had a 7.5-cm cist in her ovary. The doctors suggested surgery or hormone-based therapy. She didn’t know the Church, but decided to try receiving Johrei through a friend, who is a member. She started receiving Johrei and month after month the cist got smaller and smaller. After a few months of going to the Johrei Center, receiving Johrei and doing the Practice of Sonen, the doctors confirmed that the cist had gone down in size to 1,2 cm and she didn’t have to undergo surgery.

God regardless of

Besides, because she had conflicts with her parents, she started to lead the suffering that was in her heart due to her father and mother. All of a sudden, her mother made a 1,200-euro deposit in her bank account. In all her 48 years, as far as she could remember, her mother had only sent her 50 Euros a year, at most, and that only at Christmas. Suddenly, her mother’s behaviour had changed. She was thankful and started talking with her mother as she had never done before.

young woman

By doing the Practice of Sonen, leading conflicts and the insecurity she had once experienced, not much later, her boyfriend, who lived in another country and did not want to commit seriously to their relationship, invited her to meet his parents. Soon after, they got married and she moved to Austria, where she is now dedicated to making the spreading the faith. That is, all over the world Johrei miracles are spreading. Each individual must go deeper into this practice and lead other people into this path. I would like all of you to intensify this practice of giving Johrei and to lead individuals. Thank you very much and may your mission be good!

the circumstance made all the difference in the health recovery of an Angolan

Today I am a monitor of the CriançÁfrica Project. I heard about the Messianic Church in the year 2000, thanks to some changes my parents were going through. In December, when I was participating in an encounter held in the Africa Central Headquarters, I felt strong pains in my stomach and started vomiting. I couldn’t even stand up. So, I was taken home even before the encounter was over. In the next day, during Sunday service, the stomach pains and vomiting intensified resulting in crises and constant fainting, something that deeply troubled my family, and everybody else. After a brief recovery, I was taken to the nearest Health Care Center, where I underwent several tests, all of them negative. According to a doctor, I was suffering from incubated malaria. After that we went back to the centre and I attended the service to the very end. At the end I said the prayer at the Altar since I was a monitor. Moments later I fainted again and I had to be taken home. I received Johrei all night long. The following day my health got worse. I stopped eating, since the vomiting and fainting were nonstop. Every time I came to after fainting, I would ask Meishu-Sama not to allow me to be taken to the Spiritual World, since I had the important mission to accomplish and kept thinking of all the children I monitored in CriançÁfrica, and of all my family.

With frequent vomiting and fainting, Maria Antónia, 15, received Johrei and fully recovered, after steady and careful religious attention. At the end she made a Deep Reflection and materialized her gratitude. Today, she is an active participant in the Divine Work in Africa.

The minister that coordinated the youngsters, worried about my condition, called me several times, and so I was able to do the Deep Reflection. Thus, he oriented me to make a special gratitude donation and to go on receiving Johrei, nonstop. I followed his orientation and, two weeks later, I was fully recovered, feeling as if nothing had ever happened. This amazed my relatives. My father did not believe in Johrei and very often he prevented us from going to the Church. After what happened to me he changed drastically. Today, he stimulates us all to go to church and speaks with conviction: “My daughter was saved by Johrei and so I also started receiving it!” As a way of thanking for this miracle, I have made another special gratitude donation, I follow the Messianic practices, I keep a home-grown vegetable garden, and I follow up six households, adding up to a total of fifteen people. With this experience, I learned that Johrei is the medicine of the 21st century and that Meishu-Sama is the Messiah mankind has been waiting for. I also learned that when we receive purification with gratitude, as the love of God, our Ancestors are raised, purified, and resuscitate. So, my commitment is to help to develop confirmed members, to help build the Sacred Grounds of Africa, and to be further committed with the CriançÁfrica project.

A new collection of the Teachings of Meishu-Sama was released. It is the first volume of the “OUR DAILY BREAD”, that can be purchased at the Africa Central Headquarters, in Luanda, Angola. For the time being, it is available only in the Portuguese language. Soon it will be available also in English and French.



News Churches of Samba sang at the 11th Religious Choirs Festival The 11th Municipal Religious Choirs Festival of the Churches of the Samba territorial constituency was held on January 21, at the Africa´s Central Headquarters, in Angola. With the participation of thirteen choirs, from several churches, the motto of the event was: “Searching for God in the first place, let’s consolidate peace and family union”.

Johrei and the Vegetable Garden at the Psychiatric Hospital The president of the World Messianic Church of Africa, Min. Claudio Cristiano Leal Pinheiro, presided over the official opening ceremony of the Johrei Center at the Luanda’s Psychiatric Hospital, the first religious unit of the Church inside a public institution. He said that “by praying to God and feeding healthy food our brothers and sisters” will enable us to help the medical team to ensure that the hospital stay and treatment will be effective, hoping that “this model will be taken to a larger number of hospital units in Africa”. He also thanked Dr. Antónia de Sousa, the Psychiatric Hospital’s general director, representing the institution’s staff, and of all those who direct of indirectly lend a hand in this task. In turn, Dr. Antónia praised the attitude of the World Messianic Church for the courage of taking the message of prayer to people and, especially, the production of natural food. Johrei has been given at this hospital centre for more than two years, in a space provided by the hospital administration. In addition, both patients and staff enjoy healthy produce and the flowers used for decoration, both produced at the centre’s home-grown vegetable garden.

Homage to Rei Ekuikui IV The President of the World Messianic Church of Africa, Min. Cláudio Cristiano Leal Pinheiro went to the village of Bailundo, province of Huambo, to pay homage to the Angolan Parliament Deputy, Augusto Catchitiopololo, King Ekuikui IV of Bailundo, deceased January 14, at 98 years of age. Besides addressing King Ekuikui IV´s closest relatives, with their permission, he said a prayer to God for his spiritual raising and gave collective Johrei to everyone attending the wake. Sanguetsu’s volunteers decorated the place with flowers picked from the more than four-hectare area that the King of Bailundo gave to the World Messianic Church for producing pesticide-free foods. Some flowers were also picked from the home-grown gardens of the followers. Since the implementation of the Church in Huambo, the followers are constantly cleaning and decorating with flowers the tombs of the kings of Bailundo and the local cemetery, a gesture that deeply touched King Ekuikui IV, who in turn opened the doors for the Messianics.

Yearly organized by the Samba Administration, in partnership with churches of the area congregated in the Municipal Ecumenical Committee of the Churches of Samba (CEMIS), the choirs festival purpose was mostly to celebrate the 437 years of foundation of the city of Luanda, on January 25. Liturgical moments and prayers marked the festival that also included a blessing, with Johrei, and a biblical exhortation by Min. Ernestina Olinda Prazeres Coimbra, vice-president of the World Messianic Church of Angola, as well as a benediction by Rev. José Manuel, of the African Episcopal Methodist Church – Zion (Charity).

educational activities and lectures for children, teenagers, young adults and adults of both sexes are held in order to help them to love their lives, their neighbours, and the planet where we live. According to Min. Francisco Xavier Hatewa, coordinator of the committee, since 2011, “the CEMIS´s meetings are not a venue for discussing the foundations of the doctrines of each church, but instead, how much each religious institution can contribute for the socio-economic, cultural, and spiritual development of human beings”. CEMIS’s 11th Religious Choirs Municipal Festival was attended by authorities of the municipality of Belas and the Samba district, by local public officials, and traditional authorities of the regions of Belas, Samba, Ramiro, Ilha do Mussulo, and Futungo de Belas.

Besides organizing the festival, CEMIS is also recognized for its work with the religious communities of the municipality of Luanda’s Southern Coast and for lending a hand during the anniversary celebrations of the Peace Agreements and National Reconciliation in Angola, which since 2002 have been held on April 4. Upon the request of the churches and public and private institutions,

Benguela Gives Johrei to New Members Meishu-Sama’s Christmas Service in the main municipality of the province of Benguela gathered 265 people and was celebrated by Min. Mendes David, who gave the Ohikari (Divine Light) to 13 new members and the Shoko to four children. Likewise, 14 followers received the Sacred in the city of Lobito, on December 22. In his lecture, the minister emphasized man’s mission and the importance of receiving Ohikari in order to live up to the Messianic doctrine.

In the Shade of an Avocado Tree At Ombala Tchicala, municipality of Bailundo, province of Huambo, every day, missionary Eva Lina hung the Picture of Meishu-Sama on an avocado tree in her vegetable garden and gave Johrei to her neighbours after tending to the garden. One year later, on January 2011, a wooden nave was built to welcome Luanda´s first Messianic pilgrims. On January 2012, the president of the WMCA, Min. Cláudio Cristiano Leal Pinheiro, together with ministers, missionaries, and Brazilian seminarians were received in a nave built with adobe covered by a roof made of corrugated zincs. According to the president, “in Ombala Tchicala, a beautiful nave must be built, in addition to a small school, in order to help the local authorities to provide children education. At present, in the Ombala Tchicala Johrei Center, 35 people profess the Messianic faith, 25 of which are members.

Boy Scouts Have Classes on Nature Agriculture On December 24 of last year, fourteen boy scouts from the 44th group and of the church vicar, Priest Alberto Pedro of the Our Lady of Grace parish, in Benguela, in the middle-western region of Angola, attended classes on Nature Agriculture. Representing AFRICARTE, Jacinto Rocha and Telma Trindade Joaquim talked about the objectives of practicing Nature Agriculture and the setting up of home-grown vegetable gardens in people’s lives, since they improve self-sustainability and restore health. After theory, practice. After the lecture, the boy scouts, the priest, and the Messianics took their hoes and prepared a vegetable garden at the parish´s backyard. Vases were also planted, as an experiment for every boy scout to practice with his family at home.


Countries South Africa


Ikebana Workshop in Pretoria

Lecture assembles 177 students in Waku Kungo Last March 9, engineer Carlos Jeremias Junior, a civil construction entrepreneur, producer of natural produce and supervisor of Africarte in the Center and South of Angola, visited the Middle Agrarian Institute of Waku Kungo, in the province of Kwanza Sul, about 400 km to the southeast of Luanda. He lectured about the dangers of production and consumption of pesticidegrown food and presented solutions in answer to the questions asked by the 177 students and four teachers present. At the end, the students asked for information on Africarte and for a copy of the presentation

for further studies on this subject matter. The students watched over the carrot in exhibition while the other products were given to the directors of the school. In that same day, two teachers created, with the help of Africarte volunteers, their own home-grown vegetable gardens and twelve students are waiting for assistance to make their vegetable gardens at home and on land dedicated for agriculture. One of them has a one-hectare area available for this activity.

On February 5, the Johrei Center of Pretoria hosted the ikebana workshop called “Everyday Flower”, in South Africa, taught by Laila de Souza, attended by twenty people. Each participant received a vase, flowers, and teaching materials that, at the end of the workshop, could be taken home with the purpose of creating an atmosphere of peace and harmony.


Shogatsu Bana class with students from the Dutch embassy In December 2011, eleven students from the Dutch embassy hosted a Shogatsu Bana class at the home of a Dutch woman, in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique.

Nature Agriculture Seminar in Huambo Recently, eighteen seminarians attended the lecture “The Dangers of Pesticides for Human Health” at the Major Seminary of the Catholic Church in Huambo, Central Plateau of Angola. For them, “there is nothing better than going back to the origins, according to God’s commandments, in order to overcome or at least minimize the health hazards we face every day”. The Major Seminary of Huambo also has a vegetable garden. In the city of Huambo, vegetable gardens can be found also at the Central Jail, the Catholic Mother’s Mission, and two schools.

CriançÁfrica begins the new year in an exemplary way The children’s organization of the World Messianic Church of Angola, CriançÁfrica, hosted its first activity of 2012 at Africa´s Central Headquarters, with the participation of 235 little ones, out of which 54 members and 181 attendees. The activity was coordinated by professor Margarida Fortuna and was supported by CriançÁfrica, area coordinators that took it upon themselves to convey the basics of the Messianic faith to the attendees. Very well-behaved, the children exchanged Johrei in amazing silence, considering that they are children and, so, naturally mischievous. Early on, the children with Ohikari (Divine Light) gave Johrei, while classes were being taught, interspersed with readings of Meishu-Sama’s teachings.

Shogatsu celebrates the birth of a new year. Generally speaking, the beginning of a New Year also means a new cycle in a person´s life. Before January 1st, both the home and workplace are “cleaned” and things that are no longer useful are thrown out. The “New Year’s Class” (Shogatsu Bana) also leads to inner cleansing, whereby the participants can free themselves from negative feelings and start the new year with a clean heart.

São Tomé and Príncipe

Faith in the School Vegetable Garden The development of Nature Agriculture gained an important ally in the country: the support of the Ministry of Education for the production of School Vegetable Gardens, with the purpose of supplying school cafeterias with natural food. So, the two schools of São Tome and Prince that set up their vegetable gardens last year were joined by several elementary schools. The children now want to invite their parents to learn the new method of Nature Agriculture to have it implemented in their homes; the teachers are motivating colleagues from other schools to follow this example.


Gratitude leads to great results

The World Messianic Church of Zambia was recently given a hectare of land on which to practice Nature Agriculture. The area has water and is near the residence of most church members. This activity was previously practiced about eleven kilometres from Lusaka. This happened after the rehabilitation of the Step-Ahead School´s vegetable garden. But this was just one of the many results of the volunteer work developed to spread Nature Agriculture. Much more happened: – A man managed to resolve his unstable job situation that had been going on for more than two years; – In combination with Johrei and gratitude for purifications through the Practice of Sonen, the husband of a woman separated for six months came humbly back asking her for pardon and reconciliation. In gratitude, this couple adopted the Messianic faith;

CriançÁfrica *You can read the full version of the stories on this page and on page 7 at > Access the site to read other stories.


– A 15-year-old young man who suffered from depression owing to the separation of his parents, having become aware of the influence of the Spiritual World and after receiving Johrei daily, went back to living in harmony with his parents and siblings and became a Messianic. He now watches over his neighbourhood friends; – After giving cleansing services and practicing Nature Agriculture in her home-grown vegetable garden, a woman was successful in leading three of her neighbours to the Messianic faith. Today, the Messianic Church in Zambia has 43 members and 16 sympathizers.

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