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Year 4 – August, 2011 – ISSUE 11

Kyoshu-Sama explains man´s relationship with God Pages. 3 and 4

Man´s thoughts, words, and actions can prevent natural catastrophes from occurring Pages. 4 and 5

By expressing her deepest gratitude to her parents and by correcting the Sonen in her relationship with her neighbors, Vicky Mulumba expanded her work in the Democratic Republic of Congo


Church members serve by gathering stones to build the Ndalatando Johrei Center in the province of North Kwanza, Angola

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Several events stirred up African COUNTRIES Page. 8


On International Children’s Day, June 1, the members of CriançÁfrica efficiently carried out all the activities of the Angola Monthly Gratitude Service and even distributed plants from the Central Headquarter’s nursery at the end of the ceremony.


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In the Spiritual World, the time has come to make the transition that occurs at intervals of thousands or million of years. This is fact is extremely important, because knowing about it allows us to understand the principle of JOHREI, makes it possible for us to predict the future of the world, and gives us peace and tranquility. Next, I will explain how this change is affecting the Material World. Until now, it was nightime in the Spiritual World. In the Spiritual World, just as in the Material World, night is dark, and only every so often there is moonlight. Consequently, the water element predominates. When the moon is hiding, there is only the light of the stars; and when they are covered by clouds, there is total darkness. By observing the facts of the Material World, which are projections of what happens in the Spiritual World, this becomes very clear. From all the marks left until today, the periods of war and peace and rise and fall of nations can be compared to the waxing and waning phases of the moon. So, now is the time to begin a new cycle, that is, we are about to transition to daytime. We are at the sunrise phase.


Night to Day Transition


n the central pages of this issue,

Rev. Tetsuo Watanabe, President of the World Messianic Church, emphasizes one of Messiah Meishu-Sama´s most valuable teachings on how to eliminate the impurities that are the actual causes of the calamities afflicting today´s world. It is necessary for “man´s thoughts, words, and actions to be good. As a result, Good will become Light and eliminate the impurities.” It is enough to think, talk, and act correctly. For instance, in our daily lives this means not to curse at the people around us, father, mother, brother, boss, neighbor. Not to be

The transition from nightime to daytime in the Spiritual World will lead humanity into an unprecedented experience. A great, astonishing, frightening, but at the same time happy change is about to happen, and its signs are already visible. Let´s see. (...)

pessimistic of defeatist, not to yield to selfish

The Night World is a world of darkness, characterized by fights, hunger, disease. Conversely, the Day World is a world of light, characterized by peace, abundance, and health. The sun rising in the East will reach its zenith. But what does it mean? It means the total collapse of the Night Culture, but also that the birth cry of the Day Culture will be heard. A decisive moment for humanity is near, and nobody can escape it.

to continue with the Practice of Leading

All that is left for man to do is to try to minimize the impacts of this occurance by making them as light as possible. For such, there is only one way: to learn the JOHREI principle and to become involved in the construction work of the day culture.

of distributing the Flower of Light, setting up

impulses are ways towards personal growth. Conversely, more than ever it becomes critical Sonen, Gratitude, and Altruistic Actions. Giving Johrei to an increasingly higher number of people, cleaning our homes and their surroundings, maintaining the practice and taking care of a Homegrown Vegetable Garden, are actions that become natural and easy to practice when effectively assimilated.

Meishu-Sama – 5 February, 1947

According to Rev. Watanabe, “this allows us to understand, improve, evolve, grow, and eventually live according to God and Meihu-Sama´s will. I am sure that this is how


we will be able to save the human race and our planet! This is the way I think all of us Messianics should start leading our lives from now on!”

The first volume of the book REMENISCING ABOUT MEISHU-SAMA features accounts by

I wish you good thoughts and much strength in

Nidai-Sama (the second Spiritual Leader

fulfilling this mission. Until the next issue.

of the World Messianic Church – WMC), Sandai-Sama (third Spiritual Leadr of the in close connection with the Master. The book is available only in the Portuguese language, for the time being.


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Kyoshu´s Throne

Message by Kyoshu-sama, Our present Spiritual Leader (Yoichi Okada) Risshun (beginning of spring) Service, February 4, 2011. Hall of Worship, Atami, Japan.

We will return to heaven and live with God Greetings to everyone, and welcome to today’s Risshun Service.

Soul. He sent us to this earth plane, and gave each one of us the consciousness of “self.”

within us, and welcoming us into heaven, which is the source of light.

With a deep sense of awe, I acknowledge that the Supreme God is vividly alive within each one of us, within each and every existence. God’s purpose in creating the universe, I believe, is to make all of humanity return to His Heaven, and make them to be newly born as His true children, in order to establish paradise on earth.

God is advancing His plan of salvation of humanity and construction of Paradise on Earth, with the intention of bringing us, His children with self-awareness, back again to heaven, making us newly born as His true children who can live with Him in heaven.

In our daily life, we are guided by God to witness, hear and feel various things.

We are all connected with Meishu-Sama, who was newly born as messiah following this intention of God. Each one of us is being nurtured and raised to cultivate the mind to serve God, together with all of humanity, with their parents and ancestors, and along with all of creation. I am very grateful that today, on this day of Risshun, the beginning of spring, I am allowed to praise God, who is with Meishu-Sama, together with all of you, with a fresh frame of mind, and pray that His Wish be accomplished in each one of us.

The Sacred Grounds at the Center of Our Consciousness I am very happy to hear that you members of the Izunome Kyodan are continuing your daily efforts in the practice of “Sonen of Gratitude,” and “one extra gesture of love for others” to turn your Sonen, thought and consciousness, which you regarded as yours, to the Sonen where God and Meishu-Sama can manifest themselves. And, through this, you are trying to share the joy of bringing happiness to others with as many people as possible. I am grateful and happy that you are making these efforts. I also appreciate your efforts and your dedication for the construction and improvement of the prototypes of paradise, the Sacred Grounds in Hakone, Atami and Kyoto, which were originally created by Meishu-Sama. By serving in this God’s work, we can re-affirm that the heaven which is the “eternal Sacred Ground” exists at the center of our consciousness. Thus, Meishu-Sama is cultivating our minds so that we can reside in heaven. For this, we can all be grateful to Meishu-Sama.

God Wants to Bring Us, His Spiritual Children, Back to Heaven There exists a Consciousness which is the source of everything. We call this Consciousness ‘God.’ God is an eternal Consciousness, eternal Life and eternal Soul. Meishu-Sama composed a series of verses under the title of “Praising God.” One of them says, “Among all the living things on this physical world, none of them is left out of God’s blessings.” Through this verse, Meishu-Sama acknowledges that everything that was created exists receiving God’s blessings. He is praising God through this and other verses. Heaven, which was prepared by God, is the dimension of the source of creation, and therefore, humanity and everything else that exist there, are in oneness with God. In Heaven, we are also in oneness with Meishu-Sama; we are one with all of humanity, their parents and ancestors, and one with everything, together with Meishu-Sama. For this reason, we are “even now” united as one with Meishu-Sama, with all of humanity, their parents and ancestors, and with everything in the universe. Because we are united with Meishu-Sama, I believe we can return to and become one with God, through Meishu-Sama. God gave birth to us, as His own spiritual children and individualized souls of Himself. He endowed within us His own eternal Consciousness, eternal Life and eternal

God Is Working Constantly Within Us While living on this earth plane, we naturally have to make a distinction between our public, official activities and our private activities. However, since everything is included within God’s Plan of construction of paradise on earth, all of our life and activities can be regarded as official, public ones, from God’s viewpoint. Meishu-Sama wrote, “In order to turn this world into paradise, we have to think of the basic elements constituting this world. After all, this world consists of individual human beings.” What he meant is that salvation of each person and each home leads to salvation of the world. We need to regard our personal matters and our family matters as not just our personal and private matters, but as small-scale prototypes of all of humanity, and that they are closely related to all of humanity in the world. God, together with Meishu-Sama, is using us in every time and every place, and utilizing us always for His public activities, named “God’s Plan.” Even though I was aware of this, probably I did not recognize clearly in the past that God was definitely working and functioning within myself. It is not enough to become aware of this, but it is necessary for us to recognize it clearly as a definite fact, and express it; namely, to report it to God. For us to express it in this way means nothing less than praising God. In the past, rather than recognize that God is working constantly within us, we simply tried to find personal happiness for ourselves, or tried to promote our own righteousness or opinions. Humanity has only repeated this practice of putting priority on our own wish over God’s wish in our prayers. God, who resides with Meishu-Sama, forgave us, humanity, with His boundless love, and accomplished the turning from Night to Day in order to welcome us back to His heaven.

The Path of Salvation Has Already Been Prepared Because this turning from night to day has already been achieved, the path of our salvation through which humanity can return to heaven has already been prepared. Salvation depends on whether we can have a firm belief that this path has been already prepared. Only because this path is already prepared, can we return to heaven through Johrei, and through other practices of salvation. Meishu-Sama said in his verse, “Though invisible to limited human sight, God’s Plan has already been achieved in the world of spirit.” We now live in the totally new phase of the world after the turning from the Age of Night to the Daylight Age. This brilliant bright light of the Daylight Age is shining at the center of the consciousness of each of us human beings, illuminating all corners of our minds and bodies, and purifying us. Many problems and issues are coming up to the surface in every part of the world, and also numerous conflicts and discords are becoming manifest and apparent around us in our daily life. It is because God’s Light is becoming apparent, illuminating those things that have been hidden

That means that God is using us as His official, public vehicles and instruments, and God is working within us. There is an expression, “Man turns to God when in trouble.” When we are suffering from something, we often feel the urge to pray to Him earnestly, asking for relief. We want to be freed from that suffering, and we want to get rid of that suffering. But, isn’t God really working when we are in suffering? Let us remember that when we are suffering, that moment is the very time when God is encouraging us and powerfully working within us.

God Can Unite the Positive and the Negative for Greater Harmony God has the power for greater harmony. When we feel suffering, it does not mean that God is not working within us or God has abandoned us, but in truth, God is letting us know that He is in the process of accomplishing His Plan, uniting and harmonizing both the positive and the negative, bringing about the greater harmony. MeishuSama composed a verse, “Open up your eyes and see the true state of God’s work. Beneath the surface of the destruction, God is busily using His hammer of construction.” Through this verse he is teaching us that destruction and construction are not two separate functions, but they are functioning together, simultaneously, as two sides of a coin. When the process of destruction is affecting you, you might feel pain and suffering. But, destruction is certainly accompanied by a creative and positive process at the same time. For example, when you have some concern about your health, or other problems, and your mind is burdened with these worries, you often try to leave these difficulties, what you perceive as “negative,” in God’s hands, in your attempt to be relieved of them. But the best thing you can do is to leave these concerns in God’s hands as evidence of God’s work, of bringing together the positive and the negative and creating greater harmony. Even if we don’t fully understand God’s intention, the first and the most important step is for us to recognize that God is working in any given situation, remembering that God has looked at the issue we have been worrying about, and has extended His helping hand to that particular point with His love and forgiveness. If once we remember it, even in a moment, since the path of salvation has been already prepared, we can have this thought, “I would like to return to heaven, together with all of humanity and all things, and would like to serve in God’s work for harmony, under the greater harmony of God.” Having such thought, offering such thought to God and leaving such thought of ours in God’s hands are the reasons for our existence. If we can express such thought and report it to God, God will cultivate and increase within us the kind of attitude to serve in the Daylight Age, together with everything in the universe.

We Offer Ourselves to God and Return to Heaven Through Monetary Donations Another way for us to serve in God’s work is to give donation to God’s cause. For example, we offer money or give donation for the construction projects.


By the way, what does money mean in our life? When we buy or sell things in this present time, we use money, instead of exchanging things as we used to do in olden times. We use money for our economic activities, and therefore, money is the standard of value for all of creation. We are one with everything in the universe, and we cannot live without money, along with the blessings of everything in the universe. We have been using everything in the universe, and money that represents it, as ours, and have been setting its price and freely using money to buy or sell things. We have been able to do these activities only because God allows us to do so. Everything in the universe, including money, belongs to God. We ourselves, who have been using all things and money, belong to God, too. When we offer money to God in the form of donation, it really means that we return ourselves, along with money, to God, who is the original owner of everything. We are entrusted with money by God and keep temporary custody of it, and we offer a part of that money to God. That is the outer form of donation, but in our thought, we can do this donation with the idea of offering ourselves to God and leaving ourselves in God’s hands through MeishuSama, and returning to the center of our consciousness called heaven, together with all of humanity and their parents and ancestors, and together with everything in the universe. That would be more in harmony with God’s Will. We have been using our mind and our bodies, money and everything freely, as our own, but God forgave us for such an attitude. That is why, through our service of donation, God is accepting us, and everything that is connected to us. In this sense, the fact that we can serve God through donation is a big blessing from God. Whatever amount of money left with us after giving donation also belongs to God, entrusted to us by God for our temporary custody. Even when we use that money for our living and for our personal use, we can do so with the idea of saying to that money that we will serve God together, and return to heaven, which is the source of our life. This is our duty and the way of God’s nurturing us, because our ultimate spiritual home is in heaven and we are the public, official vehicles and instruments of God.

The Love of God For Us, As Our True Spiritual Parent, Is So Great The fact that God is raising us and bringing us up through Meishu-sama is an indication of God’s deep, profound love for us, which is beyond our imagination. In our human relationships, if someone is disrespectful to us or was against us, we feel like blaming that person, or even retaliating and punishing that person. God is fully aware of our arrogant mind, with which we have ignored and neglected God, but He forgave us, does not try to destroy us completely, and even allows us to praise God and pray to Him and utter words of gratitude. This is because God has a strong wish to raise us to become true children of God, and make us live in heaven, no matter what. This is how I feel about this. Truly, God’s love for us is so deep and so great. Meishu-Sama composed these two verses: “As I marvel at the vast and expansive beauty of the sky, I am always reminded of God’s limitless, infinite love for me” (Prayer Book page 84), and “God’s love and blessings for us are so great, higher than the highest mountains, and deeper than the deepest oceans.” These verses truly express this truth. God is not only our “natural parent”, but also our “foster parent” who is constantly nurturing us and raising us. We, together with Meishu-Sama, would like to serve God, who is both our “natural parent” and “foster parent,” and respond even a little to His love so that He can be joyous, and share this God’s joy with everybody and everything. In conclusion, I pray that the breath of life from God, who is with Meishu-Sama, will be spread to everybody and everything through you, and would revive everything, like a spring breeze, and that those of you who are serving God in this way be able to live every day with hope and courage, with joy and a bright outlook. Thank you very much!


World Church President

Presentation by Rev. Tetsuo Watanabe, President of the World Messianic Church, on Guarapiranga Sacred Grounds, Brazil, 1 May, 2011

The Cause of Natural Disasters On March 11, at 2:46 pm, I was attending a meeting of the board, when a high-magnitude earthquake really shook things up. Usually, an earthquake lasts only a few seconds, but this one was very long... In Atami, it lasted more than two minutes. Immediately after the earthquake, I called Kyoshu-Sama to know how he was doing. He said that everything was fine, that it had been quite a tremble, but that nothing seriously had happened in his home. When we turned on the TV, they were showing the exact place where the earthquake had occurred and informing that it had measured 9.0 on the Richter scale, and were issuing a warning: “In twenty minutes, a tsunami will arrive in Iwate..., in 25 minutes in Miyagi..., in 30 minutes in Fukushima...” They were telling everybody to run away and find a refuge. We wanted to know what was the size of the wave that was about to arrive... When they told us that it was 10 meters high, I thought: “Is it really?” Everybody was riveted to the clock, waiting for the tsunami to arrive. And it finally came, and it was actually higher than 10 meters... Wow! It was appalling... A 15-meter tsunami that was sweeping away cars, houses, boats... everything in its way... We could see people trying to escape, running, but being wiped out by the tsunami... It looked like a disaster movie, only it was real: I was watching all that on live TV. My heart immediately sunk: “Wow! So many people are suffering, drowning, dying...” I couldn´t hold back my tears. The TV said: “Every city along the coast was hit...” And I thought: “ All these people are going to need our support...” So, I quickly created the Humanitarian Help Committee to assist the victims, formed by Ministers and staff from all over Japan. I also opened a bank account to collect donations to help those who were suffering. Right away, the Messianics started to make donations (clothes, blankets, water, food) that were assembled at the entrance of the Sacred Grounds. In the following day, we managed to send two trucks full of donations to Sendai. Because de main roads were closed, the trucks had to make a detour through the mountains that were covered with snow, and it took them thirty hours to get to Sendai Johrei Center. The members continued to bring donations and we managed to send more than ten truckloads of first-aid items. They kept me posted by sending reports about the community actions carried out there. Immediately after the April Service I decided to visit Sendai and Fukushima to pray for the victims at those two sites, and to visit their Johrei Centers and motivate the Messianics. When I got there, some members told me: “Reverend, now it is time to practice everything we have been training: the Practice of Sonen, Leading, Gratitude at all times, and Altruistic Deeds...”

Wherever I went, everyone greeted me with a firm expression on their faces. I could see that the Messianics of that region were very happy, because they felt useful helping their neighbors, providing support to the homeless. I also took the opportunity to walk around several cities devastated by the tsunami. I saw with my own eyes piles of debris that were more than ten meters high, cars and boats on top of each other. And I kept thinking to myself: “ There must be a lot of people burried in these places...” And I prayed for all these victims, right there and then, leading them to Messiah Meishu-Sama. Among the many cases I heard, there are many interesting things that I would like to talk about. A Messianic young man, from the province of Okayama, who works as a lifeguard, was called immediately after the tsunami to join a rescue group to save the survivers in the cities struck by the tsunami. As the group searched for and found survivers under the debris, he carried them on his back and took them to the support center. They found a woman with several burns on her back. She was screaming and crying in extreme pain... The young man panicked: “How am I going to carry her if she is crying and screaming in so much pain?” But he soon remembered: “ I am a Messianic. I am connected to the Messiah Meishu-Sama and I learned the Practice of Sonen for leading.” And he started to mentalize: “I want to lead this woman´s suffering to Messiah Meishu-Sama. Purify and save her, please!” When he finished the leading, the woman stopped crying and screaming from pain. And so he managed to take her to the support center. Then he throught: “ Wow! It worked! It was the first time I did it for somebody else.” And he thanked Meishu-Sama. Soon after, there was another surviver. When he came near him, the man was dying, breathing with difficulty, gasping for air and, all of a sudden, he stopped breathing. The young man thought: “ Oh no!... Don´t die now, no, hold on just a little longer...” and he started the Practice of Sonen. All of a sudden, the man gave a sigh and started to breathe normally again and to act as if nothing had happened. It was as if he had been ressuscitated. After that, he felt: “I am not just any lifeguard, I am Meishu-Sama´s lifesaver! I can save lives and also the souls of people, because Meishu-Sama is with me!” In sum, what can we learn from this great purification? Meishu-Sama teaches us that the natural disasters are, in fact, human calamities. The source of natural disasters is in the accumulation of bad words, thoughts, and actions of all of us living in this world. And in this regard, I would like to tell you about one experience of mine. Today, half of Japan is having to cope with daily blackouts, owiong to power shortage. So, during a blackout night, I was alone in my room that was lit only by a small candle.

Experience of Faith There was total silence. The TV was off, the sound system was off. There was no sound from the refrigerator, the telephone was not ringing... Then, involved in almost darkness, thanks to the small candle´s light, I began to look at the void and began to see many things that I could not see when there was light. I started to think about things that until then I had never stopped to think about... “What did I do today? What am I doing now? What must I do from now on?” I was also able to give thanks for many things I could not see before... I realized that the darkness of my room was showing me the lack of light within my heart... All of a sudden, the power came back and the lights were on again. They burned my eyes...”It is too bright! There is too much brightness!” I thought: “Is it really necessary to have such a bright room before we go to bed? Really, this is exaggeration and a waste of electrical power...” Then I started to turn off all the lights that were on around the house in places I didn´t need them. Actually, what we see today is modern man trying to fulfill his material dreams, selfishly going after the most comfortable, the most expensive, the quickest, the most practical, the most profitable... He wants what is good for him without thinking about others, the planet, the future and... All this becomes spiritual clouds, impurities. These impurities end up by becoming natural disasters, such as the one that happened in the mountains of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in the beginning of this year. Later, there was the tsunami in Japan, and now there are tornados in the United States. So, in order to reduce these tragedies it is not enough to put a stop to the accumulation of impurities... It is necessary to reduce the impurities that humanity has already created, without even noticing it. And how can this be done? Meishu-Sama taught us that there is a very easy way to eliminate the impurities: all that is needed is for man´s thoughts, words, and actions to become good. So, Good will become Light and eliminate the clouds.

The Messianics´ mission is very important: to go on carrying out the Practice of Sonen of leading, gratitude, and altruistic deeds, combined with Johrei.

I would like to explain that we cannot think that all the victims of these catastrophes have been punished by God... Actually, they are redeemers that will eliminate the impurities and clouds created by all of us. This is why we must show them all our gratitude. In this way, we will be able to understand, improve, evolve, grow, and finally, live according to God and Meishu-Sama´s Will. I am sure that in this way we will be able to save the human race and our planet! This is how, I think, all of us, Messianics, should strive to live from now on. Thank you very much and may you all successfully accomplish your mission!

Vicky Kalenga Mulumba, 45, serves as the person in charge of the Mbuhi-Mai Johrei Center, in the KasaiEastern province, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and she tells us how her gratitude to her parents and her cleaning her neighborhood changed her life Vicky and her parents

Sincere Gratitude To Our Parents Is Crucial Beginning on May 18, my daughters started purifying with 40oC fever and measles. On the 20, before sunrise, I was giving them Johrei, when I fell asleep and dreamed that my older daughter was saying: “Father, I am leaving! They have come to take me.” I woke up and left to pray before the Messiah Meishu-Sama´s picture asking for strength. When I came back, my daughter was delirious, with a very high fever and kept repeating: “Don´t worry, I am back!” I went to the Unit to prepare the visit of Sanguetsu instructor Clementina Isabel dos Santos (Sara) to our province. As soon as she arrived, I told her about my problems and purifications I was going through. She asked me about my parents and how often I visited them. I told her that I hadn´t seen them in a long time. Then she asked me: “How many years has it been since you last saw your parents? If you want to be Meishu-Sama´s instrument, you must take love and gratitude to your parents. Pray at their house and take them the Messiah´s Light. Our ancestors need to recognize their mission here, in Mbuji-Mayi. If you don´t do this, you will be working outside the vital point!” These words made me think. I hadn´t seen my parents in five years, because of a disagreement. As far as we are concerned, they caused the death of two of our brothers. So, on 20 April, I took the opportunity and joined my superiors´ group that was heading to the district of Mwene-Ditu, where my parents live. When we got there, we prayed in the Johrei Center and the Minister briefly sasluted the attendees. At the end, I asked my superior for permission to go visit my parents, who live near the church. When we got to my parents´ home, I was greeted with much emotion. Tears of happiness rolled out of my mother´s eyes. I felt an undescribable happiness, for I had been living apart from my family for too long. I also got my superiors´ permission to make a prayer and a quick cleansing of my parents´ house. So, after five years, accompanied by my superiors, I sat down and had lunch with them. The instructor told them to go to the Johrei Center every day to receive the Messiah Meishu-Sama´s Light. Back home, at the end of the day, I gave Johrei to my daughters. I was very worried, because they were really not doing very well, they were running a high fever and vomiting a lot. The instructor turned to me and asked: “Are you sure you are wholeheartedly and sincerely giving thanks for the girls´ purification?” She took us to Meishu-Sama´s picture, prayed, and when she finished she asked me again: “Vicky, have you been living here long? How many times have you cleaned your neighborhood? Say, when I prayed, I asked for forgiveness for all your neighbors´ ancestors, for your failute to take the Messiah´s Light to them. I didn´t pray for your daughters´ fever to subside. Do the Practice of Sonen for one hour to be forgiven by the ancestors. Tomorrow, you don´t have to arrive so early at the Johrei Center. Do the cleaning here and take the Light of the Messiah through the practice of altruistic love. Can´t you see that your street is cluttered with garbage?” I told her that I had tried to do some cleaning, but that the neighbors didn´t allow me to do it saying that cleaning the front of their houses would mean taking away their good luck! The instructor replied: “With what Sonen did you start the cleaning? Did you ask the Messiah to make you his instrument? Did you ask permission to the neighborhood´s guardian? When I woke up in the following day, my daughters were still very sick. In spite of that, I started the cleaning. My neighbor was very surprised and came to talk to me: “How come you are doing the sweeping? Wouldn´t it be better to pay someone to do that?” I explained to her that I was doing the practice of altruistic love taught by our Church, which allows us to purify and free the spirits that are trapped in polluted places. My neighbor replied: “If this is so, my husband has been suffering from chronic headaches for eighteen months. We have tried everything, but nothing helps. He has been thoroughly examined, to no avail. Could you pray for him?” I went to her house and saw her husband, who was in great pain, with his head between his hands (notice that this man is a physician). I channeled Johrei for forty minutes and did the Practice of Sonen. He was very weak because his pain was such that he couldn´t sleep. His wife told me that at night she talked with her husband and they prayed together, asking God to show them a Church that would be strong enough to relieve him from all that suffering. What was most impressive was that this happened exactly at the same time when Prof. Sara was praying at my house, asking my neighbors´ ancestors for forgiveness. When I went back to the cleaning, one of my daughters got better and joined in sweeping the street. The other was already able to eat. The next day, I went on cleaning the street. While I was sweeping, I saw a very sad man. I stopped working and went in his direction. I greeted him and asked him if he had slept well. He told me that he was worried, because his daughter was very sick. When I left, his wife saw the Ohikari around my neck and said: “You belong to the Messianic Church! My daughter was born sick and, some years later, she went to live with my sister and she was totally cured. But, because my sister and her husband were transferred to another province, my daughter had to come back home and she became ill again. My sister, her husband, and children are members of the Messianic Church!” I was living as a married man since 1994, but my parents didn´t know my wife and children, because during that time we lived in the province, and owing to financial problems, we could not live according to the rules dictated by our culture. However, on May 25, we were visited by the WMCA´s president. My parents received permission to receive the Ohikari, my neighbors participated in the ceremony, and I received the grace of officializing my marriage, with the added honor of having the president attend the ceremony. Today I am very happy. I learned that gratitude to our parents must be a part of our lives. I have six children and I don´t want to perpetuate the chain of ingratitude that we have been handing down from one generation to the next. I also learned that, in order to fulfill our mission, we must show gratitute and nurture love in our hearts, especially to our parents, becasue they were the instruments of God that put us in this world.


Experiência de Fé Africa Church President Talk given by Min. Claudio Cristiano Leal Pinheiro, President of the World Messianic Church of Africa, at the Central Headquarters, in Luanda, Angola, on 17 July, 2011

“Whenever You Are Lost, Go Back To Your Starting Point!” It is very gratifying to be gathered here with all of you, and especially with our sisters of the Pentecostal Evangelic Church of the Apostles of Jesus Christ, in Angola. It is very moving to feel the union among religions. Thanks to God and to the Messiah Meishu-Sama, in the past months we have received permission to carry out activities with other Churches, here in Angola. More specifically, Ikebana classes in some Evangelic Churches, Nature Farming classes in some Christian Churches, and we have plans to set up vegetable gardens for these Churches, so that their members can learn how to produce natural produce. A few days ago, I was in Mozanbique and was very happy to see that Professor Selma Candido taught an Ikebana class at a temple of the Hindu religion that was attended by 37 women and 10 children. We are now entering a phase of strong union. I believe that, with the construction of the Agriculture School ‒ which in turn marks the beginning of the construction of the future Sacred Grounds ‒ this union among religions and peoples, of all of us, will lead us back to our starting point, that is, the Supreme God, with special repercussion in Africa, and the world in general. We all share the same origin, that is, the Supreme God. Everything that enables us to see our neighbors as our brothers and sisters and drives us to strive for happiness is done according to God´s Will and Nature. Everything that is in synch with this feeling will advance foreward, more and more, from now on. The negative force works to create dissent within families, among people, beliefs, tribes, and nations. The negative force aims at sullying our hearts and prevent this greater union from happening. This is why we, Messianics, must be careful about what goes on inside our hearts. We are now preparing the visit of our World President, Rev.Tetsuo Watanabe, who will visit Angola and Africa, next month, for the fourth time. He will inaugurate our Improvement Center in Cacuaco, lay the foundation stones of both our Agriculture School and Central Headquarters, in Mozambique. On Saturday, August 20, there will be a meeting with all of our members at the Africa Central Headquarters. It is very important that all of us invite our relatives, friends, and aquaintances to join us on this date to receive the Messiah Meishu-Sama´s Johrei through the hands of our World President, and to hear his orientations that will guide us in the times ahead. This preparation is important: it must start within our hearts. This is why we must intensify the practice of Johrei, the study of the Teachings, and leading. The secret to our development lies in maintaing the basic practice; the basic practice of giving Johrei. We must make an effort to channel at least 10 Johrei a day, five minutes within the family, at work, in a taxi, in our cars. No matter where we are, we must ask the Messiah to channel His Light through us, because Johrei is the life of the World Messianic Church. Johrei is what the Bible calls Baptism of Fire and so, we must become the instruments that take the Light of Johrei to all mankind and to every Messianic member that is astray, or in a state of slumber, and has stopped giving Johrei and reading Meishu-Sama´s Teachings. The daily practice of Johrei daily and reading of the Teachings must be the foundation of our faith that is centered around the Messiah Meishu-Sama. Specially you, the youth, the future of Angola, Africa, and the World. It is important to build a kind of faith that is grounded in the daily practice of Johrei and the daily study of Meishu-Sama´s Teachings. This makes a huge difference in the fate of each and every one of us. Yesterday I was with some of our young pre-seminarists and


I heard them talk about their problems, experiences, and doubts. One thing that struck me during the meeting was their gratitude to their parents. I told them a story that I had heard in the beginning of my career, several years ago, straight from the World President, which deeply impressed me and has since helped me in times of reflection. The story happened when he was still in charge of the church of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and it is about a person very dear to him, Min. Júlio, who was also a very good friend of our dear Min. Francisco and who is also in the spiritual world. At the time, Min. Júlio was still a Minister. After a service, Rev. Watanabe and other Ministers agreed to go see a plot of land on which to build a new church, in different part of the city of Rio de Janeiro. Min. Júlio was driving by himself and got lost from the group. But he thought: “No problem!” It was more than thirty years ago, so there were no cell phones. So, he thought: “I know that neighborhood. Let´s go! I am going to look for them and find them. It will be easy to find them.” And so, he drove into the neighborhood, drove around all day trying to find the group, but it was all in vain. At the end of the day, he went home feeling sad, because he had not been able to join the group for that activity. He had been home for a while, when somebody knocked on the door and said: “Rev. Watanabe wants to talk to you, he is worried!” He went to Rev. Watanabe´s home and admitted: “I got lost and could not find the group.” And Rev. Watanabe asked him: “Júlio, why didn´t you go back to the Church? I had somebody wait for you there to take you to where we were.” “Oh! I didn´t think of it,” he answered. Then, Rev. Watanabe said: “Júlio, whenever you are lost, always go back to your starting point. “Whenever you are lost, always go back to your starting point!” I never forgot this recommendation. In all of us, our faith had a starting point, that is, the day we joined the Church; the initial graces. There is a starting point for our existence, which is the Divine Particle; the origin of life. There is also a starting point for our material lives, that is, our father and mother. So, everytime we get lost, we must go back to our starting point. How did we learn about Johrei? How did we find out about Meishu-Sama? It is specially important for young people to go back to the starting point of our Material World, that is, our father and mother. So, gratitude to our parents must be a beacon in our lives. We owe our physical bodies to our father and mother. “Oh, but my father abandonned me, he didn´t recognize me as his son, he didn´t support my mother, he didn´t take care of us...” OK, he was wrong! But I need to be grateful to him for having given me life together with my mother. We must nurture this feeling of gratitude, because God used my father and mother to give me this physical body. Even though life was given us by the Supreme God, life is conceived through our father and mother. This feeling of gratitude to our parents must be critical in our lives both as Messianics and as human beings. Why? In today´s society, we see too much violence within the family, in schools. This morning, I was reading an article on the Internet about violence in the school. It was about how in England, on a daily basis, more than one thousand students are suspended from classes or expelled from schools for fighting with their colleagues, for throwing chairs at their teachers and colleagues, besides cursing, carrying knives, and so on. More than a thousand a day! And that is in England alone! When we stop to look at what is happening all over the

world, we notice that it is not happening just in England. As far as violence is concerned, we see that it is happening in schools everywhere and that this violence comes from home. So, we, the young, must begin to change our homes, beginning with our feeling of gratitude. The feeling of gratitude changes the negative into positive. The feeling of gratitude, beginning with our gratefulness to our parents and our family, must be alive in us, every day; gratefulness even for the most obvious things we have, gratefulness for our difficulties, gratefulness for the challenges we face and, most of all, for the things we find it hard to be thankful for. This week, visiting Cacuaco and looking at our construction site, at the walls that are about to be finished, I thought to myself: “Wow, it´s so beautiful! The work is progressing and soon we will start building the school.” Construction and destruction go hand in hand, though! During construction, in order to build the walls we had to dig, make a hole, remove the earth. We destroy what is in order, dig a hole to lay the foundations, remove all the dirt from the lot and clean it before we can start building. With the building of the walls, construction is taking place. Similarly, inside us we are also building our faith through our gratitude for the construction effort, through our services. At the same time, there is also a destruction process taking place inside us; the destruction of our previous beliefs from the Age of Darkness. As the Light increases, hidden feelings emerge in our hearts, even if we have our own problems, like the whole humanity does. But we, Messicanics, must reflect on how we are facing our daily problems. Are we thankful for our suffering? Do we acknowledge that our suffering is a sign from our Ancestors asking us to lead them to the Messiah Meishu-Sama for purification, salvation, and resurrection? Or are we accepting suffering as something that is ours alone, turning it into our property and letting tragedy take over our lives? The way we acknowledge our feelings and face adversity is what decides if a problem will give rise to a miracle, to change, or if it is going to lead to tragedy. Each one of us is here today thanks to the efforts of thousands of poeple. Today I am here talking to you thanks to my father and mother, who conceived me, and to thousands of people who, throughout my entire material existence produced food I ate, the clothes I wore, taught me in the schools where I studied, assisted me in numerous ways before I could become the person I am today. So, all of us have a debt of gratitude to people we never saw. How to pay them back? By serving our neighbors, making them happy, recognizing that regardless of race, creed, nationality, age, we all possess a Divine Particle and that the Supreme God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama are inside each one of us. When we relate to people with this kind of awareness, the Paradise that exists inside people, in general, and inside us, in particular, will expand, because this is the Supreme God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama´s Will. This is what I wanted to share with you. We will work together to prepare the visit of our World President. I hope I can count on your help. We are going to invite all the members, attendees, relatives, friends, and people in general to come together on August 20 to pray for the happiness of Africa, the world, and for the construction of Paradise on Earth. Thank you! And may you all successfully accomplish your mission!


Special Prayer in Synch with Service in Japan The Paradise on Earth Service was held in Luanda, Angola, on June 12, last year. This is the Messianic Church´s most important service, and it celebrates Meishu-Sama´s revelation day about the Age of Darkness to the Daylight Age Transition, on 15 June, 1931. Although it was celebrated three days earlier, on Sunday, the 12th, nearly ten thousand members assembled in the Central Headquarters at three o´clock in the morning of 15 June, 2011, to say prayers simultaneously with the Paradise on earth Service religious cerimony organized by the heads of the World Messianic Church in Japan, in the city of Atami. The religious service started at 9 pm on the 14th, and it was conducted by the vice-president of the World Messianic Church of Angola – WMCA, Min. Ernestina Olinda Prazeres Coimbra, followed by the channeling

of Johrei to the full assembly. The prayer was repeated at midnight, local time, and again at 6 am during a closing ceremony conducted by Min. Alberto Faria da Silva Suzano. After the 3-o´clock special prayer, Min. Ernestina thanked everyone for their effort, mainly that of skipping a night´s sleep to pray for the happiness of mankind, kindly foregoing our daily activities on behalf of other people´s salvation. “We came here to gather strength to take the Light everywhere and to everyone that still don´t know the way to Johrei. For such, we need determination to move on and to overcome any hurdles that might appear along the way,” said the Minister, before quoting one of NidaiSama´s writings that says that “Johrei reveals God.” Highlighting the practice of Johrei, the Minister went on

to say that it was conceived as a method to materialize God´s love and that “miracles allow us to prove the existence of God and of the Spiritual World, especially to those who don´t believe in the power of God and don´t know about the Spiritual World, making them aware of the existence of life after death,” stated the Minister, adding that “it is the shortest way to salvation.” “Johrei is our Church´s mainstay, and this is why we must be ready to fight any weaknesses that migh come up, by intensifying our prayers to build the necessary strength, and move forward, not only to cure diseases, but also to awaken the paradise that lies in each one of us, in the bottom of our hearts,” said Minister Ernestina.

Johrei Reaches Dembos In 2007, in thankfulness to God, sister Jorgina Kukiele started to spread the practice of Johrei and the Messiah Meishu-Sama´s Teachings in Quibaxe, which now has 27 full members and 28 attendees. Besides Quibaxe, in the municipality of Dembos, in the Bengo province, the dissemination of Johrei and Meishu-Sama´s Teachings are also well-known in Caxito, which already has a Johrei Center, in Açucareira, in Ambriz, and in Cabo Ledo, totaling 328 full members and 828 registered attendees, who produce food from 314 homegrown vegetable gardens.

Dembos is a municipality in Bengo Province, to the Northeast of Luanda, Angola. Its main center is the village of Quibaxe. It stretches over 2,444 square kilometers and has 59 thousand inhabitants. It is potentially agricultural and, in the past, coffee was its main product.

Ecumenical Committee Takes Nature Agriculture to Angola´s Pentecostal Evangelic Mission The principles of Nature Farming were explained on Sunday, 15 May, 2011, at the Benfica community, in the southern coast of the city of Luanda, to the members of Angola´s Pentecostal Evangelic Mission (MEPA), by Agronomist Engineer Marques Zambo Bambi, vice-presidnet of AFRICARTE – Association for the Development of Nature Farming, African Art and Culture, sponsored by the Messianic Church. Invited by Samba´s Ecumenical Committee for Peace and National Reconciliation, in his presentation Marques Bambi raised people´s awareness to the need of setting up Homegrown Vegetable Gardens and the importance of natural food for healthy living. Besides, he asked the audience to take interest in the study, practice, and development of a deeper vision on the true meaning of food and Nature Farming. In his effort to enlighten MEPA´s members, Marques Bambi talked about the Father of Nature Farming, Mokiti Okada, and expanded his analysis on today´s health and other problems that afflict mankind. He also emphasized the detrimental effects of using excessive chemical fertilizers and pesticides and compared some people´s food habits to pure individual terrorist acts. “The terrorism that concerns me the most is the one people still haven´t fully realized, but is taking place inside their bodies, daily, and is taking the lives of thousands,” said Marques Bambi, adding that “people still are not convinced that inside us there is what could be compared to a true mine field about to explode; the consequence of a lifetime of artificial substances, hormones, vitamins, and antibiotics consumtion, which is in total disarray and out of control.” Paraphrasing Mokiti Okada, the agronomist said: “When we consume pesticide and herbicide-free produce, we are nurturing our spirit as well as our body. Fresh produce, such as vegetables and fruits grown according to the principles of Nature Farming, contain more vital energy. In this sense, produce grown according to Nature Farming have far greater vital energy. When we eat right, we balance our body and mind, we are healthy, and feel happier. Food´s mission is to maintain life. And this is why we can say that food is life itself.” MEPA/Samba´s minister, João Domingos, emphasized: “This is, truthfully, a great effort to unite the churches and it should be continued.” He further stressed his interest in developing a partnership with the Messianic Church. MEPA was founded in Angola, on 15 May, 1989, during an event that also celebrated its 22nd anniversary.


Countries Angola

South Africa

Johrei and Flowers

Huíla: Emphasizing Nature Farming On July 29, the president of the World Messianic Church of Africa, Min. Claudio Cristinao Leal Pinheiro, advocated during the ecumenical service held in the city of Lubango, in the province of Huíla, southern Angola, the need to implement the production of food based on Natural Farming principles. As he announced the building of the first Nature Farming School, in Cacuaco, whose foundation stone will be laid in a ceremony presided by Rev. Tetsuo Watanabe (President of the World Messicanic Church) after August 20, Min. Claudio explained that other schools of this kind will be built in every big city and that, little by little, and eventually, all over Africa. The idea is to train more technicians to disseminate the Nature Farming method among the general society. He also asked the church members to make an effort to practice Nature Farming and to act as leaders in the production and promotion of natural produce to make them available for consumption by nearly all families. During this first big Ecumenic Service at Huíla, held in one of Lubango´s cultural centers, more than 600 members and guests witnessed 31 new members receiving the Ohikari. The members were assigned the mission of expanding Nature Farming throughout the region, starting with the implementation of two thousand homegrown vegetable gardens, by the end of 2011. At the end of the service, Min. Claudio received the Head of the Art and Cultural Actions Department of Huíla, Pedro Mussunda, representing the Provincial Culture Director; the Head of Religious Affairs, Augusta Tavares; and one of the assistant managers of the Mitcha commune. On Friday, after coming back from Huíla and having saluted the members assembled at the Johrei Center, the president of the Church of Africa took the Image of the Divine Light to five Lubango homes.

Young Solidarity Youths from the World Messianic Church of Angola (WMCA) promoted an afternoon get-together, in the last week of July, including the inpatients of Funda Leprosarium, in Cacuaco, in the outskirts of Angola´s capital city, Luanda. Accompanied by the National Coordinator, Min. António Manuel Huhongo, and by heads of the Northern region, Min. Francisco Luís Mendes, and of the Eastern region, Min. Cine Dangereux Pascoal, the young members of the WMCA offered their hosts a basket containing rice, corn meal, bombo meal, pasta, sugar, salt, oil, dried fish, and cleaning products. When the baskets were handed out, Min. Muhongo explained, very briefly, the basic assumptions underlying the Messianic faith and talked about the importance of producing natural food in homegrown vegetable gardens, about a specific hospital´s vegetable garden, and how to implement Nature Farming, in general. The representative of the Leprosarium´s high management, Avelino Gaspar Joaquim, thanked for the Messianics´ donation saying that “more than material food, the spiritual food that comes from God, Our Creator, effusively manifest in the chanting and Johrei given by these wonderful youths is the most important thing.” Moved by their kindness, he unreservedly asked the assembly to visit the in-patients more often in order to minimize their feeling of abandonment. As far as food production goes, Avelino Joaquim invited the WMCA´s Youth Coordinator to visit the more than three-hectar area available inside the Leprosarium, where Nature Farming could be implemented. To the sound of a guitar and the chanting of a trio, the committee made up of 220 youths was divided into two groups ‒ one was assingned the religioius challenge of giving Johrei to more than 100 children and almost 30 adults, and the other was charged with the task of carrying out a voluntary cleaning campaign.


Volunteers of the World Messianic Church of South Africa made 4,500 Flowers of Light for distribution in Pretoria and Soweto, on April 27. Of these, four thousand were distributed at the Union Building (President´s Palace), in Pretoria, by fifty volunteers who also channeled 900 Johrei. Twelve attendees associated with the Soweto Johrei Center distributed 500 Flowers of Light at the Hector Pieterson, where 112 Johrei were given.

Democratic Republic of Congo

President Gives Johrei On The Road On May 23, one year after his last visit, the President of WMCA – World Messianic Church of Africa, Min. Claudio Cristiano Leal Pinheiro, arrived at Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, where he was received at the Training Center by more than three hundred church members. Accompanied by Vice-President, Min. Agonso Quifuta Pereira, and by Secretary Clemente Kabamba, on the next day, Min. Claudio Pinheiro traveled to the province of Mbuji-Mayi, about 1,000 km from the capital city, to visit the Nature Farming Center. There, more than 850 people were awaiting him to celebrate Africa´s International Day. On his way back to the capital, later in the afeternoon, the jeep he was traveling in had a flat tire. When the rescue team arrived, they found Min. Claudio giving Johrei along the highway to the people of the village nearby. Together with another eleven members, he started a Johrei March, while the driver changed the tire. In addition to many people having received Johrei, it was also an unforgettable lesson for the members of the delegation, because they were left thinking that “numerous situations like this happen in our lives, but we hardly ever take the opportunity to show other people the Salvation Light – Johrei. This ability to transform an accident into an opportunity to take the Light of the Messiah to other people must be emulated by all of us. Thanks to a flat tire, at least eighty people received Johrei”, remarked Min. Afonso Quifuta. On May 25, the Divine Light was given to 41 people in a joint ceremony with the Prayer for the Rasising of the Ancestors Souls.

Children Surprise During Liturgical Ceremony

The International Children´s Day, celebration, on June 1, had a special flavor for the children and memebers of the World Messianic Church of Angola that participated in the Prayer to Raise the Ancestors Souls, at the Central Headquarters, in Luanda. Conducted by the President of the WMCA, Min. Claudio Cristiano Leal Pinheiro, the cerimony was presided, for the first time in the Church´s history, by the children of the CriançÁfrica program. On that day, the preparation of the offerings as well as their taking to the altar, the choir, the readings during the Service, and other tasks of liturgical importance were all performed by the children, which surprised all the attendees, including their parents, who were far from imagining that their little ones had that much organization capability. After the service, there was dancing and poetry reading. There were other simultaneous activities, such as the opening of a drawing exhibition, and the distribution of flowers made by the children. Another highlight was the distribution of plants from the Central Headquarters´ plant nursery by the members of the CriançÁfrica, symbolizing the building of a Paradisiacal World beginning at home.


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