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Services & Solutions ASCO Numatics offers customised solutions to best meet the needs of your applications,


● all types of standard components, ● ready-to-install assemblies, ● safety and reliability: all our equipment undergoes testing and inspection. These sub-assemblies integrate perfectly in your production processes. We can offer you different levels of integration depending on your needs, from simple actuators to boxes and multifunctional cabinets: the more integrated the solutions, the less your assembly and installation costs. Savings: up to 50% (R&D and Design, Procurement, Logistics, Assembly)

Level of assembly and integration

Optimised costs

Savings: up to 20% (Procurement, Logistics)

Simple solutions for  pre-assembled products

Savings: up to 30% (Procurement, Logistics, Assembly)

Solutions for  assembled products

Solutions for platemounted assemblies

Solutions for box or cabinet-mounted assemblies

Special products When standard products are too limited, ASCO Numatics can give you the benefit of its expertise by developing special products or complete systems together with you to make sure we meet your needs.

POTENTIAL SAVINGS ACROSS Customised solutions process


• Facilitates the management of  parts lists (1 single reference,  1 single supplier)

Review of specifications Information gathering

Parts list

• Increases flexibility


Analysis of the technical solutions Budget evaluation Planning projections

Order and review of customer contract


 nalysis and completion of the technical A research (grafcet, logical diagrams) Definition of the parts list Creation of the electrical, pneumatic and mechanical technical documentation

Technical file (CAD plans)


S upply chain management: Procurement/ confirmation of orders Receipt and verification of products/components Storage operations Production management: Picking list/internal transport Unpacking and processing of packaging A ssembly

• Frees you up from managing the logistics chain: procurement, storage of components, assembly etc.

Customised solution


• Gives you complete functional safety and high reliability • Reduces your maintenance time

 est, follow-up and T quality control

Customised solutions, tested and inspected


• Gives you compact solutions (solutions integrated into cabinets)

Invoice processing Order Delivery


Benefits for you

We support you throughout the entire development process, from writing the specifications to final delivery of the solution, and the level of assembly is defined according to your needs.

THE ENTIRE VALUE CHAIN Process for special products/systems

C  onfidentiality contract or not


 eview of specifications and R feasibility study

Commercial offer

• Simplifies product implementation • Offers you compact solutions (integration of functions and accessories) • Gives you better responsiveness (1 single supplier)

Analysis of the technical solutions


Budget evaluation Planning projections


Definition of the parts list


 reation of the electrical, pneumatic and C mechanical technical documentation

• Co-development of the product or system • Integration of the machines’ safety constraints & risk analysis



Production launch End-of-chain functional pressurisation tests

• Gives you complete functional safety and  high reliability

Finished product - (special) series


Test, follow-up and quality control

(Special) finished product, tested and inspected

Invoice processing


Order Delivery


• Limits stock management (integration of functions  and accessories) • Reduces the costs of tracking orders: one single order,  one single invoice,  one single delivery

Benefits for you

We work with you throughout the entire process to develop special products or complete systems, from writing the specifications to the pre-series qualification process and to the final delivery of the finished product.

SIMPLE SOLUTIONS Based on your parts list, we will prepare for you the components you need for your installation. You will then receive all the components in the same package, helping you reduce your costs and optimising your assembly process: so that everything is within reach for faster installation on the machine.

SAVINGS: up to 20% (Procurement, Logistics)

ASSEMBLED SOLUTIONS Our assembled solutions give you even more opportunities for integration and savings than simple solutions. The components are sized and selected according to your specifications, then mounted with optimum space-efficiency while taking into account your constraints:

SAVINGS: up to 30% (Procurement, Logistics, Assembly) â—? Plain assembly Actuator fitted with distributor

â—? Pole-mounted or plate-mounted assembly

Application: activation of inflatable pipe stoppers

Application in the automotive industry for seat fittings

Application in the automotive industry

Application in stripping of parts By-pass plate for test and maintenance of safety valve without shutting down the installation

BOX/CHASSIS-MOUNTED ASSEMBLY We assemble, test and deliver turn-key solutions completed to your specifications as box, cabinet or chassis-mounted products. All you have to do is connect the electrical and pneumatic supply, helping you greatly optimise your assembly costs.

SAVINGS: up to 50% (R&D and Design, Procurement, Logistics, Assembly)

Application in the agri-food industry: bagging carousel

Application in the aeronautical industry: inflation of bags for heavy loads

Cabinet for cleaning out the boiler

Application in water treatment: valve control

Application in vulcanisation of pneumatics

Application in the nuclear industry

Products Standard products for fluid control or automation generally provide one solution. When these standard products are too limited, ASCO Numatics can give you the benefit of its expertise by developing products in cooperation with you to make sure we meet your needs. We can draw on innovative design or use an existing “product platform” to give you a customised product at a ready-made price.

Distributors, valve islands


Jack for opening the rear door (automotive industry)

Gauge cylinder (agitation of grape must, application in the wine-producing industry)

Pneumatic block, for opening bus doors

Extreme operating conditions: Low pressure: 0,06 bar; high pressure: 40 bar; temperature: from -40 to +120°C continuously, +160°C at a peak; increased frequency 8 Hz 60 million cycles. Drilled or moulded blocks with multiple functions: Various functions such as distributor, flow restrictor, progressive starter, rapid drain, etc. Dividers incorporating shut-off valves to act on the pneumatic circuit in operation, pressure switches, input blocks. Distributors with specific layout plans.

Extreme operating conditions: Pressure: 12 bar; temperature: -40 to +200°C; average speed: 2m/s; aggressive environ­ ment; increased service life; impact-resistant rod (High Frequency hardening). Integration of functions: Distributor, flow restrictor, air economiser, displacement sensor, wiper seal to protect the rod. Special actuators: Mini actuators with high rate of operation. Hollow-rod and through-hole cylinders. Retraction actuators for use on the bumpers of dump trucks. Actuators for welding tongs, combining high space-efficiency and high power.

Special These customised products (plate, cabinet or box-mounted) can be produced as versions intended for use in explosive gas and dust environments (zones 2, 22, 1, 21), according to ATEX Directive 94/9/CE.

Solenoid valves and valves Special valve (application in air dryers)

Other areas of application

Filters Regulators Lubricators

Block of solenoid valves, (applications in the medical industry)

Adjustment of the output pressure by pneumatic signal

Block of solenoid valves, control of wine fermentation (application in the wine-making industry)

Extreme operating conditions: Pressure from 10-6 Torr to 200 bar, -40 to +200°C at the center of the coil, increased service life. All coatings and finishings to ensure compatibility with your fluids. Drilled or molded blocks with multiple functions: Several solenoid valves, shuttle valve, inte­ grated valve, pressure sensor, meter, etc. Optimised characteristics: kV, ∆P, consumed power. Special connections and layout plans. Integration of several pressure-controlled valves in the same unit.

Pressure of up to 16 bar Special vessels for higher space-efficiency and aggressive environments. Ergonomics adapted to your needs: frontfacing regulating valve, modified position of the shut-off valve, etc.

Proportional range Max. pressure 40 bar Version for Fieldbus Application with oxygen Double-loop control

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Services & solutions - Special products  
Services & solutions - Special products  

ASCO Numatics offers customised solutions to best meet the needs of your applications, including all types of standard components, ready-to-...