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State of the Museum SEPTEMBER 2012 - SEPTEMBER 2013

New Orleans Museum of Art

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Over the past year, the board has worked on an ambitious set of goals and objectives. They include a strategic plan and the launch of two new NOMA affinity groups that will be inaugurated this fall: the Business Council and the Director’s Council. Director’s Council members are diverse community leaders personally invited by Susan Taylor to bring their perspectives on issues related to the museum’s top priorities and strategic initiatives. NOMA’s revitalized Business Council is a new board initiative that hopes to engage New Orleans business leaders who are committed to building a strong, vibrant city where institutions thrive. This will expand NOMA’s reach into the community and ensure that we are listening carefully to a broad spectrum of ideas and perspectives. The current and last year’s State of the Museum reports thoroughly document all of the areas in which NOMA has excelled. We continue to observe trends on a local and global scale, in order to properly gauge NOMA’s potential for growth. NOMA’s mission provides the base for all specific goals and timelines, and so now we are at a time for action: identifying necessary steps that will help us realize our ambitions. It is the responsibility of the board of trustees to continue to analyze our future, our challenges, and our opportunities in order to ensure NOMA’s growth as the cornerstone arts and culture institution in New Orleans. Ours is a truly remarkable board and we’re up to the task for this extraordinary institution. I thank you again for all you do.

David F. Edwards President, Board of Trustees

Aristide Maillol, French, 1861–1944 Venus Without Arms, 1922; Bronze; Gift of the Sydney and Walda Besthoff Foundation, 2006.34



New Orleans author Jason Berry recently wrote an article for The Daily Beast exploring the state of New Orleans eight years after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. In writing, he explains the efforts of longtime residents and newcomers to resurrect the city in ways that were previously unimaginable to some: “New Orleans has become a city of the young, a magnet not just for teachers and NGO workers, but entrepreneurs, developers, software scribes, website designers and urban planners. With more than 100 art galleries, New Orleans has a flourishing bohemia of artists and creative folk...” This statement, in particular, emphasizes an important part of the city’s current renaissance. As New Orleans’ premier cultural institution, the New Orleans Museum of Art is proud to be playing its own role in such revitalization. Our mission is to continue to use New Orleans as a point of departure for artistic exploration, to engage multiple audiences and disciplines, and to create a dynamic cultural space. NOMA has experienced an energetic year, with a wide range of exhibitions that attracted visitors from every sector of the community. Last fall’s Lifelike presented the work of over fifty of the world’s most renowned artists from the 1960s to the present. This spring, Inventing the Modern World: Decorative Arts at the World’s Fairs, 1851-1939 highlighted the ingenuity of designers during this fascinating period, and spurred multiple related permanent collection exhibitions. As the site of two world’s fairs in 1884 and 1984, New Orleans and NOMA have a unique relationship to this exhibition. Within the past year the museum also completed a much-needed renovation that resulted in stunning new hardwood floors. This ambitious project has transformed the galleries and enhanced the museum experience for our visitors. As I write this, workers are repairing the building’s hurricane-damaged roof, with additional repairs to the offsite storage facility scheduled next. These projects are crucial to many of the museum’s future plans. NOMA has also developed several new outreach initiatives with organizations across the community. NOMA➔CAC, a partnership with the Contemporary Arts Center, is utilizing the strengths of both cultural institutions to provide New Orleans with first-class artistic experiences. Another successful partnership this past spring with the Archdiocese of New Orleans resulted in the popular exhibition Portrait of Faith: John Paul II in Life and Art, which drew in audiences that may not have been regular visitors to NOMA otherwise. As always, arts education remains a top priority for NOMA. As New Orleans’ school system continues to improve and adapt to new learning mandates, NOMA has been developing and strengthening educational initiatives of its own. MiniMasters, NOMA’s early education program, has just completed its pilot year, and the results are extremely encouraging. This innovative program, in collaboration with the Bayou District Foundation, Educare, Kingsley House, and the Tulane University Teacher Preparation & Certification Program, provides three- and four-yearold students with high quality, visual art experiences in their classroom and at NOMA. Countless studies have shown that arts-integrated teaching has a significant impact on the development of social and critical thinking skills in our young children. The fresh perspectives of new, young residents of the city are an inspiration to all local institutions. However, just as entrepreneurs require start-up funds to realize their visions, arts and culture nonprofits such as NOMA also require support for innovative programs that will better serve the community. As the board of trustees moves forward to approach a strategic planning process this fall, it is critical that we not only reflect on the year’s progress but also begin to think expansively about the future and ways we can continue to grow.

Minoru Niizuma, Japanese, born 1926 Castle of the Eye, II, 1973; Marble; Gift of The Sydney and Walda Besthoff Foundation, 1998.143

Susan M. Taylor The Montine McDaniel Freeman Director 5

THE DEPA RTMEN T OF CU R ATOR I A L A FFA IR S OVERVIEW In this year of intense activity, NOMA’s curatorial department has worked to create fresh and revelatory experiences for museum visitors. Special exhibitions provided new perspectives on work by internationally renowned artists, including those who lived and worked in Louisiana. Renewing and refreshing the presentation of art within the permanent collection galleries, always a crucial component of our programming, was taken to new heights this year with the installation of hardwood floors and, where possible, the restoration of the original 1911 tile flooring. This transformative project led to a reconsideration of the permanent collection installation, resulting in changes both dramatic and subtle. Familiar works are encountered in a new context, and there are increased opportunities to exhibit additional works. The museum has continued to add the highest quality works to the permanent collection; many of these

new acquisitions have been included in the exhibitions and installations outlined on the following pages. Priority has also been placed on increasing access to the collectionboth physical and virtual. In addition to the aforementioned exhibitions and installations, we have welcomed over one hundred scholars this past year to view specific objects or groups of objects. Recognizing that many of these curators, scholars and students learn of NOMA’s collection through our website, the department has embarked on an ambitious, grant-funded initiative to create 10,000 high-resolution digital photographs of permanent collection objects during the period 2013-2015. Funded by the Institute of Museum Library Services (IMLS), this project has thus far resulted in the creation of over 2,300 photographs, which are currently being uploaded onto the website, as well as being used in publications and interpretive materials. The department has taken advantage of the web-publication of objects to

develop an archives task force that is charged with reviewing policies and procedures regarding the type and entry mechanisms for data in hard files and the database system.

ACQUISITIONS Nearly four hundred works have been brought into the collection since September 2012. Among these is the landmark acquisition of 181 photographs by Louisiana-based artist Debbie Fleming Caffery. This extraordinary group of objects includes works from each of the artist’s major bodies of work. NOMA expanded its collection of installation work with the acquisition of Skylar Fein’s Remember the Upstairs Lounge, one of the highlights of 2008’s Prospect.1 biennial. Works by Robert Kipniss, Käthe Kollwitz, Ida Kohlmeyer and a trio of Staffordshire Allegorical Figures also number among the important additions to the permanent collection.

Skylar Fein, Remember The Upstairs Lounge, 2008, Multimedia installation (92 pieces total): wood pieces screen-printed with latex, painted with acrylic, plexiglas, lights, film, paper, 2,500 square feet when installed, Museum purchase, 2012.86


State of the Museum | 2012 - 2013

EXHIBITIONS The exhibitions presented from September 2012 – September 2013 reflect and complement the strengths of NOMA’s permanent collection. During this time period fourteen exhibitions were presented at NOMA, and an additional six exhibitions were presented at venues outside the museum’s walls. This multi-faceted approach has expanded the museum’s reach and created new opportunities for a local and regional engagement with the visual arts. The fall of 2012 began with the continued presentation of several exhibitions, including Ralston Crawford and Jazz, presented in the Ella West Freeman gallery through October 14, 2012 as well as The Bayou School: 19th century Louisiana Landscapes, seen in the Stafford gallery through May 12, 2013. Ralston Crawford, an exhibition organized by the Sheldon Art Galleries, St. Louis, considered the relationships between music, photography, painting, drawing and film as they intersect with Crawford’s work in New Orleans. The Bayou School, organized by guest curator Nicholls State professor Rachel Stephens, presented works by Richard Clague, William Buck and Joseph Smith, drawn from NOMA’s permanent collection and augmented by generous loans from The Historic New Orleans Collection. The re-thinking of the installation of the second-floor galleries created new opportunities for the presentation of the permanent collection, as well as the creation of new spaces for rotating exhibitions. The most notable example of this is the new space for photography, located between the new Joseph Cornell installation and the modern and contemporary galleries. Since December 2012, two installations, Photography, Women, and Surrealism, and Shadow and Light

New Orleans Museum of Art

have been presented. It is anticipated that this space, which accommodates ten to twelve images, will rotate four times per year.

Photography, Sequence, and Time September 7 – December 12, 2012 Templeman Gallery

CURATOR | Russell Lord

This exhibition explored the ways in which meaning, narrative and time intersect in photographic sequences from the nineteenth century to the present. These works mirrored the fragmented nature of contemporary visual culture as well as underscored how sequencing, fragmentation and the manipulation of time have been central to photography from its origins to today.

Jim Richard: Make Yourself at Home October 5, 2012 – February 24, 2013 Great Hall

CURATOR | Miranda Lash

Twelve paintings by painter and University of New Orleans professor Jim Richard were presented in the artist’s first solo exhibition at NOMA since 1978. Created over a period of twenty years, and including work never before seen, the exhibition focused on Richard’s best-known subject: domestic interiors filled with works of art and colorful décor.

Ida Kohlmeyer: 100th Anniversary Highlights October 26, 2012 – April 14, 2013 Frederick R. Weisman Gallery

CURATOR | Anne C.B. Roberts

In honor of the centennial of Ida Kohlmeyer’s birth, NOMA presented key pieces from the permanent collection and selected loans, including a promised gift from Arthur Roger.

Lifelike November 11, 2012 – February 3, 2013 Ella West Freeman Gallery


Organized by the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, this exhibition of over ninety works by more than fifty artists invited a close examination of works of art based on commonplace objects and situations, many of which were startlingly realistic, playful, and sometimes surreal.

Reinventing Nature: Art from the School of Fontainebleau January 18 – May 17, 2013 Templeman Gallery

CURATOR | Russell Lord

Reinventing Nature showcased prints, drawings, oil sketches, paintings and photographs created in the forest of Fontainebleau during the nineteenth century. The forest of Fontainebleau was an “experimental lab for picturemaking,” at a time when artists were reconsidering their understanding of landscape as classical, idealized and controlled to immediate, natural and uncontrollable.

Portrait of Faith: John Paul II in Life and Art March 8 – July 7, 2013 Lupin Galleries


Organized by the Archdiocese of New Orleans, this special exhibition commemorated the twenty-fifth anniversary of Pope John Paul II’s historic visit to New Orleans. Augmenting the photography and objects created for and used by the Pope during his visit was the work of three artists inspired by John Paul II: Frederick Hart, Gib Singleton and Fred Villanueva.


Jutta Sika, designer, Austrian, 1877–1964, Tea Service, ca. 1902–1903; Wiener Porzellan-Manufaktur, Josef Böck, manufacturer, Austria (Vienna), 1828–1960. Porcelain. Lent by The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, The Modernism Collection, gift of Norwest Bank Minnesota,

Inventing the Modern World: Decorative Arts at the World’s Fairs, 1851-1939 April 12 – August 4, 2013

Spectacle and Spectator: Joshua Mann Pailet’s Photographs of the 1984 World’s Fair

Ella West Freeman Gallery

March 1 – June 13, 2013


Great Hall

Organized by the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City and the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, this groundbreaking exhibition examined the intersections of design, science and ingenuity as embodied in the decorative arts displayed at the world’s fairs. These international expositions played a vital role in spurring and disseminating technical and aesthetic innovations in an increasingly modern world. NOMA developed complementary exhibitions for Inventing the Modern World, drawing upon the deep resources of the permanent collection and resources within the community. These exhibitions were:


CURATOR | Russell Lord

Eight large-scale photographs of New Orleans’ 1984 World’s Fair, created by the official photographer of the U.S. pavilion, were presented in the Great Hall. This dramatic installation provided visitors with behind-the-scenes images of the construction of the Fair, as well as of the sights and sounds visitors experienced there.

Pictures at the Expositions: Japanese Painters at the World’s Fairs March 1 – September 8, 2013 Japanese Gallery

CURATOR | Lisa Rotondo-McCord

The hanging scrolls, screens and albums seen in this exhibition, drawn from the permanent collection and generous loans from the Gitter-Yelen Collection in New Orleans, were created by Japanese painters who won acclaim at the international expositions held during the Meiji period (1868-1912) and Taisho era (1912-1926).

Martelé at the World’s Fairs: Selections from the Collection of Jolie and Robert Shelton April 12 – August 4, 2013 Hyams Gallery

CURATOR | Lisa Rotondo-McCord

Masterful examples of Martelé silver, produced by The Gorham Manufacturing Company of Providence, RI, were on view in the Hyams gallery. This remarkable line of silver won Gorham awards at a number of international expositions, including those held in 1900, 1904, and 1915.

State of the Museum | 2012 - 2013

The Story in Pictures: Social Documents from the Permanent Collection May 31 – August 25, 2013 Templeman Gallery

CURATOR | Russell Lord

Recent acquisitions of work by the American photographers Milton Rogovin (1909-2011), Leon Levinstein (1910-1988), Frank Paulin (b. 1926) and Debbie Fleming Caffery (b. 1946) formed this exhibition which invites viewers to consider the relationship between art and document and the role of the photographer as storyteller.

Rashaad Newsome: King of Arms June 21 – September 15, 2013 Great Hall

CURATOR | Miranda Lash

In the third iteration of NOMA’s summer contemporary art series in the Great Hall, New Orleans native Rashaad Newsome took historic imagery as his inspiration, fusing signs of royalty and nobility with elements of hip-hop culture.

PARTNERSHIPS NOMA➔CAC In addition to exhibitions held at our City Park location, the curatorial staff also created and presented exhibitions at various venues in New Orleans and Louisiana. These outreach activities are part of NOMA’s mission and allow the museum to reach new audiences. The newest is NOMA➔CAC, a unique collaboration that draws on the strengths of both NOMA and the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans to provide thought-provoking

New Orleans Museum of Art

exhibitions and programming for a cross section of the community. The first exhibition of this partnership, Brilliant Disguise, brought forty-two works from NOMA’s permanent collection to the Contemporary Arts Center. The second NOMA➔CAC exhibition, Edward Burtynksy: Water, organized by Russell Lord, will open on October 5th at the CAC, with a complementary installation of Burtynsky’s works in NOMA’s Great Hall.

Brilliant Disguise: Masks and Other Transformations

October 13 – November 3, 2012 St. Tammany Art Association, Covington, LA

CURATORS | Marie-Page Phelps, Lisa Rotondo-McCord

Eighteen paintings and sculptures from NOMA’s permanent collection were seen in this exhibition. Exploring artists’ responses to otherworldly themes, the installation was timed to coincide with Halloween and Covington’s Fall for Art, the most popular arts evening on the Northshore.

Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans

Miró, Matisse, Picasso: Works on Paper from the New Orleans Museum of Art

CURATOR | Miranda Lash

January 11 – February 23, 2013

March 7 – June 17, 2013

Imperial Calcasieu Museum

The inaugural collaboration with the Contemporary Arts Center explored the motivations and meanings behind masking and disguise, as it is manifested in contemporary art and in masks of different cultures. Inspired by the rich history of Mardi Gras, Brilliant Disguise was comprised primarily of works from NOMA’s permanent collection.

Harry T. Howard III Foundation A generous grant from the Harry T. Howard III Foundation in the fall of 2012 has allowed for the continued presentation of exhibitions at regional institutions. Four exhibitions were presented at venues throughout Louisiana. These exhibitions, drawn from the permanent collection, reached audiences beyond NOMA’s traditional scope.

March 2 – April 12, 2013 Slidell Cultural Center

CURATORS | Rae Wilburn, Lisa Rotondo-McCord

Nearly two dozen works by Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró and Henri Matisse were presented at two venues this past spring. These works on paper were originally created as part of limited edition artists’ books that were popular amongst art connoisseurs and collectors in the post-WWII era.

George Rodrigue: Paintings from the Collection of the New Orleans Museum of Art March 21 – May 6, 2013 Winnsboro Old Post Office Museum

CURATOR | John Bullard

Thirteen paintings by George Rodrigue comprised the core of this exhibition which featured the well-known Blue Dog series, as well as works from the artist’s Acadians series.

Specters, Saints and Spirits: Discoveries from the New Orleans Museum of Art


Edward Burtynsky, Stepwell #4, Sagar Kund Baori, Bundi, Rajasthan, India, 2010. courtesy Nicholas Metivier Gallery, Toronto/Howard Greenberg & Bryce Wolkowitz, New York. © Edward Burtynsky

Gordon Parks, American, 1912-2006, Untitled, Harlem New York, 1948, Gelatin silver print, printed later; Courtesy The Gordon Parks Foundation



Students, curators, scholars and collectors visit the museum to conduct research or plan exhibitions. Since September 2012 over one hundred individuals have met with NOMA’s curators, registrars, collections managers and librarian to view particular objects in the collection and access object files. For university students, these behind-the-scenes visits to storage are usually their first exposure to objects outside of display cases or frames. The table below illustrates the types of visitors who accessed collection storage.

The curatorial staff has continued to engage in a broad range of research activities. Miranda Lash, curator of modern and contemporary art, finalized plans for an exhibition of new work by Camille Henrot, to debut this fall. She has also completed the catalog for the major retrospective of conceptual artist Mel Chin’s work, opening February 2014, which will travel to two additional venues. Russell Lord, curator of photographs, prints and drawings will open three exhibitions this fall: Edward Burtynsky: Water (at the CAC), Gordon Parks: The Making of an Argument, and Photography at NOMA, the first comprehensive presentation of the museum’s photography collection since 1978. All three of these exhibitions are accompanied by publications. Alice Yelen, senior curator for collections research, has continued her investigations into the museum’s folk art collections and provenance research. Her findings have influenced




Research Scholars Exhibitions Research & Planning Curators Collecting groups Special interest groups

10 19 12 21 48

University Classes (total number of students)



the shape and scope of the work conducted by the archives task force. In coordination with the Louisiana State Museum, Bill Fagaly, curator of African art, is conducting research for an exhibition of carvings by Pierre Joseph Landry, scheduled for 2015. Also planned for 2015 is Envisioning Japan, an exhibition exploring late nineteenth to early twentieth century Japanese “art textiles,” coordinated by Lisa RotondoMcCord. Paul Tarver, curator of Native American and Pre-Columbian art, is working with scholars at Tulane and the Middle America Research Institute (MARI) on an exhibition project The Business of Being Maya.

FELIX J. DREYFOUS LIBRARY The library’s core groups of visitors are curatorial staff, docents, interns, and museum members, although the library is also open to members of the public. Visitors conduct research, access reference materials, and attend programs. The library subscribes to

State of the Museum | 2012 - 2013

several databases - Artnet, JSTOR, and ARTstor - that are valuable resources to all visitors.

year the book club’s selections have included:


by Amy Butler Greenfield

September 2012 - July 2013

Visits to the library Reference questions Interlibrary loan requests

1,156 153 20

Items added to the library’s collection


Visitor attendance of seventy programs and events sponsored by the library


A Perfect Red: Empire, Espionage, and the Quest for the Color of Desire Newcomb College, 1886-2006: Higher Education for Women in New Orleans by Susan Tucker

River of Shadows: Eadweard Muybridge and the Technological Wild West by Rebecca Solnit

An Object of Beauty: A Novel

NOMA Book Club Led by the librarian, NOMA’s Book Club reads and discusses a different art-related book every month. Book Club members participate in discussion groups, curatorial programs, and field trips, all related to art, NOMA’s collections or NOMA’s exhibitions. This

New Orleans Museum of Art

by Steve Martin

The $12 Million Stuffed Shark: The Curious Economics of Contemporary Art by Don Thompson

Programs Poets for Art: During April, National Poetry Month, NOMA invites students

from local schools to select works of art in the museum’s galleries as inspiration for original poetry. Then, students attend a writing workshop led by a professional poet. In 2013, Julie Kane, the Louisiana State Poet Laureate, led the session. Edible Book Day: On Friday April 5, 2013, professional and amateur bakers created cakes based on works of literature for a juried competition.

Digitization The library has developed a plan to convert the current card catalog system to a digital format that will be available on the library’s web page. Digitization of NOMA’s existing catalog card records is now in its second year. NOMA is also working on scanning and digitizing the museum’s scrapbooks (which are deteriorating in their current state), and all object and exhibition files.


THE DEPA RTMEN T FOR IN TER PR ETATION A N D AU DIENCE ENGAGEMEN T OVERVIEW The department of interpretation and audience engagement plays a central role in the mission of the museum, providing a wide variety of programs and outreach for museum visitors of all ages. IAE connects with audiences in numerous ways, including creating community partnerships, working with local artists, promoting cultural understanding, serving as an educational resource, and contributing to the artistic discourse in our region. Our audience consists of a diverse and creative public from the major metropolitan area, students and educators from pre-K through college, multigenerational families, young professionals, seniors, and tourists. This report offers an update on current programs and new initiatives offered at NOMA.

BUILDING S CHOOL PROGRAMS Although school tour attendance dropped sharply in the years immediately following Hurricane Katrina, NOMA is currently rebuilding school programs and attendance to pre-Katrina levels. During the 2012 2013 academic year, NOMA student attendance increased by 33%. This significant gain follows growth of 23% in 2011 - 2012. NOMA is encouraged by this upward trend.

schools, and developing the museum’s growing number of resource materials available for classroom teachers. The diverse group reflects many types of school systems and age groups including public, private, parochial, charter, gifted, elementary, middle, high, and subject area representatives.



Educator Advisory Board


This core group of educators meet with NOMA staff quarterly to advise on education-related topics such as curriculum development, evaluation, arts integration, communication with


Number of Students

Total School Tour Atendance, 2012-13 4000 3500 3000 2500 2000

Total Students Visiting NOMA 8,141

1500 1000 500 0

School Tours





School Tours w/JPII*

*Portrait of Faith: John Paul II in Life and Art


November December










991 1500


1394 2447


Total Students Visiting NOMA & the Portrait of Faith exhibition 11,426

State of the Museum | 2012 - 2013

Number of Students

School Tour Attendance by Location, 2012-13 1200 1000 800 600 400

Student Attendance by Location

200 0

Orleans Parish

November December
















1065 441

Jefferson Parish









St. Tammany Parish










Other Parishes










Out of State










Orleans Parish Jefferson Parish St. Tammany Parish Other LA Parishes Out of State

4,002 2,431 1,251 2,721 1,021



Schools Visiting NOMA, 2012-13

Greater New Orleans Area Schools

New Orleans Museum of Art

Louisiana Schools


Romeo & Juliet, presented by NOMA and The NOLA Project

LITERARY INITIATIVE NOMA has developed a comprehensive arts integration in-school and inmuseum program based on the permanent collection, generously underwritten by the Patrick F. Taylor Foundation. The Language & Arts School Partnership is designed to inspire a love of art, while increasing academic skills in communication, language arts, and critical thinking. The inclusion of an arts integration approach to school programs offers a proven strategy for educators to meet current learning objectives while assisting students in developing selfconfidence and interpersonal skills. NOMA is expanding this concept to include programs for general museum visitors, developing a series of new literary-inspired public programs. In StoryQuest, designed for families with children ages 2–8, professional authors, actors and artists bring the world of children’s literature to NOMA. Each month selected books highlight a unique theme. Following the stories, children embark upon a “quest” through the museum galleries to search out related works of art from NOMA’s permanent collection, answering questions


about each artwork. These activities encourage museum exploration, careful observation, language arts skills, and family interaction. Attendance YTD | 346

The department also collaborates with NOMA’s Library on the educational Poets for Art program for high school students, and on NOMA’s celebration of the international Edible Book Day.

EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION NOMA is spearheading an emerging new trend in museum education, by developing arts integrated early education programs for children ages 3 – 4. Studies show that early childhood education can have wide-ranging impacts on a child’s performance in school and interactions with peers. Arts education stimulates creative and critical thinking, teaches problem solving, and develops social skills. At NOMA, we recognized a unique opportunity to combine these to introduce arts integrated learning into children’s lives as early as possible.

Working with our partner organizations, the Bayou District Foundation, Educare, Kingsley House, and the Tulane University Teacher Preparation & Certification Program, the Mini Masters program debuted as a pilot program during the 2012-2013 school year. Mini Masters provides students with high quality, developmentally appropriate visual art experiences, both in the classroom and at the museum. The program introduces teachers to the NOMA permanent collection as a foundation for artsintegrated teaching, and provides service learning experiences and professional development opportunities integrating pre-school curriculum with works of art from the NOMA permanent collection. Students visit NOMA multiple times throughout the year, and culminate the program with a showcase of student work on display at the museum. Parents and family are invited to attend this special reception celebrating student achievement and creativity. This fall, Mini Masters begins its second pilot year in the new Educare early learning center in the Columbia Parc neighborhood located near the museum.

State of the Museum | 2012 - 2013


own work, then transition into the exhibition to offer their own creative insights and interpretation.

Performing Arts/Theater NOMA is expanding the scope of public programming to include the performing arts. With its beautiful sculpture garden and neoclassical architecture, NOMA is an ideal setting for a variety of dramatic performances, and has begun successful partnerships with local theater companies. The NOLA Project regularly performs Shakespeare, including Romeo & Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Much Ado About Nothing, among others. This new addition to programming presents the museum and its collection in an fresh, new way. NOLA PROJECT ATTENDANCE PERFORMANCE


Romeo & Juliet December 2012


Much Ado About Nothing May 2013




Festivals Two NOMA festivals celebrate two distinct cultures in New Orleans. In October, NOMA hosts Japan Fest. In partnership with the Indian Arts Circle of New Orleans, NOMA hosted the first India Fest on May 11, 2013. Attendance at festivals typically ranges from 2000 3000 visitors.

Youth and Family Programs Family Days Family Days at NOMA are fun for the whole family, and highlight exhibition themes. Family Days include kidfriendly activities such as musical performances, puppet shows, student performers, art activities, storytelling, scavenger hunts and more. FAMILY DAY ATTENDANCE

Friday Nights at NOMA NOMA’s weekly Friday Nights at NOMA program provides an evening of entertainment for all ages. This program series, free with museum admission, features a wide variety of activities, including live music, theater, art activities, cooking demonstrations, film screenings, outdoor movies, lectures, gallery talks, artists’ perspectives, jewelry designers, comedy improv, book signings, and more. Themes from NOMA’s permanent collection and temporary exhibitions are highlighted each week.

Lifelike November 17, 2012


Inventing the Modern World


April 20, 2013

NOMA Camps In NOMA camps and Studio KIDS! art classes, young artists are introduced to works of art in the museum and the sculpture garden. Classes include themes such as puppetry, photography, painting, printmaking, drawing, theater, and more. Studio KIDS! Students YTD | 89 SUMMER AND HOLIDAY ART CAMP ATTENDANCE

Attendance YTD | 9,142

2013 CAMPS


Artist’s Perspective Series

“In the Studio” “On the Stage”




NOMA’s new Artist’s Perspective series invites local artists to discuss works on view at NOMA. Guest artists begin by introducing visitors to their

New Orleans Museum of Art


COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS 3 Ring Circus Art Education Center Bayou District Foundation Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation Cripple Creek Theater Company The Historic New Orleans Collection Indian Arts Circle of New Orleans Isidore Newman School Japan Club of New Orleans JETAA NOLA KID smART Kingsley House The National WWII Museum Studio in the Woods New Orleans Craft Mafia New Orleans Film Society New Orleans Opera Association New Orleans Photo Alliance New Orleans Public Library The New Movement NOCCA The NOLA Project NOLA Youth Works NORD Partnership for Youth Development PBS Skin Horse Theater Trinity Episcopal School Tulane University Teacher Certification & Preparation Tulane University School of Medicine Tulane University School of Architecture WYES YAYA Young Audiences of Louisiana


Gallery Learning and Technology NOMA is designing for the future with an emphasis on creative use of technology and new media as interpretative tools. With handheld portable devices, visitors have the opportunity to create their own personalized museum experiences. Current strategies include: GUIDE BY CELL exhibition tours, where visitors can access information from their own cell phones. Corresponding with the debut of the Sculpture Garden catalogue and brochure, NOMA has launched an all-new audio tour for garden visitors, with information on each of the 63 artists.

TECHNOLOGY FOR DOCENTS including an online docent portal offering video of training sessions, lectures, and gallery talks, as well as iPads for use in the galleries

Docent Program NOMA docents provide museum visitors with interpretative tours of the permanent collection and temporary exhibitions. Docent training incorporates topics such as touring techniques, art analysis, historical interpretation, groups of differing abilities, and many aspects of NOMA’s permanent collection and exhibitions. NOMA currently has approximately sixty docents, and will begin a new docent class in September 2014.

INTERNS AT NOMA FALL 2012 - SPRING 2013 Applied - 16 Accepted - 9

SUMMER 2013 Applied - 43 Accepted - 14

QR CODES where visitors can visit a website featuring additional information on works of art on view using their own smartphone or internet-enabled device.

NOMA is exploring opportunities to expand technology applications, including: IPADS/TECHNOLOGY IN GALLERIES

DOCENT GUIDED TOUR ATTENDANCE TOUR TYPE ATTENDEES YTD Adult 2,033 Student 3,616 For the Portrait of Faith exhibition 5,399

offering visitors a content-rich layered approach to interpretation with multimedia presentations which compliment and expand upon written label copy.


State of the Museum | 2012 - 2013








New Orleans Museum of Art



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THE DEPA RTMEN T FOR DEV ELOPMEN T A N D EX TER NA L A FFA IR S OVERVIEW Between the fall of 2012 and the fall of 2013, NOMA completed its overall staff re-organization with the creation of a department for development and external affairs, mirroring current best practices in the nation’s leading institutions. Going forward, the department will be responsible for the museum’s public presence through refreshed branding and messaging, membership development, donor cultivation and stewardship. In October 2012, Brooke A. Minto joined the museum management team as deputy director for development and external affairs. Since that time, there have been six new hires in the department, and a restructuring of the department’s organizational chart. In addition to hires in communications, private events and grants management, NOMA created and filled two new positions in 2013. Molly Cobb joined the staff as the development and membership operations manager this past May. In this position, Cobb has been focused on establishing protocols and procedures for donor database management. Another position new to the museum is the individual and corporate giving manager, held by Gia Rabito since July. Among other donor stewardship responsibilities and tasks, Rabito is spearheading NOMA’s Business Council initiative and Planned Giving/ Isaac Delgado Society campaigns, in collaboration with Development Committee members, trustees and the senior management team. Filling existing roles in the department, Allison E. Gouaux, APR joined the department as communications and marketing manager; Raleigh P. Cooper now serves as private events manager; and Christina Carr will begin her tenure as grants manager on September 16.


NOMA’s communications and marketing manager provides leadership in the areas of public relations, marketing and advertising for the purpose of institutional positioning, media visibility, revenue enhancement and audience growth through community partnerships. The private events manager is responsible for marketing, managing and growing the museum’s facilities rental program – coordinating weddings, corporate receptions and conferences. NOMA’s grants manager is responsible for identifying, researching, writing and administering the museum’s portfolio of funding proposals to public, private and government sources of support for annual operating funds, ongoing and new programs and initiatives. Finally, the department has also added a part-time publications and marketing assistant, Ainsley Nunez.

MEMBERSHIP The number of member households has increased significantly since September 2012, from just under 4,000 members then to over 5,000 members currently. In light of the recent changes made to membership levels in the past few years, the membership staff has built a new baseline for charting membership growth. As of July 2013, there is a new standard by which to compare and analyze future membership statistics.

General Membership Membership at NOMA has grown substantially over the last year, picking up in December 2012 with end-of-year giving and in May through July 2013, when the department completed several large mailing campaigns to renewing and recently expired members. General memberships have increased due to a more organized and structured mailing campaign to renewing members, and as a result of

increased programming, such as the popular Portrait of Faith: John Paul II in Life and Art exhibition. There has also been a 5% increase in the average membership gift among general members. This increase is attributed to a change in NOMA’s membership benefit levels in 2010. The majority of members who were previously at the Individual ($60) membership level have increased their support to the Dual/Family ($75) level. The Sustaining ($125) level membership has increased substantially in the past year, in part due to the recent elimination of several other similar membership categories, and with the incentive of Western Reciprocal and Museum Alliance Reciprocal benefits beginning at this level.

Mid-Level Membership The number of Benefactor ($250) members has increased, again due to changes in the membership categories. Advocate ($500) level membership has decreased slightly. The membership team is planning a coordinated upgrade campaign this coming fall focused on these levels, offering special incentives to those members who renew at a higher level, and personally reaching out to Advocates who may be interested in increasing their support to Fellows or Circles levels. The benefits offered to these levels are currently under review, and will likely be augmented in the upcoming year. The department is also preparing to launch the Young Fellows ($250 individual, $400 couple) affiliate group in several phases throughout 2013 and 2014. This group is dedicated to members ages 21–45.

Upper Level Membership NOMA Fellows have increased slightly in numbers since 2012, topping 100 members this summer. The museum continues to host a Fellows Dinner each

State of the Museum | 2012 - 2013

spring, scheduled for February 8, 2014. The NOMA Circles remain the highest level of giving. The number of Patron’s Circle ($5,000) members has decreased slightly, while the number of Director’s Circle members ($10,000) has increased slightly, and the number of President’s Circle ($20,000) members has remained consistent. NOMA Circles members will gather on October 19, 2013 for their fall reception.

Goals and Priorities The membership team is currently focused on creating a set of best practices for soliciting, processing and acknowledging all member and donor contributions. The department is focused on streamlining each part of the donation process, and improving record-keeping procedures and guidelines.

Members will receive a renewal notice more than a month in advance of their expiration date, giving ample opportunity to renew before the membership lapses. Once a gift is received, each new or renewing member will receive acknowledgment of their gift within one week. The membership department is also working towards a more robust tracking and donor data collection systems, to better analyze the efficacy of each method of communication, including visitor services, NOMA’s website, direct mail and other specialized campaigns. The department has begun to experiment with targeted, exhibition-specific asks, including a Dual/Family campaign for Lifelike, which attracted 219 member households and a Sustaining level promotion for Inventing the Modern World, which brought in forty-eight

members households. This has been an important first step in recognizing the most effective methods for these campaigns, and improving strategies where needed. This year, the department will also increase its visibility and outreach at popular museum events, including some Friday Nights at NOMA, festivals like India Fest and Japan Fest, and exhibition openings. This presence at events and festivals will include a membership table offering special incentives for joining on site, as well as member services and check in when appropriate. Overall, the membership department has made many strides over the past several months, and looks forward to the many initiatives planned for the upcoming months and years.

Number of Households

Total Members

Membership Households by Category

6000 5000 4000 3000 2000










Dual/Family 53%

Students 1%




1000 Individual 19%

General 3%

Total Members

Circles 1%

New Members

Fellows 2% Advocates 1% Young Fellows Benefactors 0% 2%                    


Sustaining 18%

New Orleans Museum of Art

# of Households



































GR A N TS NOMA maintains an active grants program, and has secured funds both large and small to serve a wide variety of institutional needs within the past year. Highlights include:

2012 $500,000 per year for two years from the

Gulf Seafood and Tourism Promotional Fund to promote NOMA’s cultural tourism initiative

$250,000 from the Helis Foundation for

Free Wednesdays and for the endowment

$100,000 from the Collins Diboll

Foundation for the endowment

$100,000 from The Andy Warhol

Foundation for the Visual Arts for Mel Chin: Rematch

$50,000 from the Lois and

FACILITY RENTALS In 2012, earned income from rental events totaled $376,900. There were a total of seventy-five facility rentals. Rentals to film production companies comprised $69,850 of the total rental revenue. The Campaign, a film starring Will Ferrell and Zack Galifianakis, was filmed in the FreeportMcMoRan Great Hall and the Downman Galleries. Another film entitled Now You See Me, starring Morgan Freeman and Woody Harrelson, was shot in NOMA’s art storage warehouse over a two-week period. As of July, the total income projected for 2013 is $267,332, with a total of fifty-three rentals. To date, fortyone rentals have taken place with an earned income of $187,932.

During the 2013 Super Bowl, Gayle Benson, co-owner of the New Orleans Saints NFL team, chose NOMA as a venue for a private luncheon. Event attendees included the NFL team owners’ wives. Raleigh Cooper, NOMA’s new private events manager, is currently planning a new bar and beverage sales program that will be in place by January 2014. This program will augment rental options and serve as an additional source of event earned income.


# of Events

Actual Revenue





41 YTD

$187,932 YTD

Lloyd Hawkins Jr. Foundation for Inventing the Modern World

2013 $250,000 from the Patrick F. Taylor

Foundation for the endowment

$250,000 from the Azby Fund

for the endowment

$50,000 from the Windgate

Charitable Foundation for Inventing the Modern World

$25,000 from the Harry T. Howard III

Foundation for the Northshore exhibition outreach initiative

$15,000 from Étant donnés: The French-

American Fund for Camille Henrot: Cities of Ys

The museum has recently hired Christina Carr as grants manager; her first day is September 16, 2013. In the meantime, the external affairs team has been working to properly comply with current grants, file timely reports, and submit new applications on a local, regional, and national scale. The department has also ensured that donors are properly acknowledged in all related museum material and publications.



State of the Museum | 2012 - 2013


Odyssey Ball 2012

EVENT FUNDRAISING NOMA’s fundraising events—Art in Bloom, LOVE in the Garden, Odyssey, Egg Hunt and the Home and Art Tour— organized by the NOMA Volunteer Committee (NVC), raise critical funds in support of NOMA’s ambitious exhibition and programming schedules. NOMA also uses the events as an important vehicle to steward individual and corporate support, membership and volunteerism. The NVC is successfully pursuing a goal of securing lead corporate sponsors for each event. Odyssey has enjoyed the long-term support of the Lupin Foundation, and since 2011, Peoples Health. IBERIABANK has underwritten

New Orleans Museum of Art

the sponsor lounge for NOMA’s Odyssey since 2010, and will be the lead sponsor for Odyssey 2013. In 2013 Whitney Bank increased their lead sponsorship of Art in Bloom and signed on for a two-year commitment. Also this year, NOMA introduced Lexus of New Orleans as a new lead sponsor of LOVE in the Garden. In 2013 NOMA hosted the second Home and Art Tour since Hurricane Katrina. This event featured expanded sponsorship levels with Jeri Nims as the lead sponsor. Over 1000 guests attended the tour of historic Garden District homes, with over 200 participating volunteers. The museum will host this popular event again in 2015.

Fundraising Event Attendance Event


LOVE in the Garden 2012 Odyssey Ball 2012 Home and Art Tour 2013


Art in Bloom 2013 Egg Hunt 2013


Total Event Attendance


980 1000+


Fundraising Event Income September 2012-Present

Net Income

LOVE in the Garden 2012 Odyssey Ball 2012 Home and Art Tour 2013


Art in Bloom 2013


Egg Hunt 2013


2012-13 Net Income


$390,700 $42,000



PLANNED GIVING The Isaac Delgado Society was established to celebrate those generous donors who remember NOMA in their estate plans through a planned gift. These gifts are significant to the future of the museum in terms of building the endowment, enhancing the collection and supporting growth and long-term stability. Endowment gifts can have a powerful impact on the financial stability of a not-for-profit organization. Membership in the society, which has no associated dues or fees, is granted through one of the following ways of giving: Including the museum in a will Designating life insurance policy proceeds to the museum or donate an insurance policy Making NOMA a beneficiary of a retirement plan, IRA, 401(k), or 403(b) Transferring real estate to NOMA Promising a gift of work of art that the museum has agreed to accept


In addition, there are numerous opportunities to fund essential programs and services. They include: Endowed curatorial positions (Asian art, modern and contemporary art) General operations Exhibitions Endowed educational programming for children Sculpture Garden maintenance Lecture series Publications Musical programs Building improvements Capital additions Art purchases

Since the inception of the Planned Giving program, NOMA received promised gifts of art from seventy generous donors for the NOMA 100 exhibition that opened in November 2011. These gifts will eventually reside in NOMA’s permanent collection. Since that time, the museum has

received additional gifts of property, life insurance, and other estate gifts. In June 2012 NOMA contracted with The Stelter Company, planned giving consultants, to assist in providing an integrated marketing approach in order to reach planned giving prospects using multiple communication channels—including direct mail, website and email. In November 2012, a newsletter was sent to an audience of 2,500 targeted individuals who have been identified as NOMA’s best planned giving prospects. In July 2013, the department for development and external affairs added an individual and corporate gifts giving manager, Gia Rabito, who now oversees the planned giving program at NOMA. With Stelter’s input, a series of three strategically targeted and timed mailings will take place in 2013. Individuals who are interested in planned giving will be contacted and a customized program will be developed to meet their specific needs and desires.

State of the Museum | 2012 - 2013

COMMUNICATIONS AND MARKETING NOMA’s communications and marketing manager serves the museum through the department of development and external affairs, and is responsible for developing and executing strategies for all of the museum’s public relations, media relations, community relations, advertising, marketing and social media efforts. Allison Gouaux joined the staff as communications and marketing manager in March 2013. Since then, she has been implementing an aggressive communications strategy, focusing on two primary areas of concern: promoting NOMA locally as a locus for cultural activity and a gathering place for all of the arts in New Orleans, and launching a cultural tourism initiative to attract regional and national audiences.

Local Outreach NOMA’s activities center on broadening cultural reach through the permanent collections, scheduled exhibitions,

New Orleans Museum of Art

collaborations and programming. One of our most popular programmatic initiatives is our Friday Nights at NOMA series, which offers a mix of film screenings, lectures, curator talks, concerts, art activities, plays and many other artistic performances, every Friday night. NOMA has developed several media partnerships to effectively target a variety of diverse audiences in the New Orleans area to promote these activities. Local and regional media partnerships include: The Advocate to promote the Odyssey fundraiser

Gambit Weekly to promote public programming and special exhibitions

Louisiana Weekly to promote special exhibitions

New Orleans CityBusiness to promote the NOMA Business Council

The Times-Picayune to promote Friday Nights at NOMA and the LOVE in the Garden fundraiser

The Tribune

Offbeat Magazine to promote special exhibitions

Renaissance Publishing to promote fundraising events and special exhibitions

Where Magazine targeting hotel visitors/tourists

Cultural Tourism Initiative NOMA has launched a cultural tourism initiative to position itself as the premier fine arts institution in the Gulf South and the cultural core of New Orleans, and to attract regional and national audiences to NOMA. At the end of 2012, NOMA was awarded a grant from the Gulf Seafood and Tourism Promotional Fund to help promote this initiative. In 2013, this funding has greatly assisted the museum in reaching regional and national demographic targets via strategically placed advertisements, tourism partnerships with the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau and the New Orleans Tourism and Marketing Corporation, and an ongoing media relations campaign.

to promote special exhibitions


Media Coverage Highlights Over the past year, NOMA’s exhibitions have had local, regional, and national media exposure. The Associated Press gave a favorable review on Lifelike, which opened on November 11, 2012. Other media highlights include The Huffington Post’s coverage of Rashaad Newsome: King of Arms, and an ARTnews review of Inventing the Modern World: Decorative Arts at the World’s Fairs, 1851-1939. Locally, NOMA’s exhibitions have been featured in The Times-Picayune, The Advocate, and others. The museum has also focused its efforts on cultivating relationships with arts and culture media on a national and international level. In July, meeting with a number of journalists, NOMA presented the growth and trajectory of the museum’s curatorial and public program; highlighted its distinct approach to, and engagement with, the city of New Orleans; provided information on upcoming exhibitions and programs to encourage media coverage; and raised


the museum’s profile and visibility with national press. Lee Lawrence The Wall Street Journal “Thank you and the New Orleans Museum of Art for the opportunity to meet the museum’s dynamic director and find out more about its collections and forthcoming shows. NOMA is most definitely on the radar screen.”

Lauren O’Neill Butler ARTFORUM “I’ve always been interested in New Orleans. It was so great to get the scoop on the upcoming exhibitions in one sitting. I’m going to have a hard time choosing which I want to cover, everything sounds interesting.”

This meeting garnered significant interest from many of the media attendees, and resulted in two recent placements in The New York Times.

Website Revamp After re-launching in November of 2011, the department is again working with The Canary Collective, a local design and

development studio, on further web developments, ensuring a stimulating, user-friendly website. Updates that will debut in the coming months include: User-friendly navigation tools An augmented “collections” area of the site, featuring more objects from NOMA’s permanent collection Interactive educational features and a docent portal Updated press room

Web Statistics since September 2012 Visits | 239,079 Unique Visitors | 163,301

Social Media NOMA’s digital presence continues to grow through current and new social media channels. Facebook | 15,437 fans Twitter | 19,263 followers Pinterest | 715 followers Instagram | 1,090 followers YouTube | 26,358 views

State of the Museum | 2012 - 2013

PUBLICATIONS AND DESIGN Working closely with the communications and marketing manager to maintain a master communications calendar and streamline production processes, the publications and design team is responsible for the production of the museum’s print and digital media.

Graphic Identity Over the past year, the publications and design team has continued to focus efforts on implementing proper rebranding protocol on all museum materials. This process includes steadily converting all printed and digital

media into the style standards set by Pentagram in 2012—appropriate logos, color scheme, and other design and branding elements.

Grant Implementation NOMA’s recent grant from the Gulf Seafood and Tourism Promotional Fund has also stimulated the rebranding process, and has positively impacted the overall internal procedures of the department. This major award, dedicated to the marketing and promotion of NOMA’s two-year cultural tourism initiative, increased the museum’s advertising budget twenty-fold. This has led to an increase in the demand for advertising design. To adapt to this rigorous marketing campaign and

keep up with the increased workflow, the publications and design staff—in conjunction with the communications and marketing manager—has refined processes, and has therefore been able to produce a significant amount of advertising reflecting NOMA’s new graphic identity and brand. To successfully implement NOMA’s two-year cultural tourism initiative, the department also added Ainsley Nunez to the staff. As the part-time publications and marketing assistant, she supports the department in the design and production of print and digital publications and institutional ephemera.

New Orleans Museum of Art

The Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden

SCHOOL PROGRAM GUIDE New Orleans Museum of Art

New Orleans Museum of Art

2013 – 2014




In August 2012, water infiltration from Hurricane Isaac closed the museum for nearly three weeks and delayed the Hurricane Katrina building repair project. In July 2013, repairs to the museum roof began and the bid process for repurposing an off-site art storage facility was completed with an expected early September 2013 start date. The museum building repairs, including new mechanical equipment, are scheduled to commence in January 2014. In the fall of 2012 the first and second floor galleries were renovated with new hardwood floors. During this project, the original marble tile floors in two galleries were uncovered and restored.

Financially, the New Orleans Museum of Art concluded 2012 with a net positive income from operations of $130,124 and a strong balance sheet, with no debt. The investment portfolio experienced a strong performance in 2012, gaining approximately $4.4 million in market value from the prior year. Net assets are approximately $52 million at as of December 31, 2012. In 2012 total operating revenue decreased 11% from the prior year, while total operating expenses decreased by 18%. The only department to experience an increase in expenses in 2012 was the department of interpretation and audience engagement, due to the


expansion of old and new educational initiatives. During this uncertain economic environment the staff continues to exercise fiscal restraint and is always open to appropriate adjustments for the museum’s longterm financial strength. The museum’s ability to raise and earn revenues sufficient to cover operating expenses will continue to be a challenge in the years ahead. As staff plans for NOMA’s future, successfully accomplishing goals will depend on continuing to expand the visitor experience, grow the member and donor base, and build a larger endowment.

State of the Museum | 2012 - 2013

Condensed Statement of Financial Position For the Year Ended December 31, 2012

Condensed Statement of Operations



Cash and cash equivalents Receivables Inventories Prepaid expenses

For the Year Ended December 31, 2012

Memberships and events 1,327,571 Programs 492,916 Government support 455,939 Foundation support 367,373 Admission charges 366,752 Museum shop 314,716 Corporate support 115,295 Individual contributions 105,642 Other 1,976 Net assets released from restrictions 3,198,401

2,321,799 650,981 149,022 31,922

Promises to give, long-term 340,000 Investments, long-term and real property 38,023,429 Building improvements and equipment, net 12,046,390 Total




LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Payables 508,131 Deferred expenses 119,745 627,876 Unrestricted: Operating 130,124 Investment in building and improvements 12,046,390 Board designated endowment 9,207,325 Temporary restricted 7,425,155 Permanently restricted 24,126,673 Total



Exhibition and collection care 2,103,544 Building operations 1,440,580 Administration 1,316,944 Public relations and fundraising 631,843 Members activities and other expenses 523,721 Education 302,435 Museum shop 297,390 Total


Net income from operations $ 130,124

New Orleans Museum of Art


Museum Management Staff THE DEPARTMENT FOR CURATORIAL AFFAIRS Lisa Rotondo-McCord | Deputy Director for Curatorial Affairs/Curator of Asian Art Monika Cantin | Collections Manager Sheila Cork | Librarian William Fagaly | Curator of African Art Jennifer Ickes | Assistant Registrar Miranda Lash | Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art Russell Lord | Freeman Family Curator of Photographs Marie-Page Phelps | Collections Manager Paul Tarver | Registrar Alice Yelen | Curator of Collections Research

THE DEPARTMENT FOR INTERPRETATION AND AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT Allison Reid | Deputy Director for Interpretation and Audience Engagement Brad Caldwell | Public Programs Manager Tracy Kennan | Associate Curator of Education Elise Solomon | Interpretation and Audience Engagement Coordinator

THE DEPARTMENT FOR DEVELOPMENT AND EXTERNAL AFFAIRS Brooke A. Minto | Deputy Director for Development and External Affairs Christina Carr | Grants Manager Aisha Champagne | Director of Publications and Design Molly Cobb | Development and Membership Operations Manager Raleigh Cooper | Private Events Manager Allison Gouaux | Communications and Marketing Manager Kristen Jochem | Donor Relations and Events Manager Taylor Murrow | Editor of Museum Publications Ainsley Nunez | Publications and Marketing Assistant Gia Rabito | Individual and Corporate Giving Manager Laura Wallis | Development and Membership Associate

THE DEPARTMENT FOR FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION Gail Asprodites | Deputy Director for Finance and Administration Pam Buckman | Sculpture Garden Manager Karl Oelkers | IT Manager Helen Redmann | Museum Shop Manager Leo Sayer | Comptroller Monique Tourres | Visitor Services Coordinator Byron Winbush | Chief of Security


NOMA Board of Trustees – 2013 OFFICERS AND EXECUTIVE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE David F. Edwards, President Tommy Coleman, Vice-President Mrs. Ludovico Feoli, Vice-President Donna Perret Rosen, Vice-President Mrs. Edward George, Secretary Ms. Kay McArdle, Treasurer

Mike Siegel Mrs. Lynes Sloss Mrs. E. Alexandra Stafford Mrs. Richard L. Strub Robert Taylor Suzanne Thomas Melanee Gaudin Usdin Brent Wood



Herschel L. Abbott Jr. Justin T. Augustine, III Sydney J. Besthoff III Dr. Siddharth K. Bhansali Susan Brennan Kia Silverman Brown Robin Burgess Blanchard Daryl Byrd Mrs. Mark Carey Edgar L. Chase III Maurice Cox H. M. “Tim” Favrot Jr. Timothy Francis Tina Freeman Janet Frischhertz Susan Guidry,

Joseph Baillio Mrs. Carmel Cohen Mrs. Mason Granger Jerry Heymann Herbert Kaufman, MD Mrs. James Pierce Debra B. Shriver Mrs. Henry H. Weldon Mrs. Billie Milam Weisman

Councilmember District “A”

Lee Hampton Stephen A. Hansel Ms. Adrea Heebe Ms. Allison Kendrick Mayor Mitch Landrieu E. Ralph Lupin, MD Paul Masinter Mrs. Charles B. Mayer Mrs. Michael Moffitt Howard J. Osofsky, MD J. Stephen Perry Mrs. James J. Reiss Jr. Mrs. George Rodrigue Brian Schneider Robert Shelton Kitty Duncan Sherrill Carol Short

HONORARY LIFE MEMBERS H. Russell Albright, MD Mrs. Jack R. Aron Mrs. Edgar L. Chase Jr. Isidore Cohn Jr., MD Prescott N. Dunbar S. Stewart Farnet Sandra Draughn Freeman Kurt A. Gitter, MD Mrs. Erik Johnsen Richard W. Levy, MD Mr. J. Thomas Lewis Mrs. Paula L. Maher Mrs. J. Frederick Muller Mrs. Robert Nims Mrs. Charles S. Reily Jr. R. Randolph Richmond Jr. Mrs. Frederick M. Stafford Harry C. Stahel Mrs. Moise S. Steeg Jr. Mrs. Harold H. Stream Mrs. James L. Taylor Mrs. John N. Weinstock

PAGE 29 Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, Italian, Venetian, 1696-1770, Boy Holding a Book, 1725-1730; Oil on canvas, The Samuel H. Kress Collection, 61.87 INSIDE COVER Joan Miró, Spanish, 1893-1983 Lady Strolling on the Rambla in

Barcelona, 1925 (detail); Oil on canvas; Bequest of Victor K. Kiam, 77.293


One Collins Diboll Circle New Orleans, LA 70124 tel 504.658.4100

NOMA SOTM 2012 13