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A Note from the Executive Director

Several days into my tenure here, I heard a staff member say, “we foster conservation through recreation and education,” and that instantly became the decision making filter. Is it good for the land? Are we getting folks outside? Are we educating all walks of life about the importance of water quality, the Schweinitz’s sunflower, or the habitat of the bobwhite quail? As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, the Anne Springs Close Greenway continually strives to use that decision making filter with the ultimate outcome of inspiring the next generation to love and respect the natural world. As we look forward to the future together, it is my hope that you will continue to help support our mission, “to connect people to nature through recreational and educational activities,” and to help us inspire the next generation to be protectors of the land.

Mission & Vision The Anne Springs Close Greenway connects people to nature through recreational and educational activities while fostering a passion for environmental conservation, animal habitat, and protection of natural resources. Vision: Preserve a place for people to celebrate and experience nature for generations to come.

Our Values Excellence: We strive to be the best in all that we do and continually look for ways to improve. Safety: We strive to provide a safe environment to recreate, educate and work. Integrity: We are honest in who we are and what we do. Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions, for stewardship of the property, trails, facilities and programs. Diversity: We value and promote diversity in our members, friends, programs and opportunities. Leadership: We lead by example, representing our values through our actions and programs. Relationships: We seek to develop and nurture healthy relationships and ensure that the Greenway’s programs are accessible to all.

John Gordon Executive Director

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Fun: We strive to provide fun and unique opportunities for our visitors to enjoy the great outdoors.

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2019 Board of Managers A Note from the Board of Managers 2020 marks the 25th anniversary of the Anne Springs Close Greenway. It’s an occasion to reflect on and celebrate the many ways that the Greenway has evolved and changed since its founding in 1995 to establish itself as one of our region’s premier nature preserves and destinations for outdoor recreation and education. I am constantly reminded by those I encounter during my Greenway activities of how fortunate we are to have this beautiful 2,100-acre property to share with our growing number of members and visitors, which last year crossed the 265,000 mark. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Anne Springs Close for her remarkable vision and leadership in establishing the Greenway as a private nature preserve, which means that the acres of beautiful woods, fields, ponds and creeks that she has enjoyed since childhood will be available in perpetuity to everyone in Fort Mill and the surrounding region. We are forever grateful to Ms. Close and her eight children for their generosity and immeasurable philanthropic and civic contributions. It takes many people working together to keep the Greenway vibrant and successful. This includes hundreds of generous volunteers and a talented staff that is dedicated to caring for and protecting the landscape and wildlife and creating a quality experience for members and guests each time they visit. We salute them and thank them for making the Greenway the wonderful place that we enjoy today. The future is bright for the Greenway, and our first 25 years is just a beginning. We have a strong Board of Managers and a strategic plan to guide us forward, and with the ongoing support of our members, volunteers and donors, the Greenway will continue to be a treasured asset in our community for many years to come. Hope to see you soon on the Greenway,

Darrell Williams Board Chair Anne Springs Close Greenway Board of Managers

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Dwayne Black, Shutterfly Crandall Bowles, Leroy Springs & Company (LSC) Board of Directors Anne Close, LSC Board of Directors Ell Close, LSC Board of Directors Dehler Hart, LSC Board of Directors Benny Harmse, Continental Tire the Americas, LLC Wyndie Havnaer, Retired, Leroy Springs & Company Andy Kane, Catawba Lands Conservancy Martha Kinard, Allen Tate Realty Robert Mackey, Morgan Stanley Jan Martin, Domtar Corporation Colby Mosier, Entrepreneur & Retired, FBI Tim Patterson, LSC President & CEO Brian Pope, MD, Atrium Health Alex Sullivan, The Springs Company James Warren, Cerner Corporation Chad Williams, Caretaker Management Services David Williams, Assured Group Gary L. Williams, Williams & Fudge, Inc. Darrell Williams, Retired, Belk, Inc. Keith Wilson, Founders Federal Credit Union Patrick White, Comporium

4/6/20 9:18 AM

The First 25 Years: A Conversation with Anne Springs Close Reflecting on the Greenway’s opening Earth Day celebration in 1995, Anne Springs Close recalls the thousands of people who came, and the performance by local 1st grade students who sang “All Things Bright and Beautiful.” She told them that when they were as old as she was, they could bring their children or grandchildren to the Greenway and see that the trees planted that day would be here forever. While the Greenway and Fort Mill area has changed greatly in the last 25 years, Ms. Close takes pride that for those willing to explore deep into the property, you can still feel transported back in time and retreat from the busyness of everyday life. “If you get about a mile away from the entrance, it still feels like it used to…there are still many trails where you won’t see anybody else.”

“Preserve the resource and make it accessible.” When asked about how she thinks the Greenway might change in the next 25 years, Ms. Close smiled and replied, “Well, it will only be a more significant green space in this region as time moves on. I have always said that if we get the kids out here when they are little, when they grow up they will want to protect it. I hope our future is in the young people who are using it now and that when they grow up they will have the same passion for conservation. I’m also pleased that we are making the Greenway more accessible to families through financial assistance.”

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Photo Credit: The Charlotte Observer

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Enhancing the Greenway Experience In July 2019, the Anne Springs Close Greenway opened the Greenway Gateway, serving as a launching point for outdoor adventures on the Greenway. The Gateway informs and orients first-time visitors to the Greenway while providing space for all users to gather, relax and enjoy amenities before or after their activities on the Greenway. As home to the Gateway Canteen, the Greenway Gateway offers a variety of food and beverage options and hosts a number of new and exciting programs and events throughout the year. To further improve the visitor and member experience, the Greenway invested in technology upgrades to streamline customer engagement. A new website design, digital membership cards, new customer relationship management software and new monthly membership options launched in July make Greenway information more accessible and membership acquisition and renewal seamless.

Our Members in 2019 Total Number of Households


Gender Demographic

50% Female | 50% Male


Total Number of Dog Park Families

Location of Members:

York County- 74% Meckenburg County- 12% Lancaster County- 9% Union County- 3% Other- 2%

Community Garden:

57 plots and 44 member gardeners

185+ members Hiking Club: 700+ members Photography Club: 175+ members

Birding Club:

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Open space in our region is vanishing. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. Predicted Conversions, UNC Charlotte 2008 Study/ Catawba Lands Conservancy




Charlotte Developed Natural/Rural Water Protected Open Space

Annual Visitor Activity 265,578 Visitors in 2019 | Over 195 Days of Recreational Programming

*Camping, Fishing, Kayaking, Picnicing


Camp Programs

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Dog Walking



Horseback Riding

Mountain Biking



33,582 6,218













Other Outdoor Recreation*

Rental Activities

Special Events

Trail Running

4/6/20 9:18 AM

The Anne Springs Close Greenway in 2019 The Leroy Springs & Co. Bridge Program provided financial assistance for nearly


Our Natural Resource Management Efforts:


miles of Steele Creek protected

families to participate in our memberships and education and recreation programming.

110+ 100+ type of bird species observed

Home to 100+ federally protected

1,880+ campers

Summer camp participants increased from 494 in 2013 to more than 1,880.

Schweinitz’s sunflowers

volunteers per month

10,000+ hours

$25.43/volunteer hour =

$254,300 value


Plant A Row for the Hungry

Food from the PAR Garden is donated to local Fort Mill food banks and community kitchens.

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Friends of the Greenway families

Popular volunteer efforts: • Equestrian Program • PAR Garden • Outdoor Recreation Programs • Community Events • Group Projects

Betsy McLean PAR Garden

20,000+ lbs

of produce since 2001

1,200 lbs

estimated in 2019


Outdoor education programs grew from 2,500 in 2012 to over 16,000 participants.



species of native wildflowers


unique corporate partners

Exceptional Equestrians



60+ volunteers =

780+ hours

Therapeutic riding program for children and adults with disabilities.

4/6/20 9:18 AM

Outdoor Recreation Nestled amid beautiful lakes and hardwood forests, the Anne Springs Close Greenway is a nature preserve more than twice the size of Central Park, minutes south of Charlotte. Its 2,100 acres serve as a natural buffer from urban development and provide a wide open space for countless activities – from hiking, biking and horseback riding to picnics, trail running, kayaking and more. By focusing on low environmental impact recreation, a growing summer camp program and engaging signature events, the Greenway is able to ensure opportunities exist to establish a lifetime bond with the outdoors.

“In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught.” -Baba Dioum 161124 Rev1.indd 8

4/6/20 9:18 AM

Popular Recreation Programs: Summer Camps Each summer, over 1,800 campers experience the Greenway during the nine-week summer camp program through both the Adventure Seekers and Equestrian camp offerings. Kayaking Through kayak rentals, kayak nature tours, and intro to kayak lessons over 1,000 people are introduced to the sport of kayaking annually. Yoga Classes Offered at the Dairy Barn during the winter and the Comporium Amphitheater and Graham Cabin in the summer, over 85 yoga classes take place on the Greenway each year. Horseback Riding Lessons Held at the Greenway Stables, horseback riding lessons offer participants an opportunity to experience nature in a different way. Group, private and semi-private lessons are available to both children and adults. Guided Hikes Guided hikes were among the first public programs hosted on the Greenway and are an integral part of the Greenway’s Outdoor Recreation programs. Sustained by a team of volunteers, guided hikes happen all over the Greenway with guided night hikes among some of the most popular events. Group Campouts Campouts on the Greenway allow families to experience camping in a safe and fun environment and have quickly become a beloved event for all ages. Mountain Biking With over nine miles of mountain bike trails, the Greenway has grown rapidly as a popular mountain bike destination. Throughout the year, the Greenway offers mountain bike clinics and camps to help people get ready for the trails.

The Mary Warner Mack Dog Park features over 12 acres of enclosed natural space, including a mile long, off-leash trail, for dogs of all sizes to play and socialize. Situated among a mature hardwood forest and young stand of longleaf pines, the park provides a unique setting for more than 900 dog lovers to enjoy time with their pets.

Outdoor Education Think of the Greenway as one of the world’s largest living classrooms, a 2,100acre outdoor learning laboratory for children and adults. Imagine grade school children seeing baby bluebirds for the first time or college classes studying botany in its natural state. The Greenway’s Outdoor Education department provides hands-on, engaging lessons in science and history that enhance classroom instruction. The Outdoor Education team has developed interactive programs that meet Common Core and subject-specific standards. Through these programs, children develop an appreciation for the world around them. Field trips on the Greenway incorporate all of the senses and expose students to real life situations that help them develop crucial skills like collaboration, communication and empathy. Lessons can be moved into classrooms through our Outdoor Education Outreach programs. These classroom activities allow students the opportunity to get closer to nature without leaving their schools. Touching, smelling and observing first hand allows students to retain information much longer than just looking at pictures or reading a textbook. Adult education programs such as the Greenway’s Speaker Series and Catawba Master Naturalist program help members of the community develop an understanding of environmental and ecological concepts which they can then apply toward developing community relationships through volunteering and environmental stewardship. Opportunities for adults to become educators and help foster the next generation of stewards are readily available in our docent and program assistant volunteer positions. Youth education programming, like the Greenway’s summer camps, afterschool, homeschool, scouting and nature-based preschool, gives the community’s youngest learners the opportunity to put down the gadgets, get outside and explore something amazing in the great outdoors. The earlier a love for the environment can be instilled, the more likely our youth will care for and conserve the world around us.

Outdoor Education The Greenway’s Education department offered over 90 days of educational programming for both children and adults in 2019, with over 16,000 participants learning about history, science and nature on the Greenway. All elementary and middle school programming meets curriculum standards for both North and South Carolina through field trips attended on the Greenway as well as outreach in the schools.

Greenway Preschool In 2019, the Greenway Preschool opened its doors to 16 wideeyed students ready to learn about and experience nature. With its nature-based curriculum, the Greenway Preschool fulfills the mission to connect people with nature in various ways by developing a sense of wonder and appreciation for nature in our youngest community members. The half-day preschool program prepares children for kindergarten while having a positive impact on their emotional, mental, physical and social development. Following both the South Carolina Early Learning Standards as well as the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAEE) Guidelines for Excellence, both indoor and outdoor experiences are incorporated into the day with a strong emphasis on outdoor exploration. Decades of research shows that spending time in nature improves fitness and motor skills; supports exploration, discovery and creativity; enhances critical thinking and problemsolving skills; and supports whole-child development.



Homeschool...........................1,300+ students since inception in 2015 Girl Scouts.............................1,850+ students since inception in 2015 Master Naturalist program.....1,600+ adults since inception in 2012 School Trips...........................4,233 students in 2019 Community preschoolers.......679 children in 2019 Counties reached with educational programming: South Carolina

North Carolina







Union York

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4/6/20 9:18 AM

Conservation Across the robust, 2,100-acre nature preserve comprising the Greenway, the lakes, ponds, streams, forests and pastures are filled with plants and wildlife native to our region. Visitors are in awe of more than 100 species of native wildflowers, including Wild Azaleas, Trillium, Carolina Jessamine and Blue Star. A bird lover’s paradise, the Greenway harbors songbirds, red-shouldered and red-tailed hawks, barn and barred owls and many other types of birds. Along with flora and fauna, the Greenway provides a deep connection to our region’s cultural roots. The historic Nation Ford Road winds through the property and was a pathway for Native Americans, European settlers and soldiers of the American Revolutionary and Civil wars. Visitors can still see paths made by the wagons that once bumped along the trail. Other historic treasures include the Coltharp and Graham cabins, dating to circa 1800; the Founders Dairy Barn, a former working barn now an event venue; Springfield House, the original home of the Springs family dating back to the early 1800’s; and a grist mill modeled after the one originally located here that gave the town of Fort Mill its name.

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4/6/20 9:18 AM

Stewarding Resources The Anne Springs Close Greenway’s lasting gift to the community is the gift of natural resource stewardship and management - caring for and managing the native ecosystems of the preserve. This includes the Steele Creek watershed, lakes, forests, meadows and pastures. Protecting an Endangered Species: • In 2019, the Greenway’s Natural Resources team completed the installation of a fenced experimental plot in the Schweinitz Prairie to help protect and propagate the endangered schweinitz sunflower. A census of the Schweinitz sunflower was taken in late 2019 resulting in 105 stems identified.

Prescribed Fires: • Prescribed fires help release nutrients back into the soil, control succession and encourage native plant growth. • Schweinitz Prairie was burned in December 2018 and will be burned again in Spring 2020. • Beginning Spring 2019, one-third of the Dottie Metzler Prairie will burn every spring.

Prairie Restoration and Meadow Creation: • The Dottie Metzler Prairie (previously hay fields) was placed under a three-year rotational management plan to encourage the return of native meadow species and their pollinators. This important habitat is vital to restoring populations of quail. • Previously maintained grass fields were left undisturbed and/or planted to encourage the return of native meadow species and their pollinators.

Helping Hands: • Rangers patrol the property and trails to help ensure the safety of visitors. • Volunteers help maintain the high standard of excellence and sustainability the Greenway strives to achieve. • The Greenway’s maintenance team works behind the scenes to ensure the property is well maintained while meeting the needs of each department on the Greenway.

Watershed & Pond Management: • Buffers of tall, healthy plants filter sediment before it makes its way into the pond. • The Greenway’s network of trails is routed as far as possible from the streams to prevent sediment loading. • Backs of pond dams are cut and natural aquatic weed deterrents are used to protect ponds on the property. Trails: • Trails are the backbone of the Greenway and serve as the gateway to nature for the community. • Thanks to a number of trail building advancements since the Greenway’s inception, sustainable trail building techniques are now utilized in the construction process of new trails.

Nature Needs You: How Friends Give Back to the Greenway Twenty-five years ago, Ms. Close’s closest friends and early adopters of the Greenway’s mission formed a circle of supporters whose annual contributions helped support the rising cost of the Greenway’s annual operations. Since then, the Friends of the Greenway group has grown from those initial 47 Friends to more than 360 households who are deeply committed to preserving a place for people to celebrate and experience nature for generations to come. Their dedication and support amplify the voice of the Anne Springs Close Greenway in our community and help ensure that our programs can continue to have a positive impact for children and families in our region.

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4/6/20 9:19 AM

Affinity Groups Friends of the Greenway are a community of annual supporters with a deep connection to the Anne Springs Close Greenway, inspired to preserve a place for people to celebrate and experience nature for generations to come. Friends of the Greenway support the efforts of the Greenway to preserve our natural treasures, conserve habitats, promote health and wellness, and connect individuals to the wonder of the natural world.

Signature Events The Anne Springs Close Greenway offers a wide variety of events showcasing all the Greenway has to offer. From the Greenway Race Series to summer concerts, we have something for everyone!

The Colonel’s Club is the men’s philanthropic and social group that aims to support and promote the Anne Springs Close Greenway through a variety of engaging social, philanthropic and volunteer activities. The group’s name is homage to the late Colonel Elliott White Springs, father of Anne Springs Close, the Greenway’s founder and namesake. The Greenway Ladies Guild is an organization of women committed to supporting the Anne Springs Close Greenway through provision of time talent and treasure, in order to promote the importance of stewardship and protection of this natural preserve.

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4/6/20 9:19 AM

Helping Families: The Redmond Family Founders Federal Credit Union, Longest Standing Corporate Partner (Bruce Brumfield, President/CEO) “Our partnership with Anne Springs Close Greenway is important to our organization for many reasons. We feel compelled to honor the history that binds our organizations as we share the same founding families and organizations. To think that the same family legacy that had the vision to bring a credit union to help their employees and, eventually, entire communities, prepare for their financial future would also have the vision to help an entire community protect and plan for their environmental future and the landscape of where they live.” “Founders Federal Credit Union, our employees, our members and the local and surrounding communities as a whole are enriched by the Greenway and all it has to offer. When an area has a place like this to come and, collectively, enjoy nature, activities, and receive all of the benefits of health and wellness this nature preserve offers, then families are drawn to it. They want to live near something this special where they can get away from urban development and back to nature. There’s so much to enjoy at the Greenway and we are just excited to be along for the ride.”

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When Danielle Redmond’s sister passed away, she became guardian to her four nieces and nephews. She worked full-time and needed an afterschool program to make it all happen. Afterschool on the Greenway and the FLYERS afterschool program in the Fort Mill schools helped her achieve the balance she was looking for, while meeting the needs of her children. These programs have helped her oldest son develop a love of the outdoors. “His imagination soars in the outdoors,” explains Danielle. “The staff customizes the experience to meet his needs and he is able to connect what he is learning in school with the activities he participates in at the Greenway.” As recipients of the Leroy Springs & Co. Bridge Program, Danielle’s nieces and nephews were able to stay together in the afternoons thanks to the FLYERS program offered at their school. The structure of the program was beneficial in addressing the emotional and behavioral challenges of their situation. “I am so thankful for this support system – without it I really don’t know what I would have done to make it all work. It takes a village…this is my village.”

Corporate Partner:

4/6/20 9:19 AM

Contributors: Dennis and Patsy Bowman “We absolutely love the Anne Springs Close Greenway! Our family is proud to have supported this special place since its dedication 25 years ago. We describe its growth as that of ivy: first it sleeps, then it creeps, and then it leaps! In the beginning, there were many days when we saw almost no one on the trails. This year we are thrilled that more than 265,000 visitors have discovered this beautiful place during all four seasons of the year. Nothing is better for us than an early morning hike from the Dairy Barn, across the swinging bridge, around Lake Haigler and back with a stop at the Greenway Canteen for a steaming cup of coffee or a full Gateway breakfast! Rocking on the patio while enjoying the Friday night sunset music sessions is one of our new favorites. All of Fort Mill is blessed to have this jewel in our town, and we can’t wait for more reasons to spend time at the Greenway!”

Volunteering: Joe and Flora Doraski Since participating in the Anne Springs Close Greenway Catawba Master Naturalist program in 2012, Flora and Joe have led over 30 public hikes and numerous other types of programs including Fall Frolic and the Preschool. “We get great satisfaction from meeting new people and introducing them to the Greenway. Many times we have participants who never even knew that the Greenway existed until they came to a free hike program. We particularly enjoyed learning about the historical events that occurred on the Greenway and have started doing History Hikes in costume (1820 farmers). It is so refreshing to see the interest in history that we get from both young and old participants.”

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4/6/20 9:19 AM

The Future A Roadmap for Growth Celebrating our 25th anniversary, the Anne Springs Close Greenway has reached a true milestone moment, in which we are honored to reflect on the unique impact we have made on the educational, economic, and cultural landscapes of our region. As we look to the future, imagining how we might deepen and broaden our impact on students, families, visitors, and the environment, we envision growing our capacity to offer our community the finest of what we already do best: connect people to nature through recreational and educational activities while fostering a passion for environmental conservation, animal habitat, and protection of natural resources. To address our need to scale and optimize our programs that deliver on this mission, the Anne Springs Close Greenway has launched a multi-year, multifaceted fundraising roadmap, Milepost.

Our Future Depends on Your Continued Support The stories in this report highlight some of the milestones and accomplishments that make the Greenway what it is today. It also contains financial information that we hope will help readers have a better understanding of the costs involved in operating the Greenway and what is needed to help our 501(c)(3) organization achieve longterm financial sustainability. We depend on contributions from members, donors and corporate partners to offset essential operational expenses. We thank them for their generosity and acknowledge that because of their support, the Greenway will be available for our community to enjoy for many generations to come. 161124 Rev1.indd 18

4/6/20 9:19 AM

Milepost Campaign

mile·post | \ ˈmī(-ə)l-ˌpōst a post indicating the distance in miles from or to a given point; a notable point or significant event in the progress or development of something; milestone. For the Anne Springs Close Greenway, Milepost is a five-year, multi-programmatic fundraising roadmap for the advancement of the Greenway’s education, recreation and conservation initiatives. This campaign aims to secure $6 million by 2025, infusing the Greenway with critical capacity to serve more students and develop programs that will inspire, transport and illuminate STEM-career pathways that will strengthen our regional economy over time. Through new and existing relationships with corporate and individual donors, the Greenway will strive to not only fund more educational, recreational and conservation programming, but also to endow funding to the Leroy Springs & Company Bridge Program and in turn grant more scholarships to our education and recreation programs. In line with our mission and through this campaign, the Greenway will continue to provide students and curious minds with the tools needed to appreciate the wonder of the natural sciences and the natural world through: • Robust natural resource management • Outdoor recreation initiatives that promote a healthy lifestyle • Teacher training programs • Growth of programs designed to critically reinforce core science curriculum

“Greenways are an intangible reflection of the quality of life in a region.” -Chuck Flink, Owner/President, Greenways Incorporated 161124 Rev1.indd 19

4/6/20 9:19 AM

Donations: We would like to thank the following donors who contributed philanthropic gifts to the Anne Springs Close Greenway from January 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019. $250,000+ Comporium Foundation, Inc. Domtar Corporation Founders Federal Credit Union $100,000-$249,999 The Close Family $50,000-$99,999 LPL Financial $25,000-$49,999 Duke Energy Foundation $10,000-$24,999 Atrium Health Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, P.A. Continental Tire the Americas, LLC Sarah and Tim Belk Duke Energy Epps Orthodontics Fort Mill Rotary Alexandra and Patrick Lee Mary and Barry Mack Jill and Mike Smith $5,000-$9,999 Anonymous Creative Solutions Fidelity Charitable Donor-Advised Fund Roxanne and Glenn Grace Alice and Dehler Hart Debbie and Scot Kiggans Legal Remedy Brewing Christophe Masiero Napa at Kingsley New Old, LLC Terry and Tim Patterson REI Rock Hill Coca-Cola Shelco, LLC The Pump House Restaurant 161124 Rev1.indd 20

Troutman Sanders Vanguard Hometown Grant Ed Weisiger Elizabeth and Darrell Williams Pat Williamson $2,500-$4,999 B & B Distributors Inc. Cygnus Asset Management Marion and David Davenport David T. Bowman, LPL Financial Helen Adams Realty InSure Insurance, LLC Maersk Agency USA, Inc. Dottie and Richard Metzler Myers & Chapman, Inc. Cynthia and Michael Ott Susan and Robert Palmer Jill and Greg Parsons Ann and John Porter Renewal By Anderson Shana and Christopher Shivel Karen and Mark Thomas $1,000-$2,499 Melissa and Greg Alcorn Amor Artis Brewing Anonymous Maribeth and Jason Baker Bank of America Bill Beaty Robert Bender Joyce and Andrew Berger Lynn Bergman Sara and Robert Bergman Sandra and Joe Bonds Odette Bonvouloir and David McCullen Patsy and Dennis Bowman Boykin Property Group Carolina Home Remodeling Bonnie and Donald Christensen Erin and David Ciechowski Leslie and Martin Cooper J.M. Cope Cornerstone Home Lending, Inc. Lisa and Damon Cortez Patrice and John Davern Stephanie and Austin Devaney Thomas Epps Louis Eubanks Raye and Wayne Felder Sally and Ben Ficklen David Franchina Shelley Freeman and Joni Rim Margaret and Kenneth Fritze Danielle Gerdes-Debow and Ben

Debow Adrian Gonzalez Ally and John Gordon Greg Gregory Kimberly and Michael Guelcher Katharine and Jim Hardin Wyndie and Dickie Havnaer Larry Higgins Cheryl and Michael Hill Michelle and Barry Hirsch Rachel and Jim Hodges Elizabeth and William Hood Julie and David Huffman Richard Hughes Sue Iversen Paula Jernigan Sean Jones Paige and Jay Kell Martha and Jim Kinard Knights of Columbus David Kowach Cynthia and Phil Lewis Bronah and Bill Livingston Mary and Troy Ludemann Melissa Magann and Shelley Childers Diane Malison Jan and Lynn Martin Michelle May Joseph McCain Betsy and Byron McLean Carolyn and Randy Minnich R. Allen Moore Tara and Daniel Mummey J. Thomas Nalley NRG Energy Fund Palmetto Family Hearing Center Jennifer Parker Sabrina and Nathan Peterson Angela and Brian Pope Jennifer Powell Katherine and Marcus Rabun Libby and Jay Rainey Reynolds Orthodontics Nancy Rouisse and Tom Wolfe Jim Rowe Ruffalo Wealth Management Susan and Lyle Sandlin Vesime and Marty Schroering Susan Searle and Ted Thomas Greg Sigmund Sompo International Spider Development Springs Close Foundation Eric Stajos State Street Foundation Pam and Harding Stowe

Superior Masonry Unlimited, Inc. The Stowe Foundation Margaret Triplett Seton and Len Tucker Abby and James Warren Megan and Scott Watson Sally and Kent Weymouth Jamie and Patrick White David Williams Malynda and Chad Williams Teresa and Dave Williams Angela and Peyton Worley $250-$999 4D Properties, LLC A D Oliphant Company, Inc. Heather Abrams and Randy Bankos Becky and Charles Ackerman AD Concepts, Inc. Albemarle Foundation Karen and Willie Althammer Amy and Stephen Anderson Beth and Robert Anderson Susan and James Andrews Kristin and Gregg Antemann Emily and Joseph Asbell Julianne and Bryan Audiffred Robin and Jim Babinchak Laura Bacik Marcia and Alden Bailey Annie Baker and Lance Brockmeier Sylvia and Connie Baker Patty and Billy Barron Michelle and Joe Barsanti Baxter Veterinary Clinic Gray and Brian Beard Ellen and Dan Belk Susan Bell and Brian Peckinpaugh Justin Bice Catherine and David Bickford Tammy and Dwayne Black Julie and J. Alex Blackman Shannon and Blaine Blackwell S. Carolyn Blair Tom Blais Dina Blazek Tammy Bodack Ruth and Gary Boetsch Jane and Chris Bolling Lucinda and Robert Bonner Laura and David Booth Amy and Andy Bovender Kathy and Billy Bowers Jennifer and David Bowman Paige and George Boykin Devra Brabec Lisa Bracken

Dilcia and Robert Brazel Heather and Jonathan Brown Vereen and Mike Brown Michelle and Bruce Brumfield Britton and David Buist Rebecca and Jeffrey Bullock Margaret and Charles Bundy Kristina and Scott Burke Lesley and Pete Burroughs Melissa and Ben Burroughs Cardinal Health Anne and John Cardozo Kim and Rick Carter Pamela and Bill Caywood Naida and Pedro Cervantes Pam and Phil Childs Beth and Fred Chuck Laura and Darren Ciotoli Carmen Coats William Coberly Lauren and Eric Cole Shannon and Jeff Commerford Kim and Greg Coolidge Shelby and Gary Corey Elizabeth Coudriet Lisa and Butch Cowart Jaime and Adam Coxon Gail Craven Anna and Sam Culver Rufus Dalton Catherine D’Amore and Chris Stanke Kate and Gregory Dasher Dawne Davis and Steve Hodge Natalie and Bryant Lee Demby Vincent Depaoli Christina and Isaac Dingle Patricia and James Dobbins Kirsten and Dan Dodd Mary and Chris Doyle Lea and Steven Dulin James Duncan Sherry and Bill Easley Emily and Jeff Easterling Eastgate Financial Group, Inc. Sheila and Derek Eaton Katherine Edwards Ronald Edwards Esther Eich and Ray Schnack Amy and Kristopher Eisenrieth Kristy and Charles Elder Geri and Jon Elias Kristy and Philip Elliott Kathy and Harry Emerson Cindy and Chuck Epps Jennifer and George Estes Michelle and John Evans Mary Farnsworth

4/6/20 9:19 AM

Donations: $250-$999 Toni and Gary Faulkenberry Laura and Kevin Fay Aileen Ferrell Kim and Bill Feus Jenny and Gary Fike Karin and Shawn Flemming Connie and Joe Flory Kimberly and Jason Fore Fort Mill Business Center and Self Storage, LLC Fort Mill Dentistry Fort Mill Pharmacy LeeAnne and David Frascona Beth and Scott Frattaroli Lynda Freeman Katie and Adam Freseman Rachel and Kevin Fura Cheri and Chris Gall Dorothy and Danny Gambrell Rainey and Austin Garland Mary Ann and Ed Gast Gem Seal Lauretta Gibbons and Virgil Lynn Lori and Judd Glasco Jennifer and Chad Gluff Linda and Don Gochenour Emily and Eddie Gonzalez Niki and Scott Goodale Erin and Mark Goodwin Anna and Wes Gosney Sherri and Steve Goudy Kathy and Billy Greene Ana and Lewis Greenstein Lesley Griffin Edward Grimball Bethany and Paul Grinch Carol and James Grinham Lauren and Brian Grohe Nancy and Gary Gueltig Linda and Pete Hall Beth and Richard Hansen Jean and Jerry Harbaugh Jennifer and Kirk Hardymon Betsy and Tim Hartman Vicki Hawkins Michael Hawley Yvonne and Gavin Hay Kate and Chuck Haynes Kim and Matt Hedrick Shannon and John Heffernan Liz and Roger Hendrick Cherri and James Hendrix Catherine Hennessey

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Nancy and Dana Hershey Julie and Brad Hetrick Kenneth Hill Ansley and Richard Hilton Stephanie and Ron Hoffman Barbara and Donald Holcomb Cheryl and James Holt Brenda Honeycutt Julie Hooper Martha and James Horner Missy and Ben Hudgins Michelle and Bevan Hurlbert Cathy and Matt Hutto Leslie and William Illingworth Industrial Vacuum Glenda and Paul Irwin Donna and John Jackley Sheryl and Robert Jacobs Karin and Dan Janick Brandi and Steve Jansen Caryn and Andrew Johnson Becky and C.T. Jones Florence and Andy Kane Ashley and Matthew Kaskowicz Cynthia and Timothy Kelly Robin and Barry Kelso Darlene and Steve Kerr Joanna and Joel Key Bobbi and Gary Kimsey Barbara and Jack King Jean Knox Lauren and David Koch Michelle and Jonathan Krause Strat and Jonathan Lake Jenna and Jonathan Land Elizabeth and Jesse Lanter Kristin LaPrise Kathy and Ron Larkin Heather and Adam Leach Jen and Jeff Lear Marie Leonard John Lesslie Barrie Lewis Jennifer and Charlie Lieske Jennifer and Paul Lindemann Robin and Matt Lindenberg Brenda and Charles Little Jessie and John Little Gretchen Locy and Tom Kaczmarski Dawn and Charles Long Libby Love and Mike Morrell Clay Luton Kelly and Kevin Mac Nan and Ron Macari Leanne and Dan Mace Susan MacKinnon Elizabeth and Todd Mallett

Lori and David Malpiedi Pamela Manley Marc Lapointe Golf Kristy and Andrew Markners Ashley and Hunt Mason Wendy and John Matherly Debbie and Ted Matthews Rachel and Chad Matthews Jennifer and Jack Mattox Jennifer and John McAliley Lynne and Michael McAvoy Hugh McCallum Christine and Stephen McClure Angela McCrae Beth and John McCrae Virginia and Jeremy McDonald Cassie and Chad McGowan Deborah and Al McIntosh Kori and Trey McIntyre Betty McKenzie McKinsey & Company Ali and Rob McNeely Kelly and Brad Mercer Amy and Roger Metz Gretchen and Joe Miller Cassie and Lee Mitchell Susan and Paul Mitchell Susan and Bob Mobley Michelle and Ryan Monk Brooke and David Moore Leslie Moore Dolores Morales Ruth and Dave Morine Sarah and David Morris Colby Mosier Claire and Dimitri Moussa Geri and Daniel Mullinix Pam and Mick Mulvaney Kelly Murray Melissa and Jim Musoke Charlotte and Earl Myers Nicole and John Nickola Rebecca and Tim Nissen Megan and Jaime Noonan Laurie and Mark Nortz Tricia and John Oakes Jessica and Brad O’Connor Leanne Olinger Judy and Albert Oliphant Olive’s Mud Puddle Jill and Jeremy Olson Lorrae and Craig Orlove Jolie and Robert Palmer Palmetto Rehab Physical Therapy Virginia and Cary Parker Manoj Parvathaneni Linley and David Paske

Kelly Patterson Terra and Josh Patterson Phoenix Realty Tonya and Nolan Pike Barbara and Claude Plumlee Ashley and Tim Porter Sarah and Jaime Pou Monica Pradhan Prescott Family Dentistry Briana and Robert Prestininzi Abby and Scott Putnam Kim and Marino Radke Ragnar Events, LLC Julie and Daniel Raischel Deb and Ron Rapa Alison Rauch Amina and Michael Ray Linda Reece Megan and Axel Reichert Vera Reid Marla and Scott Reschly Mark Resnik Retina Institute of the Carolinas & the Macular Degeneration Center Annie and Andrew Reynolds Jennifer and Daniel Reynolds Beth and Don Rice Julie and Scott Richardson Ronald Riley Lynn and Ron Ringley Robert Palmer & Associates Lynn Rogers Gigi and Brian Roland Aaron and Matt Roper Lynda and Gene Roper Janet Rose Sakshi and Chris Rouisse Kathy and Steve Rowe Windy Roy Nancy and Jim Ryan Cristi and Don Sain Jennifer and Eddie Schroeter Elizabeth Scoville Rachelle and Sam Settle John Sharp Claire and Lawrence Sheeler Jessica and Brent Sheena Geraldine and Walter Sherman Keri and Steven Sibley Tami and Joshua Sisler Hank Sizemore Kathy Sizemore Robyn Small Alicia Smith Amber and Shawn Smith Cathie and Chip Smith Cheri and David Smith

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Joe Packard Debbie Paskoff Sandra Payne Bryan Pell Elizabeth Peper Ramie Peterson David Petro Amanda Phipps John Piana Janet Pope Emily Prozinski Aamer Qureshi Dennis Randar Claudia Ray Perry Rego Thomas Renz Amanda and James Reynolds Lorree Riley Robert Rittereiser Tami and Kevin Roberts Heidi Robinson Brooke and Ryan Rockey Karen Roelandts James Romero Linda Romito Anna Ruth Rosalind Santini Laura and Barry Sautter Karl Sawyer Amanda and Veda Schulze Alexandria Shafer Laurie Sheinhaus Beth Shelton Stephen Sheppard Robert Sigwalt Beverly and Thomas Simpson Jeffrey Smith Kelli and Jon Smith Suzanne Smith Chaplin Spencer Jarrod Steck Richard Steeves Lisa Steinberger Brian Stettler Shandra Stout William Swanson Craig Templeton Shannon and Brad Thomas Bob Thompson Elaine and Steve Thrift Kristin Tigner Michael Tomlinson Ryan Tucker Patrick Turner Terri Turner Mark Van Sickle Andre Vanegas

Vanguard Group Fdt Susan Viditz-Ward James Vogel Shawna Wagener Andrew Walsh Sandra Walsh Teresa and David Ward Marc Washburn Bill White Lillian Wilkerson Erin Williams Edward Wilson Mark Wilson Corinne and Richard Wittmeyer Hilary Yost John Young Tim Zeman Marnette Zuchel Gifts In-Kind: Amor Artis Brewing Boykin Property Group Duke Energy Ferrara Buist, LLC Improper Pig Tega Hills Farm XCITE Mobile Gaming Indicates a Friend of the Greenway pledging $500 or greater to support the Greenway.

4/6/20 9:19 AM

Financials In 2019, the Anne Springs Close Greenway enjoyed the support of nearly 8,000 member and donor households, and a committed community of corporate and foundational partners. Throughout the year, program and event registrants and participants help to further contribute to our success. While all of these contributions help to make our work possible, the tremendous growth of the Greenway’s operations, which encompass the ongoing care and maintenance of the land and facilities along with implementing a host of meaningful and enriching education and recreation programs, has outpaced the revenues received from memberships and generous individual and corporate donors from our community. Currently, the Anne Springs Close Greenway operates at a deficit each year. Distributions from the Greenway’s endowment help to offset the gap, but only in part. When members and donors grow with us, and increase their support by making additional donations over and above their annual memberships, they help us ensure that our work can continue and we can be stronger stewards of one of our region’s greatest assets – the Anne Springs Close Greenway.

2019 Financial Summary

Net Loss from Operations*

Unaudited(in $000) Revenue

Land and building inkind donations Capital campaign contributions Board designated contributions Dividends, interest, capital gains Realized gain on sale of securities Unrealized gain on investments Capital campaign & endowment expenses


Net Income

Program Revenue- 35%

Labor Costs- 51%

Memberships & Admissions- 23%

Other Expenses- 12%

Rental Income- 19%

Management & General- 10%

Donations, Corporate Partnerships, Grants- 15%

Repairs & Maint, Utilties, & Supplies- 10%

Other Revenue- 8%

Depreciation- 8% Program Expenses- 8%

Program Revenue


Labor Costs


Memberships & Admissions


Program Expenses


Rental Income


Repairs & Maint, Utilties, & Supplies


Donations, Corporate Partnerships, Grants


Other Expenses




Other Revenue Total Revenue

307 $3,656

Management & General Total Expenses

*A $750,000 distribution was made from the Anne Springs Close Greenway Endowment for Greenway operations. The remaining shortfall in operations is funded through other operations of Leroy Springs & Company, Inc., 501(c)(3) Tax ID: 57-0344121.

161124 Rev1.indd 23

560 $5,419

($1,763) 10,469 635 2,500 437 65 4,234 (39) $16,538

Assets Cash Accounts Receivable, Net of Allowance Inventory Contributions Receivable, Net of Allowance Other Current Assets

$57 317 58 4,714 94

Anne Springs Close Greenway Endowment Cash Investments Total Endowment

$158 26,960 $27,118

Property & Equipment, Net Total Assets Liabilities Accounts Payable & Accrued Liabilities Deferred Income and Deposits Total Liabilities

43,963 $76,321 $339 691 $1,030

Net Assets Net Assets without donor restrictions Net Assets with donor restrictions Total Net Assets

$59,760 15,531 $75,291

Total Liabilities & Net Assets


4/6/20 9:19 AM

PO Box 1209 Fort Mill, SC 29716-1209

To find out more about ways to give, call our Advancement Department at (803) 547-1034 or visit ASCGreenway.org/Support

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ASCG Annual Report_2020.indd 24

4/14/20 5:28 PM

Profile for Leroy Springs Co

Anne Springs Close Greenway Annual Report  

2020 marks the 25th anniversary of the Anne Springs Close Greenway. It's an occasion to reflect on and celebrate the many ways the Greenway...

Anne Springs Close Greenway Annual Report  

2020 marks the 25th anniversary of the Anne Springs Close Greenway. It's an occasion to reflect on and celebrate the many ways the Greenway...


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