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July 2009

Published Monthly By the ASCE, Orange County Branch PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE

Times Are Tough!


our Orange County Branch, in Council. Robert Bein, P.E., Past President of cooperation with the University of the Society, also participates as liaison to the California Civil and Environmental Society. Blake Anderson is the former General Engineering Affiliates (UCICEEA), is preparing Manager of the Orange County Sanitation an update to the Orange County Report Card. District and Jan Scherfig is Professor Emeritus The OC Report Card evaluates the condition of the UCI School of Engineering. He happens of our infrastructure and was first issued in to also have been a professor of mine when I 2002 and updated and re-released in 2005. was in school. The Report Card Committee is by Kenneth Rosenfield, PE The latest update, actually a new look at our comprised of a series of Working Committees, infrastructure condition, is in process and each with the responsibility for a piece of the In This planned for release in the Fall of this year. The infrastructure pie. In all, over 70 individuals Issue roll-out of these past report cards have been are participating in the Working Committees. very important in raising the public’s awareness That is just fantastic and shows the importance President’s Message..........1,2 about the importance of the maintenance of of the topic and dedication to infrastructure Board of Directors..................2 condition evaluation and renewal. A great big R e m i n d e r . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 existing infrastructure and for the development S e c r e t a r y ’s C o l u m n . . . . 3 , 8 of new infrastructure. The Calendar of Events................4 2005 report card likely played YMF News.............................4 PLEASE SEE THE INSERT NOTICE Branch News.........................5 a positive role in the public’s INCLUDED IN THIS NEWSLETTER TO Nominations...........................5 support for the approval of the Letters To The Editor.............5 MAKE SURE YOU CONTINUE TO Photo Album..........................6 Renewed Measure M, the oneLegislative News....................7 RECEIVE THE PE Review Course.................8 half cent sales tax used for Field Trip Flyer.......................9 ASCE OC BRANCH NEWSLETTER improvements In Memorium........................10 transportation Leadership..........................11 in our County. The issuance IN THE FORMAT YOU WOULD LIKE. Practioner Advisors Wanted..11 of the 2009 report card during Continuing Ed. Seminars......12 Law & Civil Engineering.......13 these difficult economic times will keep this “THANK YOU” is due to all of these volunteers. Business Card Ad Renewal..13 The previous Report Card can be viewed on very important issue in the minds of the public Student Assistance Fund Donors............................14-15 and voters. the ASCE OC Branch website at www.asceoc. Membership Info...................1 6 It is a remarkable committee of dedicated men org including a display of the grades allocated Inserts : Newsletter Going Digital and women that are working very diligently and to each infrastructure category comparing PE Review Course Registration volunteering their time to get this new report 2002 and 2005. Each time the Report Card card finished. I have been attending the monthly is renewed, there is an effort to improve Newsletter Editor: Joshua Nelson, PE meetings of the 2009 Report Card Committee the evaluation process and the categories and have provided liaison contact between the being evaluated. In the 2009 Report Card, CONTACT ASCE: Branch, Region 9, and the Committee. The co- two new categories have been added to the OC Branch chairs of the Report Card Committee are Blake existing listing of Aviation, Flood Control, 714-258-8306 Anderson, P.E. and Jan Scherfig, P.E. and the Parks and Recreation, Schools, Solid Waste, Los Angeles Section Executive Committee includes other esteemed Transportation, Wastewater and Water Supply. ASCE members Bill Bennett, P.E., Terry These new categories include Energy and 714-258-8306 ASCE National Hartman, P.E., and Steve Bucknam, P.E. and Surface Water Quality. Energy is a completely Wallace Walrod of the Orange County Business 1-800-548-ASCE continued on page 2


Thursday, July 16th, 2009 FIELD TRIP: Tour of Prado Dam MEETING PLACE: Yorba Regional Park – 7600 E. La Palma, Anaheim, CA TIME: 3:45pm Registration 4:00pm Bus Departs to Prado Dam 5:30pm Barbeque Dinner at Yorba Regional Park ADVANCE PAID RESERVATIONS MANDATORY See flyer included in this newsletter.

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American Society of Civil Engineers

Ken Rosenfield, PE 949.707.2655 President 949.707.2633 FAX Kathereen Shinkai, PE 714.435.6369 Vice President 714.424.2263 FAX Ziad Y. Mazboudi, PE 949.234.4413 Treasurer 949.493.1251 FAX Josh Nelson, PE 626.333.0336 Secretary 626.336.7076 FAX Darren Adrian, PE 714.939.1030 Past President 714.938.9488 FAX

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new category that acknowledges our energy supply and generation systems are a part of our everyday infrastructure and should be monitored for the needs of renewal. The Surface Water Quality category is a split off from Flood Control and recognizes that new infrastructure is needed to meet the regulatory and environmental demands now upon us in that category of infrastructure. A third new category, Hospitals, was considered for inclusion is this Report Card but the ground work to get that category up to speed could not be accommodated in this cycle and may be considered in future years. Each Working Committee is well on their way to completing the data collection for their assigned infrastructure on the agreed upon criteria of Condition, Capacity, Operation, Resilience, Sustainability and Cost. In the Los Angeles Section, The Riverside/San Bernardino Branch has completed their Report Card update and issuance of the document is imminent; The Southern San Joaquin Branch (Kern) has completed and issued their Report Card; and, the Metropolitan Los Angeles Branch has initiated their Report Card and intends to have it complete near the end of this year. Other Branches in this Section are too small at this time to muster the necessary volunteers to develop a Report Card. I am advised that the San Francisco Section has also started on this process and the Sacramento Section has it on their agenda, as well. It is not yet clear what the status of the San Diego Section efforts is toward their Report Card. Region 9 will coordinate all updated Report Cards and develop a Statewide Report Card once all of the Sections have completed their efforts. It will be several months before the 2009 Orange County Report Card on Infrastructure Condition is released for


Don’t forget to vote for our national society elections by August 13, 2009 at 2 pm PST. More info can be found here:



public consumption, however, now is a good time to begin talking up the release. You can let your colleagues and neighbors know alike that we are working on new grades for Orange County in an effort to gain public interest. Once issued, all members of the Branch should become ambassadors to the public to share the information that will be issued. While at any one time we may view the Orange County Infrastructure as being in generally good condition, there is such a lack of long-term funding commitments for infrastructure renewal that we must always keep the topic before the public and legislators. Speaking of legislators, the budget in California will likely not be settled, as required by the State Constitution, by the time you receive this Newsletter. The State Budget and its processes are in a real mess. Significant belt tightening needs to happen at the State level to correspond with the contraction in the private sector in order to span this low in our economy. Civil Engineers are an important constituency and we should stay engaged in the State discussions of the Budget to make sure that infrastructure funding is not slashed. The challenges of our State economy and the legislative process were discussed at length with Dwight Stenbakken, Deputy Executive Director, of the League of California Cities at our June 18th lunch meeting. Thank you, to Dwight for his eye opening presentation. As you receive this Newsletter, I am in the ancient world checking out the infrastructure of predecessors to Civil Engineers in Italy and Greece. I will report back to you on these wonders of the world next month. My wife and I are celebrating our 25 year wedding anniversary while on this trip! See you next month at the July 16th field trip to Prado Dam.

ASCE OC-Newsletter July 2009

Patti Sexton 949.608.5855 Hydrology & Hydraulics

Khashayar Hadipour PhD, PE 818.226.6900 Transportation




n past articles I have spent some time -Numerous networking events, technical committees, discussing various ways that you all can and vibrant annual conferences and exhibitions get involved with our branch. I told you provide members some of the best forums in which to about all our branch committees and went into tackle today’s toughest geotechnical challenges. detailed descriptions of our History and Heritage 7. Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) Committee and how you can get involved with our -Mission is to advance and serve the structural K-12 Outreach. But one thing that is true about engineering profession. ASCE at the Society level is there are numerous -Develops standards for ASCE 7 committees, outreach efforts, and initiatives -Encourages discussion about licensure issues by that cover a very broad range of subjects. through Summits on Separate Structural Licensing Joshua Nelson, PE But you would expect that because our Civil 8. Transportation & Development Institute (T&DI) Engineering profession has so many different -Founded in 2002 as forum for civil engineers aspects and fields to work in. There is a niche for everyone whose main interests lie in the field of transportation and both within our profession and within our society. Our society development to share ideas and the latest innovations that breaks them down into 13 different communities of practice affect their discipline. - Air and Space, Architectural Engineering, Construction and -Vision is to be the recognized leader for the advocacy of Materials, Disaster Reduction, Educational, Environmental, livable communities by promoting environmentally sensitive Geo-Technology, Management, Maritime Technology, Power transportation and land development. Generation Structural, Student, Transportation, Urban The society has a Technical Activities Committee (TAC) Planning, and Water Resources. Within some of those that oversees 200 technical committees that define the communities of practice are technical specialty institutes. All standards, direction, and focus of the profession. ASCE members can join one of those at no extra charge. So make sure you have chosen one. Below you will find a list of What I wanted to do in this article was let you know about Orange County Branch members that serve on either one of the each of the technical institutes with a short description. institute committees or technical committees and to recognize 1. Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI) them and thank them for the work they do. - Is the home for all professionals in the building industry -Vision is to be the global leader of choice for the development Technical Activities Committees: and operation of buildings. 1. The following Orange County Branch members serve 2. Coasts, Oceans, Ports, and Rivers Institute (COPRI) on one of the subcommittees of the Technical Council on -Mission is to advance and disseminate scientific and Lifeline Earthquake Engineering: engineering knowledge to our diverse members engaged in Scott Davis, Warren Stewart, Hope Seligson (serves on 3 sustainable development and protection of coasts, oceans, committees), Massanobu Shinozuka, Ignatius Lam, James ports, waterways, and wetlands. Monsees, and Ann Sardo - Officially replaced the Waterway, Port, Coastal, & Ocean Division 2. The following Orange County Branch members serve on 3. Construction Institute (CI) Editorial Board Committee of the Aerospace Division: -Mission is to bring together all stakeholders to advance Philip Richter and Masanobu Shinozuka and improve the construction industry. 3. The following Orange County Branch members serve on -Vision is to be the leader promoting excellence in construction. one of the subcommittees of the Energy Division: 4. Engineering Mechanics Institute (EMI) -is a new Institute of ASCE dedicated to serving the Mayasandra Ravindra (serves on 2 committees), engineering community through the development and Chistopher Hill, Thomas Broz, Orhan Gurbuz (serves on 2 committees), Vojin Hadzi-Pavlovic, Philip Richter, Mufid application of engineering mechanics. -Seeks to provide a home not only for those involved in Samara, and Robert Bachman the traditional disciplines, but also for those involved with 4. Andrew Romer serves on the Pipeline Safety & Risk emerging areas of mechanics. Management Technical Committee 5. Environmental & Water Resources Institute (EWRI) 5. W. Lenocker serves within the Technical Council on -Vision is to be a recognized worldwide leader within ASCE Computing and Information Technology on the Administrative for the integration of the technical expertise and public Committee - Education Committee. policy into the planning, design, construction and operation of environmentally sound and sustainable infrastructure 6. Robert Packard serves on the Geomatics Division Publications Committee. impacting air, land, and water resources. -Will provide for the technical, educational and professional National Committee Members: needs of its members; 1. The following Orange County Branch members serve 6. Geo-Institute (G-I) on one of the subcommittees within the ASCE Board of -A specialty membership organization focused on the geo–industry. Direction: continued on page 8

ASCE OC-Newsletter • July 2009



AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS Orange County Branch of the LA Section Date& Day July-09 7 16 28

August-09 4 6 20 25


OC Report Card Committee Annual ASCE OC Branch Field Trip ASCE OC Board Meeting

Time 7:30AM 3:30PM 7:00AM

OC Report Card Committee 7:30AM Hydrology and Hydraulics Technical Group 11:45PM ASCE OC Branch Luncheon Meeting 11:30PM ASCE OC Board Meeting 7:00AM

Location Eddie Martin Admin. Bldg., Costa Mesa, CA Meet at Yorba Regional Park-Bus to Prado Dam Gayle Stewart & Associates, Tustin, CA Eddie Martin Admin. Bldg., Costa Mesa, CA Dave & Busters, The Irvine Spectrum, Irvine, CA The Costa Mesa Hilton, CA Gayle Stewart & Associates, Tustin, CA


NOMINATIONS FOR YMF EMPLOYER RECOGNITION AWARD The Committee on Younger Members is seeking nominations for the 2009 Younger Member Employer Recognition Award. Nominate your employer! More info can be found here:


ASCE OC-Newsletter July 2009




he branch was honored to have Dwight Stenbakken, the Deputy Executive Director for the League of California Cities join us for our June luncheon. Mr. Stenbakken shared with us some of the challenges Cities are having due to the state’s budget crisis. He shared how they are trying to help California cities protect their redevelopment funds from being taken by the state. He also told us that the state has a budget committee this year which is a newer development. What ends up happening with this committee is you get a lot of extreme proposals, he said, so you end up hearing about a lot of outrageous ideas that end up getting a lot of press, but to take it with a grain of salt. He says wait until NOMINATIONS

you hear the proposals from what they call the “Big Five”. The “Big Five” would be the minority and majority leaders in both houses and the governor. The budget committee can’t pass a budget, but they can propose a budget which he says will get voted down. Another interesting topic he brought up was the idea of transforming the way state government is organized. A group called California Forward is trying to redefine state governance with open primaries, re-apportionment, and term limits. There are a number of other things they are trying to change that I won’t get into here, but more information on that group can be found at www.caforward. org. Thank you to Mr. Stenbakken for stepping in for Chris McKenzie at the last minute. It was a pleasure to have you at our luncheon.



Any thoughts or comments

The board has put together the following nominations for the 2009-2010 Ballot for the Board of Directors:

Please email,

Kathereen Shinkai, PE, President Ziad Mazboudi, PE, Vice President Joshua Nelson, PE, Treasurer Tapas Dutta, PE Secretary Should you wish to nominate someone for the ballot, please get your nomination in to the secretary by July 15, 2009. Email: Phone: (626) 956-8288

about the newsletter? phone or fax to:

Josh Nelson, PE Secretary, ASCE OC Branch 626.333.0336 or Fax: 626.336.7076 ASCE OC-Newsletter • July 2009



Importance of a Good Plan Check It’s hard to know if any of these are real situations or jokes, but either way they are entertaining – enjoy!

Good Luck Getting Your Car in the Garage!


Can You Say Awkward?

Whatever Works, Huh?

This Bank’s Savings Plan?

Do you have any Civil Engineering related photos from your travels around the world that you found interesting? If you would like to share them with us for a future newsletter, please email them to


ASCE OC-Newsletter July 2009


TOP 10 REASONS WHY IT’S GOOD FOR YOU TO KNOW YOUR LOCAL POLITICIAN – WITH APOLOGIES TO CHRISTOPHER WALKEN By Rob Trazo, PE Number 10. Your son or daughter is trying to get into that Ivy League school, Stanford, or UCLA and like all good Orange County parents, you want to give your kid that extra edge so you call up Assmeblymember Diane Harkey, whom you met in Sacramento at the ASCE Legislative Day fly-in in February and again at her open house two months later. Here’s the conversation: You: “Hello Assemblymember Harkey, it was great talking with you about issues critical to California and Orange County such as: California’s Aging Infrastructure Deteriorating Deltas and Levees Transportation-related projects I’d like to stop by your local office, have you meet my son/ daughter and give you his/her transcripts. Could I trouble you for a little letter to the admissions department of so-and-so prestigious university saying what a fine addition my child would be to their university? Thanks.” Assy. Harkey:

“Sure, Rob.”

Humungous tuition and room & board payments, here I come!

This was an oversimplification, but you get the idea. This article is about doing something for yourself and benefiting ASCE Orange County as well – call it “ASCESymbiosis.” Why should only the super-rich have access to our political movers and shakers? Here’s how the ASCE legislative committee can help you and vice-versa. Contact your local politicians. There are many ways you can do this, but here’s the simplest way – send a quick email to me: with a little note expressing your interest to joining the ASCE Legislative Committee. This is what I will do next: -Find out your district based on where you live and work. (Example: I’m in district 67 and Jim Silva is my assemblymember.) -Forward you the contact information of your local assemblyperson and state senator. -Forward you upcoming open houses for your local politician. -We can give you a business card identifying you as a member of ASCE OC’s legislative committee. That’s it. But what’s the catch, Rob? This is what we expect from our members:

Legislative Committee -Start to understand the issues we are trying to make our elected officials aware of -Stop by your local politician’s office at least once a year, if not more, especially during their open houses. If you are uncomfortable with going to a politician’s office, I or another member of the Legislative committee may accompany you. Don’t worry too much though - politicians are regular people. They are as Christopher Walken so eloquently stated in the SNL “Cowbell” Episode: “…I’m just a regular guy like you. I put my pants on one leg at a time. But after I put on my pants, I make gold records.” After politicians get dressed, they just make laws that can really affect us and future generations. The overall goals of the ASCE OC Branch Legislative Committee are: 1. To inform ASCE OC Branch members of the legislative efforts carried out by the Los Angeles Section and Region 9 (OC is under these two umbrella groups). 2. To assist the region with legislative efforts. 3. To build relationships with local government representatives. We ask you to help us with item 3 and hopefully we can help you as well.

Washington, D.C. Leadership Training More than 160 ASCE members participated in the Leadership training in government relations program in Washington, D.C. on March 25-26. Every spring, ASCE holds the Government Relations Leadership Training program in Washington, D.C., an intensive two-day program that provides participants with an inside look at the political process. Beginning with briefings on the latest civil engineering issues pending in Congress, participants also visit with their Representatives and Senators in Capitol Hill to educate and lobby them on the issues. Anyone interested in walking the hall of Capitol Hill and learning first hand how policy is crafted would benefit from this program. During the visit the group shared the message of infrastructure renewal as highlighted by ASCE’s 2009 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure with more than 200 members of Congress. For more information on how you can become involved in the Government Relations program go to: www.asce.or/govrel/16.cfm

-Open the emails sent to you by the ASCE Orange County ASCE OC-Newsletter • July 2009



OC YMF PE REVIEW COURSE CURRICULUM & MEMBER COSTS Complete P.E. Review Series: $750 Friday Exam only (8-hr exam) Review Series: $625 Special Seismic Exam Review Seminar: $250 Special Surveying Exam Review Seminar: $250 Costs include class handouts and notes. Text books are not included. Late registration fee of $50 due after August 11, 2009.

DATE Course Introduction, Thursday 8/13/09 Classes are on Tuesday and Thursday evenings 8/18/09 thru 10/08/09 (All students must attend the introduction)

TIME 6:00 ~ 9:00 pm

LOCATION CH2M HILL 6 Hutton Centre Drive, Suite 700 Santa Ana, CA 92707 Location and Schedule subject to change. For more information, please contact: Robert Henderson E-mail: Phone: (714) 435-6143

Inside view of the U.S. Capitol Dome

Eryn Robinson, P.E., M.ASCE 2005-2006 ASCE Congressional Fellow House Committee on Armed Services

WE’RE AT HOME BEING YOUR VOICE. WE’RE HOME AT ASCE. ASCE is a powerful voice for civil engineers in the public policy arena, ensuring that policy and lawmakers understand the industry’s position on key issues. We are able to educate public policymakers and help create a positive outcome for our industry in the formulation of policies and regulations. One of our strongest tools in this process is the ASCE Key Contacts program. By participating as a Key Contact, members receive the tools they need to effectively advocate for civil engineering issues in Washington, D.C., and state capitals. E-mail updates keep members current and Key Alerts notify members when specific action is needed. ASCE makes it easy for you to weigh in with your opinion where and when it counts. For more information, go to or The home for civil engineers and the civil engineering profession.

SECRETARY’S COLUMN continued from page 8 quarter page ADS.indd 11 8/23/06 Steven Marvin, Curtis Nunley, Robert Bein (serves on two 6. The following Orange County Branch members serve on one of the subcommittees of the Geo Institute: committees), and Chelvarajah Yogachandran Jeffrey Geraci (serves on two committees), Endi Zhai, 2. The following Orange County Branch members serve on Kandiah Arulmoli, Binod Tiwari, John Diehl, Curt Basnett, one of the subcommittees of the Coasts, Oceans, Ports Ping Tian, and Sujithan Somasundaram and Rivers Institute: Susan Brodeur, Ashebir Jacob, Douglas Thiessen, Michael Kraman, Kosalram Krishnan, Ignatius Po Lam, Kandiah Arulmoli, Said Hilmy, and Weixia Jin 3. The following Orange County Branch members serve on one of the subcommittees of the Construction Institute: Jamshed Dastur, Victor Sanvido, Tom Traylor, David Tiberi, Srinivasa Iyer (serves on two committees), and Ayman Mosallam (serves on two committees) 4. The following Orange County Branch members serve on one of the subcommittees of the Engineering Mechanics Institute: Jann Nan Yang (serves on two committees), Maria Feng (serves on two committees), Brett Sanders, Lizhi Sun (serves on two committees), and Masanobu Shinozuka 5. The following Orange County Branch members serve on one of the subcommittees of the The Environmental and Water Resources Institute: Khalique Khan, Parmeshwar Shrestha (serves on two committees), Garvin Pederson (serves on two committees), and Bruce Burris 8

ASCE OC-Newsletter July 2009

7. The following Orange County Branch members serve on one of the subcommittees of the The Structural Engineering Institute: Chandrasekhar Putcha, Christian Dahl, Ayman Mosallam, James Parker (serves on two committees), Richard Drake, Yong Deng, Robert Bachman (serves on three committees), Farzin Zareian (servers on two committees), John Shipp, Ayman Salama, Orhan Gurbuz, Y. Henry Huang, Richard Hess, Martin Johnson, Eric Stovner, and Majid Sarraf 8. Yong Deng serves on the Interlocking Concrete Pavers Standards Committee within the Transportation and Development Institute Thank you all for your service and please introduce yourself to me at one of our next luncheons if I haven’t met you. To those of you that aren’t involved in one of these, I hope that learning a little bit more about each one and seeing some of your colleagues that are involved will encourage you to get involved in one of these groups.

8:59:46 AM

American Society of Civil Engineers


BOARD OF DIRECTORS Kenneth Rosenfield, PE, President Kathereen Shinkai, PE,VicePresident Ziad Mazboudi, PE, Treasurer

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Joshua Nelson, PE, Secretary


Darren Adrian, PE, Past President

Prado Dam is a flood control and water conservation project constructed and operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles District. Construction of the original project was completed in April 1941. The project is located at the upper end of the Lower Santa Ana River Canyon, which is a natural constriction controlling 2,255 square miles of the 2,450 square mile Santa Ana River watershed. The dam is located on the Santa Ana River approximately 30.5 miles upstream of the Pacific Ocean. The dam embankment is located in Riverside County, California approximately 2 miles west of the City of Corona. Construction to improve Prado Dam itself to increase its storage and release capacities is underway. These improvements will enable the dam to take full advantage of the improved channel capacity downstream and will greatly increase the level of flood protection to the communities of Orange County in the Santa Ana River floodplain. MEETING PLACE:

Yorba Regional Park, 7600 E. La Palma, Anaheim, CA 92807 Picnic Site #4


3:45 p.m. Registration 4:00 p.m. Bus Departs to Prado Dam 5:30 p.m. Barbeque Dinner at Yorba Park


ASCE Members $45, Non-members $50, Students $25


Tri Tip of Beef, salad and dessert. Vegetarian meal available.


Parking is $5 at Yorba Regional Park (non-refundable)

RESERVATIONS AND PAYMENT (IMPORTANT-AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT): Advance paid reservations are mandatory. Your RSVP MUST be received by Monday, July 15, 2009 at 11am. No refunds after that date. Attendance will be capped at 70. Reservations are first come, first served. You can now pay with credit card via the branch website. See below for various methods of reservation. Contact Gayle Stewart with any questions:, 714-258-8306

By Internet:

By Mail: Fill out the form below and detach and mail.



JULY 16, 2009 ASCE ORANGE COUNTY BRANCH- PRADO DAM TOUR Reservations must be prepaid by Monday, July 15, 2009 Make checks payable to ASCE Orange County Branch and send check with this form to: ASCE Orange County Branch, c/o Gayle Stewart Associates, 1405 Warner Avenue, Tustin, CA 92780 Name(s):____________________________________________________________________________ Company:___________________________________________________________________________ Phone:________________________________ Email ________________________________________ ASCE OC-Newsletter • July 2009

For space bookings please call 714-258-8306 or Email:



DAVID PLACEK, P.E. 1952-2009 David Placek, P.E., MASCE., passed away early in the morning of June 17, 2009 from pancreatic cancer. His wife, Nancy, and adult children David and Jaime were at his side. Dave was 57 years old. Dave spent most of his 30+ year career in land development with employers based in Orange County. This includes Mission Viejo Company/Jack Raub Company, Santa Margarita Company, PBS & J, Disney, Psomas, SunCal, Centex Homes and Shea Properties. While with Centex and Shea, during 2004 – 2007, Dave managed engineering and pre-construction activities for Legacy Park, the redevelopment of a portion of the former Marine Corps Air Station/Tustin. Both before joining Centex/Shea, and after leaving, Dave worked for SunCal Companies. Most recently, Dave was responsible for SunCal’s Orange County and San Diego projects, including Marblehead in San Clemente. Mr. Placek has been a member of ASCE since becoming a Student Member at CSULA, and he has participated in various Building Industry Association (BIA) committees. Mr. Placek is a former Director of the Homebuilders Council and BIA/Orange County. He was a Director and former Treasurer of the Saddleback College Foundation. In February 2007, ASCE Orange County Branch honored Dave as Land Development Engineer of the Year. The life of David Placek was celebrated at a large gathering of family members, friends, and colleagues on June 20, 2009 at the Bell Tower in Santa Margarita. The family requested donations, in lieu of flowers, be sent to one of Dave’s favorite charities, Habitat for Humanity and/or For further information on Dave’s valiant battle against cancer and to offer a tribute, visit

Your future is a click away Leighton has immediate openings for geotechnical and environmental registered professionals. HR Department: 41715 Enterprise Circle N, Suite 103 Temecula, CA 92590 951.252.8028 EOE M/F/D/V


Irvine | Bakersfield | Los Angeles | Palm Desert | Rancho Cucamonga | Santa Clarita | Temecula | Ventura | San Diego

ASCE OC-Newsletter July 2009


The Dilemma of Too Many Choices How to Make Your Slides Work for You by Steve Kaye, Ph.D.


concepts that you want the audience to remember. As a guide, each slide should contain no more than a title and a maximum of six lines of supporting information.

Of course, that would make you look ridiculous besides somewhat bulky. So, you wear one outfit that makes you look good.

7) Use large type. I recommend using at least 36 point type for titles and at least 24 point type for text. If you use a smaller size font, people will have difficulty reading the information on your slides. In addition, using large point sizes will force you to show only the essential words that support your presentation.

hen you go out, do you wear all of the clothes in your closet? That is, do you wear all of your shirts, tops, blouses, pants, slacks, skirts, ties, scarfs at the same time?

And yet, many people put everything in the closet on the slides that they prepare for their business presentations. They use every option, feature, font, color, icon, animation, background, and trick available in their computer. The result is a design disaster. Here’s how to make your slides work for you rather than fight against you. 1) Keep it simple. Complexity requires more of your time and makes it difficult for people to follow your message. Recognize that people need to understand something in order to be impressed by it. Thus, take the easiest possible approach when planning and designing your exhibits. 2) Use a plain background. White makes it easy for people to read the text that appears on it. This is why books are printed on white paper. Avoid patterns, designs, and faded pictures. These distract people and make it hard to read the text printed on them. Avoid dark or loud colors. These make it painful to look at your slides. 3) Use one font for all of your slides. And that font should be either Arial, Helvetica, or a similar block (sans serif) font. Avoid all script, fancy, and art fonts. Block fonts are known for their legibility, which means they are easily recognized at a distance. In contrast, serif forts (such at Times) are known for their readability, which means they are easily read when viewed up close. 4) Use mixed case. People use the patterns formed by lower case letters to identify words viewed at a distance. On the other hand, words printed in capital letters appear as ambiguous rectangles. Thus, use mixed case for all of your text, even titles. 5) Make it large enough. If you plan to introduce a slide with the words, “I know you can’t read this,” then the slide is useless. People feel irritated with information that they can’t see or read. Test each slide by looking at it from a distance of 10 ft. Then delete or enlarge anything that you find difficult to read.

Your slides will work best when they support your presentation rather than replace it. Remember, you are the presentation. That means you must be more interesting, more informative, and more animated than your slides.  --Steve Kaye helps leaders achieve results that last. He is an author, speaker, and IAF Certified Professional Facilitator. His leadership workshops and meeting facilitation create success for everyone. Call 714-5281300 for details. Visit for a free report.

PRACTITIONER ADVISORS WANTED! Do you enjoy working with young engineers? Do you enjoy bestowing your wisdom upon the next generation? The Orange County Branch is looking for advisors for each of the 3 student groups, CSU Fullerton, CSU Long Beach, and UC Irvine. From, Practitioner Advisors “offer continuity from year to year as student members change. Advisors convey attitudes, values and priorities to the students through guidance and professional and social activities. Effective advisors keep in contact with student leaders, counsel them on plans and operations, attend meetings, provide motivation and inspiration and offer information and general guidance. If the Student Organization is well prepared, this work will be mostly advisory with the occasional pep talk to get things started or to meet a deadline date.” If interested, please send an e-mail to

6) Show only key words. Avoid putting the complete text of your presentation on your slides. Instead, show an outline of key ideas, main points, and critical ASCE OC-Newsletter • July 2009




he following seminars are scheduled within our region from July through September 2009:

July 9-10, 2009 Sacramento, CA Pumping Systems Design (Hydraulics)

July 30-31, 2009 San Diego, CA Low Impact Development Applications for Water Resource Management (Hydraulics/Environmental)

July 16-17, 2009 San Fransico, CA Treatment Plant Hydraulics for Civil Engineers (Hydraulics) July 23-24, 2009 San Fransico, CA Bridge Rehabilitation (Structural)

August 5-7, 2009 San Diego, CA Design of Foundations for Dynamic Loads (Structural)

September 10-11, 2009 San Francisco, CA Progressive Collapse Mitigation: Practical Analysis Methods and Proven Solutions (Structural) September 14-15, 2009 San Francisco, CA Introduction to Detention Pond Design – Parking Lots and Urban Drainage (Hydraulics/ Environmental) September 24-25, 2009 San Francisco, CA Construction Cost Estimating for the Civil Engineers (Construction) These in-depth, practice-oriented programs are produced by ASCE’s Continuing Educations Department and may be of interest to many ASCE members in your Sections and Branches.

Detailed descriptions of the seminars (by title) are available on ASCE’s website at If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Kelly Jarvis, Continuing Education Registrar at, or Michael Cook, Senior Manager, Geographic Services at

Want to complete your winning RFP Team? SBE & WBE CERTIFIED The Moote Group is currently supporting Planning and Design Firms with the following services: - Cost Estimating - Infrastructure and Vertical Building - Dry Utility Consulting and Coordination - Technology Applications & Utility Search, Utility Conflict Report - Bid Administration for Public and/or Federal Work - Construction Management in the Field - Inspection Services and Construction Verification - Applicant Designs - Air Quality Analysis Support for VMT-PM10-CEQA-EPA - Claim Analysis, Third Party “Neutral”, Expert Witness

Contact: Marji Knitter, President Mike McGovern, PE, FASCE (714) 751-5557

Paul A. Moote & Associates, Inc.


ASCE OC-Newsletter July 2009


More On Copyrights Written by Eugene Bass, Esq.


opyright issues should be of concern to the engineer who is approached by an owner to complete the work of another engineer. There are potential problems in such an arrangement. If the owner does not have the right to use the partially completed plans or to have the plans completed by another engineer, both the owner and the completion engineer may be liable for copyright infringement. An owner’s contract with the original engineer may grant the owner a limited license to reproduce instruments of service solely for purposes of construction, operation, and additions to a project. The contract may also state that a termination of the design contract due to the owner’s default automatically terminates the owner’s license and thus the owner’s permission to use those instruments to complete the project. If the owner terminates the contract for it’s convenience, or the engineer terminates the contract due to the owner’s suspension of the contract, and the owner later resumes the project with another engineer there could be copyright infringement problems unless the original contract allowed for such completion by another engineer If there is a termination of the contract there should be provision in the document providing that the original engineer would receive compensation for the owner’s use of the instruments of service solely to complete, use, and maintain the project. Where the engineer provides services to complete the services of another engineer and where those services are based upon another engineer’s efforts, the “new” engineer should request proof in writing, from the client that the first engineer had transferred copyright to the client or that the client has been granted a license to use the instruments of service. Proof of copyright releases or an existing license can reduce the likelihood of claims for copyright infringement from other engineers. Engineers should carefully read their agreements with clients, looking for statements stating that the services they provide are “works“made for hire” or that the engineer assigns all rights to the instruments of service to the client. If a work is “made for hire” the employer, not the employee, is considered the author. “Work made for hire” is work prepared by an employee within the scope of his employment. The designation is determined by the relationship between the parties. If the relationship between the parties is not as an employer-employee, such as engineer-owner, there must be a written agreement that the work is “made for hire” if that relationship is to be used to

govern copyright matters. Such a provision could be included in an agreement between an owner and engineer with the result that the copyright of the work would belong to the owner, not the engineer. If “work made for hire” wording appears in an agreement, the engineer should consult with an intellectual property attorney to fully understanding of the affect of the provision on the project. Copyright issues are complex and changing and any issues or concerns involving copyright should be discussed with an attorney experienced in the field of intellectual property.

This article is intended to provide general information regarding legal issues. It is not to be relied upon as specific legal advice or in place of the need to seek competent legal advice on specific legal matters. Eugene Bass is an attorney and registered Civil Engineer. He has offices in Redwood City and can be reached at 650-369-7990.

THERE’S STILL TIME TO RENEW YOUR BUSINESS CARD AD! If you have NOT renewed your business card ad, please send your renewal along with payment of $220.00 (card included from Aug 2009-March 2010) and your business card to: Ziad Mazboudi, PE Treasurer ASCE, OC Branch 1405 Warner Ave., Ste. B Tustin, CA 92780 electronic files can be emailed to: ASCE OC-Newsletter • July 2009







A Division of Layne Christensen Company

John Strauss, PE solutions to today’s design challenges through personalized client service

California, Arizona and Nevada

14725 Alton Parkway, Irvine, CA 92618 949.472.3505

Project Manager

Tel (714) 779-0681 Fax (714) 779-1459 Mobile (714) 620-5235

Moore & Taber

A Division of Layne Christensen Company

1290 North Hancock Street Suite 102 Anaheim, California 92807

Engineering Construction Consultant/ Expert Witness 2421 Tuastin Avenue Costa Mesa, CA 92627 949/548-2010 Fax 949/548-2003 Cell 949/337-5366

GREGG DRILLING & TESTING, INC. Patrick Keating, P.E. 2726 Walnut Avenue Signal Hill, California 90755 Tel: (562) 427-6899 Fax: (562) 427-3314

Transportation Planning

Traffic Engineering & Design Environmental Engineering Parking Demand Studies


Newport Beach

3991 macarthur boulevard, suite 310

suite 180

newport beach, ca 92660 Tel: 949.474.0809


11870 pierce street,

riverside, ca 92505

tel: 951.854.8500 /


ASCE OC-Newsletter July 2009

2009-2010 STUDENT ASSISTANCE FUND DONORS KEHOE TESTING & ENGINEERING • Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) • Direct Push Soil, Water & Vapor Sampling • Truck Mounted, Track & Ltd. Access Rigs Soil Testing & Sampling Services for Geotechnical & Environmental Consultants 5415 Industrial Drive Huntington Beach, CA 92649-1518 (714) 901-7270  (714) 901-7289 fax




DAVID L. BACON, P.E. Principal 2552 WHITE ROAD, SUITE B IRVINE, CA 92614-6274 (949) 660-0110 Fax: 660-0418 E-Mail:


G E OT E C HNIC A L E NG INE E R ING MAT E R IA L S T E S T ING & INS P E C T ION S erving S outhern C alifornia s inc e 1986




S hah G hanbari, P.E . P res ident






Garry Lay, PE, GE Farid Motamed, PE, GE





Advanced Water Engineering in Partnership with Nature.




www.G roupDelta.c om





G roup Delta C ons ultants , Inc . Orange C ounty : (949) 450-2100 Los Angeles C ounty : (310) 320-5100 S an Diego C ounty : (858) 524-1500


IRVINE / 714-734-5100 ONTARIO / 909-941-7799

2020 East First Street Suite 400 Santa Ana, CA 92705 Tel: 714.835.6886 Fax: 714.973.4062

915 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 700 Los Angeles, CA 90017 Tel: 213.996.2200 Fax: 213.996.2374

WESTLAKE VILLAGE / 805-418-1802

land development entitlement services survey & mapping sustainable engineering water quality assurance eco-adaptive ® design groundwater & environmental engineering GIS & 3D visualization

ASCE OC-Newsletter • July 2009


1405 Warner Avenue, Ste. B, Tustin, CA92780


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16277 Laguna Canyon Road, #D Irvine, CA 92618 949.788.0080

1405 Warner Ave., Ste. B Tustin, CA 92780





Type of Membership and Annual Dues (National) Student: Free Associate Member: $50 year of baccalaureate degree and first after, then incremental increases to $205 over five years Member: $205 annually Affiliate: $205 annually Section (Branch) Dues $45/year (1) National ASCE Student Membership is now FREE! Those who have chapters or clubs still must be a member of them before joining National. To join as a student, log onto To renew as a student go to Students may also call 1-800-548-ASCE or email (2) Online membership renewal available, go to You just need your member number, all e-payments must be made with a major credit card. An e-receipt is transmitted to the member upon completion of the transaction. (3) For non-members, dues for O.C.Branch Newsletter only $45/year.

Please contact Anh Ly, O.C. Branch Membership Chairman at 661-316-8355 or FAX: 661-634-0645 for application forms, change of address and additional information. Or for address changes on-line go to E-Mail for member questions is

ADVERTISING RATES (Effective January 2009)

1) 2)




BUSINESS CARD $330/year due in April OTHER ADVERTISEMENTS: FULL PAGE $275/issue; 1/2 PAGE $220/issue minimum 1/4 PAGE $165.00/issue FULL PAGE STUFFER (Non-commercial) Preprinted copies inserted: $220.00 Printed one face plus insert: $275.00 Printed two faces plus insert: $440.00 FULL SHEET COMMERCIAL ADVERTISEMENT (One or two sides) $495.00

(Approximate number of mailings: 1500 per month) Please send all advertisements (Except Business Card Ads) to the Secretary before the 10th of each month. Advertisements must include pre-payment in order to be included in the newsletter. Please complete the Advertisement Request form at Joshua Nelson, Secretary ASCE OC Branch c/o CNC Engineering, Inc. 255 N. Hacienda Blvd., #222 City of Industry, CA 91744 Send Business Card Ads (with $330.00) to: Ziad Mazboudi, Treasurer ASCE, OC Branch 1405 Warner Avenue, Ste. B, Tustin, CA92780

ASCE OC-Newsletter July 2009

Orange County Branch

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September newsletter, you will only get a hard copy of the newsletter if either of the following two would like a with digital cases you are true: Thank to those of you that took part in our survey regarding going digital with the newsletter. Almost 20% of you 1. Starting to with September you willwe only get save a hard of the newsletter if either the services, following 73% two of responded ourthe survey. Whennewsletter, it was noted that could thecopy branch money for other eventsofand a. We emailcopy, address you (but like seeanumber 4 below forofmore important information). cases areokay true:don't you were with have only aandigital 16%on offile youfor still would hard copy, and 7% you wanted both. So 80% of you would like a digital copy. b. You have have specifically requested wefor stillyou send you a hard copy.4 below Pleasefor mail the included response card to us a. 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We have anNelson email on file (but see 4 below moreand important information). you want a digital copy too, you need to make sure you have your email address on file with the society as noted you receive a recording be sure to leave your name, membership number and your phone number, otherwise yourin item 2 below. The emailThe regarding the availability of you the newsletter willphone go outnumber to allthe those that have an email request will bespecifically ignored. same goes for still email, please your and membership number. b. You have requested that we send ainclude hard copy. Please mail included response cardaddress to Ifus on file regardless of your choice to getto amake hard copy. you want a digitalmember copy too, you need sure you will have your email address on file with thethe society noted in with your ASCE number and your name. This ensure that you continue to receive hard as copy. You item 2 below. The email regarding the availability of the newsletter will go out to all those that an email can also call Joshua Nelson at 626-956-8288 or email him at If have you choose to address call and 2. If on youfile are okay receiving just the newsletter and you emailnumber, addressotherwise on file with the regardless ofonly your choice to geta adigital hard copy.ofmembership you receive a with recording be sure to leave your copy name, number andhave youran phone your Society, YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING. If you don't have one on file or you aren't sure, please login to your request will be ignored. The same goes for email, please include your phone number and membership number. If account and add anneed email address or of call (800) 548-2723 have services add email 2. If you are okay with only receiving just ato digital the newsletter andand you havemember anfile email address on your file thein you at want a digital copy too, you makecopy sure you have your email address on with the society as with noted address. The cut off date is the 10th of each month for the following month's newsletter. A good way to tell if you have If you don't have one on file or you aren't sure, please login to your Society, YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING. item 2 below. The email regarding the availability of the newsletter will go out to all those that have an email address your on email address on of fileyour withadd ASCE is get youaddress at call least(800) one 548-2723 email per month specifically the Orange and an to email or and have member from services add yourCounty email account at file regardless choice areceive hard copy. Branch. IfThe youcut don’t, theniscall number above or for visitthe thefollowing website month's above. newsletter. A good way to tell if you have address. off date thethe 10th of each month your email address on file ASCE just is you receive at least one email perand month from the Orange 2. If you are okay with onlywith receiving a digital copy of the newsletter you specifically have an email address on fileCounty with the 3. We must hear from youcall by August 10, 2009 you receive a hard the September Branch. If you don’t, then the number aboveinorIforder visit theensure website above. Society, YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING. you to don't havethat one on file or you aren'tcopy sure,ofplease login to your newsletter. account at and add an email address or call (800) 548-2723 and have member services add your email 3. We must hear youisbythe August 10, 2009 in order to ensure thatmonth's you receive a hard copy of way the September address. The cut from off date 10th of each month for the following newsletter. A good to tell if you have 4. For those of youon that addressaton file,one we email also will to specifically hear from you at the some point County in the next newsletter. your email address filedon't with have ASCEanisemail you receive least perneed month from Orange 6 months. This is because with above the January newsletter, Branch. If you don’t, then callstarting the number or visit 2010 the website above.only those that have specifically requested it will continue receiving hard copy of the So on even we also don'twill have an to email onatfile for you, will next be 4. For those of you athat don't have an newsletter. email address file,if we need hearaddress from you some pointyou in the dropped from the list because we will assume that you don't read the newsletter. 6 months. This is because starting with the January 2010 newsletter, only those that have specifically requested it will 3. We must hear from you by August 10, 2009 in order to ensure that you receive a hard copy of the September continue receiving a hard copy of the newsletter. So even if we don't have an email address on file for you, you will be newsletter. dropped from the list because we will assume that youJOSHUA don't read the newsletter. QUESTIONS? PLEASE CALL NELSON AT 626-956-8288 OR 4. For those of you that don't have an email address on file, we also will need to hear from you at some point in the next EMAIL AT 6 QUESTIONS? months. This is because startingHIM with the January 2010 newsletter, only those that specifically requested it will PLEASE CALL JOSHUA NELSON AThave 626-956-8288 OR --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------continue receiving a hard copy of the newsletter. 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ASCE OC Branch ASCEOC OCBranch Branch ASCE c/o CNC Engineering c/oCNC CNCEngineering Engineering c/o Joshua Nelson Attn: Joshua Nelson Attn: JoshuaAttn: Nelson 255 N.Blvd Hacienda 255N. N.Hacienda Hacienda Blvd #222 Blvd #222 255 #222 City of Industry, City of Industry, CA 91744 City of Industry, CA 91744 CA 91744

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PE REVIEW COURSE REGISTRATION LOCATION CH2M HILL 6 Hutton Centre Drive, Suite 700 Santa Ana, CA 92707

TIME 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

CURRICULUM (TentativeSubject to change due to Instructor’s Schedules)

CLASS Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7


8/13 (Thurs) 8/18 (Tues), 8/20 (Thurs) 8/25 (Tues), 8/26 (Wed), & 8/27 (Thurs) 9/1 (Tues), 9/3 (Thurs) 9/8 (Tues), 9/10 (Thurs) 9/15 (Tues), 9/17 (Tues) 9/22 (Tues), 9/24 (Thurs) 9/29 (Tues), 10/1 (Thurs)


Introduction Geotech Water/Environmental Structural Seismic Surveying Transportation CM

TEXTBOOKS Instructors will provide note handouts at each class. Recommended Texts: ASCE 7-05 Surveying Principals for Civil Engineers, 2nd Edition Paul Cuomo, PLS Seismic Design of Building Structures, Michael Lindeburg, PE Civil Engineering Reference Manual, 11th Edition, Michael Lindeburg, PE * IMPORTANT: Students are responsible for obtaining the above course materials before course begins.


PE REVIEW COURSE REGISTRATION FORM REGISTRATION PROCEDURE Please type or print clearly. Pay by check or money order. Make check payable to ASCE Orange County Younger Member Forum. Any requests for fee refunds after checks are deposited and before the first day of class are subject to an automatic 15% service charge. No refunds will be issued after the first session. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Early registration is highly recommended. There are no guarantees on availability of classroom space or lecture materials if registration is done at the door on the first day. Please note that late registration is subject to a $50 late fee. If you plan to register at the first day of class, please call beforehand to ensure that space is available. Please circle the cost for each class you are registering for:

Overall P.E. Review Series (Postmarked by 8/11/09) Late Registration 8-hr only Review Series (Postmarked by 8/11/09) Late Registration Seismic Review Seminar (Postmarked by 8/11/09) Late Registration Surveying Review Seminar (Postmarked by 8/11/09) Late Registration

Member of ASCE $750 $800 $625 $675 $250 $300 $250 $300

Nonmember $950 $1000 $825 $875 $300 $350 $300 $350 TOTAL

Amount ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______






(you can find your member # by calling 1-800-548-ASCE)





SPECIALIZATION: Mail completed form and check (payable to ASCE Orange County Younger Member Forum) to: Robert Henderson c/o CH2M HILL 6 Hutton Centre Drive, Suite 700 Santa Ana, CA 92707 Direct: 714-435-6143 Fax: 714-424-2243 E-mail:

ASCE OC Newsletter July 2009  
ASCE OC Newsletter July 2009  

The ASCE Orange County Branch July 2009 Newsletter.