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SOCIAL MEDIA CONTESTS Contest Mini-Site Get new leads by engaging the customer in a contest or sweepstakes Permission marketing --- get the customer to volunteer.

Each contestant helps promote contest through their personal online network

Provide incentive for contestant to provide additional information.

Help the customer see what’s in it for them.

Integrates email marketing solutions through BullsEye Technology© © Copyright 2011 AscendWorks

Enhanced data and precise targeting

FAST lead generation Grow, Track, Filter and Engage your Customers

Each contestant that enters your contests is taken through a quick “post-this” process that allows them to easily post a message on their Facebook and Twitter.

Fully integrated email marketing solution

Communicate with customers through social media and email

© Copyright 2011 ADS

While you are on top-of-mind with your customer we nurture them with the right message at the right time.

Today buyers are in control and they have no use for a marketer-defined sales cycle. Provide value and create memorable events that compel them to initiate and undertake the purchasing process.

Each connection with your customer or prospect leaves a unique digitial body language fingerprint that enables you to identify changes in buying status.

Š Copyright 2011 ADS

A fully integrated marketing automation system that delivers the right message to the right person at the right time.

Deciphering Delivers the right metrics so that you can engage with customer your customerintentions at the right time. Powerful analytics built for the car business

Timing is everything

Ensuring the right person receives the right message in the right format at the right time.

Š Copyright 2011 ADS

EMAIL Sent to contestant.

Personalized, timely and relevant

Special coupon

Company Branding

Š Copyright 2011 AscendWorks

Social Media Contests  

Social Media Contests

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