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Our mission


Our vision


Commitment to our Patriots


Benefits for our adoption partners


Benefits for our veterinary partners




Board of Directors




About us Pets for Patriots is a not-for-profit

partner with veterinarians for ongoing

organization connecting last-chance

discounted pet care and provide gift

shelter pets with service and veteran

cards towards the purchase of pet food

members of the United States military.

and other basics. Pets for Patriots makes

We create these connections in

the benefits of shelter pet adoption a

partnership with shelters, rescues, SPCAs

reality for military personnel at any stage

and humane societies that share our

or station in life, ensuring many years

vision to end animal homelessness and

of companionship and love with their

cruelty. To help make a pet friend an

honorably adopted adopted dog or cat.

affordable reality for our veterans, we

6-8 million

FAQ Q: Who is eligible to honorably adopt a pet?
 A: Men and women at all stages of their military careers: active, reserve, inactive reserve, National Guard, veteran and retired from all armed forces, including the Coast Guard.

dogs and cats are placed into shelters

every year.

that’s 22,000

every day.


Our Mission Our mission at Pets for Patriots is to consistently give the gifts of fidelity, joy and companionship to both pet and person through companion pet adoption. We exist to transform the lives of veterans, service members and their families by helping them find, save and care for a last-chance dog or cat. With the emotional and physical wellbeing that a pet provides, we offer a humane way of easing the stresses of military life, including return from deployment, separation from service, retirement and coping with war wounds — seen and unseen.

FAQ Q. How does Pets for Patriots help military members?

A. Member Patriots are eligible to receive a minimum, ongoing 10% discount on veterinary fees for their honorably adopted pet. In addition, we send a gift card to help with pet food, supplies and other basics, which is renewable annually.

pets reduce stress and

improve the health of

body, mind

& spirit.


Our Vision Our vision is to end animal homelessness by supporting the permanent placement of at-risk dogs and cats with every available, able and willing military family in the United States.


dogs face the highest

risk of dying

FAQ Q: What is an eligible adoption?
 A: An eligible adoption is one that is made through one of our member shelters, rescues, humane societies or SPCAs. A pet must meet one of three criteria: adult dog or cat (two years or older), a large dog regardless of age (40+ pounds) or a special needs dog or cat. Puppies and kittens, cute as they are, aren’t eligible.

in shelters.


Commitment To Our Patriots We’re proud to make the joys of pet

come from all armed forces and walks

ownership achievable and affordable to

of life, from active duty members in their

members of our military community. As

20s to our most senior member Patriot:

one of the only organizations committed

a 90 year-old WWII veteran. Some want

to both veterans at any stage of their

to adopt a last-chance pet to ease the

careers and at-risk shelter animals, we

stresses associated with their service,

have the power to bring positive change

while others simply want a four-legged

to lives every day. Our member Patriots


FAQ Q. Why are puppies and kittens not included in your program?

A. While we advocate for the adoption of all shelter animals, our not-for-profit is focused on helping those harder-to-place pets — adult dogs and cats, large dogs and special needs animals —because they’re most often overlooked and face the greatest risk of death, but still have plenty of love and life to give. Most shelters have ample demand for puppies and kittens.

30 minutes

with a dog

improves Happiness




Benefits For Our Adoption Partners Our network of tax-exempt shelters, SPCAs, humane societies and rescues is the primary destination for our member Patriots to adopt an at-risk shelter dog or cat. Our adoption partners benefit from our program in many ways: ƒƒ   Increased adoption of adult and other at-risk dogs and cats ƒƒ   Reduction in pet ‘recycling’; we help ease the costs associated with pet ownership through ongoing, discounted veterinary care and contributions towards pet food and other basics ƒƒ   Community recognition for aligning with a cause that supports both hard-to-place animals and our troops ƒƒ   A process that is free and easy to administer

a dog entering a shelter

has a one in six


FAQ Q. Why is pet adoption beneficial to service members returning from deployment?

A. Post-deployment transitions are challenging for many veterans, especially those with service-related physical or emotional wounds,

of being reclaimed

including: amputation, Post Traumatic Stress

by its owner;

depression. The innate theraputic qualities of

a cat,

Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and an everyday shelter pet can help make the transition from battlefront to home front easier for veterans and their families.

one in 50


Benefits For Our Veterinary Partners Our member Patriots can leverage a network of veterinarians, veterinary clinics, and hospitals for wellness, medical and urgent care for their new best friends. And veterinary partners benefit from joining our cause in several ways: ƒƒ   The ability to preserve profitability and good practice economics while doing good ƒƒ   Community recognition for aligning with a cause that supports both hard-to-place animals and our troops ƒƒ   The competitive advantage of aligning with a great, positive cause ƒƒ   New customers — both Pets for Patriots adopters and others are attracted to a practice that cares for the people and pets in their community ƒƒ   Opportunities to cross-market with other local Pets for Patriots partners


18 veter ans

Q. How is pet adoption mentally and

take their lives

A. Saving a life is a heroic act, whether at war

every day.

or at home. Many veterans tell us that they

every eight seconds

physically beneficial?

relate to the pets they adopt and to the idea of rescuing a last-chance pet. Studies have shown that companion pets are associated with reduced stress and depression, fewer symptoms of psychological or physical illness, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and

a dog

or cat is put to death.

increased physical activity.

pet adoption saves two lives.


Giving Give Our work is made possible by the generosity of people that are inspired by our mission. Corporate donations enhance our ability to fund, manage and scale our operations. Individuals or groups can adopt a Patriot for $150, which helps one veteran feed an honorably adopted pet for a year. Our Adopt-a-Shelter program is ideal for schools or other organizations; each $50 donation purchases a set of Kennel Tags for an adoption partner, raising the visibility and adoption potential of hard-toplace pets in their care. Large or small, every gift and every dollar counts.

Adopt Regardless of the reason they are placed into shelters, the overwhelming majority of homeless dogs and cats are suitable for adoption and ready for a second chance at a life. Our program is life-saving for these pets, and transforming for the service members and veterans who adopt them.

Volunteer Our volunteer program is open to adults and youth with a variety of skills, interests and availability. We accept applicants who are at least 12 years old and have the permission of their parent or legal guardian, and we encourage senior citizens and military veterans to join our volunteer corps as well.

more dogs and cats

are killed each year than all the people

living in alask a, delaware

montana, north dakota

and vermont

FAQ Q. What types of adoption partners are eligible to join the Pets for Patriots program?

A. We only work with not-for-profit shelters, SPCAs, humane societies and rescues, as well as tax-exempt municipal shelters and animal controls. Veterinary clinics that fulfill adoptions in a not-for-profit capacity may be eligible and should contact us to describe their adoption program. For-profit shelters, breeders and pet retailers are ineligible.



Board Of Directors Beth Zimmerman - Founder, Executive Director

Jim Nash - Director

and Chief Executive Officer

Jim is a professional veterinary hospital

Beth was raised as both an animal lover and

administrator, managing practices in

Patriot. It was during her childhood, when her

Colorado and Florida. During his brief tenure

family rescued dogs from local shelters, that

at Community Pet Hospital in Denver, Jim

she first experienced the transformative love

grew the business to include multiple facilities

of a companion pet. Her parents instilled a

and 24-hour emergency pet care and

profound recognition of the sacrifices made

earned the prestigious American Animal

by our military men and women in all their

Hospital Association’s (AAHA) accreditation.

children, and ultimately Beth felt called to

Jim is an Army veteran and served as a

make Pets for Patriots a reality. In addition to

Warrant Officer and aviator in Desert Storm.

this driving passion, Beth brings a keen business

Letitia White - Director

sense acquired over more than 25 years of

Letitia is a principal at Innovative Federal

corporate and entrepreneurial experience,

Strategies LLC, through which she represents

including her other current responsibilities as a

a number of defense, high-tech and not-for-

small business owner.

profit organizations before Congress and the

Keith Weaver - Director and Secretary Pro Tem

executive branch. During her more than 21

Keith is a ’76 United States Naval Academy

years of federal service, she worked in the

graduate and currently serves as Senior

Senate and served as a key staff member

Vice President, Business Development,

in the House of Representatives. In 2004,

Communications and Capture Management,

Letitia was named by The Hill newspaper

for Force Protection Industries. Among his many

as one of the top eight defense lobbyists in

senior leadership roles, both in and out of the

Washington, D.C.

military, Keith served as the Senior Vice President

Kathy Brown - Honorary Director

for Operations and the Chief Operating Officer

Kathy is known for her years of award-

of the United Service Organization (USO).

winning marketing, communications and

Jeff Krantz - Director and Treasurer

public relations campaigns for local, national

Jeff is Chief Executive Officer of Harry Krantz

and international brands. She is owner and

Company, a third-generation, family-

president of Hagan Communications and

owned independent distributor of obsolete

co-president of Karsh\Hagan, both full-

electronic components to military and

service agencies in Denver, Colorado. Kathy

defense customers for more than 70 years.

served on the Board of Pets for Patriots with

Among his various responsibilities at the

distinction from its 2009 inception to October

company and prior to serving as its CEO, Jeff

2011. She continues to provide counsel in her

was Chief Operating Officer and lends his

honorary directorship role.

considerable financial acumen to his current Board involvement.


Sponsors ADI


American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)

General Dynamics

Annin & Co.

Halo, Purely for Pets


Innovative Federal Strategies

BAE Systems


Bechtel Group Foundation

Lockheed Martin



Community Pet Hospital

Northrop Grumman



Denny Miller Associates


DRS Defense Solutions

Trident Technology Solutions

Fox + Gazelle


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Pets for Patriots Press Kit  

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