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People Want to Buy, So Help Them Buy From You!

Everyone of us sells something on a daily basis. The question is, what are you selling? A concept that will affect the direction of a company or organization, an idea about what to do or where to go, a product or service, or information that needs buy in and ownership in order to affect change and inspire progress? Everyday, we have something to sell, and the good news is that everyday, there are more than enough people with more than enough resources eager to buy. The challenge is to connect with the people eager to buy into your product, service, or idea. In recent months I’ve heard reporters bemoaning tough economic times; then I watched as hundreds of people sacrificed holiday time to line up, pitch tents, and claim their place in outdoor lines up to 24 hours in advance of businesses opening their doors. I asked myself why anyone would go to such extremes? The answer was simple: ownership! It’s a fact that people love to own things, and ownership requires that people buy. There is no shortage of people ready and willing to buy into your ideas, concepts, products and services. So step to the front of the line, and give them every reason to buy from you! 1

What will it take to get people to think of you, turn to you and buy from you? People need to see you as a valuable resource. You become a valuable resource when you give more in value than you expect to receive in return. When you set your mind to becoming a valuable resource to those you meet, you will find people seeking you out for the opportunity to interact with you, learn from you, and transact business with you. By nature, we are attracted to people who add to our lives, and when you decide to become a valuable resource to others, people will turn to you for advice, ideas, business opportunities and more. How do we become a valuable resource to others? We look for ways to make people’s lives better! I recently met a business owner who made it her mission to be a valuable resource to others. When I met her, I sensed from her energy and positive attitude that she was beyond the norm, and I soon learned why‌she had set out to be a valuable resource to others. This lady engaged me in conversation about my business and about lessons I have learned and applied along the way. She seemed intrigued about my work and the person I have become. In the course of the conversation, she suggested a couple of books that she had found helpful in her business. With child-like excitement she introduced me to an online media source, and she planned a time to sit down with to personally review the online media that was new to me. I walked away from this encounter realizing my new friend just made herself a valuable resource to me! Looking back on the conversation, I felt valued as a person, I was engaged in meaningful conversation, I was 2

introduced to resources that enhanced my business and personal life, and I gained a friend for life! I gained all this and more from a lady who has made it her goal to be a valuable resource to people FIRST! She took a real interest in me and my success and because of her, my life was enriched! Making people’s lives better is a life-style choice that keeps us attuned to the needs and feelings of others. This life-style comes from an authentic desire to make our world a better place one person, one idea, and one sale at a time. I’m grateful for the people in my life who genuinely care enough to make our world a better place! In order for people to be convinced that you are a valuable resource to them, find ways to help people know you, like you and trust you! KNOW YOU Making it possible for people to know you requires more than just showing up with a product or idea to sell. Helping people know you means that they know how you interact with others, they have confidence in you to know how you relate to people who are ready to buy, and they know that you are committed to standing out from the average sales consultant. In order for people to really know you, you must be willing to engage people in conversation that communicates your commitment to valuing other people before yourself. Engage people with questions that encourage people to share their business and life experiences with you. Ask questions like, 3

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“What lead you to the industry in which you now work?” “What have you found to be most rewarding and most challenging about the work you do?” • “Who are the people and industries you need to meet in order to make your business more successful?” And if you’re connected with those people or businesses, help make the introduction. Be the first to give, and watch as your efforts turn back to reward you! Make yourself known as the person who cares enough to engage people in ways that lead to their success…make a difference one person at a time! LIKE YOU Helping people like you is not about being everyone’s best friend. It’s more about finding ways to make it possible for people to see and like the way you interact with people. They are looking to see if you take the time to ask great questions, to listen to the answers, and dialogue in ways that are both appropriate and engaging. The way that we dialogue with others reveals our true commitments. People are looking to see if we are committed to ourselves and the agendas that we are eager to promote or if we are truly committed to being a valuable resource that makes people’s lives better! Think about the traits, that if found in others, would help you like them better. Then make a point to build those traits into your life! Traits like honesty, love, encouragement, hope, a positive attitude that expects the best from others, and a willingness to help others succeed. When we meet people marked by these traits, we’ll both declare them as people that we can easily “like”. Make yourself more “likeable,” and they will be more likely to want to do business with you! 4

TRUST YOU Once you engage people in dialogue that focuses on their needs and their best interest, you set yourself up as a trusted resource. You become the person that others want to do business with because they know that you genuinely look for ways to add value to others, they know that you are committed to caring about the things that are important to others and they know that you will act out of the integrity that marks your life. You will become a valuable resource to others when you decide to make it your business to invest the best of yourself in the lives of others. Make it possible for people to know you, like you, and trust you in ways that brings you to their minds first when they or someone they know is ready to buy. A life dedicated to adding value to others is a life worth living. And once this life is lived, people will turn to you for advice, ideas, information, products and services. People want to buy, so help them buy from you!


People Want to Buy, So Help Them Buy From You!  

People Want to Buy, So Help Them Buy From You! Whitepaper