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Expedition Leader Thank You Letter (Sample) February 8, 2012 We want to thank you for you participation in our Peru Expedition! We had a wonderful time and appreciate all you did to make the expedition a success. This was an amazing opportunity to share and learn from our “hermanos y hermanas” half-a-world away! A big thanks to Dr. Farrell and Ashley, Katherine, Scott, Meagan, Linda and everyone who worked to make a very successful medical clinic (including everyone who made sure that kid-cheeks were glossy and healthy—Jordan, Levi, and Ben we’re talking to you) Applause goes to our technology and construction crew, especially Bryan. Without his expertise and the diligent work of Candice, Daniel, Dallin, Julia, Doug and everyone else who pitched in, the electricity in the clinic would never have passed code (oh wait, it still probably won’t, but it also won’t burn down.) Big thanks to Dave Kenison for being our agricultural technology expert. He and Big Zach did a great job with the drip irrigation kits and the greenhouse. We will brag and tell you that when we showed pictures of the greenhouse to the headquarters staff, Heather who does our travel arrangements said, “Nice greenhouse!” as if she was looking at a pretty car. (We’re sort of nerdy around the office.) And thanks to Ken and Jeff for spending long hours working on the awesome stove. (Don’t worry gents, Heather said, “Nice stove!” too.) The Enterprise and sewing classes were a big hit. Thanks to Dave and Ken for the great business training, and for all who helped with sewing. The women in the village will never be the same! We can’t wait to see their progress this year! Kudos to our intercultural and logistics team. The kitchen, under the direction of Vickie was nothing shy of awesome. Food was great, and everyone helped make kitchen duties fun. You’ll be pleased to know that we are referring anyone in the future who is in charge of logistics to Vickie so she can pass on all of her knowledge. Nice work to Sarah who not only made the amazing photo album for the villagers but is also compiling photos for us. Also, a very special thanks to Gibb. Where would we be without his musical prowess and photo-taking skills? We’ve seen the video he put together (you’ll all be getting a copy) and it’s wonderful. Thanks to Erin, Marianne, Char, Natalie, Utah and everyone who participated in kick-ball games, soccer, nail painting, and playing with the children. We’re sure that the next group will be greeted by kids who run up to hug them and ask about Utah Kim. Some of you may be thinking we forgot Zach Forsberg. Never fear, we just had a very specific thing to thank him for. Anyone who saw Zach dancing with the little girls can testify that he knows how to get his groove on. We’ll all have to agree to meet some other day-before-New-Year’s -Eve and dance the night away at the side of a medical clinic in South America. Dancing here just doesn’t compare.


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