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latrine detail and garbage detail can all be fun. Divide into work team assignments to a) set up the kitchen; b) set up the sanitation/recycling center; c) set up the antibacterial wash station and d) set up the latrine if the villagers have not already made accommodations. Make sure everyone understands his or her assignments. Remind the participants that before beginning these assignments, the first priority is to assist one another until everyone's tent is set up and bags are placed inside. Work with the In-Country Staff regarding set up plans as well, since they will likely have done significant pre-arranging and setting up. §

Please remind participants about the importance of establishing boundaries right from the beginning to avoid temptation for theft. Community members should not be invited inside expeditioner’s tents, and tents should be zipped up at all times to minimize temptation and for protection from rain. The tent area, after set up, will be roped off. Community members will be asked to stay outside the tent area, so please don’t invite them in.

2. Health—Medical Clinic, Teaching Stations, Dental and Eye Screening Set Up as Applicable §

Turn time over to the Health Team Leader to discuss the medical clinic and if possible set up a preliminary clinic schedule. Take medical supplies to the designated building where the clinic is to be held. Health team members and others available should organize once their individual tents or sleeping circumstances are set up.

3. Other team set up §

Give time to other team leaders to discuss set-up needs / plans.

4. Gift Giving Reminders §

Remind the group about the importance of appropriate favors and presents vs. Santa Clause Syndrome.

Project Planning Meeting This meeting should be held after camp is set up. The expedition leader should work with the Region Manager to organize a project planning meeting with Team Leaders, Program Coordinators and the Community Council to discuss the five team areas and plans for the week.

Evening Team Meetings As possibly the most important key to success on an expedition, these gatherings should be conducted by the Expedition Leader and Team Building and Logistics Team. This is an important, fun opportunity to meet each evening in a relaxed setting, right after dinner before people get too tired. Activities can include 1) a team building activity or education about the community, history, culture, etc., 2) sharing 68

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