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3. Health Considerations: Remind participants about important tips on local food & water and staying healthy. Participants should only drink sealed bottled water, or carbonated drinks, even in cities and hotels. Watch out for ice. Some is pure, some is not. Even brush your teeth in the purified water, not tap water, and keep your mouth shut in the shower. Cooked food is generally safe, if it is eaten while hot. Be careful about raw fruits and vegetables. You should only consider them if you know they have been sterilized in Clorox or if you can peel them. Hard cheese and breads are usually safe. Finally, don't forget to wear your shoes at all times--from your hotel room to the village. Fungal infections and other foot diseases are common. 4. Participant Concerns: Encourage participants to bring concerns to your attention. Talk about physical/physiological demands. 5. The Plan: Discuss the itinerary for the day/next day. Ask for input. Encourage them to take it easy.

Village Arrival Meeting Parts of this meeting can often take place on the bus, en route to the village, or if it seems better to wait until arrival, OK. 1. Village Culture Shock: Talk specifically about what the participants are seeing and are about to see. Remind them of cultural insights, customs, taboos, appropriate dress & conduct, and the importance of trying to understand and appreciate the villagers. Remind participants to be careful to treat the villagers with respect, to be open minded and slow to judge, to endeavor to better understand their culture, customs and religion. 2. No Hidden Agendas Reminder: Remember Ascend has no political or religious agenda in our humanitarian service. We do not proselyte. The Ascend mission is humanitarian service and intercultural education. Encourage participants to take advantage of the opportunity to learn by watching and interacting. Remember to leave all agendas behind--e.g. missionary work, or any crusades to make a point. 3. Ascend In-Country Staff & Community Leadership: If you have not already done so, introduce participants to the In-Country Staff and their roles. Tell them about the village leaders--their names, their roles, and how we can work with them. Review the village composition, circumstances, etc.

Organization/Set Up Discussions 1. Camp Set Up §

Turn time over to the Logistics / Team Building Leader to discuss camp set up and food preparation plans. Remind them that on expeditions, dirty work, manual labor, kitchen detail, 67

Ascend Travel Expedition Leadership Manual  

Ascend Travel's Service Expedition Leadership Manual to Cusco, Peru. All the tools you need to organize a Humanitarian Service Expedition wi...

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