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Section I: Expedition Policy Leadership: Ascend Travel Service Expeditions require volunteer leaders who are trained to undertake a variety of responsibilities. It is important for all prospective leaders to understand the scope of what is needed for leadership. Some of those qualifications are outlined below. However, each project has unique leadership needs; thus, completion of the requirements listed does not necessarily guarantee assignment as an expedition leader. Qualifications for Primary Expedition Leader: These requirements are to be fulfilled before an individual is designated as an Ascend Travel Service Expedition leader: 1) On-site experience where he/she desires to lead an expedition, or have a co-leader with the specific onsite experience, then the primary leader with on-site experience in a similar country/area 2) Language skills needed to lead, or have a co-leader with those skills. 3) Commitment to recruit participants and to help identify and train co-leader(s) who have the potential to become primary leaders. Qualification for All Expedition Leaders, whether Primary or Co-Leader: 4) Dedicate the time, effort and energy required for expedition leadership. The primary leader should plan that he/she will need to spend about 100 hours in preparation during the 6 months leading up to an expedition. Co-leaders should anticipate 75 hours. Some leaders will spend more time, others may be more efficient, but the commitment to do what it takes is important. 5) Read the Expedition Leadership Training Manual. Complete the 16 Questions for Expedition Leadership and review, sign, and submit the Expedition Leadership Agreement to the Ascend Travel Expedition Coordinator. 6) Obtain a copy of the most recent Expedition Briefing Manual, read it cover to cover, make suggestions for changes, additions, etc. and write a list of questions to be discussed. Provisions: 1) Travel expenses—in-country arrangements & project expenses budgeted (excludes airfare unless 30 participants can be reached) - for one leader per 15 expedition participants will be calculated into the budget of each Ascend Travel Service Expedition. An expedition leader may choose to pay his/her own travel expenses, thus making additional funds available for project 5

Ascend Travel Expedition Leadership Manual  

Ascend Travel's Service Expedition Leadership Manual to Cusco, Peru. All the tools you need to organize a Humanitarian Service Expedition wi...