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repeat expedition participant. Team leaders should also work with the Expedition Coordinator in requesting meetings among past team leaders and current team leaders and their team. Veteran team leaders will be able to assist with sample projects, answering any specific team questions, and providing support and service when needed in preparation for the expedition.

Outline Of Possible Team Activities 1) Education Learn the discussion-based approach to Literacy for Social Change so that you can teach, coordinate with, assist and learn from Community Workers (if they have already been selected and/or trained). A complete series of literacy for social change manuals is available. Teach women’s groups—topics from basic hygiene and childcare to micro enterprise and simple technologies. (Coordinate plans w/ other teams.) Teacher training for schoolteachers and/or parent groups who may also be serving as teachers. Interactive games and ideas for classroom interaction are much needed. “Parents are Teachers” manual is available. Teach in the classroom (helping the teacher see creativity in action): geography, history, environment, interactive learning activities, etc. Help establish or enhance the school library with books, school supplies, visual teaching aids and educational games. Review educational challenges and needs with teachers, parents and students. 2)

Enterprise Teach community workers using the “How to Start and Grow Your Own Business Manual.” Teach women’s groups how to organize themselves in preparation for small enterprise opportunities. In some cases groups will already be organized and anxious to discuss successes and problems. Discuss ideas for micro businesses successes and problems. Discuss savings and loan groups progress and challenges. Reinforce principles of integrity, industry and innovation. Assist with specific topics and concepts including bookkeeping, separation of funds, savings, reinvestment, marketing, quality control, etc. Specific skill training sessions for enterprise development may also be appropriate such as jewelry making, sewing, handicrafts, brick making, bee keeping, etc. Review challenges, needs and potential. Look at the full community’s needs including the youth, some of whom have even graduated from high school and have no employment.

3) Health Teaching stations set up as part of the health campaign to teach community members/patients. Possible stations include: 1) Respiratory illness 2) STDs 3) Dehydration, diarrhea, worms, intestinal parasites 4) Skin problems 5) Hygiene 6) Maternal and newborn care 7) Nutrition and enhancing family diets. 58

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