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As the recommended guardian of this minor, if you have any concerns regarding the results of the above questions or your own, please address them with the minor and the parents prior to continuing. If needed, please consult Ascend management. If you are comfortable with the results of the above questions or your own, and would be comfortable taking over temporary guardianship of the minor, please continue. I, ______________________, agree to the following during my tenure as guardian: 1.

I will observe the Code of Honor and set a good example for the minor. I will also see that the minor observes the Code of Honor.


I will maintain the duties of parenthood in caring for the minor, and in doing so I will also respect him/her. This includes not physically or verbally abusing the minor or engaging in conduct that threatens or endangers the health or safety of the minor.


I agree to obey, and sustain the laws of my home country and of the host country including the protection and proper care of the minor.

I hereby accept the role of guardian over the minor _______________________, and agree to obey all guidelines as listed above, as well as the requests of the parents in regard to the welfare of the minor. This contract is in effect from: _________________, _______, ___________ until ___________________, ________, ____________ Year Year Month Date Month Date ___________________________ ___________________ Signature of Guardian Date Please note that both parents must sign and notarize the Immigration Form for Participants under the age of 18, designating and authorizating you as guardian.

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Ascend Travel's Service Expedition Leadership Manual to Cusco, Peru. All the tools you need to organize a Humanitarian Service Expedition wi...

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