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Expedition Participation Agreement & Waiver one form per family I / We voluntarily apply to participate in a humanitarian expedition sponsored by Ascend Travel in Cusco, Peru, to conduct humanitarian service in:

Peru (country)

_________ (month and year of expedition)

1. CODE OF HONOR. I / We agree to abide by the following: 1.

PRINCIPLES: While engaged as a participant in this expedition, I will observe high principles of honor, integrity, and morality, including honesty, graciousness, and consideration of others.


LAWS & POLICIES: I agree to obey and sustain the laws of my home country and of the host country. I agree to follow the policies of Ascend as outlined in my expedition manual or explained to me by Ascend leaders. When in doubt, I will err on the side of caution; and if I am unsure whether an action or activity is appropriate, I will counsel with my/our expedition leader or in-country coordinator in order to avoid acting inappropriately. If I am a minor accompanying my parent or guardian, I will also respect and obey my parent or guardian.


PROPERTY: I will respect the property of others. This includes refraining from taking things that are not mine or that I do not have permission to use. If I am permitted to use the property of others, I will treat that property with appropriate care, avoiding misuse and damage, and I will return the property in a timely manner.


DRUGS, ALCOHOL & SMOKING: I do not use drugs. I will not become involved in drug abuse. This includes the possession, use or distribution of any narcotic or dangerous drug (as defined by applicable law), except as prescribed by a licensed medical practitioner. I also agree not to consume alcohol or any other intoxicating substance while on an expedition, internship, fellowship or assignment with Ascend. I understand that smoking in Ascend offices is not permitted, nor is it appropriate in project areas. If I must smoke, I will be discreet, away from others, and within applicable law and policies.


AMBASSADOR: I acknowledge that my actions will have an impact on Ascend and its mission in eyes of citizens and public officials of the host country, even after the Ascend program has concluded and I am on personal time away from Ascend project areas. Accordingly, I will continue to use good judgment in my actions, abide by applicable laws, and limit consumption of alcohol so that I may maintain my mental awareness.


RESPECT: I will respect the rights of others. I will not engage in abusive behavior, whether physically or verbally. I will not engage in conduct that might threaten or endanger the health or safety of others. I will refrain from disorderly, lewd, indecent, or obscene conduct. I will not obstruct or disrupt the privacy of others; the performance of duties by Ascend personnel, or the disciplinary, administrative, or other functions of Ascend.


TEAM PLAYER: I will do my best to work in harmony with the expedition group, the Ascend staff and local community members, to complete the objectives of our expedition or my assignment. I will be patient, give others the benefit of the doubt, and keep a sense of humor and a “can-do” attitude. I will also help others fulfill their responsibilities under this Code of Honor.


AGENDAS, TOLERANCE: As a humanitarian, I understand that an important part of my role is to build trust, good will and to strengthen relationships. Thus, I will not proselyte other agendas, including religious or political causes, because I recognize that this may actually undermine trust and future progress. Should I be asked about my religion or politics, I will use good judgment in the way I share beliefs or principles, and I will allow others the same privilege. I will be tolerant of different backgrounds, cultures and traditions both in the expedition group and in the communities where I serve, and I will choose not to be offended when others practice their beliefs.


GUARDIAN: If I am asked to serve as a guardian over other expedition participants and I accept the assignment, I will observe the guidelines as written in the “Guardian’s Guidelines Checklist and Agreement.” Ascend Adventure Travel Ave. Tullumayu | Nº280 | Cusco | Peru |

Ascend Travel Expedition Leadership Manual  

Ascend Travel's Service Expedition Leadership Manual to Cusco, Peru. All the tools you need to organize a Humanitarian Service Expedition wi...

Ascend Travel Expedition Leadership Manual  

Ascend Travel's Service Expedition Leadership Manual to Cusco, Peru. All the tools you need to organize a Humanitarian Service Expedition wi...