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Section III: Expedition Required Forms Note: All forms can be completed online on Ascend Travel’s website (except for under 18 traveling alone immigration form), thus eliminating lots of paperwork. However, we have provided examples of forms in this manual that can be printed and collected if desired. Every expedition has a series of required forms that must be submitted before a participant may take part in the expedition. Some of these forms aid in the planning of the expedition, so it is important that they are received by the date of completion. A listing of these due dates can also be found in the any Expedition Briefing manual under the “Policy for Expedition Due Dates.” Form

Date of Completion

Expedition Application

3 months prior to departure

Photocopy of Passport (picture & signature page)

1 months prior to departure

Agreement & Waiver

1 month prior to departure

18 Questions for Expedition Participants (if being used)

1 month prior to departure

Guardian Guideline Checklist & Agreement (if applicable)

1 month prior to departure

Immigration Form for Participants under 18 (photo copy)

1 month prior to departure

Physicians, nurses, and other medical personnel who are taking place in providing medical care (such as surgeries), or teaching medical staff (such as during a Continuing Medical Education conference), are asked to submit a copy of their curriculum vitae, diploma, and any certifications that may apply to the service being provided. It is possible that medical personnel who do not provide this information may be withheld from providing medical care. Documents required for travel include: Current Passport Notarized Immigration Form for Participants under 18 (if applicable) Yellow Fever Vaccination Card (for travel to the jungle) Examples of the Ascend Travel forms have been included in this manual for reference, copy making and distribution if necessary. Recommendations for form simplicity and/or improvement may be made to the Expedition Coordinator. All forms can be completed online via our website except for the Immigration Form for Participants under 18 (which must be notarized and carried by the Guardian for the duration of the internship).


Ascend Travel Expedition Leadership Manual  

Ascend Travel's Service Expedition Leadership Manual to Cusco, Peru. All the tools you need to organize a Humanitarian Service Expedition wi...

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