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Humanitarian Expedition Leadership Expedition leadership can be an amazing experience. It is also hard work! Leaders coordinate with Ascend Travel staff, endeavor to meet the expedition group’s travel needs/desires, train and empower team leaders, follow up and pick up the pieces left undone, keep the budget in check, implement appropriate procedures and accomplish mission objectives. At the same time you maintain your composure, sense of humor, compassion and fun! Until you have led an expedition, it is difficult to understand the amount of time, energy and detailed follow up that is required to make an adventure successful and productive as a part of on-going community development. An Expedition Leader should plan that he/she will need to spend 100 hours in preparation during the 6 months leading up to an expedition. Some leaders will spend more time, others may be more efficient, but the commitment to do what it takes is important. As you consider expedition leadership, we encourage you to be positive about the rewards and at the same time realistically evaluate what is required. Honestly assess your own skills and time availability to be an effective leader. Expedition leaders come with a variety of strengths and Ascend Travel provides many resources to draw upon; however, it is up to each leader to assure that during your expedition, our mission of empowering communities and expedition volunteers is enhanced. You should consciously build others’ capacities, help them succeed, and facilitate meaningful humanitarian service and a great adventure. We applaud the brave, committed humanitarians who volunteer to take on this exciting task. We also appreciate the candor of those who decide it is better suited for someone else. PREVIEW TO A SUCCESSFUL EXPEDITION A successful expedition requires an experienced expedition leader who is familiar with the community culture, the volunteers’ view of the community, expectations for the expedition, and the greatness as well as the challenges of both groups. This leader should consider himself/herself a facilitator to help team leaders, team members, and the communities have a wonderful adventure together. Expedition success also requires an excellent in-country facilitator and support team to select the community, prepare the community for the expedition, and to support the expedition from their arrival in country to their departure. Coordination with previous leaders and Ascend Travel staff is also key to success. Expeditions should be a fun experience for both groups without indulging either group’s foolish or self-centered interests at the expense of the community and volunteers collectively. While details of the expedition leader’s roles and responsibilities are outlined in this manual, this preview offers philosophy and approaches which will lay the foundation for success: Create a unified volunteer group that is connected within the group and aware of their guest status in living and working in a community. We are there to be supportive of the community in 2

Ascend Travel Expedition Leadership Manual  

Ascend Travel's Service Expedition Leadership Manual to Cusco, Peru. All the tools you need to organize a Humanitarian Service Expedition wi...

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